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Hypocrisy Alert: NRA won’t be packing at rally for Drama Queen in Chief

He supported the hide-behind-a-gun Because-they’re-afraid-of-their-neighbors street rally in Arlington Texas, protesting because a Private Property Holder (Starbucks) refuses to allow them to bring their anti-American war machines into their restaurants. What’s next, NRA, are you going to claim the privilege of home invasions to go along with your claimed privilege to invade and threaten private business employees? Your Fascist Dictator says you can’t wave your killing apparati (Plural for ‘apparatus’) in his cowardly face? Or just your neighbors who can’t afford Police protection? I know you can’t take a loaded firearm into a gun store, they won’t allow it. Why is that? you may ask and I might reply, because they have the same rules as the Military. There’s the fact you bought the gun to make yourself feel like a tough guy, which doesn’t work because you’re afraid to go into a store and buy a cup of coffee without threatening the barristas with death. Which of your neighbors do you really want to kill? And just because have a fantasy of being John Wayne, which was a character created for an actor named Marion Robert Morrison who never had a real fight in his life. Or a similar bio for Ronald Reagan. You know how to tell they never had a real fight? Easy.

Nobody wins every fight, and it would have been big news if some puffed up candyass like Morrison or Reagan got his ass kicked. They were actors, not real soldiers or cops or cowboys. But you have that self image, don’t you? The Gun Stores don’t let you in with a loaded firearm for two equally valid reasons and both of them would “shoot holes” into your supposed ‘reasons’ to go around with a loaded gun. One is that gun stores have typically tens of thousands of dollars worth of firearms and about three times that much value in ammunition. And some people believe they should get their guns for free. The other reason is that people carrying loaded firearms tend to have a lot of accidents. It’s not enough to KNOW how to carry a firearm responsibly, you would have to PRACTICE doing so. In the Military you’re not allowed to pack loaded heat on base,  your stupid arse would be the subject of a Court Martial. With a quickness. The U.S. Army alone has billions of man-hours worth of experience in firearms, that doesn’t even count the other branches of the service. They KNOW WHY NOT TO ALLOW LOADED WEAPONS. There’s plenty of Friendly Fire casualties over the centuries buried in every military cemetery. Jesse James, pistolero Supreme, who taught the Yankee army (the hard way– they mutually hated each other.) the fine art of cavalry + revolvers tactics, blew off one of his own fingers cleaning a firearm. It happens to the most experienced. There was a gun-store accident about the same time a kid in New England took one of his parents’ unsecured assault rifle to school, maybe you heard of it. The Gun store one, a guy loaded his 9mm pistol Against Store Policy in the parking lot, his son who is now permanently 9 years old was in the truck and Daddy got into the cab with a loaded round pistol in his hand and well, you can guess the rest. That’s the reason there are rules. That was in Pennsylvania in a podunk appalachian town I don’t recognize the name thereof. The same week a 4 year old boy shot his 5 year old brother, and their family were also well aware of firearms safety rules. All it takes is one mistake, and BANG! you have one less kid. Or gun store employee or customer or yourself. Have fun with your Fascist crap-fest.

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