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How do you know it’s summer in Louisiana?

Two ways, one is that you walk out and the heat and humidity knock you down and kick all the will to live right out of you… or there’s a combo of hurricane and poorly maintained infrastructure which  makes people float face down in the French Quarter. Sorry for a) using somebody else’s commercial and b) coming out with such a dark intro into Climate Change. Not really. I’m not sorry. But you notice the people who tell us it’s not climate change but instead a “slight weather adjustment” also use the term “Market Correction” when they really mean a crash so bad it has the feel of a Biblical famine? But of course, anthropogenic climate change is just a myth. Just look at Pike’s Peak. Notice something there? No ice cap. Nope, none.  And it’s not even summer yet.


Brother Jonah
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2 thoughts on “How do you know it’s summer in Louisiana?

  1. Well, I have a pretty good view of Pikes right now and there is, in fact, quite a bit of snow up there. About normal, I’d say.

    Which proves nothing.


  2. Cool. That storm last night might have refreshed it. It used to be capped all year. And if I have to edit it, no hay problema.

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