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Other than Bannon being sacked and Donald Dumb’s son in law going to Iraq

There’s an Air Force Academy commercial… of course there is. And true to their evil nature, the recruiters are promising something that is not real. The young lady in the recruiter’s lie fest says “sure I could become a pilot, or a shitload of other crap options” one of which is “Rhodes Scholar” which is a fat pathetic lie. See, if you’re a cadet at any academy it’s ROTC. Reserve Officers Training Corps. At the college level, you’re a member of the Armed Forces. Enlisted into the military. Very simple. It means you took the Oath to uphold and defend the constitution of (but not the nation itself) the United Fascist Police State. And to obey orders. That one is basic as well.You do what you’re told to do and be what They Tell You To Be. The “Rhodes Scholar” trip is off your plate until your enlistment is up. It’s a scholarship that you cash in at Oxford University in England.  Just another trick Recruiters pull. See, the Recruiters are paid a bonus for every idealistic Teenager who they get to sign his/her life away. There were so many ‘patriotic’ enlistments after 9-11, they felt they were going to avenge the nation on its enemies. Except they were told they have no choice in why they do anything other than Thou Shalt Follow Every Order. No sentimentalism past that part where you put your right paw up in the air and swear to Follow Orders. If, for instance, the 9-11 attack was really the actions of al Qa’eda then going to Iraq would not be in any way vengeance against al Qa’eda. Saddam had a fatwah against him by bin Laden. Likewise for a lot of the people in Afghanistan never saw an airplane until a bunch of U.S. warplanes started dropping bombs on them. Especially if you believe the Taliban had absolute censorship over the entire country.

In the military you don’t get to choose what you believe. You just do as you’re told. And tying Iraq to 9-11 was as big a lie as the WMDs, like 500 metric tonnes of Nerve Gas, of which none was actually found. More than 1 million pounds, disappeared Or Did It Not Exist in the first damn place. The only commonality was Saddam was Muslim. And had a long mutual exchange of munitions with other Muslim nations like Iran. Definitely not the monolithic Muslim Menace we’re told to believe in America. And two of the top targets on that ‘deck of cards’ are Catholic. At least. The act of bombing of Muslim people because some other Muslim people were (perhaps falsely?) accused of committing crimes, assuming the U.S. State Department didn’t fake 9-11 would be similar in nature to the U.S. bombing Non-German Christian nations in retaliation for the invasion of Poland. Oh, wait… They did…

OK,  maybe if the U.S. Air Force bombed China in response to the Japanese bombing  of Pearl Harb… oh, yeah, I forgot, they did that too… or say the U.S. government had attacked Cheyenne or Nez Perce or Ute or Apache people in retaliation for the 7th Cav  loss at the Little Bigho… Oh, yeah, they did that too… Damn… Or Hizbollah blowing up 300 U.S. Marines in Beirut, using funds and other weapons supplied by the U.S. government, covertly of course, and to teach them a lesson some president like Reagan had bombed the dogshit out of a tiny Caribbean island natio…. oh, damn…

But the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who enlisted because they were eager to exact revenge on those we are told were the architects of 9-11 were told to kill and enslave people in countries which had nothing to do with 911. Because they were told to do so.

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