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If others can kill, Israel wants permit too

Israeli idf propaganda newspaper adJune 6th is the 42nd anniversary of Israel’s seizure of Gaza. At right is a UK newspaper ad placed by the Anti-Defamation League, one of Israel’s myriad damage control engines, when UK students were calling to boycott Israel over its attacks in Gaza. 400,000 killed in Sudan, so Israel should get a pass on its 1,300 victims in Gaza? It sounds like the IDF expects allowances to be made for its periodic ethnic cleansing, permits maybe, like polluters trade carbon credits. The US Humane Society euthanizes 5.4 million dogs every year, no doubt it’s just a double standard to demonize Israel for bagging their 1,300 in Gaza.

Where there are fingers pointing at Sudan, there are Zionists diverting attention from their final Palestinian solution. No one’s crying GENOCIDE in Darfur, calling for military intervention against the Muslim regime but Israel, the US and George Clooney.

I just read an eyewitness recollection of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, published on this 20th anniversary, by a reporter who went on to fault China less for its human rights transgressions than for Chinese investments in Sudan and Iran. Sudan? IRAN? What was an evocative historical account began to smell of Zionist agitation… Of course the WSJ columnist turned out to be a “conservative” who also labels those who stand up for Palestinian rights as anti-Semites.

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Comment from Jeff   (IP:
Time: July 26, 2009, 1:01 pm

More confusion. Israel obtained Gaza during a defensive war in 1967. Are you aware, by the way, that Egypt seized Gaza in 1948, illegally, and occupied Gaza for 20 years until 1967? Are you aware how Egypt treated the Palestinians in Gaza?

Comment from Tony Logan   (IP:
Time: July 26, 2009, 1:20 pm

Isn’t the Egypt dictatorship an ally of the Jewish State and the US?

Comment from Michael   (IP:
Time: September 1, 2009, 3:16 pm

I can tell you only one thing a piece of shit! Why the fucking leftist , humanist and human rights fighter would not come to Israel to learn the true story? I will ask you a one stupid question :

If your close neighbor was trying to kill you and your children and firing rockets on top of your house every single day and after you would come to him and give him money , food, oil in order to appease him but he would continue even harder trying to kill you What would you do ah ? You stupid Mother fucker . And don’t tell me that Israelis kill the innocent arabs . Israelis have shown all the world that the aggression from their part is a fake when they leaved Gaza but the fucking muslim radicals proved that no fucking “occupation” is their target but to kill all the Jews to the last one . And that is the truth . Full fucking racial extermination of the Jews ! That is their real dream . And because of such stupid and blind motherfuckers like you the whole wetern world is blind . But you know what I am cool on one thought that quite soon when the arabic population will grow enough they will start fighting those pro arabic rotten countries native population too and when the blind cows like you will eventually wake up from you LSD trip it would be too late cause you will find yourself in the afganistan like fucking Country.!!Yur are welcomed to feed back me if you want but I am sure you will not because you have no fucking arguments but only what you see in your wetern or arabic leftist -pacifistic press!!!!

Have a nice day stupid bunch of losers !

By the way I am Israeli , served in IDF and was almost in every fucking major operation against palestinians terrorists during last 8 years . I am not a war junki or something like that nor i am anti Arabic I hate only the blood thirsty terrorists which will kill you child without blinking and those who rule the Palestinians are very such god damned terrorists ,no fucking “freedom fighter” as fuckers like you call them and they rule their people . Israel would make a piece with them a long time ago if it had to do with reasonable and cultured people but these are bloody animals I and I hope one day you will get it .

Comment from Eric   (IP:
Time: September 1, 2009, 3:22 pm

They don’t want your charity. Give back their land.

You capitalize Israel, but you can’t capitalize Muslim, Arabic, or Palestinian? Because they are “animals?”

Who is it kills children [by the thousand] without blinking?

Comment from Nonie Darwish   (IP:
Time: May 6, 2010, 10:28 am

“They don’t want your charity. Give back their land. “

When did Palestine become “their land”? Palestine was the property of Ottoman Turks for 400 years. Arabs in Palestine were merely tenant farmers leasing land from the Sultanate. They owned very little land outright.

Jews lived in Palestine for thousands of years before Arabs invaded from ARABia. Get it? Arab=Arabia?

Comment from Saiful Radzi   (IP:
Time: November 13, 2010, 5:45 am

” Jews lived in Palestine for thousands of years before Arabs invaded from ARABia. Get it? Arab=Arabia?”

in that case the US govt should give back all the land that once belonged to the American Indians, Hawaiians should rule themselves, Australian aborigenies should rule Australia, Maoris should rule NZ…..

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