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I don’t know why I read this shit, really, but I do…

Maybe it’s all the time I spent in the woods, mountains, deserts and creek bottoms. You take notice of everything around you or something will eat you. It’s the Law of the Forest. But on a Gossip Newspooper at the check out at King Soopers, …. eerie music coming from strangely lit closet in a creepy old house…. Oh man, don’t open the door, man, can’t you hear the music? O damn, I was dumb enough to open the door… Anyway, the Fake News headline was “Comey family person had a record for public drunken stupidness at theme park and whoop-di-diddly doo.” The one clew in the headline was that Comey himself did not commit the heinous extra minor misdemeanor. Some jackass in his family. Then there’s the notion that the president of the united states might have o.k.’ed the story. Massive coverup? come the Hell on…

There’s a guy in Texas, two years older than me, I went to church with him and he was always mackin’ on my big sisters… killed a motel clerk in a robbery. That’s a really heinous crime. He stole from me less than a week before that, half an ounce of weed. That was annoying  But if some dumbshit in Comey’s household got busted for being drunk and stupid in public, then got about the same punishment as any other stupid drunk, so the hell what? If that in any way affects the Commander in Thief being investigated for his crimes or, rather, one crime of all the crimes he did, and only a few of them… then the United Methodist Church would be accomplices to the robbery/murder. Not that I give two thirds of a shit about Comey. He’s not testifying as a cop. He’s testifying to evidence discovered during a separate investigation. I hate the bastard because he’s a pig. On Police Memorial Day Trump demanded that all of us go up to a Pig and say thank you. Except cops who are investigating  his own criminal acts. The bit about inciting riot, inciting lynching, and stealing millions of dollars from the citizens of Libya, and boasting about those crimes, don’t equate to having some family member being drunk and disorderly. His involvement in the Olathe murders is a capital offense, but that’s not what the inquiries are.The Portland event where a Supremacist was ‘insulted’ for his loud violent and profane support of Trump and his racist agenda… so he knifed several people killing two. That’s a capital offense to which Trump is an accomplice. Pigs like him and Comey and the rest of the Police State Gestapo can go straight to Hell. They should do it quickly, as cleanly as possible and without unnecessary bitching and whining about it.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that people who are stupid to pick up and read (poorly) Enquirer and Globe gossip papers, and BELIEVE that shit, are in the redneck minority who got Trump elected without actually having a majority of the votes.

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