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Irish people hitting Irish people, as usual


this subtitle on the picture is “Do they celebrate St Paddy’s in Northern Ireland? Well, sort of… and then they have this thug behavior. The Text is part of the picture. I’ll fix it when I wake up some more. Those with expensively wide monitors wouldn’t notice the difference.

They do this every week of summer, but today is the 12th.  When all the clubs, lodges etc however they want to distinguish their groups… have one big-ass party where they celebrate the Pyrrhic “victory” of William of Orange, you might recognize the name a little bitter eh,… Better as part of the name of a university William and Mary. Mary being his Queen. Confused? Sure you are. The different flip flops of history will as always count one side the heroes and the other sides the villains  The Battle of the Boyne was decided on 12JUL1690 or, in layman’s terms, a fuck of a long time ago. They have their really little enclaves in places like Belfast, Derry (that’s a name you will always be scolded for using, if you call it Derry or Londonderry, some punk with an attitude will start a fight or at least an argument about it) Ontario Canada, Scotland but not a hell of a lot of that,  Bangor Maine,  (Wikipedia has a picture of that parade) and they all have one thing in common. They’re celebrating the crushing of the Irish and Scots and Welsh under the English Jackboots. But it’s kind of mythical. The people are still there and still ready to kick their collective arse if they wander out of their enclaves. To be Catholic in the now-defunct Ulster was an ongoing act of courage.  The IRA have their own history of senseless violence, like when they beat up on Eric and 6 others in Downtown Colorado Springs 10 years ago. For offering an alternative spending agenda, which would favor education of American kids rather than bombing people in VietRaqiStan. Some of whom were children. But I’m trashing the Orangemen today so let’s get back to that, eh?

The recent history starting a couple weeks ago and heading to just a couple of years or so…  The new Prime Minister of England I’m supposed to say United Kingdom but so what? Got a slim majority in Parliament because these nut jobs are still English subjects. Even though they’re now ‘integrated’ into the Irish Republic. And England pulled out their troops years ago and in a fit of spite over that the Orange contingent rioted. More than than usual. That was 2012 to the best of my recollection. The English pulled out their own police apparatus and the Republic took down all the flags from the former ‘masters’ offices. A hissy fit of Trump-ian scale. The flag is the Union Jack, elements of which are in the Confederate flag and has crusader symbolic crosses, 2 red ones inside 2 white ones  on a blue field, the red ones for the patron saints of England and Scotland and the the white ones for the patron saints of Ireland and Wales.

It became a sort-of true symbol of a sort-of-true Union of all the four kingdoms, The United Kingdom whoop di diddly doo. The 12th is an arbitrary pivot point in the non-stop killing spree. The Orange are dwindling but they were and maybe be enough of a majority in their enclaves to cause trouble for a long time. They’ll go about trying very hard to dominate their catholic relatives.  Singing silly ass songs about their silly ass bowler hats and sashes, and one self titled one “Kill the Pope” and beat up on anybody who objects. Their empire is dying and they ain’t going to stop that.

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