Original Anti-Zionist jokes in Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN remain cut out of Criterion special edition

monty-python-life-brian-ottoThink you know the saga of the deleted scenes from Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN? Not if you trust Wikipedia. The 1979 comedy didn’t just take the mickey out of Jesus and the feuding Palestinian Liberation fronts, it poked fun at Zionists, as goose-stepping racists led by Eric Idle’s OTTO the NAZIRENE determined to promote Jewish racial purity, carve a Lebensraum from the “traditional Jewish areas of Samaria,” displace the Samaritans into internment camps, and plan an Anschluss of Jordan to “create a great Jewish state that will last a thousand years.” My, my, my. But the defamed parties had the last laugh. They acquired the studio with the rights to the film, obliterated the offending celluloid, reedited the video release, and have rewritten cinematic history.

Maybe you don’t care what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians. Did you know someone is messing with the oeuvre of Monty Python? We had the comedy sketches memorized in college. Who could have imagined the originals would be vulnerable to tampering?

I’m not sure this is an overreaction. Monty Python is not Shakespeare, what is? But it’s not Nicholas Sparks either. For a populist phenom I say Python rivals Swift. This is book burning, is what it is — a sinister effacing of creative work. In a recent British poll, Life of Brian was in contention for England’s greatest film comedy. But for your consideration, instead of a director’s cut, we’ve got a censor’s cut.

Here’s the lowdown in brief: three integral scenes of the theatrical release were removed from the video version. The third scene was recut to make up for the absence of the first two. And a key character was stricken from the credits.

When Criterion later released a collector’s edition, the missing sequences were included in the extras as “deleted scenes.” But these scenes were represented by mangled outtakes of the originals, from which key lines remain excised. Then an official narrative was fabricated to recount how the sequences had been removed from the original version to improve the flow, the crude outtakes testifying to why they didn’t make the cut.

But that’s all bullocks –and the niggling weak spot to this digital book burning is, ironically enough, that BOOKS were published in 1979 to accompany the film’s release: a mass-market paperback of the screenplay, and an oversized Monty Python Scrapbook.

The rewrite runs afoul too of anyone who remembers seeing the film in its first release.

Not My Tribe has suffered its own internal dissension over comparing Israel to the Nazis. Apparently it’s SO not done, not even Monty Python can get away with it.

You may have revisited the video many times, now the DVD, maybe you read about the scandals about the film’s release, maybe you memorized some of the Biggus Dickus dialog; are you curious that you missed the bits about Samaria, Jordan and purified Jewish blood?

When the Catholic church objects to a movie, it declares a boycott. Zionists take a more effective strategy. When pulling funding from the project doesn’t work, they buy the rights and delete the scenes. You’d think a film as celebrated as Life of Brian would be inviolate to culture vandals. And so far the desecration has escaped the legions of Monty Python fans. Wikipedia recounts how Otto’s scenes were deleted from the film, and thankfully resurfaced to be included as outtakes on the 2007 Criterion edition. But the account is untrue.

From restored out-takes we might surmise that Jewish objection were limited to the Star of David embellished as a swastika, but from the un-restored material it seems that the modern censors objected to Zionists depicted as determined to carve their own Lebensraum in Samariaby by means of Anschluss and concentration camps, for the sake of a third Jewish reich. And what have we now happening in the Occupied Territories which Israeli settlers insist on calling their Sumaria and Judea of biblical history, and what of the open air internment of the Palestinians in Gaza. Oh My Goodness.

The Criterion edition of Monty Python’s Life of Brian has some famously restored scenes, alleged to have been cut from the original version. They’re available again, and you can see them on Youtube. But it’s Poppycock. The scenes in question were actually removed from the video release, and “lost” by the studio which took over handmade films. The deleted scenes were actually out-takes of the originals. Fortunately, the screenplay published to accompany the 1979 release has the original lines, which vary quite curiously from what’s being peddled as the restored original. Yes, the deleted scenes have deleted scenes.

If you saw the 1979 film in the theater, you might remember Otto, the Hitleresque Zionist with the curiously non-German accent. Here is the original script made from the final take. The out-take restored as “deleted scenes” stray considerably from these lines. The lines in bold have simply been simply clipped.

BRIAN slips out through the back door and descends some steps into MANDY’S garden where he sits, head in hands.

Suddenly a voice assails him.

life of brian deleted sceneOTTO: Hail, Leader!

BRIAN: What?

OTTO: Oh, I– I’m so sorry. Have you seen the new Leader?

BRIAN: The what?

OTTO: The new Leader. Where is the new leader? I wish to hail him. Hail, Leader. See.

BRIAN: Oh. Who are you?

OTTO: My name. Is. Otto.


OTTO: Yes. Otto. It’s time, you know. . .

BRIAN: What?

