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Donald Nicolae Carpathian Trump

He’s pushing it. Really. Trying to copy the Left Behind movie and the books which are supposedly like the movie. He even tried to tell the Pope what to do and also the Rabbinate. Benjamin Netanyahu for instance. Who had his own long history of pissing off the priesthood, (I’m bouncing around with their technical titles, any non-Hebrew/Aramaic translation of the Bible does the same thing by necessity.) There are in many religious circles, even Satanists, many heated late night sessions trying to divine the identity of the Antichrist who is scarcely mentioned in the Revelation. The Satanists who probably don’t represent the entirety of their cult, in El Paso in 1986 were very adamant that Ronald Reagan was to be anointed as AntiChrist. On June 6th 1986 which was a Friday and a full moon. You just THINK that it’s not important to anybody. To aid our readers who don’t play with numbers, dates and moon cycles, the very mortal and truly insane traitor to all mankind Ronald Wilson Reagan (six letters in each name) was in the process of doping america even more than usual, his son Michael (I believe, could even be wrong, but his sons were implicated as the biggest cocaine dealers in America in the 70s, and it helped that their daddy was governor of the state with the most coastline and land border and who had people thrown in jail with multi-decades sentences for selling coke, just not his sons) was the “connection” to Pablo Escobar, whose eventual demise is credited to members of the Reagan Regime, really (count the letters in those last three words) and as just in general Beast-ly behavior.
It was the 6th day of the 6th month of the sixth year (of that decade). See how easy it is to set that trap, or fall into it? But the Left Behind theme is easiest for Americans to recognize. Not that Trump is really a candidate for the title. There are others…

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Trump to be impeached, hooray! oh, wait a minute…

If the dumbshit is put out of office by impeachment, which has happened exactly never, Pence would be president. The problem with that is he’s just as fascist and control freak as Trump, but also has more political savvy. The plan worked perfectly for them. No way in Hell would Pence have gotten within sniffing distance of the presidency, because he’s well known for his racist (More so than Trump, which is difficult to imagine) misogynistic, (again, difficult) and more directly Chicken Hawk than even Reagan, Bush Jr and Bush the Not As Stupid rolled into one. He spouts off about MacArthur as though Big (mouth, ego, ass)Mac was ever an elected official. Pence even offends hard-core fascists. For a brief time in my life-span we had a President and President of Vice who were not elected. To save the worthless hides of Nixon, Agnew and Kissinger, also Eisenhower’s boy who is also a pestilent fellow and married to Nixon’s daughter. Some in the Tea spectrum of the party, like Simple Sarah and her followers, actually believed that IF Obama would be impeached, then Sarah would have been president. These aren’t the most rational of voters by the way. So they rigged the election by skipping those states which they would most likely lose, like Colorado, and work up the majick number in the Electoral College. To be fair, so did Hillary. Expressed will of the people? Hardly. The EC was put into place to placate and empower Slave states. Where the slaves were given the status of (for “representation”) 60% of a “real” person apiece. For representation the slaves were deliberately denied and excluded. The story synopsis: The EC was built and continues as a bald lie with the power to give the most stupid and racist cracker clowns Executive Power.

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Texas Pigs caught tasering a handcuffed Black man who wasn’t resisting, pig loving Minor Fascists rejoice

In Balch Springs. Near Dallas. There were a thousand comments on it at the Yahoo site, mostly Back the Badge Morons who wished they had enough balls to assault a helpless and handcuffed prisoner. All and I mean all of you are thinking that anybody who gets assaulted or murdered by the PIGS are sadists, just like your pig ‘heroes’. They get sexually aroused by the exercise of violent power over helpless unwilling victims. The kind who pull the heads off puppies. Beat their kids and wives. You want to agree with the Pigs on every issue, that’s exactly what you do and say and think and are, it’s what your Pig ‘heroes’ are, at their core. It’s exactly why they become cops and judges in the first place. They get an endless supply of victims and plenty of Fascist Masters and Fascist Slaves backing them up, protecting them from any consequences for their actions.

Terence Crutcher murdered by Tulsa Pig Betty Shelby, murdered again in “fair and impartial” trial

CNN said in a statement that’s not exactly Man Bites Dog observation that Cops seldom get charged, much less convicted, of the murders they commit. Pigs always get away with murder. Blonde Pig Betty Shelby did. And when the people, knowing she would walk from a Reverse Kangaroo Kourt proceeding, protesting still in the streets of Tulsa and indeed across the country., the Trump-voting White Supremacist Trash who say the exact same thing every time one of their Beloved Pigs gets away with Murder. The Pigs in Fremont Co Colorado beat, tortured, denied medical care as prescribed by his doctors John Walter at their torture chamber jail. Bunch of Nazi punks and I DO blame their mommas for their behavior.

