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Since when is challenge to a dictator “anti American”?

This is of course crap. The person who posted that in the Op Ed page is supposedly a Patriot, telling a Chief Warrant Officer what he may or may not say To him I say, “punk, if you want to shut somebody up, do it to and for yourself”.

This from the Gazette yesterday…
No right to violate Army regulations

The Gazette covered a demonstration by anti-government protesters on June 4. The group was headed by retired Army CWO Bill Thomas in full dress uniform and carrying an official flag. He was in flagrant violation of the Army Regulation 670-1 which prescribes uniform wear by Army veterans and retirees.

Your president is exactly that, YOURS. Not mine. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States which demands obedience to the President other than for people currently in the military. Questioning or opposing the president is a RIGHT and is NOT required or prohibited and likewise is NOT anti ‘government’. If you want to make a meal out of somebody wearing a military uniform partial or fully to commit and commend crimes against the people of the US and the world, take your prosecution of that to George W Bush and his fellow punks like Trump pretending to be navy aviators for propaganda in support of the murders they’re complicit in the Terrorist Attacks on citizens in countries with which we are not officially at war. Or are you afraid to do so? The entire membership of the Skull and Bones fraternity are also complicit in desecrating a grave and the theft of the body at a Military Cemetery at Ft Sill Oklahoma, or are you afraid of standing up on that issue as well? A broad explation of that is that Prescott Bush, father of George HW Bush, was stationed at Ft Sill during World War 1 along with his infantile frat brothers, all of whom were rich-bitches who had gotten out of active participation in the wars in which they were invested, and taking the blood money for every REAL soldier killed or wounded in that and every other American war. They got Bought their assignments to a stateside base as far as possible from the German artillery, mustard gas and machine guns Which They Sold To The Germans. And they stole and their fraternity still possesses the body of Geronimo, a REAL American warrior in every sense of the word.

Even if there was a statute of limitations on grave robbing in Army cemeteries, which in the UCMJ, is not the case, the crime is still taking place. Would an expert in the UCMJ such as yourself care to prosecute the Rich Bitch anti-americans who are still committing that crime? Perhaps the MURDER of at least 2 million Iraqis and more in other nations, Libya, Afghanistan, maybe? Or is your Courageous defense of the law limited to individuals who aren’t in your Fascist chain of command?

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