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Attention Fossil Fuel Addicts/Fanatics

The Anti-Science club, you know who you are. Your masters in Houston and Washington have instructed to respond to issues with specific chants/mantras. And to defer the related issues of White Supremacy and taking away American Indian Sovereignty.  The claims you’re supposed to chant are that Fossil Fuels are Necessary, that Solar power is infeasible, that global warming which you previously denied even existed is, according to your Masters, isn’t carbon related but instead sunspots, and that spirals into your contention that solar energy can’t be made feasible. Oh, that and the contentions that Your Royal Masters aren’t deliberately blocking implementation of Solar power.  Which, with the Sunspot theory, which means actually darker portions of the surface of the sun, meaning LESS energy emitted so how the Hell would an unproven event actually mean more warming?  Physics, man, physics.

Less energy from the sun would COOLING. But let’s humor the beast, yeah? If the sunspots were causing more solar energy, what would be the objection of harvesting all that extra heat energy either with photoelectric or, like the U.S. Navy has been using since the 1950s, turning salt water into clean steam and salt that gets put back into the ocean? Here’s a few suggestions using established technology

When the solar powered water purification devices evaporate thousands of gallons of salt water, the water part is changed from a static liquid to an expanding gas. Steam to be exact. Steam like what your “more efficient” destruction of mountaintops and the streams that run downstream from those destroyed mountains, in either coal mining or fracking for gas and oil, then shipped in leaky tankers, leaky pipes or open rail cars, to be burned, putting toxic gas and particulates into the air we breathe, the land we cultivate, the plants which feed us and the insects, birds, worms, grubs, etc. which process the soil/air/water … for want of a better word, since the real targets of this post don’t believe real science, let’s just call it Food Magick, m’kay? Science calls it an ecosystem. The eco part is greek for “kitchen”, Ecology means “study of the kitchen” meaning the system which FEEDS US, and gracefully and without judgment allows us to partake of the water, you remember water, right? the stuff you can’t live more than a couple of days without drinking some thereof?

One of the big problems with the global warming is the glaciers are melting. A lot of the available non-salt water is in glaciers which have taken millions of yea.. oops ‘thousands’ of years to develop… melting into the especially northern oceans but there’s a similar effect in the Antarctic, putting more fresh water into the salt water, changing the way currents run. You know currents right? Just let me know if I use too many big words and you can’t keep up… But the currents which provide most of the energy used to float your boats, the ones which carry stolen resources from conquered nations to your processing centers… those currents…

Did your Big Oil Daddy mention that’s the way oil tankers get from Africa and Persia and Arabia? yeah. It’s like that.

Anyway, directly using the steam from desalination would ease the disruption of the sea and wind currents. But that’s not, on its own, enough to do the job. Just Like Fossil Fuels Won’t. Only a lot less destructive.

Photoelectric cells would be really more efficient with those bad ol’ sunspots cooli— oops I mean “warming” things up, right? More energy put in = more energy out.

So what were the objections? Let’s see. Oh, it’s Direct Current and not Alternating Current. And DC is less efficient across millions of cumulative miles of wire.