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John Walter, don’t you know Trump says to thank the Cops who murdered you… with a plagiarized line…

I was at St Francis Hospital on the corner of Powers, Woodmen and the edge of the known universe, there was a copy of the Gazette who aren’t as right wing as they used to be, not a difficult goal to be sure. About John Walter who was murdered by the Fremont County Pigs and their “former employees” Correctional Health Care corporation, who have reorganized and sold their assets and apparently most of their Quack quack quack staff to a new corporation. That’s called “you can’t sue the government or their Fascist accomplices especially if their corporation doesn’t officially exist anymore.” That’s the angle of defense they’re taking. Of course the El Paso County Medical Examiner (coroner) who had let Fremont Co and the Triple Lie ‘correctional’ and ‘health’ and ‘care’ comrades off the hook, reversed her earlier diagnosis. Mighty white of her. What the Gazette article didn’t stress is that the non-existent ex-corporation takes the entire burden of guilt and The PIG Assholes in Fremont County ESPECIALLY Sergeant Greene and Corporal Maas who contributed to his death MURDER by subjecting him to beatings, isolation and not allowing him counsel or contact with his family. He was “found” in the morning in the isolation and OBSERVATION cell which is separated from the booking clerk by a window, dead on the floor of the Observation cell with 9 broken ribs. The Coroner omits that in her remarks. She’s obviously covering for her PIG COMRADES. When I went into Miss Johnnie’s room to show her the headline, there was a live feed on MSNBC of Trump praising his PIG MINIONS, the New Gestapo who are already making war against American citizens who don’t conform to the Fascist Regime. He used the COPYRIGHTED title of a BBC show starring Rowan Adkins aka Mr Bean and Black Adder named The Thin Blue Line, the only difference being that the original title Which He (trump) Stole was the word Chaos instead of Anarchy. “there is a thin blue line separating civilization from the the forces of anarchy”

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Trump bounces FBI chief

He also demanded the resignation of the Surgeon General, which isn’t actually his prerogative to do, as the SG has the power to bounce HIM by declaring him unfit.

French Election- Le Pen: 0, Civilization: Won.

The (f)Right(ened) Wing with their xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, anti-everybody attitude will have less impetus to call for a Crusade against civilized behavior. They’ve gone and shat in their mess kits. There will be sadness in the Very White House and Fox News, Breitbart and Stormfront. Eurocentric racism has hit a snag. People around the world have noticed a very expensive push toward Fascism. such as Our Beloved Fuhrer Trump. What “The Turner Diary” and similar hate literature call “the Darkening Face of (Britain, France) America” and those bad ol’ people who insist on everybody being treated as an equal. Our Fearful Leader has come under well… not exactly fire although the ‘populist’ pundits say it that way, they’re militarizing everything, like Modelo Beer, (watch their commercial) and putting a violent face on everything. There’s a psychiatric test where you’re instructed to draw a face, usually of your parents but it expands to everyone really… if you’re ever confronted with such a test and want to spare yourself a truckload of pseudo-scientific bullshit, draw every face with a smile. Spoiler alert, I know. Maybe draw flowers in the margins.

U.S. Air Force and Navy: Russia is flying aircraft near american airspace

“near” U.S. territory, while the U.S. Air Force and Navy are not only threatening aerial launched assassinations in other countries, and sending in assassination squads to murder people in those other nations to subdue them as Vassal (slave) states to the Mighty American Empire. They’ve been doing that since the spanish-french-dutch-portuguese and especially English invaders arrived and immediately started slaughtering Americans. There are American flights right on the borders with Russia all day every day. Hypocrites. And you want to whine about it and threaten anybody who says America doesn’t actually have a right or a moral duty to kill people in other countries. You just put your right paw over your heart or on the outer edge of your right eyebrow and say Alle Sieg Heil am der UberFuhrer Trump! Heil! Heil! Heil! America the Pitiful. Yeah, I just compared the U.S. government “exceptionalist” policies to The Nazis. Deal with it, punks.
And don’t forget to say your stupid propaganda. If YOU don’t like it, YOU leave it.