OTTO: . . . Time that we Jews racially purified ourselves.


OTTO: He’s right you know. The new leader. We need more living room. We must move into the traditionally Jewish areas of Samaria.

BRIAN: What about the Samaritans?

OTTO: Well, we can put them in little camps. And after Samaria we must move into Jordan and create a great Jewish state that will last a thousand years.

BRIAN: Yes, I’m not sure, but I . . .

OTTO: Oh, I grow so impatient, you know. To see the Leader that has been promised our people for centuries. The Leader who will save Israel by ridding it of the scum of non-Jewish people, making it pure, no foreigners, no gypsies, no riff-raff.

BRIAN: Shh! Otto!

OTTO: What? The Leader? Hail Leader!

BRIAN: No, no. It’s dangerous.

OTTO: Oh, danger: There’s no danger. (flicks his fingers) Men!

A phalanx of armed, rather sinister, men appear from the shadows and fall in.

OTTO: Impressive, eh?


OTTO: Yes, we are a thoroughly trained suicide squad.

BRIAN: Ah-hah.

OTTO: Oh yes, we can commit suicide within twenty seconds.

BRIAN: Twenty seconds?

OTTO: You don’t believe me?

BRIAN: Well . . .Yes . . .

OTTO: I think you question me.

BRIAN: No. No.

OTTO: I can see you do not believe me.

BRIAN: No, no. I do.

OTTO: Enough. I prove it to you. Squad.

SQUAD: Hail Leader.

OTTO: Co-mmit Suicide.

They all pull out their swords with military precision and plunge them into themselves in time, falling in a big heap on the ground. Dead.

OTTO: (with pride) See.


OTTO: I think now you believe me. Yes?


OTTO: I think now I prove it to you, huh?

BRIAN: Yes, you certainly did.

OTTO: All dead.


OTTO: Not one living.


OTTO: You see, they are all of them quite dead. See I kick this one. He’s dead. And this one’s dead, I tread on his head. And he’s dead. And he’s dead. All good Jewish boys, no foreigners. But they died a hero’s death and their names will live forever. Helmut . . . Johnny . . . the little guy . . . er . . . the other fat one . . . their names will be remembered . . . eventually . . . forever. So now I go. Hail Leader.

BRIAN: Wait Otto. You can’t just leave them all here.

OTTO: Why not–they’re all dead.

One oh the ‘corpses’ farts. There is a giggle.

OTTO: Wait a minute. There is somebody here who is not dead. There’s somebody here who is only pretending to be dead. Stand up, you.

One of the bodies stands up sheepishly. As he does so, he stands on someone else who quite clearly says ‘Ow.’

OTTO: Who said ‘ow’? You’re not dead either. Neither are you. Stand up, stand up, all of you. Oh, my heck, is there not even one dead?!

They have all stood up averting their eyes in shame.

HELMUT: No, sir. Not one.

ADOLF: We thought it was a practice, sir.

OTTO: Oh my cock! Tomorrow, as a punishment, you will all eat–pork sausages!

There is a horrified muttering at this suggestion. OTTO turns sharply to BRIAN.

OTTO: OK. Tell the Leader that we are ready to die for him the moment he gives the sign.

BRIAN: What sign?

OTTO: The sign that is the sign, that shall be the sign. Men, forward!

OTTO’S MEN march away singing their exciting song.

There’s a man we call our Leader.
He’s fine and strong and brave,
And we’ll follow him unquestioning
Towards an early grave. He-e gives us hope of sacrifice
And a chance to die in vain,
And if we’re one of the lucky ones,
We’ll live to die again.

BRIAN: Silly bugger.

A second scene involves Otto and his Nazirenes receiving the sign, as the crucifixion party departs the city gates.

JUDITH now is running through the crowded streets. She reaches some steps and climbs up onto a roof. Quickly, she opens a basket and releases a flock of pigeons.

A very STRANGE MAN is lying on a lonely hilltop. Suddenly he rouses himself, sits up and peers into the distance towards Jerusalem.

A flock of pigeons flies up against the sun.

Seeing this, the STRANGE MAN rouses himself and does an extremely odd but elaborate dance.

Further away, on an even lonelier hilltop, a pile of straw moves to reveal that it is in fact a MAN dressed in straw. He watches the STRANGE MAN’S dance closely.

STRAW LOOK-OUT: It is the sign!

Instantly OTTO appears, with all his men.

OTTO: The sign that is the sign?


life of brian deleted scene the signOTTO: Men! Our time has come! Our leader calls! Men forward!

The MEN march into the wall and each other.

OTTO: Oh my cock.

Of course the omission of Otto’s gang created a problem for the film’s final scene, where his men repeat their self-sacrifice beneath the crosses. Here was the original sequence:

Suddenly PARVUS looks up. He has heard something.

