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nine-eleven-zero-one, Corporate Pirates got hit

This started as a reply to a comment about the NFL and other Corporate Thieves ripping off America and demanding we show homage to their empire. Above and beyond the money the sports fanatics pay for their really stupid entertainment. Well, it’s a Hell of a racket. They’re trying to say now that it, worshipping an idol made of cloth by standing for the pledge and for the the anthem is ‘patriotism’ and refusing to do so dishonors ‘our’ troops which is pure bullshit. The owners of the sports leagues are the same ultra-rich asswipes who believe their stolen money makes them better than all others. Every war being fought by the Empire is a war of Corporate conquest. Like the piracy the Navy did in 2014 by commandeering a ship on the high seas, the Morning Glory oil tanker because the oil was owned by the parts of Libya not under Imperial Rule. The Corporates, as always, depended on the largess of the American Taxpayers, that’s anybody and everybody.

Even tenants pay property taxes and sales taxes, EXCEPT large corporations. General Electric gets most of it’s profit margin on War Materiel. And the last three years they paid 11,000 bux each year than my brother who loads and unloads trucks for a living. He lives in Arlington Texas where the Dallas Parasite Cowboys play.
He pays extra taxes so millionaires can prance around on the grass grabbing each others balls, slapping each other on the back, hugging each other and slamming their bodies against each other while wearing very tight pants… The Cowboys who are a Corporate entity sponsored by other Corporations but the people of Arlington pay extra taxes to ‘host’ THOSE Cowboys. Not even in Dallas county and they never played in the city of Dallas either.

Pete Coors has his nasty non-worker hands in the Colorado Springs till because he sponsors the local minor league baseball, and of course the Rockies. Richest man in the state but he gets not only the money the fan(atic)s give him but tax subsidies as well. Even if you don’t patronize their ‘games’ we all have to pay Pete Coors money which WE earned and he just takes. The same across the country. We also subsidize the ‘defense’ plants right outside of Colorado Springs taxing authority because we pay for the roads, drainage, sewage and lots more police protection than any people who actually pay the taxes get. The Kleptocracy strikes again.

9-11-01 was about the only time the Corporates took a beating. and even then the buildings were filled with lower and middle wage Workers but a strange lack of CEOs , CFOs and foreign finance envoys. Almost like they expected trouble that morning and went golfing instead. Hmmmmm… and now We The Peasants are fighting their wars of conquest for them AND paying the taxes to keep the war-bucks flowing into their insatiable bank accounts. Some “freedom”.

More like Freedom to bow before the Corporate Asswipes and bring them plenty of monetary offerings. And pretend they’re supporting the troops. If they wanted to honor or support the Troops they could stop sending them to do the moneygathering aka conquest of “our” resources that God for some reason put under Their sand. But We, The Peasants are expendable, dontcha know. Pete Coors never went to the wars from whence he draws profit.

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