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Gorka got the (jack)Boot after being outed as NeoNazi

The “after” part being 6 months which, for those keeping score, was right at the election. So, how did Trump and his other idiots not realize their comrade was a Nazi? Or for that matter he keeps making opinions on Arabs, which he uses (apparently) interchangeably with Afghans, Africans, Egyptians (African) Libyans (again, Africans) Persians, Indians (from India AND apparently Native Americans) and certain sects of Christian and Jewish faiths. Now, in the Passover there’s a tradition for the eldest son to recite the story, a shortened one, of the Exodus and starts with “Our father was a wandering Arabian” meaning Abraham was from the Arabian peninsula and was probably a Kurd. I can see the source of the confusion, can you? Then there’s the Christians AND Jews in most Arabian countries and North African and Persian and India. There are a lot of Muslims in those countries. Which comes to the next point, he spreads Crusader mythology as though it was actually Pure Truth. Which brings on such foolishness like the Children’s Crusades, where the original Pied Piper comes in, a German teen who probably ate a few too many mushrooms, or Belladonna berries (common in medieval folk medicine, Bella Donna is Italian for beautiful lady, in the latter part of the Dark Ages start of the Renaissance the stylish ladies used it as an eyedrop to make their eyes wide open. Acid Trip type wide open.) (the huge increase in sightings of The Holy Family by women was obviously not the result of dropping hallucinogenics, literally, you know) OR the kid was drinking Katholic Kool-aid. His message was that the reason for the Crusaders getting their collective arse thoroughly kicked, repeatedly, wasn’t anything to do with the fact of Crusader on Crusader killing sprees, it was because the crusaders were not filled with child-like purity and of course they weren’t diligent enough in killing Jews and Christian heretics. So he got a lot of kids killed and or sold into slavery. Out of this stew of radical thought… comes stupid trash like the Aryan Nation and the Klan and the many incarnations of the Nazi Party.  Like Republicans and the Historical Vitezi Rend, a far-right Hungarian extremist group that the U.S. State Department lists as being “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II, and our poor persecuted friends in Ukraine. Which of those last two named groups does Gorka consider moderate anti-terrorist allies? Trick question. It’s Both. He touts himself as an expert in Arabian policy and religion but doesn’t speak Arabic. The Candy-ass In Chief touts him as a genius, “I don’t have to know about government policy myself, I hired the smartest experts to do it for me!” he said. Many times. “What an ass” I said. Many times.

Trump demands ROK slaves pay for their own shackles

A $1B “defense” system that’s been disputed and opposed by Koreans across all political lines. Hint: the billion dollar is the down payment. The people of the ROK didn’t ask for it. The ROK’s U.S. appointed Fascist government did. That would be the government shaken up because the now-former president was stealing from the public treasury.

Hypocrisy Alert: NRA won’t be packing at rally for Drama Queen in Chief

He supported the hide-behind-a-gun Because-they’re-afraid-of-their-neighbors street rally in Arlington Texas, protesting because a Private Property Holder (Starbucks) refuses to allow them to bring their anti-American war machines into their restaurants. What’s next, NRA, are you going to claim the privilege of home invasions to go along with your claimed privilege to invade and threaten private business employees? Your Fascist Dictator says you can’t wave your killing apparati (Plural for ‘apparatus’) in his cowardly face? Or just your neighbors who can’t afford Police protection? I know you can’t take a loaded firearm into a gun store, they won’t allow it. Why is that? you may ask and I might reply, because they have the same rules as the Military. There’s the fact you bought the gun to make yourself feel like a tough guy, which doesn’t work because you’re afraid to go into a store and buy a cup of coffee without threatening the barristas with death. Which of your neighbors do you really want to kill? And just because have a fantasy of being John Wayne, which was a character created for an actor named Marion Robert Morrison who never had a real fight in his life. Or a similar bio for Ronald Reagan. You know how to tell they never had a real fight? Easy.

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Trump tax edict gives trillions to richest, who got their wealth from public subsidies

Like the Reagan tax “cuts”. The 1% got cuts, the rest of us got increases. 11 times. Then there’s the bonds. The multi-trillion $$ bonds to subsidize the ongoing War and attempted conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Korea, (North and South) Libya, Syria, Iran, subjugating American sovereign nations most quickly noticeable the Standing Rock Tribe. The sick babykilling coward Imperialists who claim the riches of all the world but don’t put their own collective arse on the line. Chickenhawks is the most polite way to describe them. Hereditary dictators. The “Elite” as they call themselves. Speaking great boastful words but unwilling to back up those words. They have Peasants, poorly paid armed slaves like the Police and Army to supervise and violently enforce their Masters’ edicts.

