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Right Wing Puppet throws shoe at al Zaidi

In Paris… Differences, this one was staged by Stooges of the Former Bu’ush Regime, and the Stooge who threw the shoe did so knowing full well he wouldn’t be Tortured by U.S. Soldiers and their Iraqi Puppet Gestapo.
Real “Courage” there.
al Zaidi = REAL hero
Paris Stooge who Risked Nothing to support Bush’s Meat Puppet= real ZERO.

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Comment from Jeddy   (IP:
Time: March 15, 2011, 9:33 am

Throwing shoes was not intended as a means to kill – it is hurl insult as everyone knows now. He hurling curses on him – this is action is known in most of Asia. People throw shows or garland someone with shoes – to indicate how corrupt he is.
Anthropologists know a great deal about cultures – but fail to inform their government. Facebook has a symbol of ‘Thumbs Up’ in Western society it may mean job well done, great etc. But other parts of the world, particularly it means the exact opposite – it means worthless and bogus. Computer people may be well versed in their job – they too need to know about gestures and hand symbols.

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: March 15, 2011, 10:39 am

Yeah, I did a piece about the New World Trade Center and how it resembles a giant upraiised middle finger pointed to God.

Americans SHOULD know about the shoe because it appears twice in parts of the Bible that we studied in Sunday School, heavily emphasized,

In the book of Ruth her mother-in-laws cousin Boaz wants to redeem their inheritance, where Ruth and Naomi were reduced to gleaning wheat on Naomi’s late husbands own land. There was one cousin closer in line to redeem that inheritance, but wouldn’t do it.

So Boaz “shoed” him in the gates of Bethlehem. The other big reference (and there are others) is where Jesus sends forth 35 pairs of men to the towns and villages He planned to visit soon.

He prescribed a double gesture, showing somebody the bottom of your feet and shaking off the very dust of the town, if they were rejected. To do that, iyou have to turn your back on the enemy. Expose yourself fully, it’s the ultimate insult.
“Behold, I have so much contempt for your weakness that I dare you to attack from behind”.

American preachers condemn Sharia but advocate the Jewish version, at a far less lenient level.and without any show of the mercy which is built into the Law of Moses. To condemn another to death one first has to be pure, not “purified” or redeemed or baptized, but to have never committed at any time in his life any of a long list of crimes for which he himself could be judged to death.

End of that story is there’s nobody who passes that test. If you ever talked back to your parents or masturbated you’re under the condemnation, maybe redeemed of it but still, the commandments were broken.

They curse the Holy Ghost, blaspheming by saying that the Holy Ghost leads their wars of conquest, but if God WERE to lead a war, why would God condone or use False Witness to achieve that war?

The Arrogant bastard Bush is coming in to town (if I recall correctly, either on Palm Sunday or Good Friday) preaching the same blasphemy that God leads him to kill and conquer, through Lies. And many of the city leaders are going to worship him as an anointed prophet for doing so.
Many of them believe that America is the replacement for jerusalem.

It’s the highest form of blasphemy and if they were judged the same way they have judged, they and their False Prophet Bush would not have shoes thrown at them but stones.

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