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Slumlords (like the punk who’s evicting 2 disabled elders in winter) get a tax rebate

This is from a Business section on yahoo. Slumlords get a double dip. The tenants do not. Even though the property taxes are paid by the tenants as part of our rent. Some of the Far Right Scum who infest Wall Street, the Pentagon and Congress and of course the White House are rejoicing. They have as part of their agenda Restricting Voting Rights to landowners. If you think the vote means nothing, consider the fact that the power-thieves are introducing legislation, every session of congress and every state legislature for as long as I’ve been alive, to strip tenants of their vote. These penny pinching bastards would never pay money on that scale for that long if they thought the vote wasn’t important. OK I have difficulty making the image fit, maybe it’s my own computer resolution. So I’ll type the text in the image. Title “IRS: Property Taxes deductible if assessed and paid in 2017” and the body of it is Then renters should get the same deduction, because the right wing myth that renters don’t pay (property) taxes ignores the FACT that the landowner gets the money to pay his/her property taxes from the rent. Stupid Trump and his even stupider minions are bringing that lie about renters not paying not paying taxes into electoral politics. Demanding that only property owners should be allowed to vote. Idiots, the lot of them.

there’s an icon below it where I got 4 thumbs down and none up. That’s because it’s on a topic that draws Trumpistas, Wall Streeters, and their equally stupid lackeys. The ones who believe they own everything in the world except their own ass, because they gave that collective ass to their Masters. Bow down and lick Mr Trump’s boots, punks! He’ll pat you on the head and tell you you’re a good doggie. A workman is worthy of his hire. Since Trumpistas believe that people who don’t actually do any manual labor or military service should rule over those who do, it’s perfectly natural that all they get as a reward is that pat on the head shtick.  It should be mentioned here that tenants pay a larger percentage of their money than the landlords do. Especially as property taxes are greater if the property is not the primary home of the owner. Simple logic, the properties which are leased out make the owner money, just by existing.

And you know the local Sheriff and Courts would normally rubber stamp any petition from a landlord against a Tenant. Especially if the tenant is not rich. Or not white. Doesn’t matter if the landlord never maintained the property, or if the eviction is because the tenants tried to repair a porch which is so warped and rotted that the tenant might fall through, bad news for the two tenants who are senior citizens and disabled from the start. It doesn’t matter if the rent had been paid 17 years straight. If the tenants don’t use credit therefore can’t possibly have a credit score large enough to impress the heartless and dead-in-the-soul Corporate Property Management. Too bad, so sad, you wind up in a situation you’re fucked.

The bit about not having the vote, that’s a real issue and has been in Corporate America since there was such an entity.  Like when people were also property. Maybe you’ve heard about that. One entry point into slavery is when you’re in debt. It’s the working basis of the penitentiary system. It differs only in legal technically from being born a slave or kidnapped and sold, chattel slavery. That’s the long and short of the rich wanting to deny an equality of representation. If you think there’s a practical difference, check on Dawg the bounty hunter’s website. By the way I have no respect for that punk. He’s a former prisoner who captures others into the same slavery he so joyfully allowed the Rich Elitists to put onto him.

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Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: December 29, 2017, 7:30 pm

patience please. The dimensions of the image aren’t quite right. Of course you could open the image in your image editor and read it.

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