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Pam “Heil Hitler” Pilger gets it all wrong

Christian Zionist anti-health care conservative Pam PigglerMuch is being made of the irony that the anti-health teabagger who shouted “HEIL HITLER” at a Jewish man who spoke in favor of universal health care, was herself wearing an ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES t-shirt.
Irony? I think the association originates from more than “irony.”

Thanks to having been interviewed earlier in the evening by a local TV reporter, the nutjob has been identified as Pamela Pilger of Las Vegas, Nevada. Online sleuths record that she and her husband are Sarah Palin supporters, etc, oink oink. Her telephone and address are available online, and I’m not terribly conflicted about disseminating that info. *

From Mrs. Pilger’s interview we learn she is a conservative, who believes in Christian values, excepting charity obviously.

Pilger is likely a Christian Zionist, explained by her cross earings and IDF t-shirt. How could a politically charged t-shirt worn to a political event, be but chosen on purpose? And a Christian Zionist who mocks Jews, really no surprise there.

What interests me about Mrs. Pilger and the t-shirt which seems at odds with her dimly-improvised retorts, is how she represents the American idiot: completely wrong. Pilger doesn’t know enough to keep from making contradictory outbursts, but she does know: health care NO, Israel PRO.

How is it that opponents of health care reform, for example, are wrong-headed about every issue on the table? Environment, war, labor, human rights, civil liberties, immigration, etc; and in Pilger’s case, anti-health care and pro-Israel. These are not uniformly “conservative” values. They do not comprise an idiot’s manifesto.

Yet in practice, these disparate dictum flock inseparably.

How can idiots be so consistent? If their antics reflected real grass roots idiocy, they’d be all over the board. What does an American idiot know of the Middle East, pro-Palestinian or con?

Wouldn’t an idiot xenophobe bigot most likely be anti-Semitic? Aka Pam Pilger? Whose idea, the IDF allegiance? Whose very consistent guidance are the idiots following? There’s nothing idiotic about the neoliberal, exploitive agenda behind the ideological idiots. Are they such idiots that they cannot see that?

Wingbat Pilger’s t-shirt and her opposition to health care reform –in spite of confessing that her husband lacks insurance– betrays that her idiotic fervor is not even her own.

* (Even as idiot pawns, shouldn’t they take responsibility for the Astroturf populist propaganda they are helping to lay? I hope an archive is being kept of their profoundly insensitive rantings. In the future, when these crackers Google themselves, the first thing they should see is their 15-minutes of infamy, yelling about how they don’t want illegal immigrants stealing their tax-dollars, etc. Hold the bastards accountable for reflecting so poorly the average American.

The idiots may never come around, but maybe their neighbors or associates will better be able to size them up. One day, perhaps their grandchild, improved by a marriage outside the family, will see the footage and marvel- Oh my goodness, my Grandma was not a very kind lady.

More practically, imagine trying to eulogize Pamela Pilger one day, with her video performance for all to see!)

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Comment from wanda   (IP:
Time: August 20, 2009, 6:08 pm

Well I agree wholeheartedly, and have given Ms. Pilger a few pieces of mine, reciprocity for her few pieces, I believe in reciprocity. I am a mother, and my grandmother was a mother of 12, and grandma to 44 and ever more, but i digress…….it would seem that none of these people have EVER had to make anything resembling a logical argument, nor have EVER had to deal with the consequences of the toads that falleth from their mouths.

I am all for giving them what they’ve never been privy to. I suggest other do the same, but I do not like the reference in print to body parts. That really does lower the level of debate, and takes away from the educational value to those who are all too lacking in the education dept.

PS you can think anything you want, and I do too, but it’s not useful to espouse it. Something she might have thought of in advance……..but then no because we wouldn’t have this brilliantly crystal clear insight into her mind or lack thereof.

Comment from Eric   (IP:
Time: August 20, 2009, 6:29 pm

Sage advice. The inappropriate reference has been excised. Thank you!

Comment from Johan   (IP:
Time: August 21, 2009, 5:06 pm

Sorry Johan, we’re reached consensus at NMT not to propagate Ms. Piggler’s address/telephone number etc. Perhaps those with the wherewithal to find the information on their own, might be less inclined to harass her unreasonably. -ED

Comment from joe from tampa   (IP:
Time: June 6, 2011, 8:50 am

i agree with her, heil hitler.

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: June 6, 2011, 11:05 am

Yeah, that’s swell.
Other than the obvious that you learned to parrot anti-Health Care slogans, can you elaborate on that? I mean, I can.
Hitlers health plan, which is remarkably like the RepubliKlan health plan, was that only those considered valuable to the State would receive health care.

Since he, like the Republicans and Tea Party, have married their political parties to Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex that even Eisenhower warned against, wouldn’t it be far more likely that the Health Privateers like Boehner and Palin and Ron and Rand Paul are far closer to Nazism than people who actually give a Damn about human beings without having to count their “net worth”?

By limiting health care to only a select few, that dehumanizes those who you intend to deny the very right to life.

All men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… Except for those you consider unworthy of the very substance of life?

I’m sure that you believe you’re doing God’s will, Pilger does and you “agree” with her, yes?

And what if we Untermenschen, for such your leaders obviously consider us, don’t simply die off quickly enough? What then?
Your leaders keep propagating the Myth of “Founding Fathers Original Intent” but Thomas Jefferson, the one who wrote the Life Liberty and pursuit of happiness line, didn’t consider African American Slaves to be worthy of Liberty. Although he’s got more Black descendants than white so I guess he found SOMETHING of Human Value.

And more than half of the Mythical Founding Fathers agreed with him on slavery, but not on the Bill of Rights. In the first draft of the Constitution Slavery was in, Rights were OUT. They were added later as Amendments.

Trying to follow your leaders is a truly tortuous path, yes? By the way that has nothing to do with Torture or Tortoises, it means twisted and convoluted. If you have trouble keeping up, like many if not most of Ms Palin and her wife Todds followers do, especially the Hoam Skewel Elitists, or Colorado Springs Christian Schools, perhaps you could visit a Library before the Tea Party closes them all down, and probably burn them too…

There you’ll find books, like Dictionaries. until the Palin Fourth Reich Mobs burn them.

Meanwhile, have a lot of fun hating your Fellow Americans so badly that you’ll deny them Life through denial of Health Care.

Your side has killed more Americans with that single method than were killed by all foreign governments combined.

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