OTTO and his MEN appear over the skyline.

BRIAN: Otto! (a new flicker of hope in his eyes)

OTTO: Men, charge!

They charge.

The ROMANS, seeing this formidable army bearing down on them, finger their swords rather nervously and then break and run away back towards the city gate.

BRIAN’S face lights up with renewed hope as he sees OTTO’S army advancing at the double. The army arrives under the cross, swords held aloft. The ROMANS have all run away.

OTTO: (to Brian) Leader! We salute you. Men! Die for your cause!

With immaculate precision they all run themselves through, including OTTO.

OTTO: You see. Every man a hero. They died for their country.

BRIAN: You silly sods.

For the re-edited video and subsequent DVD versions, audio voice-overs were added to explain Otto’s final charge. None of this was in the original.

–[A group of faux oriental-looking warriors come over a hill, led by their leader, King Otto. Care to venture a guess as to who they are? Yes, it’s…]

The Judean People’s Front!

The Judean People’s Front!

Forward all!

Look out! The Judean People’s Front!

–[The JPF stop in front of Brian’s cross.]

Ve are the Judean People’s Front! Crack suicide squad. Suicide Squad! Attack!!!
–[They all ceremonially whip out their weapons, open a hatch in their armor, and proceed to kill themselves.]

Ungggghhh… that showed ’em, huh?

You silly sods.


Scan from Monty Python Scrapbook of Brian of Nazareth, (NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1979) page 5: “Dramatis Personae, in order of appearance” lower ninth tenth of list.

LIFE OF BRIAN cast credits
Note Eric Idle as Otto, the Nazirene, evidently scrubbed from the revised credits too.

51 thoughts on “Original Anti-Zionist jokes in Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN remain cut out of Criterion special edition

  1. british18british18

    You won’t get much advertising given the blatant anti-Semitism posted by your own staff. In fact, I have already convinced one of your advertisers to cancel and if anyone else advertises, I will convince them to cancel, too.

  2. Brother JonahBrother Jonah

    The notion that one must Kill for God is the true blasphemy and, seriously, is more anti-Semitic than any other statement made by anybody anywhere. Including Hitlers rants on the subject.

    Although many believe that pointing out the Blasphemy of saying that God instructs us to murder people in His name, is somehow Anti-Christ or Anti-Semitic.

    I’ll also point out again that the Samaritans mentioned in the deleted scenes, Were Hebrews and their other name was “The Kingdom of ISRAEL”

    A lot of people who use “Israel” and “Judah” interchangeably don’t know what the Freak they’re talking about and display their Anti-Semitic Ignorance with each screaming ranting post about how the Modern State of Israel is somehow a Victim of Anti-Semitism or that anybody who opposes the Likud Party and their Blatantly Racist Policy Of Impriisoning and Exterminating Their Fellow Israelites is somehow a Nazi.

    Report that to your masters.

  3. Brother JonahBrother Jonah

    Say, british, do your Royals still subscribe to the ridiculous belief that they’re ordained by God to rule the entire World?
    Because, really, I never saw any effort on their part to tone that shit down.
    And they’ve definitely never slowed down on their claim that they’re actually Better than anybody else.
    There’s also the fact that Bessy the Second’s daddy called the precursors to the Modern State of Israel “Terrorists”. And ordered quite a lot of them to be murdered. And that Bessy Her Royal Self ordered the murders of quite a few Irish gentlemen for the “crime” of opposing Her Royal Imperial Rule.

    I guess it’s like the shifting sands of history… shifting, shifting, shifting….

  4. EricEric

    Dear British18,
    I’m with you entirely, if you don’t like someone’s politics, consider BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against whoever is propping them up. Anyway, we’ve no intention to curb our speech in deference to guilt-plagued advertisers.

    But please explain, where is it that NMT has “blatant anti-Semitism?” How is criticizing racism and genocide an attack on the Jewish faith?

    In the case of LIFE OF BRIAN, if I defaced someone’s satirical legacy because their jokes offended me, I’d answer for it instead of labeling accusers as anti-me.

  5. Avatarshadowfirebird

    Nice try, but these scenes were not in the original UK release.

    I know memory can be fooled — and so do you, obviously — but I certainly remember thinking that I didn’t understand the suicide scene.

    It was because Otto had been edited out as not being very funny.

  6. EricEric

    You, my fellow Python fan, may be conjuring memories of watching the video re-release. I cannot attest to the UK release, but a variance with the US version seems improbable.

    So it’s not a matter of my memory against yours, I’ll upload scans of the promotional material which accompanied the theatrical release, which highlighted Eric Idle’s very funny Otto.

    I’d sooner lose memory than sense of humor.