Of course it was the 7th cavalry at Nogun Ri

Even the rightest wing-est extremist in Texas don’t hold a candle to Some Colorado Wingnuts, the ones who call Natives “prairie niggers” or “wagon burners”, especially when any negative reviews of the Seventh Cavalry massacres. Like Wounded knee, a vengeance quest for Custer and a bunch of his homicidal lunatic troopers got their own asses sent to Hell. And before that, at the Little Ouachita, murdering men, women and children at a mostly Cheyenne winter encampment. Must not criticize heroic asswipes like Custer. Oh, that song they adopted, Garryowen, that’s about a really rowdy  custom (performed by the lads of Garryowen, a town in Ireland) of getting drunk and beating up on cops. Anyhoo, I got this from Wiki because it’s easy. Sue me. It’s about another massacre and why the people of Korea aren’t as enthusiastic about the U.S. Big Brother as the South Korean Government. Hint: it’s because the corrupt U.S. Government pays the S. Korean Puppet Government to pretend to like us.

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Michael Reagan, ‘christian’ adherent of Sha’aria.

Specifically women’s clothing. Yes, dear readers, Right Wingnut Trolls have crawled out of their nests to condemn women who wear pants. Or dresses that aren’t “conservative” enough. They have women evicted from airplanes for wearing slacks. Michael Reagan said that women who wear make-up and try to look attractive JUST LIKE THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS, like, say, Bill O’Reilly who is kind of a toad right from the start.. and in defense of Mr O’Reilly. Said that women in say, television broadcasting, that’s the ticket, go to work not for purposes of such mundane blasè stuff like, paying the rent, feeding herself and family, maybe have nice things instead of wearing rags or whatever. No, Mr Reagan sets us straight on that. Women actually working are doing it to entice their bosses. That’s the rapists’ favorite excuse for their behavior. I had a neighbor in Ft Worth long ago, Mrs. Stark. 97 years old. One day somebody broke into her home, beat her face in with a hammer and then raped her. She died a few days later. She was cranky, yes, heavily into the mores of society when she came of age in 1900. We had a really stupid bassett hound, who would howl a lot (moral of that: Hounds don’t fit in with city life) and would dig under the fence to visit the other yards in the neighborhood, and leave her poops and peeps on Other People’s Lawns. Mrs Stark, a retired teacher, would get dressed in Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, write us a letter of complaint and walk right past our house to get to the mail collection box two blocks away to mail it to us.  Can any of these “conservatives” actually match that? Why, Hell no. They would rather put a label of Whore on any woman who dares to be brutally assaulted, and that’s what rape is, an act of violence… interchangeably, and go to work with Mr Reagan and his comrade-in-crime Bill O’Reilly. Or live in her home at the age of 97.

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According to ACLU, sanctions on Sanctuary cites denied, Sanctimonious Right Wing Whining

Come the Heaven on… the loudest animated sphincters flapping their yaps against Sanctuary Cities are supposedly Christian and Jewish. Who play the Bible card in every debate. George W. Stupid did that shit. Did we ever get to conquer Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan like he supposedly was commanded by God to do? No, we did not. He himself didn’t do a damn thing besides barking orders and trying to look like a warrior. Just like Trump. But here’s the thing, and apparently nobody on the Right Fringe has noticed, Sanctuary Cities is a Biblical law. I mean, these self styled “tough guys” use the Old Testament to justify killing, torture, and robbing widows and orphans, and never once speak of the laws of Mercy. If any of you feeble minded souls who I am supposed to comfort, (St Paul, look it up)you’ll have to wait your turn. It’s a matter of priority. Gee, say I, what should I do today, console the killers and torturers and those who rob widows and orphans, tell them “Good Boy!” etcetera or do I just try to keep them from murder, torture and robbery? Hmmmm… it might take me a long time to deci…. oops I’ve decided. Grow up, and start taking the responsibility for the consequences of wars YOU started.

