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Latest Articles


Moron Police Memorial Day— David Duke

Yes. Duke is still preaching that the Klan is a Police Auxiliary, as he said at a benefit barbecue to “offset the legal expenses” of the Bossier City/Shreveport pigs who had just recently (15 years ago) shot Marquis Hudspeth 8 times for not throwing away his cell phone, which they knew was a cell phone, and they missed with 20 other shots at close range. The Pigs were never prosecuted but still were represented by the Shreveport Parish prosecutor. None of the Pigs then or since have ever countered Duke’s proclaiming the Ku Klux Klan to be a Police Entity. Maybe the Colorado Cops will invite him to their annual Porkfest.

Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, Haspel confirmation legalizes Torture

You can tell I’ve spent the past few minutes rebuking idiots, kind of a hobby of mine. Torturers are Sex Offenders, they get aroused by controlling and causing pain in their VICTIMS and that only if the VICTIMS are unwilling. Every Cop in America is joining in a massive circle jerk mutual masturbation session to celebrate the ‘legalization’ of their favorite sport. It’s not effective in that the person confesses what the Rapist tells him to confess.

Read more »

Drumpf attacking free speech and press, who would have thunk it?

The bill of rights are the first ten AMENDMENTS because the so-called “founding” so-called “fathers” refused to put them into the constitution. They got away with that for a short while because out of 4 million people in the U.S. only 43 thousand, the Original 1%, were allowed to vote. One Percent tried to block the Bill of Rights which aren’t even as complete and comprehensive as the British Bill of Rights. They left out 5 of the articles from the British Bill of Rights as well. So much for the “founding fathers” who were slaveholders and rapists being the True Basis of American Law. 200 years after they died we’re supposed to base all our politics or other public actions on Their Express Original Intent. Shit, y’all, if we actually DID that we would still have laws which justified slaveowners raping or even KILLING slaves at their own whim. Like Jefferson did.

Trump wants to abolish Child Labor Laws (and public education)

t-Rump wants kids in the Coal Mines because they’re smaller, get into small spaces, and they don’t have a fully developed survival instinct, the same reason kids were put into Coal Mines and other hazardous jobs and the reason the practice was ended by law. And poor kids don’t need no learning especially in the Red States cause on account they ain’t going to need to read or write while picking cotton, slaughtering cows or chickens and of course they ain’t going to be reading in the Coal Mines. Or as Hitler was quoted “Universal Public Education is the most corrosive toxin that Liberalism inflicts upon itself, the Masses need only enough education to be efficient soldiers in our armies and coolies in our industries” And yes, the Same People who write for Stormfront and Alt-Right and Breitbart and are so very beloved by t-Rump as “there are good people on each side” and the ones who said Just Before The Election that Trump was their property… yeah, those guys, they say that quotation could not have been originated or echoed by Hitler… So pathetic congenital liars like that should be the only arbiters of History… just ask Trump, he had plenty of time to rebuke the American Snotzies and the Klan, but for some reason he Never Did.

Safeway is taking up donations for Killer Kops

Like they don’t actually get all kinds of money from every taxpayer in America. Does safeway also take pictures of those who DON’T give money to their Pig Heroes?

Warmbier’s Mommy wants to embarrass korean killer kops, ignores American PIGS

American cops murder inmates too . John Christopher Walter for instance, murdered by the Security and Medical staff and was never indicted for anything. At the Fremont County Jail in Colorado April 20 2014, Denver has a really bad record, like beating Marvin Booker to death for coming out of his cell without shower shoes…Fifty-year-old Michael Marshall died in 2015, Chokehold because he had an argument with another prisoner, none of the PIGS in any of those deaths were every punished in any way, none of them spent a second in Handcuffs, That’s the Police State in action. You want to embarrass Killer PIGS, that’s a good start.

One reason I’ve been cranky lately…

The past two weeks have seen Earth Day which I missed as always, ANZAC Day from the first time Australian soldiers went to war under Australian officers (up to the Admiralty, Churchill) and got their collective arse shot off, 420 day which doesn’t float my boat for a long long time AND my PTSD spikes at the 20th because it was the fourth anniversary of the final death blow to John Walter aged 53 at the hands of the Fremont County Sheriffs Officers, and covered up by among others Suthers, at the time he was Attorney General and now he’s stinking up the City Hall as Mayor, had a chance to open a real investigation but hey, he didn’t care. None of the Pigs did. None of the pigs who beat, starved and denied medicine to John Walter went to jail for their crime. Just like always. The local Judges here and those in Fremont Co did their part in Lynching John Walter. As usual. They’re more interested in defrauding the prisoners and their families.