  7. AvatarChristopher Rushlau

    This is remarkable stuff, undoing my oracular utterance that true resistance to Jewish fascism had only begun to be noticed and denounced in the recent past, say after the 2006 operation in Lebanon.

    Some jokes are so good, let us say, that it takes some time for the laughter to explode.

  8. AvatarChris Rushlau

    Between the quirks of this comment function and my own command of English (“true resistance to Jewish fascism to be noticed and denounced”), a merry time is being had by all. british18, may I include you?

  9. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Of course, the deal remains that while Zionism represents one part of Judaism, it isn’t Judaism or the entire Jewish people

    It has a taint to it, though, that many who follow it become what they despised so much, just by their justifiable anger at the Nazis. It’s like taking a vow of eternal hatred against… hate.

    Since the Python players chose to mock that aspect of it, because what else can one do? Spiral it further into the abyss with hatred for hatred? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes the whole world blind and unable to chew their food. But since humor is used rather than a simple “Fuck You! Kill Everybody!” answer, which is the unfortunately more common response…

    People who hate, feel they have a just cause to Hate. If I recall correctly, that was the entire beginning of the long sad hateful story. How does one respond rationally to insanity?

    I congratulate anybody who can or at least tries.

    What if the editors made the (once in a lifetime for the Pythons) decision to cut a scene because it was too tacky or tasteless or if there was simply no way to address the monumental amount of hate built up over the centuries? The Flying Circus would have still at least tried to take it down a notch or three.

    Any description of the problems involved would fill bookshelves, or be overly simplified.

  10. AvatarChristopher Rushlau

    I’ll take the second option: over-simplification. I went to law school in the US, so have a highly-developed sense of the ridiculous.

    Law is not a thing, but an activity. That sounds pretty pseudo-intellectual. Prayer is not a thing, but an activity. Thought. Looking. Seeking.

    Let me try this: law is to the group what prayer is to the individual. It is trying to test ideas to the ultimate. Law supplements prayer in that personal seeking can never entirely out-maneuver self-seeking.

    The adversarial process is, as Dahrendorf said of the jury system, upping the odds that truth might be noticed. If someone on the jury wants to notice it.

    Israel is thus understandable as failed law, ridiculous law. There is no way to square the circle of any adjective democracy, Jewish or left-handed or grapefruit. By that standard (“rarefied”, as a moderate critic of Israel would chasten my approach), the world’s crisis at present is that nation states, with geographical boundaries, cannot be true democracies because each state discriminates against non-citizens. For example. But we can aspire from where we are to such a pure democracy: where non-citizens are looked out for as well as citizens (as opposed to merrily blowing the former, with an occasional latter, away with a “targeted airstrike”).

    Now the claim would be that this idea of law is simple and clear enough to inveigle the insane, the racist, the hateful, the brother, into the neutral forum, the empty space filled only with people, to see whose ideas and passions and hunches are noblest.

    What Monty Python and Cleese, QC, etal., did was praise the legal system by mocking its flaws.

    Instead of an OBE, get Cleese a QC.

  11. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Being nice to the strangers that dwell amongst Israel (the people) IS part of the law of Moses. But every aspect of history including the Bible is filled with examples of the rulers, whichever class or clan, Ignoring Living Hell out of their own laws.

    The Old Testament especially, shows a massive Hebrew-on-Hebrew Crime spree. Forget being nice to foreigners, they weren’t even nice to each other. I see it as showing that people aren’t perfect and aren’t capable of creating a perfect system.

    Even with Guidance.

    Kind of like our laws in America and England state that freedom of speech is exactly that. Then you get a few hundred years of smart-ass people who study the Laws just to find loopholes. And each succeeding warp of the original law builds on all previous warps.

    And each set of ruling caste who spend their entire lives breaking the Law, which is designed to outlive them anyway, add a layer of dung on the name of Law or God, and their crimes get attributed to God instead of those who piss on the Law, and the enemies of those kings develop a layer of skepticism when it comes to dealing with not merely the Kings, but the people as well. Extra embellishments like the recurrent “The King IS the law, breathing and talking” theme just make it worse.

    Then when these attitudes toward both Law and People gets swapped back and forth damn I just passed out at the keyboard for a brief moment.

    But the resentments grow, and get reciprocated, back and forth ad infinitum? No, because there is no infinity nor eternity, it’s a closed system.. the system decays even faster.

    That’s not the amazing part.

    The amazing part is that it lasted this long with so few modifications of the original that it gets revisited generation after generation.

    I don’t often ponder infinity. It seems a path to madness.

    The Python Players did a song about it though, “The Universe”

    The occasional break from incessant rationalization does wonders.

    Humor works best when it bites at themes one finds sacred.

  12. Avatardaedalus

    Bless the Anti-semites.
    the little jew shits are mongol khazars with money.

    they sleep at night in their own piss.

