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Shades of Chivington and Ludlow massacres re:homeless PEOPLE

I know what it’s like having to camp due to lack of funds  or, as is, increasingly, difficulty to even be considered as a tenant unless you’re filthy stinking rich, the Fascist definition of it is “gentrification” but is really a probable precursor to Genocide. OK that would entail racism, and everybody in Colorado Springs KNOWS there’s no such thing as racial hatred here and never was. Shoot, Chivington, Palmer, Rockefeller, Stanton, Custer, Carson, they just loved Natives to death. Literally. What if the struggling homeless PEOPLE resist being further dispossessed? Are the Colorado Springs Gestapo (pigs, fuzz, heat, dicks, | a real job description given to themselves FROM themselves! and if you don’t like it you can line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas-size All-you-can-eat Buffet of KISS MY LIBERAL ASS! | ahem… Are the police and National Guard and unofficially official militia like the racist fascist lunatic fringe Minutemen, Nazis, Aryan Nation and Ku Klux Klan going to lynch the people whose only “crime” is surviving without your literally God Damned permission? Like your ancestral “heroes” who consistently MURDERED Americans who lived in tents and didn’t have a formalized title to the lands we occupied for 12,000 years? That what you coward fascist pukes going to do? Maybe put people into prison for Surviving Without Your God Damned Permission, the prisons being Slave Labor Camps? You going to go straight to the Extermination Camps? Your ancestral “heroes” have already done so and still do.

Fascism, racism and capitalism have danced hand-in-hand down the Millennia and they still do. The “ism” part was provided from the Greek language and the Fascism and Capitalism were words the Romans used to describe political-financial-religious institutions, and if you don’t believe Capitalism is literally Worship of Money maybe you should read your Bible at least once. (The plural of millennium may be rendered as millennia or as millenniums. I strive for accuracy. Just another service which I provide free of charge. Enjoy)

Which brings up a moral issue. Isaiah was quoted by Jesus about the money changers (religious Levite priests who exchanged foreign coins for shekels and charged a fee to do it. When one of the priests asked Jesus about Roman Fascist taxes, hoping to get Jesus lynched by either the Zealots or lynched by the Romans, Jesus asked him if he had the tax money, priest whips one out, Jesus said “Whose {GRAVEN} image and name is on the coin?” and the priest {just as capitalist as the Romans} realized he had just been busted about packing around a Roman Idol representing Caesar who had declared himself to be a god, in the Temple.) Yeah, THAT Jesus. He quoted Isaiah saying “hypocrites, who love to make broad the phylactery and go about in long sleeves, (doing their alms) and saying “give way, give way, for I am better than you!” to be seen of others etc etc … “who devour the houses of widows and orphans and for a pretense make long prayers”

If you’re going to continue your idolatry to prop up your Fascist regime, I can’t do anything EXCEPT SHAME YOU REGULARLY AND OFTEN. You have statues downtown of Murdering Thieves like Palmer (the punk on the pony in the middle of a busy intersection). That’s Idolatry and you use that along with the so-called “Christian” churches in the most decadent (latin for “rotting”) and cynical manner.

Just to gain more money, the god Mammon. You won’t take it with you.

Mene, mene, tekel Upharsim. Mene, mene, tekel peres.

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Comment from Halina Topa   (IP:
Time: August 12, 2018, 2:46 am

Wow,thank you for your free service .Probably Aristotle said “the value of a man is determined by what makes him angry”.
I say “Communism and other isms is not the agency you work for ,but your attitude”,and ” this is the sense you make,not the language you speak is what counts”
Evil has different faces,and different agendas but it is the same evil.
“Takes two to Tango ” -said Hitler,and attacked Poland.
Ye,there is two sides to every story -THE RIGHT SIDE,AND THE WRONG SIDE. In other words “Blond like Hitler and tall like Gebbles”. Ton of gold is of no value to a man dying of thirst in the desert.
Man who is truly educated choses to be a man of conscience.
When we stand up for ourselves ,we stand up for others,and when we stand up for others we stand up for ourselves.
Just some random thoughts,after reading you posts.Mind blowing.
Thank you Eric Verlo.This world is better place because of you.

Comment from idontknow   (IP:
Time: August 13, 2018, 6:13 pm

The original post is actually by Brother Jonah so the world is a better place because of him too. And the truth you speak Halina Topa is real “When we stand up for ourselves ,we stand up for others,and when we stand up for others we stand up for ourselves.” The difficult question being “when should one stop standing up for others when others are taking advantage? Once they have sucked every dollar and every bit of energy from you that they can or before that time?”

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