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Preet Bharara fired for investigating Above The Law Trump

Not that I like prosecutors. They can all go to Hell with grenades up their butts, and probably will. They’ll prosecute the living dogshit out of poor people, but let a Rich Bitch commit all the crimes he wants. Under the “broken windows” doctrine the New York courts, and that’s state not just City and county… prosecuted to the maximum any misdemeanor alleged against poor people. They were, literally, prosecuting them for begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. I can do my own version of Chanting and just call it Positive affirmations. The pigs and their fellow Wall Street owned minions, like the Army, Boy Scouts, schoolchildren, singers at the start and/or halftime of privatized “public” athletic events, they all chant. Just like a cult. They can do it, they insist that everybody else recite their bullshit, in unison, standing in a uniform stance, saluting with their hands on heart or on top of right eye. Look alike, speak alike, act alike, conform or else…. And any prosecutor in the nation will punish you or at least try to do it if you don’t stand up for the national anthem or say the pledge of allegiance. In New York there’s been incidents where the PIGS arrested, and beat while handcuffed people who didn’t worship the idols their Corporate Overlords demand we worship. The charge would be “disorderly conduct” and under the Broken Windows doctrine, that would be a year rotting in jail with the PIGS beating the fuck out of them. Our illustrious Prosecutor Dan May did the same thing.  So do the CSPD and the El Paso Co. Sheriffs department. It’s that way here, it’s a nationwide Fascist standard. But Donald Trump, who incites people to kill people he personally doesn’t like. Sometimes they carry out his hate-crime orders. He robs foreign people of millions of dollars, like the time he ripped off Gadafi, on real estate and rental deals.  He’s boasted about it in the past few months. And when the New Yorks approved the anti-peasant Broken Windows doctrine, he applauded it. But when the prosecutors start investing HIS crimes, he has them fired.

They let him get away with literally Murder. Olathe Kansas for one. Adam Purington was just following Trump’s orders. I put a similar statement on Wikipedia but it will probably be deleted. Pigs are like that. They like the idea of shutting somebody up. Makes them feel important.

While and at the same time, the Broken Windows operation is still enforced. Steal a candy bar, rot in jail for a year. Steal millions of dollars, while being a billionaire political hack, Get Out Of Jail Free. Advocate murder, go to jail. If the murder is committed, you’re an accomplice. Unless you’re a Billionaire silver-spoon Trust Fund baby /slash/ real estate thief, then you don’t even get arrested. Buy your way into an influential political appointment where you can commit billions of dollars worth of graft, you get to fire anybody who investigates you. And all the pigs and pig lovers will back him up on it.

Y’all don’t like it, y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas-sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass

I’ve got that on a tee-shirt and bumper stickers on sale at cafepress.

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