  13. AvatarJoeG

    Jews censor a movie that pokes fun at Jews and Christians, but only remove lines about Jews. A website points this out, and then Jews threaten to pressure advertisers to cancel ads. I guess antisemitism is anything that in any way criticizes or pokes fun at Jews, the master race.

  14. AvatarPilarerecto

    One note here about Eric, The Life of Bryan, and Nazis and antisemitic attacks…

    Eric misstated what the ‘internal dissension’ at Not My Tribe was really about. An occasional comparison of Israel government policies to the Nazi’s racial cleansing policies was certainly not the issue at all. It was really about how NMT (Eric) was doing that though. It had become a nonstop chant at NMT of …

    ‘Israeli Zionists are Nazis! Zionists are Nazis! Nazi, Nazi, Nazis!’

    Here is how Eric states it though…

    ‘Not My Tribe has suffered its own internal dissension over comparing Israel to the Nazis. Apparently it’s SO not done, not even Monty Python can get away with it.’

    Until Eric can come to grips about how his own amateurish attacks on Zionist Jews, who he seems to think control the US and possibly also thinks (in his head) was behind 9/11 (his favorite conspiracy theory), he will be one to continue to help feed Zionism itself with the comic book target he makes of himself and his NMT blog.

    Comic book? What do you mean comic book target for the Zionists? Just how does Eric do that at NMT?

    OK. Here is one example… Notice how Eric changes one letter here of Nazarene to ‘Nazirene’ is his theory that he was simply duplicating Monty Python’s Life of Brian movie with his peculiar and constant vice of comparing Zionist Jews to Nazis.

    ‘A second scene involves Otto and his Nazirenes receiving the sign, as the crucifixion party departs the city gates.’

    In my eyes, this movie was IMP a burlesque of how radicals act most often like little kids in The Movement, back then around Christ as if it were just like today. Eric sees this movie as a comparison of Israelis with Nazis though, and therefore defends it as his own. I think that’s sad… Zionists can have no better target than this sort of idiotic writing by the Erics of the world to then use to help convince American Jews that there really are lots of radical Jew haters fomenting their future deaths out there.

    Jimmy Carter compared Israel to White South Africa…. and White South Africa was bad, bad, bad. It was worse than Israel even. Yet nobody constantly called White South Africans Nazis. Certainly not Eric. Yet he jumps to the scene ALWAYS to call Zionist Jews ‘Nazis’. He needs to ask himself just Why? he does that though…

  15. AvatarBrother Jonah

    So “nazi” is just a standard against which other Hate based regimes are measured. A benchmark. Kind of like calling an exceptionally good model of any product “The Cadillac of…”

    Another way of looking at it is, people who kill other people based on their race have one immediate similarity to the Nazi Regime. The Klan, for instance, their comrades in the Minutemen, what would be the difference? You kill one baby and face it, you’re a babykiller for the rest of your life. Do it as an organized group and each and every member of that group who doesn’t renounce it shares the guilt. That was the measure by which the Nazis themselves were judged, the American CWP was judged and is still judged against the worst examples of any Communist who ever behaved badly. Even non-aligned parties like the Socialists are judged against the NKVD and KGB under Stalin.

    It’s also done subjectively, selectively, and arbitrarily. If Israel as a state wishes to judge each and every Arab, Persian, Pathan, Egyptian, or any other who has either the Muslim faith or an ethnicity with which Netanyahu is offended, as a Nazi, and, yes, many including Bibi himself do exactly that… aren’t they doing exactly what you accuse Eric of doing, Tony? You remember the IDF spam-gunners with their assertions that every Arab was guilty of any crime committed against any Jew ever in the looooonnnnnnngggggg history of Arab and Jew?

    Do you make it a point to educate your Tea Party friends on the folly of hyperbole? Or just those of us who are more tolerant and less likely to physically assault somebody for disagreeing?

    Not every Jew behaves like Otto the Nazi-rene. Most don’t, and the same could be said of any ethnicity. Including Arabs. And any religion including Islam. You wouldn’t know it to hear the top nazis in Tel Aviv tell the story though. Or the Colorado Springs chapter of the Tea Party or the Republican Party. Or any of the pure Jackass actors who are paid to spread the Fox News Propaganda.

    No, wrong word, Propaganda is spreading seeds. Fertilizing is what they do by spreading the Bullshit. The seeds were planted long ago.

    Yes, the Nazis were far more organized and efficient in their use of Hate and violence. Level of organization doesn’t equate to one being more evil and hateful and bigoted than the other.

  16. EricEric

    Nazirene was Monty Python’s spelling, sorry Tony.

    And please don’t pretend that I espouse your Israel-caused-9/11 and Israel-controls-the-US strawman defamations. I assert simply that Israel and the US are the same regime.

