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St Paddy’s Day Massacre, deja vu all over again

Yeah. It’s approaching the tenth anniversary of the time the IRA took our money, gave us our permit, let us go to the second intersection and had the CSPD Goon Squad attack us, supposedly because we had banners protesting the Iraq invasion, occupation and subjugation. Oh, and the IRA also refused to support Mr Bush’s mass infanticide. A lot of people refused, world wide, but the Official Story was the Whole Damned World rose up to end the “tyranny” of Saddam Hussein. Which was of course a Heinous Lie and by now it’s enshrined into History Books where our next generation are told about the Heroism of George Bush and his Really Stupid Minions. So, on this anniversaire decimelle, Boston’s contingent of the IRA are preventing a group of War Veterans from marching, but just like the Fake Irish sponsors who turned the PIGS on us, they’re not doing it on the basis of opposition to a war the IRA opposed.
They’re doing it because the veterans are gay. To which I say, who really cares other than a bunch of closet cases who try to hide their own fears of being gay, by bashing others? But they’ll comfort themselves by lying to themselves and anybody stupid enough to listen. Oh, and by the way, about the History Books… The Project for the New American Century boasted in the mid 90s they would start a war of conquest where they would secure the oil fields in the Near East and Asia, especially Iran, and militarily and economically encircle China, India, Africa and Russia, and force the people of those countries to accept the Enlightened Rule of America, AND they projected that the occupation would last for 60 years, when anybody who remembered anything about Constitutional Law would be a small minority. The kids born after 9-11 are almost old enough to enlist in the Mightiest Army In History! Hooray!!
and the PNAC have been lying to them their entire lives.

When the Local IRA Fake Irish had the PIGS silence us, they had dozens of Military and Paramilitary (like the Boy Scouts) go through with banners actually advocating killing kids. Subtly, though. We had a Banner saying Kids, NOT Bombs, and it’s a mission to support literacy among American kids. Nothing at all about blowing up children in the targeted nations. That’s something the Air Force does.

The History Books that American Kids are using to become brainwashed arrogant drone pilots, are published by the biggest conglomerated publishing group, used to be 6 different publishers, Predatory Capitalism strikes again. The Koalition of The Killing advocates, like the Bush Family, oh, especially the Bushes, had two governors at the same time, George and Jeb, who had the power to set the agenda for school “education” like making the Iraq Invasion into a “liberation” FOR THE ENTIRE STATES OF FLORIDA AND TEXAS. This gave the textbook really Monopoly to whoever supplied that market.

And wouldn’t you just know, that Book Empire is represented by a brother of the Bush Governors/slash/warmongering cowardly thieves. They’re taking away your children’s right to seek the truth. I would bet that any K-12 school libraries don’t have any books that DARE to contradict the Official Story.

And they have the Fake Irish IRA helping them along. Like they did 10 years ago and doing it this St Paddy’s Day as well. Who knows, they might sic the CSPD on me for saying that. Or Homeland Security.

It would fit right (Wing) into their agenda. Hey, they had 2 retired catholic nuns and two retired judges beaten up. It’s not like they have scruples. Or morals. Or courage.

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