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The system lied… same as always…

The orientation for Jury selection banged on and on about the so-called ‘fact’ that the Revolution was fought and every subsequent Imperial as well, to give us the right to trial by jury. Bullshit. Also the “patriotism” of Americans taking up arms to imprison, enslave, torture and kill people in other countries and HERE without any pretense of due process. The Jury trial was English Common Law as delineated in the Magna Carta. Washington and his accomplices fired on what was the “legitimate” English colonial government. And the reasons Washington and his accomplices delineated in the Declaration of Independence were the “rights” of slaveowners and other unsavory thieving bastards to deny other people due process. Like the Expansionist faction who were prevented by English treaties with Natives from taking the territory, and killing anybody who got in their way. Daniel Boone was never the “freedom loving patriot” his admirers think he was. Crockett, Pike, Jackson, none of them. Did any of the Sovereign Tribes get a fucking jury trial? Hells to the NO! Were the slaves given a trial, proof of guilt, an impartial and unbiased jury before being chained and dragged away from their homelands and forced to do farm labor with no pay? Fuck no! The wars in which the Military has constantly been fighting were for the Colonialists and Imperialists to get the resources of the Banana Republics like South Korea and South Vietnam and South America and South Africa and South Dakota and South Carolina and their Northern counterparts… Not a single one of those takeovers of entire nations was the nations as a whole or the people as individuals got a Jury Trial. It was and still is Police State Pigshit.

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Comment from idontknow   (IP:
Time: August 9, 2018, 3:11 pm

So do I understand that you believe the Declaration of Independence and Jury Trials are Police State Pigshit? If so what is the solution to all the Pigshit? Is there one? You seem to have a deeper understanding than I or any potential juror is ever going to have on this topic.

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: August 11, 2018, 9:40 am

Most I could do is dissent. As a citizen of several sovereign entities I only have a voice. municipal, county, state, federal and really mmmm. stricter, relatively, citizen of NATO, the U.N. and family/tribal conditional citizenship in the Otali/Giduwi Cherokee and Lakota. I can claim the citizenship in the Tribal jurisdiction BUT limited by the State and More Importantly the Federal Government because they have usurped the 4th and 6th Articles of the Constitution. Supposedly Treaties have the full authority as the Constitution.

It’s a Legal Fiction just like the sovereign rights of Kings, importantly the English Queen can call herself the embodiment of the British empire.

One of the Kings of England, Charles the 1st, got carried away with that and kind of lost his head. “Our” President is claiming sovereignty over the entire world AND even Space. And he’s using, like King Charlie, the Magna Carta and the corresponding Common Law. Like the Declaration and the Constitution, notably the Bill of Rights. Which is a direct derivative of the English Bill of Rights, and more apropos, it wasn’t immediately ratified,

Most of the so-called “founding” so-called “fathers” whose every burp, sneeze or fart are the be-all and end-all measure of every law passed and every court decree, Did Not Vote For The Bill of Rights until a) the BoR was truncated, AND b) they were threatened by a new revolution.

But we’re told by the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe that we have to bow and pay homage and obey the dictates of long-dead slave owners who were too lazy to pick their own damned cotton and were infamous of raping the unpaid farm workers.

George Washington’s daddy didn’t build Mount Vernon and Jefferson didn’t build Monticello, the Slaves did. Likewise they didn’t earn their own fortunes, again it was created by the Slave Labor, and to bring it back to the Courts, Judges, Prosecutors and Cops bend over forward for their Capitalist Overlords. The fiction of “freedom” exposed.

Comment from People   (IP:
Time: August 14, 2018, 1:15 pm

It was a middle class revolution for the middle class.
Revolution run by the middle class always fails.

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