Gorsuch made his first hearing… to KILL human beings

Just like every Judge, Cop and Prosecutor in the world, he gets sexually aroused by death and pain. It’s the real reason any of them become PIGS in the first place. I bet the majority judges jacked each other off and they’ll do it again when they watch the executions. They’ll probably bring in their children and grandchildren to watch. Just like the deputies at CJC and other local prisons do when they beat people to death, they take videos of it so they can enjoy it again and again. Maybe they bring in their moms and do them while watching the videos. Sick sadistic scum. And their nasty little piglets too.

Who needs water? We can drink oil!

So Energy Transfer Partners has a little trouble. Millions of gallons of petroleum and petroleum products flowing into the rivers… Damn, who could predict such an event?

Why golfers wear goofy clothes and other nonsense

They wear gaudy and mismatched clothes so you can easily find their bodies after a lightning strike. The largest occurrence of lightning deaths are on golf courses, yet every set of clubs contains an umbrella. That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it? Stand out in a thunderstorm with a metal rod in your hands? This has nothing to do with the Masters and Colonial golf extravaganzas which I think are soon to be, and if they aren’t then who cares anyway. But the God-awful stupid looking clothes, I call them Dork Suits, are done in screaming colors and patterns and they’re not found in nature. Perfect for spotting the bodies of dead rich idiots before they start to rot, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? But this isn’t about Golf, really. Millionaires running around on grassy fields chasing each others’ balls, like every pro sport, BORING. Then there’s the continual freak show in Washing Tundy Sea, just as stupid but this could affect your life, maybe even end it. Jefferson Sessions has once more done a ventriloquist act where his ass actually spoke, this time saying something really stupid about how does a Judge on a “island in the middle of the pacific” could hold up his precious fascist Travel Ban for racial and religious harassment. The island being a U.S. state made up of islands, similar to Alabama in conglomerate size and the methods of taking the lands from Native people. It’s called Hawaii. His mastery of geography is surpassed only by his mastery of socially acceptable behavior. He can’t, simply, for the life of him, figure out why it’s not legal to hang people without a trial based on the people being lynched, like those denied visas, simply because they are of a different skin tone or religious persuasion. Thus is the Cult of the Donald. If it were only one stupid redneck animated penis, it would be unbearable. But there’s more. oh God there’s more. Their whole Cult is chock full of stupid and/or purely evil persons.

AARP: George W Bush Celebrates “our” Vets.

Where to begin? First, I’m not theirs, or yours, or his. Especially when the possessive “his” is G W. There’s the bit about him getting a Champagne Duty Station in Texas while hundreds of thousands of Real Americans were drafted, with no chance of doing their time in the National Guard, and still he deserted his station. And for some reason his discharge papers say “honorable”. Back again. I had to scream for a minute or two. Then there’s the not one but TWO Sovereign Nations attacked and partially conquered, in defiance of the wording of his own daddy’s Bush Doctrine. it’s ok, Daddy did the same shit. The literally countless dead from that, hell, for a while we weren’t given even a close estimate of how many U.S. military were killed and wounded. The number is still blurred by Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium, and asbestos, bet he would, if he somehow became literate, he would be angry that somebody remembers that asbestos.. Here’s my deal, everybody who makes money from wars foreign or domestic (The Standing Rock tribe are considered “U.S. Domestic” when the thieves in Washing Tundy Sea find it convenient, but the tribes are sovereign) or who promotes war should be compelled to buy his own equipment and pay for his own support system and take his happy ass over to the countries he demands be bombed. No backup or subsidies except from their comrades. Wounded Warrior Project? Force Bush and his family, Cheney, the Kochs, Trump, Romney, to pay the entire bank accounts of them and their families, it’s blood money, make the ones who took the blood pay for it. And assume that any ‘enemy’ persons should be counted as Civilians because the Bush-Romney’s of the world and our little corner thereof, simply lied about the numbers of the ‘enemy’ who were killed, wounded or fought against the invaders. Take care of vets instead of praising us. And the easiest way to do that is to refrain from starting new wars and generating new Vets.

There was on the front page, top of the page, in the Gag-zette

A picture of a blackhawk helicopter taking off. What about just take a picture of a bus pulling off from the curb or somebody crossing a street? This is of course the Gag-zette whose management went bankrupt but the Independent, a free paper made a profit, consistently. Imagine, a publication given away free makes more money than a for-pay rag.

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Pence says patience is up with N. Korea

Pence isn’t going to attack anybody.. That’s for Peasants in the working class. The Leisure Class like Pence and Trump never go to war. So far North Korean government hasn’t done anything that was already done by the Elitist U.S. Government including the Pentagon. Mike Punkce and Donald Chump will stand up proudly, in Washington, and boast of what They Did. They’ll pick a fight for other people to finish, just like always.

