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Silvio Berlusconi – Sic Semper Piggus

If the Hate-mongers jump in I will probably put the original back.Image deleted –>
(If the Hate- mongers jump in
I’ll probably put the original back.)
Too bad they didn’t drag him and his mistress naked through the streets.

The Italian cops made sure to describe the Real Man who did that to him as “mentally ill.” Because of course, one would Simply HAVE to be crazy not to love a murdering puke.

I know. I have this saying, that hitting people won’t ever get their hearts right. It’s about certain that the violence is going to ramp up now.

Of course, it was going to anyway, and Mr Berlusconi is going to be portrayed as some sort of Holy Martyr.

EXCEPT… There’s going to be reminders, and not gentle either, of aspects the State Controlled Press (More like, the “free” press is owned by the same corporations which own the State) won’t make much of… without a little prodding and dissent from their standard line. One is that he was literally hit with a church.

There’s a passage in Tom Sawyer, about the town drunk Muff Potter being so heavily passed out that you could have hit him with a church and he wouldn’t notice.

But the Fascist party, of which he’s not “officially” a member… actually holds a lot of sway in Italy, France and Spain, and under that very name. And, they like to wrap up their crap in a blanket made of Church. Nothing unusual about that, even their aggressive level of “Pander to the Pope”.

What is unusual, and hugely important… Is the religious implications of hitting him with a church.

Massimo Tartaglia will be reviled in the “free” Corporate Media as a madman, or a terrorist, or both, and is almost certainly suffering a hugely disproportionate level of violent punishment, perhaps even torture, at the hands of the Fascist prison guards. Just like “our” cops would do.

The remark that he was “mentally ill” is their cover for doing it, when he shows up in court bruised and bloody they’ll tell the Judge that he did it to himself, and who is going to be believed?

It’ll be his word against that of The PIGS and no judge in the world ever gainsays his Fellow PIGS.

There are still Americans who agree with the Iraqi Puppet “government” over them Torturing al Zaihidi for throwing his shoes at Bush. They try to gloss over that for three weeks of that Torture Session he was directly under the control of the U.S. Air Force at an Air Force “hospital.”

Even wired up a “counter demonstration” in Paris last week where a Coward threw his shoes at al Zaihidi, then hid behind the French Government, who most certainly didn’t take him into a nearby room for the purpose of breaking his arm and other tortures, like their fellow Pigs did to al Zaihidi.

Kind of like the monkeys at the zoo throwing their feces at the lions, knowing full well they’re protected from retaliation.

Tartaglia is going to have a really hard time ahead for this symbolic act of Real Courage.

Berlusconi, like the Paris shoe-tosser and the Monkeys in the Zoo and the Torture Freak Sadistic U.S.A.F. Security Police in Baghdad, felt that his Goon Squad would protect him from any retaliation.

Their attitude of “might makes right” gets challenged every now and then.

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Comment from RL via email   (IP:
Time: December 14, 2009, 7:42 am

Hola! I dig your website but the peacebuilder in me doesn’t agree with showing a photo of a bloodied person with “ha, ha” written by their face, even if they committed terrible acts of murder. He punished people with no mercy, so you do the same to him? The idea of punishment is beginning to be seen as a sickness in peacebuilding circles.

Restorative justice is about the victims, their wants and needs and how aggressors can make amends. When people behave bad and hurt others, both sides can be uplifted… punishment, or hurting others because you feel like it, is wrong. If someone is killed, the perpetrator may be held accountable to their family and friends… it’s not punishment to help these people, it’s the right thing for a human to do.

Comment from Eric   (IP:
Time: December 14, 2009, 8:06 am

Dear RL,
I agree with you, and I expect the moral high ground to win out, but I’m conflicted. On this occasion I believe there is a place for exultation.

A broken nose is hardly justice for Berlusconi, and can only encourage world leaders to boost their security, but I believe this act, and the bloody image of a shaken ruler, pierces the glossy veil of false pretense which enforces their rule. These murderous thugs can hobnob with popes and smiling cohorts, portrayed exclusively as smarmy Santa Clauses above the fray and far from dissenting voices, but they are not impervious to reality and Massimo Tartaglia has drawn the blood to shown it.

Turned upside down, this image reminds me exactly of Benito Mussolini’s corpse after he was apprehended. It’s an image I’m sure is iconic in Italy.

Although they control the media, the war mongers can be brought to earth, to the reality of the real suffering and brutality they unleash with their pompous acts.

Let the other hypocritical leaders be reminded of their mortality and by extension hopefully their morality.

Comment from RL via email   (IP:
Time: December 15, 2009, 12:01 am

Eric, I share your conflicted feelings. Hearing of torture makes me want to Show those people why you don’t do that, smack! But, I also want and believe in a loving global society… I just want to make this shit happen 🙂

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: December 15, 2009, 12:20 am

If I thought it would be successful, AND if I could convince myself that it’s moral I’d walk down the street with a ball bat getting peoples’ hearts right.

Sir, you need your heart right BAM!

Just, you know, it wouldn’t work. And I can work myself up to ALMOST believe that some people deserve it, but I can’t think of anybody who’s morally sufficient to do it.

Besides, I would probably be smacked a lot.

Comment from rl   (IP:
Time: December 17, 2009, 3:26 am


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