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Right wing Shitwads rejoicing over lynching of ISIS Prisoners of War

The Puppet Dictatorship in Iraq are “giving them fair trials” lasting an average of 20 minutes each and then hanging them immediately. The Alt-Lite Keyboard Warriors are giving each other hand jobs in celebration, just like they do whenever a Cop puts a bullet in a Black back and then says the murdered person was threatening him. In fact, I bet the Cops are rejoicing that the Army is testing out wholesale lynching and since it already happens here, maybe they want to expand it. I bet every cop or Back The Badge aka Blast The Black enthusiasts are getting out their ropes. Every Cop and every Judge in Colorado Springs is a proud accomplice in that.

So ‘they’ think there is proof that King Arthur ruled in Scotland…

Like, whip-di-diddly doo… I mean, fake news on the hoof. What difference does one long-dead despotic asshole being from one end of the Island of Great Britain or another or if he’s simply a fictional character who is somehow a Celtic Messiah? He’s still dead, his kingdom collapsed while he was (supposedly) still alive and the most charitable bio of him held that he was a a bastard in the classic meaning, banged his sister Morgana and got all pissy because his best friend banged his old lady. And the earliest mention of him in history was by a monk named Geoffery of Monmouth who wrote it down 600 years after the story took place. Then there’s that Messianic twist. Born to be king, seriously? Come the hell on. That type of thinking has plagued mankind at least as long as there were people who could write about what happened. There might have been ‘good’ kings somewhere in history but there are a lot of The Other Kind and that is the actual norm. It’s living (alleged) proof that the whole nasty business should have been scrapped in the time of Nimrod. Uther Pendragon is alleged to be a refugee from a civil war in what’s now Syria and Turkey. He was like mint jelly and a sprig of parsley (On The Lamb) and no, I’m not taking it seriously. The best the narrative has done is to demonstrate that English Civilization is an oxymoron. The people who believe it, take it seriously and otherwise make a huge collective pest of themselves. They put in the bit about Mary Magdalene and the son of Jesus winding up in Glastonbury or Southern France or whatever local Hereditary Dictatorship. Sounds like the Founding Fathers bullshit we get oh so much of it thrown our way if we disagree with certain rat bastards right here at home. They know who they are…

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Interesting little tidbit the MSM ain’t going to ‘trump’et… war on christmas

Don’t give your rugrats a bunch of toys. Simple answer on my part would be “you’re teaching them to be greedy and when they grow up you’ll never be able to supply their demands for more crap.” Greed is a nasty little attack on the soul. Makes a really suitable platform for hatred. But the article to which the link belongs, is an actual psychiatric study about toddlers and the notion is that kids who have fewer toys use their minds more efficiently because they learn original thought rather than the “independent” thoughts they get from the toy manufactures. In a related deal, I got an email from somebody who, for a fee, will send your kids personalized letters FROM Satan Claws reassuring them their ‘letters to Santa’ were received and the elves are working on it… And again, for those who might have forgotten or never read my viewpoints about the christmas scam, I read the Book, m’kay? And in the book there is no mention of a morbidly obese Elf-changeling nor flying reindeer, mistletoe, talking snowman, you know the spiel. One of the things the Dominionists spew from what out of charity I shall call their “faces” is a really stupid quote from a racist puke named Cotten Mather, with his analogy of America being the New Jerusalem, the “shining city on the hill”. And all the while whining about what they say is the War On Christmas. They can take that back to the pasture where they picked it up.

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Ten months since Racist Trump Disciple Purington lynched two men in Olathe

Maybe it’s because of the Trump policy of legalized murder of people who ‘look’ Arabian, ‘Mex’, Black or just plain old look like easy targets to make the shooters feel like they’re REAL manly. Like Purington and James Alex Fields Jr who used a car as a terrorism tool. AFTER months of state legislatures, including Virginia, had passed or tried to pass bills to legalize Murder By Vehicle. Trump himself keeps singing the Lynching chorus especially in the planned terroristic racist murder of the Central Park Five and the murders actually carried out in Arizona by Neo-Nazi Joe Arpio and of course the murders by the U.S. Military and Police in the streets and Reservations and in jail cells across America and of course the countries they’ve illegally occupied for 16 years and counting. Bitch-ass Arpaio was pardoned for contempt of court, which still stands, but not for the other conviction on the charge of profiling non-White Anglo Saxon Protestants. And his administration inherited the long standing protection of Our Local Terrorist Racist Bitch Terry Maketa for the same thing. Bottom Line: Pigs get a free pass for their Terrorism and it just emboldens the so called “lone wolf” shooters.

