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“Illegal” Immigrants and the REAL Tax cheats.

Because every year at this time, DumFox Noose Nutwerx makes a big production of calling immigrants tax cheats. The IRS, the ONE governmental agency that actually has the most concern for people evading taxes, makes a point of reminding anybody Not Blinded With Racist Xenophobic Hatred that it’s not actually true. There IS one group, however, that fudges the books routinely, often, and since they have control over roughly 90% of the wealth in America their Tax Evasion is worth several thousand times what it would cost if every single undocumented worker paid exactly no tax. One of their spokespersons, who makes an 8 figure salary each year, and claims to be a “working stiff”, Glonn Beck, is the most abusive one of the bunch.

For instance, even though he makes his money… “earns” it… by telling lies for the benefit of the Over-Privileged few who make money from the Wars, therefore every dime of his money is at the direct expense of Military Families, you know, you would think that somebody who owes his living to a Military Budget that in one year outstrips the entire Health Reform Budget for the next TEN… would patriotically pay some of it back. Not So.

He annually supports a “charitable” auction for the U.S.O., who do a little (just not much) more than provide Propaganda/Morale entertainment for the soldiers. He waxes poetic, even cries (through the miracle of putting Ben Gay under his eyes) on the plight of the Poor Suffering Military Families…. Families who are impoverished by the policies and wars he makes every penny of his wealth supporting. Families of people whose top salary is considerably less than 6 figures. Meaning he makes at the very least, 500 times as much as the highest paid officers in the Military he says he loves so much. Must be part of the reason he never enlisted.

Mmmm… ChickenHawk Supreme, my favorite dish…

Anyway, the Hubris of the entire situation, he’ll put out “art” that to my untrained eye looks like it was done with $20 worth of canvas and paint apiece, and the aid of a half wild pet monkey.

For the auction, the final valuation of each donation is the price paid. So his Rich Tax Dodging (and Service Dodging) fans get the money they “contribute” to the resolution of a problem they created in the first place, reimbursed to them in the form of a Tax Deduction for “Charity”.

Here we can see that they don’t actually speak read or write English because “charity” means “caring”.
NOW how much would you (literally, everybody who pays taxes subsidizes these thieves) pay?
But WAIT! There’s MORE!
He gets an equal amount taken off the taxes on his Blood Money.
Money which is a free gift from the Government he says he despises, gotten not for any actual Work he performed (he’s every bit as much a Working Man as he is a Soldier, Meditate on this truth with us…)
He gets the Blood Money free from Uncle Sugar, he gets the tax break free from Uncle Sugar, and has the GALL to say HE supports Military Families.

I use him as an example more than the Other Lying Coward Thieves and Babykillers-by-Proxy at Fox, because he’s the loudest Punk on their block.

An hour ago he advocated dismantling Federal Assistance for Public Education.
Because the Cash Cow that feeds him and his Coward Lot depends on Public Ignorance to survive.

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