  17. AvatarPilarerecto

    Life of Brian is a movie and no ‘Monty Python spelling’ is there at all, Eric. Try to Google up ‘Nazirene’ and ‘Monty Python’ and all you get is Not My Tribe and Eric Verlo.

    You say that you simply assert that Israel and the US are the same regime but they simply are not. It is an anti- Jewish remark by you, in fact, to say such silliness. The US never has been thought of as a ‘Jewish State’ by anybody but seemingly you, Eric. Your comment is your way of saying that ‘the Jews’ control us all in the US.

    Readers might be interested also to find that David Duke ‘PhD’ also likes Eric’s remarks on Monty Python, Zionism, and Eric’s play on his make believe word, ‘Nazirene’. See the link to his site with his publishment of Eric’s commentary that we are now talking about right there online….


  18. EricEric

    I have to thank you PilaTony for 1) prompting me to be more demonstrative with my evidence, I shouldn’t presume readers have to take me at my word, thus I have added an addendum above with a scan from the original credits, listing Otto, the Nazirene.

    and 2) for exposing how readily you will challenge an argument on the basis of knowing nothing about it at all. You accused me of a fabrication based on a null Google search? I’d like to recommend you bring more to the table than name-calling and Google-scholarship.

  19. AvatarPilarerecto

    Eric, you have to ask yourself some, why do people like David Duke find your argumentation so wonderful that they go and reprint it on their own blogs? It’s not just there on Duke’s Right Wing blog, but your article here is linked to on several other Far Rightist sites, too. Go figure, Eric? Perhaps it was ‘Eric Idle’ himself who asked for the one word to not be writ in this manner? Do you even know?

    You love that ‘Nazirene’ stuff do you? You think that Zionists run America and have merged the US into being part of Israel do you? You are politically lost in anti- JewLand, Eric. That’s just where you seem to be at.

    You think that you are ever so clever by always doing your best to camouflage your hate as being just another form and element of antiZionism. But I’m not really buying it.

    ‘Note Eric Idle as Otto, the Nazirene, evidently scrubbed from the revised credits too.’

    ‘Scrubbed’? I think that they got some negative feedback and decided that the Nazi baiting of Jews was not really all that smart, something the Eric Verlo still hasn’t figured out. So they didn’t go with it in later publishings. Innocuous and reasonable enough, I would think.

    But here is how Eric, the Jew sniffer, sees it in more sinister form…

    ‘But the defamed parties had the last laugh. They acquired the studio with the rights to the film, obliterated the offending celluloid, reedited the video release, and have rewritten cinematic history.’

    All a big plot according to Eric Verlo! It must be exposed! However, despite satisfying David Duke’s standards, Eric fails to tell us who these nefarious people were who did the editing of ‘Nazirene’ to ‘Nazarene’. Were they part of some horrible censorious Jewish conspiracy that got hold of this one word and erased it on the following written publishings, as Eric states. We don’t know, and neither does it seem, does Eric since he leaves his secret conspirators unnamed!

    Who were they, Historical Detective Eric? Or perhaps, no big plot was involved at all? So who made the decision, Eric, and why? How did that box get one word changed from 1979 to when it was next published? And who, other than Eric Verlo and David Duke, really even cares? Maybe Eric thinks in his head, that his Zio-America-Israel world government does?

  20. EricEric

    Tony- the here-mentioned German extremists of WWII got off on Neitzsche. That doesn’t discredit what Neitzsche wrote. Probably there are rocket scientists who read Danielle Steele, it doesn’t make her cerebral. Both idiots and sages could find they share opinions of yours, I don’t imagine you think that would reflect on you.

    Or perhaps you write always with one eye on how you will go over. I’m not terribly concerned who agrees with me. My constant interest with NMT is getting to the bottom of lies used to mislead our sense of history. I’m happy with whoever appreciates our contribution to that effort.

    Thou protests much on this issue Tony, doing your best to conflate my accusations with a denouncement of the entirety of World Jewry. What an odd overreaction. Who’s the more obsessed, me about US-Israel’s War on Islam or you obsessing about what we can or cannot say on NotMyTribe?

    I have no idea WHO took a knife to the ZioNazi scenes in Life of Brian, someone at Handmade Films, Paragon Entertainment or Cartier Investments. We don’t know who killed OJ Simpson’s wife either, but it’s a shortlist.

  21. AvatarJulian Doyle

    The full story of Otto, plus more, is in new book ‘The Life of Brian/Jesus’ by the film’s editor. Available only from Monty Python’s ‘dead parrot shop’. http://ow.ly/3n0bY Material in the book will be of great interest to those sympathetic to your site.
    “Great stuff” – Terry Gilliam. “A mischievous journey of discovery” – Terry Jones. “My lawyers will be in touch” – Michael Palin

  22. AvatarAndreas Wasert

    Wow – I`m a great fan of Monty Python’s series and movies for over 13 years, and I read the LoB scrap book. It includes these official deleted scenes which does not appear in the movie, and specially the suicide scene with otto the nazirene stayed in my mind, but I could never really understand what is mentioned.