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Merchants to everybody: ‘give us every penny you have…’

‘..or we’ll jolly well make sure your kids hate you forever for ruining christmas. And don’t even try that trick where you tell them that santa ain’t real, cause they already know that.’ Black Friday started 2 weeks ago so the merchant class can milk the sentimental tripe as much as they can get. There’s nothing Christ about the whole thing, except for some manger scene sets so you can pretend to be biblical. I read the book, and spoiler alert in 3.. 2.. 1 there is no morbidly obese elf-changeling, flying reindeer, regular sized non-changeling elves, talking snowmen, tree-killing on a massive sale oops I mean scale, driving up the demand for electricity at the beginning of winter, oh, and the part about the Crusaders oh, I mean “our troops” who are going to spend christmas killing other folks including kids. To put even more money into the bank accounts of the death merchants. It used to be they would wait until Thanksgiving which is the only National Holiday that even comes in the same solar system to any Biblical theme. And they lie about that as well. But this year, they didn’t even wait for thanksgiving to be over. Mall Wart is scheduled to start Black Friday on Thursday afternoon, so you better get your turkey dinner over with by 3 pm… or somebody else is going to get that limited time deal on really overpriced shit. This is the store chain that started putting out christmas stuff before halloween.

How to honor and support Veterans

Don’t make so many of us. It’s that fucking easy. Stop the damned War(s) For Profit. Which would that be, says you? Easy. ALL of them. Nobody in my lifetime and I’m going to be 57 on thanksgiving, we have never had a genuine war for anything other than the profits for *example* Oil. In Vietnam it was rubber. Latex. It was a huge deal during WW2 and even WW 1. In WW2 Ho Chi Minh AND Mao were Allies as in Took Sides Against the Axis.Vietnam was a French “possession” much like Puerto Rico is a U.S. conquered population. During that mess petroleum based synthetic rubber was developed. A big hairy deal because the Vichy Government backed the Axis. If I were to make a ‘visual’ (the dope contingent know that term) it would look like a mycelium mat. As in fungi, molds, mushrooms… One war growing in all directions, weaving a pattern into itself and outward until there is no more medium, the food for the mold. How much fun is that? Weaved in such a mess it makes tangled string look like a straight line. Then when there is no more room or nutrients, it pops up a Fruiting Carpophore, aka a Mushroom.
Which throws spores to spread their species, to replicate the dying colony.

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Let’s get a bit of parity here about the terroristic use of cars as weapons

So, like EVERYBODY has heard of the guy in New York hitting civilians intentionally. We’ve heard Right Wing Extremists like John McCain and Trump and other Nazi Fucks demanding that somebody who does it and is Muslim (supposedly) should be sent to Guantanamo to be tortured and killed BUT if White Supremacists do it… well, Here’s What Those Far Right Race War Extremists say about LEGALIZING the practice if the Americans being deliberately murdered happen to be Black (or Muslim, Jewish, Hippies, anybody they God-Damn want to Murder… From the Miami Herald:

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The difference between Arpaio/Maketa and the prisoners in their concentration camps.

The Sheriffs got Due Process and their victims don’t. The Sheriffs have yet to spend a single minute in handcuffs or a cell. The Trump administration followed every other in the Support The Pigs movement. Fucking Nazi coward bitches.

Guardian article spotlights Sessions’ bigotry against refugees… 1978 all over again.

Sessions was the de-facto private attorney (at public expense) for the Klan terrorists when they went after Vietnamese refugees in the Gulf of Mexico because the Viets were more diligent and thus more successful than their American counterparts. Just what we really don’t need, another racist in high office.

Trump and the Reich Wing Extremists starting the War on Christmas bullshit early.