George HW to join Barbara in Hell really soon.

Mass murdering Bush Klan getting smaller….

DumFox Snooze Nutwerks rallying around Sean Hannity

They’re going to say exactly what their Masters tell them. Like their hysterical shrieks when any (non-white) immigrant is accused of any crime, but they’re forbidden to say anything about the Thousands of (for instance) prosecutions for DUI and Sex Crimes where the defendants are American Citizens who were born in America. That would take the edge off their shrill denunciation of every immigrant (except the English Immigrants who have been here illegally since 1585, defrauding, deporting, dehumanizing and of course murdering Native Americans) as a vicious drunken pervert. And they whine and snivel that Some Americans (a lot of us, actually) who don’t give people a free pass just for being white. They shriek that’s reverse racism, I say, yo, dude, put that back in whatever cow pasture where you picked it up. Most White Anglo Saxon Protestants in America don’t go about celebrating Anglo Imperialism. Most actually oppose it. BUT, there’s DumFox Snooze Nutwerx. Who loudly proclaim their OUTRAGE! against those “bullies” whose refusal to bow down and worship the lower-case g gods, and they whine and snivel that somehow not agreeing with the Fox agenda is an actual attack. Kind of easily offended, thin skinned crybabies. Especially Hannititty-baby. Sean, Rush,Billdo Really, Grow Up and Grow a pair apiece. Get real jobs doing real work, Maybe you could be trusted to sweep the debris on construction sites. That’s conditional though. Meanwhile you’re a bunch of lazy bums who never put a hammer or a shovel in your delicate little effete hands.

Bush Momma burning in Hell

I hope the rest of the Bush Traitors join her in Hell. George W built a Temple to himself on United Methodist property with taxpayer funds, without asking either the members of the United Methodist Church nor the taxpayers. He could have built his idolatrous Temple to Himself on his land in Crawford where he had his 6 cow “ranch”, turned Geronimo’s body back to his family, and paid for it all with the War Profiteer money taken at the expense of all americans, Iraqi people, Afghans, especially those who enriched his bank account by their own deaths or severe injuries. And he could have at least apologized for desertion from the Texas Air National Guard. Instead of wrapping a flag and a bible around his evil deeds. But he won’t and Barbara did nothing at all to change or moderate her family’s Evil Deeds.

Self-proclaimed sainthood and Bloody Ludlow.

It’s been my oft-told opinion that people who put their names on churches, schools, statues in the middle of an intersection when there’s a public park less than 20 feet away .are trying to bribe God to not send them to Hell for their sins. Like King David wanting to build the first Temple on Zion. If you go into a town and want to find out who the most evil persons in town are, you only need look at the biggest church buildings in town and the plaques on the cornerstone of the churches and the names of the rich bitches who got their hate-crime rule over the town. “founders” is the usual word. Well, it’s on us again. Bloody Ludlow. Now 104 years past. This Silly Season has the Coal mining industry wanting to FORCE more strip mines upstream from the watersheds of the western 2/3 ds of the U.S. in order to make Stupid People believe Trump is some kind of tough, heroic tough guy. Like Rockefeller. Palmer. Penrose. Their “philanthropic” donations were to cover up their many sins. David’s son Absalom, just a warning about having long hair?

Read more »

Too fucking lazy to play video games.

That’s just my take, of course, but there’s a plethora of people, not necessarily any one group but Americans seems to be a good start, but hey, there are about quite a few Movies About Video Games which people (again, not any one group, ahem cough cough americans wink wink say no more) are paying money to watch other people playing video games. There’s an Unreality Show kind of like… ummm… “reality” shows in general… but it’s a bunch of guys recruited from their moms’ basements who will be eliminated one by one to see which will go to a Video Games contest. America is lost. Run away. Run faster! Don’t look back, it might be gaining on you! Run as fast as your chubby little legs will carry you! (and you just THOUGHT it was all about me showing off how I can use the word plethora in a sentence, c’mon, you know that’s what you were thinking!)