  1. put a bunch of solar arrays nearer to centers of population. Your OilMasters don’t have any problem putting fracking and mountain top removal processing of fossil fuels Near Population Centers. Like that refinery in the town of West, near Waco Texas? There are hundreds just like it right by downtown Houston, Baton Rouge, Fort Worth, Denver, (where the Platte flows through on its way to the Missouri and then the Mississippi)  so your Masters can slaughter millions of people with the fumes, spilled product and the occasional explosion which creates more fumes and spilled product. I’m not supposed, according to the Rules Of Debate created by your Masters, to mention Three Mile Island, Comanche Peak, Fu Ku Shi Ma (I learned the phonetics on that!)  the Chernobl reactors. So I won’t. It would only confuse Science Deniers anyway.
  2. use the direct current to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. There’s a blue bazillion science based videos on the internet showing the exact procedure. It’s called electrosys.  Which is greek for ‘moving molecules and atoms around using electricity” Hydrogen when burned has a greater caloric index, translate into primitive Denier Speak, “makes more hotter burn” therefore thrust, like what jet fighters and rockets use. It also has as “smoke” water. Instead of unburned petrochemicals, unburned particles of coal and the coal has uranium in it that goes into your and our water. And we get to breathe it. And eat it in our food. YUMM-EEE! We have a “clean” coal electric plant right across Fountain and Monument Creeks from me. But, hey, it’s CLEAN! Yay! Except it’s not and is in the middle of a large population center. That rolls back to the objections obliterated by paragraph 1.
  3. Hydrogen works for motor fuel, can also be used in the “clean” coal and fracked natural gas meaning mostly methane,  see paragraph 4 about how that affects not only water purity but also the nuclear reactor “solution”. There’s not even discussion about using that to supplement the really dirty oil, gas and coal plants and vehicles. Oh, but there IS. There’s a hybrid system (I’m currently putting together an experimental bike, that’s how it’s going to be licensed, even though the Honda Prius and other vehicles use it, even without solar. Okay, sneer at the smaller car. How much do you put in your hummer (which has another meaning) to go across town, and what are you going to do if the rest of us refuse to subside your low-mileage strap-in replacement penis? Yeah, I Went There. Eat it and smile.)
  4. Fracking and other drilling and mining technology break up the substrate The part of the ground you can’t see usually because it’s under a lot of other ground. It doesn’t actually cause seismic activity, it magnifies the effect. The ground moves from the Solar Energy heating it up every day and contracting at night. The satellites the oil companies think they own, and are used to scan for underground water and oil, and run your phone, and your internet, they also measure the temperature and the expansion/contraction of the air, water and land. It even affects time. same amount of mass in more space and extra energy too, E=MC² and all. Very impressive that a force your NuclearGasOilCoal Masters tell you to deny can be actually harvested, yeah? But there’s so much seismic activity, magnified by the massive fracking and other drilling methods having been in the past 130 years that it contaminated the ground water and the stability all along the Red and Trinity and Padusky and Sabine rivers, to the point the tremors might turn Comanche Peak into the next Fu Ku Shi Ma.  And how’s that SuperDump in Utah working? Oh, that’s right, it isn’t. How many Science Deniers does it take to dig a hole? One to hold the shovel and millions trying to figure which side of the shovel goes in the ground.
  5. Solar power stored in batteries. Elegant except batteries have only a 1/3 efficiency, meaning you get back 1 for every three you put in. Of course, there’s enough  actually free energy that it sort of evens out. And AC over lines like the Grid, more on that in paragraph 6,  has a 2/3 loss over every 50 miles of wire.  again, , proximity, people, proximity. And the same loss of power if you shoot the juice from a solar array or wind or the steam energy from a solar heated purification plant. Except the sunspot-or-not extra energy from the sun, well, we get that constantly. Non Stop.
  6. Solar, say the deniers, is inconsistent. Wrong. The sun ALWAYS shines. The infamous grid stretches over 5 times zones Atlantic to Pacific. The rotation of the earth has it so that California has sunlight long after the Atlantic seaboard is pointed away from the sun. The actual average length of daylight/night is exactly 12 hours. The Atlantic sun “rise” starts the feed (if it gets set up right, something the FossilExploitationMasters are constantly fighting to stop) of photoelectric current into the Grid. I know Deniers aren’t good at math so I’ll do it for them, that’s 17 hours average daily. And when the days are longer than average, 22 March to 22 September, and especially the middle of that, is when more electricity is used. Wind power too, because wind depends on the power of the sun to push that billions of tons of air moving across North America. But there’s that little old grid comes in once more. Fu Ku Shi Ma has a little problem right now. It’s on fire. Not just “still” but “more than ever” on fire. The OilSlime Masters are trying very diligently to start a race war, specifically taking away Native American sovereignty, they want to take all the resources but those pesky Indians aren’t just giving it to them. Beyond that they   we’re also not about to PAY BushTrumpChenyPerryCorp. to screw up our water. Told you I’d put the White Supremacists into the picture.
  7. The Supremacists insist they own everything in the whole world because of the whiteness of their skin. Not that simple, really, because Russians are also white, or at least a whole bunch of them, and they’re the quintessential Caucasians. Moral of that story: White Supremacists don’t even like themselves. Ultimate hate groups. But they happen to run the Oil Industry and get everybody else to go to the wars of conquest which are the only way to convince other people to just GIVE you their resources and also control over what your people can think say and do in their own damn country.  They almost extinguished our languages, cultures and even our lives over the past 525 years.
  8. So I’m linking in the Standing Rock stand off and all the associated mostly racist inspired drama. If Trump and his Masters want me to give up my heritage, my sovereignty, my everything, maybe I’d consent if Mr Trump sold me all his assets including his Ass for a dollar, with the added condition he would have to Pay Me whatever I feel is right, to destroy all his property and grind up the toxic parts and put it in HIS water, air and food.    I mean, that’s the deal he and his Oil Masters are giving the entire rest of the world. There’s so much more to be said.

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