What the fuck ever. Then there’s the Alabama congressional candidate “Judge Roy” who said that not standing for the anthem and refusing to say the pledge of allegiance are crimes. And even Christians are compelled to celebrate Non-Christian holidays like easter and christmas. Which is pure bullshit. That might be construed as overkill and repetitive and overdone reactionary but the War on Christmas screeching and gnashing of teeth, it’s really used to threaten primarily Jews and Muslims in all their myriad manifestions. Like, for instance, Christianity. But of course those Christian sects which are not part of their approved lists of churches they consider worthy of the name of Christ. Usually that works out to be only one congregation and maybe a cloned congregation in the next county. “OUR Catholic/Episcopalian/Presbyterian/Orthodox congregation is better than YOUR Catholic/Episcopalian/Presbyterian/Orthodox congregation which we consider blasphemy for whatever the literally Hell nitpicking reason we can find to hate you and consign your souls to eternal suffering”. My father called that UnLove.
The entire world needs to cut that shit out and do it soon. Really soon. I’d say “today” type of soon.

The Arlington/Las Vegas connection.

Which could include Arlington VA , Arlington TX, Las Vegas Nevada or Las Vegas or Nevada street here in the Springs. Yes it’s about gun violence. The two Arlingtons are named after the same person, a relative of Robert E Lee’s wife. The one in Virginia has a massive cemetery where most of the Silent Majority (Nixon used it in a different context, but the Roman version refers to dead people outnumbered living.) buried there are Americans killed by other Americans. And the starting point for the cemetery is on land granted to Mrs. Lee’s grandparents. And confiscated because her husband was in direct open rebellion. Which got a lot of Americans killed by other Americans. Most of whom did not have repeating rifles, Col. Gatling had his gun patented but he wouldn’t sell it to the Confederacy because he was an abolitionist and the U.S. refused it, because he was from Tennessee. By the way all this goes back and forth. If he had introduced it into that massive open-air slaughterhouse…. and it wasn’t a lick and a spit compared to the firepower of the assault weapons (And that IS a proper description) used in the slaughter in Nevada. The idea that “more guns would have prevented it” Bull Shit. The Police had more hands on more machine guns (Also an accurate description) and the NRA saying otherwise for many loooonnnnnggg years doesn’t make any difference in the face of less than a half hour on a hot night in the Las Vegas open air slaughterhouse. How many years, says ye? 1864 from 2017 is 153 years. The year before the Klan was formally instituted by a Konfederate Kriminal Kartel inkluding Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had his “men” murder American prisoners of war because they were black and was also the foundation of the National Rifle Association. by Union officers.

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Cow Lump ass day

alternative description: the start of 525 years of pure hell on earth for natives. And goody goody bum drops, we get to celebrate his accomplishment. Which was to get a crew of competent sailors to drive his boats for him. He didn’t prove the earth is round or more like an off-kilter ovoid shape. That was actually proven centuries before his voyage. By Arabian, Persian and Egyptian fellows. It wasn’t proven to European leaders until Magellan died at sea and his crew finished the voyage for him. Much later than Columbus. Columbus proved that he was really fuzzy in the math department. His theory that he had gotten to the east Indies proved that he believed the earth was about a quarter of it’s actual size. But we get the chance to sing praises to his name… again… whoop-di-diddly-doo

KKK and Nazi ‘rally’ in Charlottesville yesterday brought in 30 scared little racists.

Who this time minded their manners a lot more than the previous attempts. After twice getting their collective ASS HANDED TO THEM by the unarmed citizens of Charllotesville. Imagine, the Mighty Klan who once ruled over little towns in the south with their Anti American Terrorism. They got schooled even though they were the ones with the guns.

o frabjous day! Calloo callai! It’s the 16th Anniversary

Clusterfuck accomplished. George Jr being flown onto a carrier parked outside California. Ok so that’s an other extension of the first fuckup. What a seriously delusional puke. Meat the New Boss who gave another speech on an other carrier wearing a Naval Uniform like he would ever risk his delicately manicured fingernails .
Wow. What a dum Bass. We never stopped the carnage, no indeed. Victory is somebody else’s but it sure ain’t anyplace on this here earth. We just stacked up the bodies and some soldiered on. None of our Glorious Leaders mind you. The only two I remember at all who had a military background were Kennedy and Carter. Laugh if you want but Carter actually knows the correct pronunciation of the word Nuclear. The other pronunciation is so ubiquitous as to show the power of mass indoctrination. Now every Trumpista or other chicken hawk is scrambling for his/her/its dictionary to find the meaning of pronunciation, ubiquitous, indoctrination and dictionary. But that’s a bit of tomfoolery from an even more ancient era, when King George The Not As Stupid as Junior and his little buddy J. Danforth Quayle III. were lying their collective ass off about Incubator Babies. And Quayle III wearing a National Guard uniform and sitting in the turret of a tank trying to look presidential. Or one heartbeat away. When will they ever learn?