Sessions, Trump and Erik Prince, the Demonic Trinity

The Coward Antichrist Trump and his sniveling lap-dog Sessions ain’t going to do anything on their own. They want americans to attack Real Americans for not bowing down to the Coward Trump. Trump backers, you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially those who believe themselves and Trump to be “Christian”. Prince the privateer Assassination Bureau. His coward bitch henchmen were granted amnesty in advance for any war crimes they commit. By George W Bush and In The Name Of Jesus. A low-life lower-case antichrist who calls his murdering coward ‘men’ “Crusaders”, a group who killed more Christians and Jews over the past 11 centuries than any other group killed, and more Christians, alone, than they killed Jews and Muslims. Trump has satanic warlords like these backshooting scum as his minions. That says a lot about how corrupt Trump is. If you call yourselves Christian then you might want to get off your knees and stop kissing the ass of this wannabee antichrist. They say cream rises to the top. Apparently so does pond scum

Mattis to be speaking at AFA instead of Drumpf

Apparently Donald can’t cum unless he’s being “showered”– or watching a torture session.

Mr Trump sells veterans at auction to private entities

Ahem… I’m older. 57. I get discounts for being a Senior AND a Vet. And I believe His Royal Stupidness is not morally fit to be a janitor. If you shake his hand, count your fingers immediately after, and since so many Drump Disciples are too stupid to understand that, it’s because he would steal your fingers if it’s in any way possible. His daddy who gave him his first Silver Spoon $100M got the money by being a War Profiteer who bought his own way out of the Draft. Dotard Donny did the same thing. Not much to see, of course, He probably saved a lot of American lives because they wouldn’t have to count on him for anything. Now he’s trying to privatize the Veteran’s Affairs. Isn’t that sweet? He’s proposing Selling Vets to some of his sleazy 1% country club over-privileged elitist aging trust fund babies. Selling about our lives, the same way they did during every war in their miserable lives.

From Rachel Maddox

Trump may rue selection of Bolton for national security adviser Ok, that’s the headline. The rest is mine. He’s a warmonger, means exactly that he sells war. He never went to war himself, he bought himself a Champagne Outfit assignment with the Maryland NG, like Bush but the difference being he didn’t desert. He Makes Money From Other People Dying. He rigged the war decision against Iraq TWICE, first time being one of the Lying #$%$ who said Iraqi soldiers stormed a hospital in Kuwait (LIE)and took premature babies out of their incubators,(LIE) throwing them on the floor(LIE) and stomped them to death (LIE) and Bolton, Rove, Bush the Elder, all signed on to the (LIE). They employed a teenage daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat who had never been back to Kuwait since was 8(not a lie) to pretend to be a Nurse to say she was an eyewitness (LIE)This is the character of “men” who are recruited by Drump.

Silly Santorum says: Evangelists forgive Trump … but doesn’t know WHICH Evangelists

Evangelists are, by definition, independent. It’s a breakaway movement from State Churches and Church States. In particular, it was the Church of England founded by Henry 8th because the equally corrupt Catholic Church wouldn’t allow him to keep committing adultery. Brother Jonah says: forgiveness of sins is given by God, not by those who claim to speak for Him, and the price of forgiveness depends on REPENTANCE. Not, you know, keeping their sins alive. Like mass murder, which Drump, with the explicit permission and blessing of SOME Evangelicals, who are also demanding the flag, An IDOL made of cloth, be worshiped by everybody in America and since the mass-murder wars they also support, (see above) should also be praised and supported by everybody. I turn your attention to what The Holy Bible Says: Luke Chapter 4: 5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. 8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. Those of us who are actually literate in the English language, (which the Santorum /Bush/Drump Cult demands everybody achieves, even though it’s apparent they Do Not…) will notice that when Satan told Jesus he was the master of every Kingdom in the World, Jesus didn’t dispute the claim, and politely told Satan “No Deal, Lucille” . “Every” kingdom includes the Empire of the United States. My advice for those “evangelists” who troll in favor of the AntiChrist Donald John Nicolae Carpathian is that you repent, and stop taking the Name of God in vain, and since the title of Christ is one way to speak the name of God, The commandment is one of God’s Top Ten Hits List, so perhaps you could repent and just plain Stop Working For Satan’s Disciples.

Propaganda alert: Who named the Russian missile Satan?

