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Things to do in March

MAR 2009
2- Edward Prescott: Economic Integration of Sovereign States, Gaylord Hall, CC, 7:30pm
4- Russell Hittinger: the Modern State: Devolution or Subsidiary, Gaylord Hall, CC, 3:30pm
5- Bill Ayres, Derrick Jensen FORBIDDEN EDUCATION, Glenn Miller Ballroom, Boulder, 7pm
6- PARADE SFPJ/Backbone Campaign, CU Boulder, 3-4:30pm
8- (International Women’s Strike)
9- Ward Churchill vs CU, Denver State Court, Courtroom 6, 9:30am
13-19 –GENERAL STRIKE Stop bankers from plundering treasury
14- St Patricks Day Parade, Tejon Ave, 12noon
15- Day Against Police Brutality
20- UFPJ Iraq War Moratorium
21- A.N.S.W.E.R. antiwar demonstrations
26- Poet XJ Kennedy, Gates Common Room, CC, 7pm
30- PROTEST 25th Annual Space Symposium, Broadmoor Hotel (thru April 2)
31- Robin Bell: Antartica’s Hidden Mountains, Armstrong Theatre, CC, 7:30pm

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