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Dangerously Fascist Terrorist on the loose…

This is his latest mug shot. Known Associates:1. Former El Paso Co. Sheriff Terry Maketa, who is also at large, known arsonist, had his neighbors’ properties burned by diverting resources to his own.
2. Douglas Lamborn, aka TarBaby, at large. These known terrorist supporters are armed and considered really god-damn stupid. Their crimes include Murder, kidnapping, theft, arson, torture. Organized Crime Extortion. They are members of the following terror groups. Ku Klux Klan, Heritage Foundation, Stormfront, Republican Party, Tea Party Read more »

My radicalized Tee Shirts

so this is a start and a place to put stuff. These images can be found on cafepress which I’m not yet expert in using. Some things are easier than others. 

HuffPo does tearjerk propaganda bit about Otto Warmbier but nothing about John Walter

John Walter was beaten to death in Colorado, Cañon City to be exact. Why no outrage at that from the Pig-sucking cowards who infest Colorado? The U.S. government does that too. Despite the urging of fellow civilians and military People With A Conscience. Trump is not one. He is a person, yes. A law abiding citizen? No. He boasts of ripping off people. Simply because he doesn’t like them. The Libyan people for instance. The Bible exhorts the antithesis of that behavior “Thou Shalt Not Steal”. It doesn’t say “unless you don’t like the victims” For those who believe Trump to be some kind of ‘christian’ ‘american’ ‘leader’. In his case, another Triple Lie like Correctional Health Care or Holy Roman Empire or Meals, Ready, to Eat. CHC at the Fremont County Jail assisted the PIGS in beating to death an inmate who wasn’t even formally charged, his name is John Walter and he was 54 years old when the PIGS arbitrarily tortured him to death. Don’t make the mistake of telling ME that your pigs are better than any others in the world. Or that it’s “unpatriotic” to report that and condemn it. Wrapping your hatred in a flag only soils the flag and do you still wonder why so many are taking a knee? Germans who didn’t condemn Hitler, were they Patriots or Traitors? Guess if you can how I would answer. The same for people who claim christianity while abusing their fellow humans.

NFL, NBA, MLB ordered by Trump to fire all employees who protest, Teams said “NO”

And man is it ever got the WingNuts screaming. tRump told everybody it’s an affront to the soldiers. This from a man who was a Draft Dodger and War Profiteer (what does anybody expect? He’s a thief and the Military Industrial Complex has huge piles of unguarded taxpayer money laying around) and so was his equally worthless Dodger Profiteer daddy. Only reason his kids aren’t dodgers is because Ford abolished the Draft in 1975. I would say that making money from other people dying is a real affront to the soldiers. And their Families. OK, Everybody …  LeBron James refused a visit to the White House and instead of being a propanda token he told Trump NO and added “it was always an honor being invited to the White House until you came along” The ChickenHawks are trolling every forum on the internet, nothing new there, but these dudes who Trumpf says aren’t racist are sure using the N word about it. And exclaiming large resentment and envy because Black people actually have jobs in the NBA mostly because the black dudes in question learned the sport and became very proficient Practice does that. Like the name-calling titty babies who infest the Republican party, they’ve been practicing to blame Blacks, Latins, Jews etc for their own failures. Somebody who wants a job in a restaurant, or some other job where every employee is a salesperson… and has been openly bigoted toward, say, Hispanic, who speak spanish even though they also speak english thus are Bilingual… puts in his/her application and comes back later and somebody else had the job. Somebody with a typically dark face who is bilingual. So the person starts resenting what obviously is Affirmative Action and the Mexican stole the job the bigot didn’t have in the first place. This happens a lot. But hey, why not analyze the situation. Logically.