Answer is easy, it’s not anybody in Russia…  More Like The Terror Cartel In The Arlington-Langley-K Street Axis of Evil.But of course the Usual Suspects tell a different story, one they made up in their tiny little available brain cells. Mind, Russia never nuked anybody. The Grand Club of Nations who have nuked is exactly one. Ours. Allegedly ours. We’re supposed to call it “ours” although nobody I’ve ever met has actually shown ownership. Anyway, this is a straight across copy from Space4Peace Bruce Gagnon. Enjoy. Read more »

“Angel Dad” and other Snotzi Lying Racist Scum.

DumFux Snooze Nutwerks is providing a “statistic” that 30% of U.S. homicides are committed by immigrants. That means, if it was true…(remember, we’re talking Fux News here, consider the source) 70% would be by Citizens. Minutemen, Klan, MAGA disciples, read the truth. Learn to read. I know the Trump Disciples can’t read very fast so I’m typing this really slowly. At least some of them are semi-literate,  they read the propaganda to the ones who can’t. You know who you are. In the immortal words of Joe Wilson: “YOU LIE!”

Yemeni people in Yemen treated like Homeless PEOPLE in America

The criminal Elitists don’t care less (or more) for Yemeni people than they do for American people. There’s a bill being pushed in the Colorado Legislature, to be voted on TODAY, “the Right to Rest”, to stop jailing and dehumanizing People who don’t have homes. There are elitist pricks who want to take the vote away from people who rent rather than own. The lie they tell is that tenants don’t pay property taxes. But,,,, where do the landlords get the money to pay property taxes? Real Estate rentals are a big moneymaker, otherwise there wouldn’t be any investment in doing so. The land barons didn’t create the land, they didn’t take a single square foot of land from the “savage” but they sure did hire, at other people’s expense, soldiers to kill the natives and imprison any who weren’t murdered. They got it “dirt cheap”, they’re still doing it here and abroad, and they can blacklist people, many of them soldiers who were instrumental in expanding the Empire in Iraq and Yemen and Saudia and Israel and all the other Puppet “democracies” where all human rights are leased on a day-to-day basis. Don’t support the Puppet Masters? Say so aloud? You won’t be allowed to even rent a home.You won’t have a place to lay your head and if you insist on surviving they’ll throw you in jail, and they’ll force you to work essentially for no wages to “pay your debt to society”. They’ll say “love it or leave it, but to another jurisdiction which is owned by the same cowardly lazy so-called “Elite” thieves.

Tillerson is out. Too Moderate. Not psychopathic enough.

Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Right to Rest Law…

Today, as I was going with Miss Johnnie to her orthopaiedic office -I saw crews taking the life-supporting humble belongings from the camps of the poorest people in Colorado.  If you can’t get into shelter you don’t have any rights to property or to Life Itself. Dare to fight back, the PIGS will shoot you IN the back. There’s a measure in the Colorado Legislature that will be voted up or down tomorrow. The effete Wealthy Elitists who don’t care about the guns they sell to impoverish people around the war, are more embarrassed by People, many War Veterans, not so much them being dispossessed and impoverished, but they’re embarrassed that the survivors of the Wars the Corporate Thieves And Murderers used to gain their money…. the veterans and others are VISIBLE. The Local Churches like Focus on The Family and New Life applaud and preach to their congregations that the homeless people deserve to be exterminated.

Read more »

Presidential Math 101

And here I was thinking Bush couldn’t count past ten without taking off his boots. Trump in Pennsylvania stated he created 300,000 jobs. The number of American People is 330,000,000. More or less. Aside from his not having any of his economic agenda accomplished,  330,000,000 ÷ 100 =3,300,000 three hundred thirty million divided by one hundred (1%) equals three million and three hundred thousand.     3,300,000 ÷ 10 =330,000 (.1%) three million three hundred thousand divided by 10 equals three hundred thirty thousand , one tenth of one percent.  330,000 is MORE than the 300,000 number cited. Aside from him pulling the original estimate out of his or perhaps his friends ass,  that’s a dismal statistic. But who was dumber, him or all the supporters who also didn’t do any math before cheering?

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Army papers say planned coup of Russia/slash Putin

Army document: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3. Senior DIA, Air Force and Army officials admit that NATO expansionism and US covert interference in Russian internal politics may trigger “next global conflict”.

Read more »

USA Today Weekend Op Ed says to not take Florida Teens seriously

Because kids who were thrust into the front line by a second-amendment idiot aren’t smart enough to realize that it’s all for their own good. Or something similar. God strike me down if I’m stupid enough to pay $1.50 to find out. Sometimes, many times, it’s wise to judge a book by it’s cover.