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Open Letter To Mayor Suthers and other pond scum elitists

I emailed this to him as well.

You’re a lying Nazi Bitch just like every rich-bitch claimant who decides (s)he is a “civic leader”. You and your arrogant elitist associates (none of you have actual friends, just as you have no conscience)don’t do anything to relieve the burdens your wealthy country club put on the “lower” class and you sic your cowardly slave-police on us whenever we disagree with your high and mighty decisions.

Even as Prosecutor General you did the same thing. You lick the ass of anybody higher in the hierarchy and spew out your shit on the WORKERS who are the source of your wealth and that of your comrades. You’ve proved that to me personally on many occasions. What will you do, Punk? In the past you’ve had me arrested and then beaten by your Pig minions and refused to ever prosecute any of THEM. Nor does your Kangaroo Kourts ever stand for those less wealthy than you. What are you doing with the murder of John Walter, as ‘friend of the court’ if naught else?

Some of the Springs PIG force have strong ties to the murderers in Canon City. As AG you consistently resisted any calls to police the police, (as it were) in any case against your torture freak cops, jail and prison guards, and have consistently given the PIGS orders to further beat and slander (with false charges of “insolence, disobedience and ‘disrespecting’ your minions”) So what are you going to do, bitch?

You gonna get your pig minions to “shut me up”, charge me with insubordination? You allowed it before, what makes me think you won’t do it again?

Are you not still a member of the Colorado Bar? The difference between myself and John Walter is they didn’t go all the way on me.

For “talking back” which in Colorado under your fascist regime is obviously a Capital Offense. What have you done with regard to the Jail/Prison “medical” divisions who obviously are chartered to back the badge at all times but especially when they abuse and even murder inmates? As a member of the Bar you’re a deputized Officer of the Courts. As far as I can see you have never done your duty to the vast majority of the people, the ones who don’t live in mansions and buy and sell elections. We’re like cattle to you. Maybe chattel would be the best description. The only ‘working’ class who get any assistance from you are the Police and their fellow minions like the triple lie “Correctional” “Health” “Care” family of corporations. Your police state regime doesn’t prosecute any of the torture freaks who work for them.

They’re scum, proven so in many incidents just counting the ones I endured or witnessed. Your Elitist masters and you personally use the axiom “cream rises to the top”, well, so does Pond Scum. You’ll never be better than me or anybody else, neither will your Masters. And you’ll never, like them, have the courage and dignity to fight your own battle.

Funny how you Elitists are never actually elite.

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Comment from Oh how me love thou Brother J!   (IP:
Time: December 20, 2017, 8:27 pm

See this link for another fascist pig in Denver, Colorado who has been appointed by District Attorney Beth McCann to “protect” the elderly. This bitch is an abusive 30+ year male bitch appointed by McCann who the left thinks is holier than thou and will get things changed in Denver with regard to police. Don’t bet all your riches on it elitist and non-elitest left fuctktard!

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: December 21, 2017, 9:11 pm

Yeah, so you cheer for your pig masters… big deal… how does that relate the LYNCHING of prisoners by Pigs? How does that entitle the Denver Pigs to beat Marvin Booker to death? Or Canon City Pigs who beat John Walter to death? Or your chicken-shit ex-sheriff Maketa riding with the Klan aka Minutemen, and use public funds and county land to train their Nazi Klan racist pukes? Or the inmates who were beaten to death in the El Paso CJC? Of course the Kounty Koroner unanimously called them “natural causes”. And the Judges and prosecutors always allow their fellow Gestapo to get away with it. Your retarded president sings the sweet siren call to Lynch. And pardons the Lynch Mob Boss Arpaio. They have no shame or other manifestations of dignity, honor or courage. When your pig ‘heroes’ beat prisoners to death they do it in their pathetic gang. Not a single cop in the world would actually fight one-on-one. It’s what they’re like.

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