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Media does not want you to hear the Mexican Drug War is MADE IN USA

‘We might be told that it is a matter of laws and an issue that our government and ourselves should solve. And you are right. But we tell you that this problem is worsened because of a war that stems from the United States, a war that, while intended to prevent the consumption of drugs by 23 million American citizens is in fact contributing to the violence of the Mexican armed forces – that constantly violate the human rights – to the reinforcement of the violence of crime – related to the illegal traffic of firearms – and is also reinforcing the misconception among American citizens that the displaced and the immigrants coming from this painful zones are in fact criminals. The consumption of drugs in the United States has not decreased –even among you there are celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen, who promote consumption while the American government and society do nothing about it. Instead, this absurd war in which the United States invests hundreds of millions of dollars, has not only resulted in almost 70 thousand killed in Mexico, and about 20 thousand missing and tens of thousands of orphans and widows that day after day are increasing, but has generated great displacements of human beings to the United States, persecuted by violence, insecurity and corruption, and aggravated by the migratory problem. This issue, therefore, is not exclusively a matter that concerns our government and our country, but also concerns the government of the United States and its citizens who allow this to happen. Hence, this problem has a shared nature, and obliges American and Mexican citizens alike to solve it together and setting it as a priority in the political agenda of both countries.’ –from speech by the Mexican poet, Javier Sicilia, made in El Paso last week. See Speech of Javier Sicilia in El Paso, Tx.

The Movimiento por la Paz is sponsoring the caravan of Javier Sicilia across much of the US, though not to Colorado unfortunately. There has been almost a complete blackout of US English language press coverage of this Peace Caravan that expresses the demands of many Mexicans for an end to the US government pushed drug war in their country. The US Left has done next to nothing to build this event either. Here is the only notice I can find about the arrival of the Peace Caravan to Mississippi today… Caravan for Peace to stop in Jackson The Peace advocates will then travel the following days to Alabama and Georgia with their antiwar message.

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Comment from Tony Logan   (IP:
Time: September 10, 2012, 2:04 pm

The Caravan for Peace has now made its trip among mainly the silence of the US media and also, unfortunately, The US Left itself! Here is an account of the final stop- ‘Stories from the Peace Caravan’ @

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