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John Walter, don’t you know Trump says to thank the Cops who murdered you… with a plagiarized line…

I was at St Francis Hospital on the corner of Powers, Woodmen and the edge of the known universe, there was a copy of the Gazette who aren’t as right wing as they used to be, not a difficult goal to be sure. About John Walter who was murdered by the Fremont County Pigs and their “former employees” Correctional Health Care corporation, who have reorganized and sold their assets and apparently most of their Quack quack quack staff to a new corporation. That’s called “you can’t sue the government or their Fascist accomplices especially if their corporation doesn’t officially exist anymore.” That’s the angle of defense they’re taking. Of course the El Paso County Medical Examiner (coroner) who had let Fremont Co and the Triple Lie ‘correctional’ and ‘health’ and ‘care’ comrades off the hook, reversed her earlier diagnosis. Mighty white of her. What the Gazette article didn’t stress is that the non-existent ex-corporation takes the entire burden of guilt and The PIG Assholes in Fremont County ESPECIALLY Sergeant Greene and Corporal Maas who contributed to his death MURDER by subjecting him to beatings, isolation and not allowing him counsel or contact with his family. He was “found” in the morning in the isolation and OBSERVATION cell which is separated from the booking clerk by a window, dead on the floor of the Observation cell with 9 broken ribs. The Coroner omits that in her remarks. She’s obviously covering for her PIG COMRADES. When I went into Miss Johnnie’s room to show her the headline, there was a live feed on MSNBC of Trump praising his PIG MINIONS, the New Gestapo who are already making war against American citizens who don’t conform to the Fascist Regime. He used the COPYRIGHTED title of a BBC show starring Rowan Adkins aka Mr Bean and Black Adder named The Thin Blue Line, the only difference being that the original title Which He (trump) Stole was the word Chaos instead of Anarchy. “there is a thin blue line separating civilization from the the forces of anarchy”

This from a PUNK who copyrights any photographs of himself. And sues people for plagiarism
And this same Coward-ass PUKE told us that the next time we see a cop go up to him and thank him.

Thank them for being coward ass racist totalitarian torture freaks who get sexually aroused by hitting people and chaining them, not necessarily in that order. Killing somebody spins them into a masturbation frenzy. Yeah, John Walter, you were supposed to THANK the pig nazi rat bastards who killed you. The Coroner said the cause of death was withdrawal from a class of anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax. He had been taking it for decades and the “health care” bitches took it away from him abruptly. When he begged for their non-existent mercy and for his very life, he KNEW the cold-turkey withdrawals would kill him. (that’s described by the PIGS as ‘delusional’ and probably got the pigs plenty aroused, somebody begging them not to kill him.) the “security” PIGS started in on the beatings in observation cells where only the PIGS could witness it. Gives brand new/slash/ really old meaning to the term ‘beating off’. Hence the 9 broken ribs, that’s not easy to do. I got kicked in the chest by martial artists while sparring (Tae Kwon Do which I made a modest improvement in my health) in tho do-chang. These were guys could bust cinder blocks with bare hands and feet. Never ever broke one rib. Hit by cars or hit by grizzly bears can do it, I skipped the grizzly experience but have been hit by cars before. The incidents left me bruised and sore but no broken ribs. Of course that’s anecdotal evidence, but it IS evidence. It’s really hard to break ribs. If he had done it to himself with the frenzied madness of begging them Not To Murder Him, why didn’t they see that from their observation window? He lost 30 pounds in less than three weeks, no alarms from either the deputies or their accomplices. But they’re only ‘guilty’ of Wrongful Death, a misdemeanor where they won’t spend any time in jail.

Before the usual Punk-ass Back-The-Blue chumps break in with “well, he shouldn’t have broken the law”
For those retarded bitches I have to remind them, not that they would ever listen, their Pig Masters taught them to think that way… John Walters was never given a trial for the charge of “menacing”, unlike cops killing unarmed, outnumbered and chained prisoners it’s a FELONY which in Colorado you can be charged therewith if somebody SAYS he is frightened by your words and it was over a middle-aged version of a schoolkid brawl in which neither participant actually struck the other. In Colorado that can get you an unofficial Death Penalty and the right wing extremists who sneer about anybody’s RIGHT to get due process before the Gestapo Rat Bastards murder you, will cheer that this so-called ‘criminal’ was LYNCHED and even with the reversal of the original finding, the Coroner is going to allow her fellow PIGS get away with murder. Literally. Not the first and probably not the last.

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