No shrill screams to deport White Conservatives after another shooting? How could that be?

The right wingnuts are already getting uppity about the alleged “persecution” of white conservatives. They got that from their …president… who has a tantrum every time anybody doesn’t bow and worship him. A sheriff in Ohio has suggested using the MOAB to kill drug “offenders”.  Like Pete Coors, the single largest drug profiteer in the world. Alcohol is a drug, and deadly. REAL deadly. The sheriff probably had a bottle of the the Devil’s Koolaid in his trotter. For those not familiar with animal husbandry, a pig’s hoof is called a trotter. Damn, I hate having to explain a joke. But the hypocrisy rises relative to the hypocrite’s level of racism and self righteousness.

Trump says he can’t be sued for inciting violence

Maybe, but he could be prosecuted as an accomplice in every anti-american attack he incited. Like if the  Kansas Attorney General would grow a conscience and instead of prosecuting teachers for saying the world is older than 6000 years, prosecute Trump in the killing of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and assault w/ deadly weapon w/ serious bodily injury against Alok Madasani and Ian Grillot. He incited it, he needs to be a man for the first time in his life and face the strongest and harshest punishment as prescribed by Kansas statutes. Fair is fair, he still bitches about the Central Park 5 aren’t rotting in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. And his support for New York prosecutions for misdemeanors like begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges. The statute used is called “broken windows” and demands the highest level of punishment. He cheered it when it was poor people being prosecuted, the Elitist Bitch and the Elitist bitches in the NYPD and the prosecutors, also Elitist Bitches are still at it… except when a racist ex-GI stabbed to death a homeless man in NYC, Timothy Caughman. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the killing is a hate crime, is racism, but only the Fascist punk who drew the sword is being prosecuted. Why is that? Trump had his hand in that too. He encourages Racist assaults. The way his idiot Cult Disciples interpret his call to commit violence is the Voice of God commanding them to do it.  But the cops, judges and prosecutors, all of them Pig Assholes, they’re not prosecuting the vicious accomplice to MURDER and he is left free. Why not, Piggies? Too busy licking Trumps shoes?

Yahoo News comments about Racist pending attack on N. Korea

Which they deny is racist or fascist of course of course. Like Mr Ed’s last words were famously “a corpse is a corpse, of course of course” at the risk of me beating a dead horse. I responded to a couple of really misguided posts yesterday, one of which I had to sleep on it before further evaluation. Some dumb arse who supports bombing Pyongyan said it was necessary to do so because Kim is quote “a fat slant-eyed gook”. Of course that would also refer to any of Trumps foes or friends in the region as well. And I know from experience that the most arrogant bigoted Fascists, the ones who believe that North Korea needs to be “put in their place” actually believe that Asians should bow down to il Douche Trump the same way as the mentally and morally impaired Right WingNuts like the Klan and anybody else who was stupid enough to support or vote for him. Fortunately, and I never get tired of pointing it out, they’re a minority. And while and at the same time in a repetitively redundant kind of way, they insist they’re NOT religious, racial and politically racist Boitches who are too cowardly to fight their own battles and too stupid to find the recruiting office

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Copelands Trump the Antichrist

Mayhaps that’s misleading. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland don’t say that Trump is antichrist. In fact they said any Christians who don’t support Trump are antichrist.  Amazingly, the Satanists have their own divisions, maybe not as stark as the Southern Baptists vs. The Catholic Mainstream vs. Opus Dei vs. LDS, but the ones I encountered on 6 June 1986 laid it out the same as the Copelands, only from a different perspective. It was on a Friday, there was a full Moon and Reagan was acting the ass, as usual, and I went to a party to see if I could score some acid. Which I did not accomplish. The party goers were actually having a religious event. By the way, June 6th of 86 was interpreted as 6-6-6. They had been doing a bunch of acid for a couple of weeks. Not anything new. To bring in a spoiler alert, Trump is said BY HIS SUPPORTERS to recreate the political IMAGE of Reagan. That’s Important and I’ll tell you why. Like Reagan, he boasts of having control of “the Mightiest military in history”, he believes himself to be therefore Annointed by God to rule the entire world (Just ask the Copelands, they performed the ceremony) and thinks of himself as invincible.

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