    In the last years I read very interesting articles about zionist conspiracy – which is surely no hallucination.
    So that’s another puzzle piece…

    Thank you very much for this article!

  23. AvatarPenny

    Good try, but these scenes were not in the original UK film release.

    I know memory can be messed with — and so do you, obviously — but I certainly remember thinking that I didn’t understand the suicide scene.

  24. Avatartyke

    Since Israel was established, the Arabs have had a genocidal obsession towards the Jews which persists to this day, Hamas, the PLO have stated specifically that they want Israel destroyed, they do not want ‘peace’ and never have. The Arab world lost 2 wars which they started and feel humiliated, which you can understand, bearing in mind Israel is the size of Wales and has a population of 5m, surrounded by 1.8 billion Muslim Arabs. Most Arabs fled Israel during the wars waiting for it to be ‘cleansed’ by their brethren. When they lost, Israel wouldn’t let them back and the Arab countries refused to let them stay, hence the refugee camps. Israel is and has always been fighting for its survival. To call them Nazi is just stupid. Did the Jews in Germany ever call for the annihilation of the Germans? Or wage war against them? I think not. Do the Israelis want to gas millions of Arabs to death? The Arab ‘spring’ has seen more Arab deaths in 6 months by Arabs, not to mention sunni v shiite killings which happen on a daily basis. The middle east doesn’t just belong to muslim Arabs however much they want to destroy all trace of Jewish, Coptic, Persian, Animist, B’hai, Kurdish and Buddhist culture from the area. The West buys into the dangerous idea that Arab muslims are victims, when they are the real Nazis of the middle east, wiping out every other culture. If Monty Python dared to make a film mocking Mohammed and Islam, they would all be murdered or have to live in hiding for the rest of their lives, they simply would never do it.

  25. Colin AdamsColin Adams

    I saw the original film, totally enjoyed it, and I have the expurgated DVD. Almost cried over the missing bits and find the DVD a bit hard to watch.

    So what to do? Well I am sure a group of wadicals could cobble up some actors and rebuild the scenes and issue an underground remake by inserting the scenes into the surviving material and bingo – THE DEAD PARROT LIVES!

  26. AvatarEUE Hummingbird

    Thank you Eric, I wound up thinking that python were oxford trained dupes for zion and the realm, these articles change that. For those blind self entitled people who secretly believe they are better than everyone else ( in every so called race ethnicity color ) My family is the best, screw the rest, until you have a moment of realizing this and feel ashamed of it, we will all suffer.

  27. AvatarEUE Hummingbird

    Just to add. If you all got rid of your parasites/zion ( worms, overabundance of anaerobic ) and then do the amanitas , here s the easta wabbit hooway

  28. AvatarArgon

    Exactly how do you know “When pulling funding from the project doesn’t work, they buy the rights and delete the scenes”? Where is this from?

    Also, equating Zionism with Nazism is extremely distasteful, as Nazism is clearly only used because it is a sensitive topic for Jews. Furthermore, it trivializes Nazi atrocities by equating them with Israel, which is infinitely more humane and tame.

  29. Avatarbrian

    thanks for that…ive posted it online : didnt know the deleted scene had a …deleted scene! thats monty pythonesque!

  30. AvatarDeath to crackers, breeders and goyim

    Otto was right and you white hetero gentile vermin know it.

  31. AvatarCosmo

    The Jewish people is multi-ethnic. Israel is multi-ethnic. There are Indian, Black African, German, Nothern African, Yemenite, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Greek jews. All are different. Because everyone could and can become a Jew. So how can Judaism or the Jewish people be racist?

  32. AvatarCosmo

    And here’s why you distaste America:
    The American people is also multi-ethnic. The USA is multi-ethnic. There are Indian, Black African, German, Nothern African, Yemenite, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Greek Americans. All are different. Because everyone could and can become an American. So how can America or the American people be racist?

  33. AvatarAviram

    As an Israeli Monty Python fan, I’m glad at least some commenters have the sense to attempt to explore what the identity of those sinister Jews COUGH sorry “Zionists” who would “buy the rights and delete the scenes” really was.

