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Racist Supremacists own White House, U.S. Senate

“Baby” Donald threatened a senator for opposing a Police State Rip-Off operation in Texas, especially in Rockwall County, across Lake Ray Hubbard from Dallas. Where the small population of racist rich people and their Sheriff, kkkind of like the Dukkkes of Hazzard, makes a comfortable profit from kickbacks on Konfiscated Property. Not only the boats and cars of the victims, but any assets they have, their real estate for instance. The Pigs can take away your house, your business, garner wages… for being ACCUSED for a crime, any crime. If you’re acquitted they still keep your property. “The Senate?” you ask… Yes, says me, indeed. And it ties into the Elizabeth Warren story about her criticizing Klansman Jeff Sessions, the Baby Donald pick for Attorney General.

The White Wing republicans are trying to silence Senator Warren for quoting Coretta King, who had run-ins with Sessions when he was a much younger Klansman. Apparently we’re not allowed to criticize Racist Pigs or even mention that they’re Racists, very similar to the Pigs here in El Paso County, and their attempts to silence any criticism by arresting the person making such claims and then beating him up in an isolation cell in the CJC. The Baby Trump Regime, very comfortably in league with the Fascist Police State minions, well… their very own copy of Benito Mussolini, Donald ‘il Douche’,  promised the sheriff of Rockwall County he would “destroy” an un-named Texas senator for criticizing the Boss Hogg ripoff program in TeKKKas. The Sheriff takes aim at people who appear to be non-white, and if they have a spanish surname or are Black, that’s the trigger, they’ll file charges, any charge, doesn’t matter, keep the person on essentially No Bond status until all the assets are transferred, then quietly drop the charges. No wonder King Donald the Very Infantile loves them so much.

Because now he’s got a deal where his “industries” get yet another kickback, publicly subsidized, because you know he’s going to get a piece of that operation. The real KKKriminals in this are the Police, their KKKompliant KKKourt system, and now, The Attorney General, the Senate and the president.

It’s been that way for a long time, but with il  Novo Fascisma feeding frenzy becoming legalized by Executive Order, they’re not even making a Pretense of Civilized Behavior. You know, the reason the ancient fascist dictator Gaius Julius Caesar the First was assassinated is often attributed to his over-ride of the Roman Senate. He wasn’t named a king or emperor, because he was playing to the sentiments of the mob, just like the entire Trump pandering to the people he normally refers to as Peasants. Instead he had the slim majority of the Senate to appoint him as Dictator. Mussolini copied it word-for-word.

We’re chided gently by Left Wing ‘commanders’ I guess you could call them, to not use words like Klan, Nazi, Fascist or Supremacist to describe the Crybaby-in-Chief or his minions. Toughie-poo. Momma alwas says “Coward ass Nazi Pig is as Coward ass Nazi Pig does”.

Compliance is Futile, I will NOT be Assimilated.

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