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Trashapocalypse at Standing Rock and other heinous lies

Remember the “trash” the Army and  Oil Company LIARS reported in January? The Weekly Standard, a FOX property, admitted the so-called Trash was mostly tents and other belongings the Army refused to allow the people to take away. The stupid FOX and Trump supporters believe everything they’re told.   I wanted to have something to bring to the feast than just a hearty appetite. So I started collecting statistics. About the ‘trash’ the Army used as propaganda, which I understand was tents, clothing, mostly. The army had set it up that nobody could just come and go at will, and the Supremacists ate it up as though it was facts. Stupid racists are like that.  I feel almost sorry for them.

I got the statistics for the average daily tonnage of waste collected at the landfill in Bismarck. Got this reply

We don’t have this info on our web site, but we average 304.47 tons of total waste per day at our landfill.

Jeff Heintz
Director of Public Works – Service Operations
City of Bismarck

That is of course the same Bismarck which sued DAPL and Keystone using the same argument as Standing Rock. 307 and a half tons a day. Anyway they had a better result with their petition. This is their admission of guilt from the Weekly Standard which is a property of FOX ‘news’.

Those involved in the clean-up effort, led by the Standing Rock Sioux, say it could take weeks for private sanitation companies and volunteers to clear the expanse of abandoned tents, teepees, sleeping bags, blankets, canned food, supplies and just plain garbage littering the Oceti Sakowin camp.

Which is what we in Texas call bullshit. When I was working more than a decade ago for Goodwill Industries on the Highway Cleanup crew, we had 12 trailers and crews, each of which averaged 10 tons a day. In a place (Ft Worth TX) where the people were not forbidden to take away their belongings, at gunpoint. Some of the people would pull up alongside our crew, roll down their windows, throw garbage at us and yell “get a job!” and they would use their children to do that. There was also things we could not clear off the roadways. Disposable diapers, broken glass, tires, dead animals…

There was also quite a lot of beer and liquor containers of course. These are the legendary Clean and Honest good citizens of Tarrant County. 120 tons of garbage every day 6 days a week. And that’s only the trash thrown on the road. Nobody has an excuse in Tarrant County. There’s a pull off every 1/4 mile on the highways, mostly, and never more than 3/4. That means they had an opportunity at most a minute to pull off and dump their trash in litter baskets made for just that reason.

The good people at FOX and The Weekly Standard are of course hypocrites and willingly spread their own verbal garbage and hatred. Honest men would be ashamed. Good thing they’re not honest and don’t feel remorse or guilt.
Please forward this to as many people and organizations as you can.
I’ll do the same of course.

I should introduce myself and why I care more than many others. My father was Cherokee and my mother is of Lakota family. Her father was born to a white man who ran an Agency Store and his wife, my great grandmother, was Lakota. Lakota means ‘we call each other family’ simply because we are. Sadly I never met either, they died in the flu epidemic after the first world war. Cherokee have the same rule, we are family, not a political entity. I am sad for those who never lived that concept, that way of living. It is a strong spirit which the invaders never broke. I am happy there is a new trial coming forth. The Trash story will be their first arrogant accusation. We are ready.

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