    Naturally the details wouldn’t be provided, because the whole appeal of the “Anti-Zionist” struggle is that the identity of the enemy is so vague that it can be implicated with just anything. That’s why Asghar Bukhari the head of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK claimed that “Zionists” broke into his house and stole his shoe. That’s why people think “Zionists” are behind 9/11. It’s why this blog post is appealing to the likes of David Duke. Because it doesn’t have anything to do with Israel’s policies in Judaea and Samaria (as the author implies) or even its very existence. The notion of the “Zionist Conspiracy” has travelled far far beyond that. It’s simply propping up the concept of “Zionism” as a cardboard cutout bad guy for target practice. It can be blamed for everything you desire. Anti-Zionism is simply Anti-semitism in disguise. The accusations, blood libels, slander and mindless hate-mongering are virtually the same, the only change is the name of the culprit.

    So while the Monty Python team might have levelled harsh criticism at racism in Jewish society, I don’t hold it against them because there factually ARE Jews who are prejudiced against non-Jews and do not shy away from expressing it. I think comparing Jews to Nazis is over the top, and I think the team realized it as well (it just wasn’t very funny too).

    But, to the author of this blog, your expressed views are not just tasteless, appaling, and based on the epitome of mindless bigotry. They are incredibly inane, ignorant and stupid. You’re not even original in your claims, all you do is regurgitate nonsense you’ve picked up from others. So, as the late Graham Chapman would tell you: there’s nobody who enjoys a good laugh more than I do, but this has just gotten plain SILLY!!!!

  34. AvatarShlomoHershsteinberg

    Thank you for this informative post. I only recently watched Life of Brian and the last bit with the abrupt introduction and immediate dispatch of the clearly judeo-fascist Suicide Squad seemed more out of place and inexplicably disjointed from the movie than the entire alien spaceship scene.

    Reading this explanation goes a long way in explaining why that is. I was really surprised that they kept any of it at all, but then I realized that it would make even less sense to have a pile of bodies suddenly appear in front of Brian’s feet when Judith visits him for the last time.

    A shame to hear about yet another instance of pro-zionist media manipulation, but not terribly surprising from a historical perspective. The need for zionists to ‘control the narrative’ as it were has been demonstrated time and again to know no bounds, and the removed dialogue is too unambiguous – and accurate – in its lampooning.

  35. AvatarJerry Bunnell

    Several things. My President signed a peace treaty with Iran. Soon Bibi flew to DC in order to give a speech that humiliated our President. This before house and Senate who both gave him long standing ovations. Something about that does not seem right.
    And the 30 foot Menorah placed in the white house lawn, no Christmas trees-not that I care but fairness should be practiced. What are people to think about the symbolism?
    As far as looking up Nazirite on Google, remember Google is Jewish owned. You can experiment, Google what Jews did to

  36. AvatarJerry Bunnell

    Google what the Jews did to Hitler and you will get many hits of the opposite. Try an independent browser like Did Did Go and you will get hits on what the Jews did to Hitler.
    When Jews are treated equally, like having jokes about Otto, that’s anti-Semitism which is a loaded word, coined by a Jew. The ADL defines anti-Semitism to be anything true or false that would damage reputation. So even if the Nazi comparison happens to be true, it is anti-Semitic. anti-Semitic does not have to be untrue.
    It’s also all or nothing. You can have racial friction with black people but with Jews only ANTI.
    I really don’t have a problem with Jews, I just hope they will not commit genocide against Palestinians. This quotes of Otto are somewhat funny.

  37. AvatarJerry Bunnell

    Pogrom: coined by a Jew, senseless violence done to a Jew. What’s the equivalent for any other race on earth. None. No special words. anti-Semitism was punishable by death in Russia. What is the equivalent for any other race in the world? None. Special, privilege.

  38. AvatarJonah

    Use Tor and you throw a different IP every time. But there’s a law about to take effect in January (I think, there’s different information) making encrypted messages on the Internet not exactly illegal, but “probable cause” for an FBI warrant. No telling how that’s going to be implemented. It’s doomed anyway. The US didn’t invent the Internet. The URL was invented by the Swiss at the Cern Laboratories. And that wasn’t the start or end of the Web.

    But some imperialists in Congress keep thinking they have a blank warrant for anybody in the world.

  39. AvatarTed

    The Otto scenes, with the exception of the altered scene at Brian’s crucifixion, were definitely not in the original theatrical release. I saw it at the time and remember being a little confused by the arrival of a new character so late in the story. I also remember later hearing Terry Gilliam talking about the outtake, saying that it had been removed so as not to offend Jewish sensibilities in the US and that he regretted the omission.

  40. AvatarNachum

    Definitely not in the original. People’s memories play tricks on them. Lots of people claim to have seen “Episode IV” when Star Wars first came out. Even Terry Jones claims that it was cut before release for reasons that had to do with storytelling, not politics. That also explains why they’re so unfinished in the deleted scenes section on the DVD. All the deleted scenes were, because they were never edited properly.

    And they’re crude anti-Semitism anyway.

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