Read more »

This is one of their core beliefs…

Can’t testify about what the Odinist religious services would be like.  Not even curious. But there are people who use Christianity, with and mostly without scriptural authority. Hey, if you’re blaspheming you might as well go the whole courrse, right? It’s insidious rather than raw naked hatred. Fear and hatred walk hand in hand though. You might not have caught the nuanced phrases the Supremacists have been spewing about Not Being Replaced. They build their beliefs on many legs. One is that English ‘civilization’ is to replace any part of Hebraic beliefs. Islam, Judaism, Orthodox Churches, it goes on. That English as a separate RACE and blessed above all others and they believe the biblical promises to Isaac and Jacob and Moses have been translated to the English, and only the English. Get them talking about other European “races” and they’ll talk your ears off trying to explain it. They always seem so fervent, like they’re on acid or something. Nowadays Meth gets them on that road. But the next part is really scary and they teach it in churches to kids. The narrative is that Jazz, Swing, R&B and rock and roll is To Cast A Voodoo Spell On White English Kids To Bring Them Down To The Level Of The Negro. And this is to get Whites to not reproduce with Whites. I noticed the traces of it at the Juggalo rally at Washington DC this weekend. That being the multi-cultural fans of the band Insane Clown Posse. The White Supremacists who are flooding their hatred on every discussion forum on the Internet. Many of them are Artificial Intelligence Bots, which differ from the Limited Intelligence Human operators, only in the level of grammar and spelling. The Bots win. Their anti-gay agenda is built in the same way. And brings it “straight” back to their ‘suppression of English procreation’ FEAR. It’s the English version of le Tonton Macoute. A French boogieman. Southern U.S. French people, Creole and Acadien “cajun” people, some of them will give you a seemingly dope-crazed version of this and hasten to remind you they have English roots as well. They won’t be very coherent about it. There’s a lot of folk mythology like “why those Mixcans say they’re Injun but they’re not” and I’ll put it past the “read more” paragraph break.

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Trashapocalypse at Standing Rock and other heinous lies

Remember the “trash” the Army and  Oil Company LIARS reported in January? The Weekly Standard, a FOX property, admitted the so-called Trash was mostly tents and other belongings the Army refused to allow the people to take away. The stupid FOX and Trump supporters believe everything they’re told.   I wanted to have something to bring to the feast than just a hearty appetite. So I started collecting statistics. About the ‘trash’ the Army used as propaganda, which I understand was tents, clothing, mostly. The army had set it up that nobody could just come and go at will, and the Supremacists ate it up as though it was facts. Stupid racists are like that.  I feel almost sorry for them.

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Bobble-heads at FBI To Freddie Grey’s Family:Fuck off and die

Nothing new here, Murdering Pig Scum consistently back up their White Supremacist Murdering Coward Scum Comrades, like Trump giving a green light to the punks at Charlottesville, and pardoning his fellow Klansman Arpaio. Maybe he’ll pardon our local Klan Leader Terry Maketa.

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Damned if this isn’t the funniest thing I saw today..

nine-eleven-zero-one, Corporate Pirates got hit

This started as a reply to a comment about the NFL and other Corporate Thieves ripping off America and demanding we show homage to their empire. Above and beyond the money the sports fanatics pay for their really stupid entertainment. Well, it’s a Hell of a racket. They’re trying to say now that it, worshipping an idol made of cloth by standing for the pledge and for the the anthem is ‘patriotism’ and refusing to do so dishonors ‘our’ troops which is pure bullshit. The owners of the sports leagues are the same ultra-rich asswipes who believe their stolen money makes them better than all others. Every war being fought by the Empire is a war of Corporate conquest. Like the piracy the Navy did in 2014 by commandeering a ship on the high seas, the Morning Glory oil tanker because the oil was owned by the parts of Libya not under Imperial Rule. The Corporates, as always, depended on the largess of the American Taxpayers, that’s anybody and everybody.

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pledge allegiance to the flag of the Corporate state of Amerikkka

The NFL owners demand that players and fans alike comply with their brainwashing technique of training the people to act in unison at the cue of a musical intro. It’s Pavlovian Condition at it’s most basic, Slobber when the Good Doctor rings a bell and be rewarded with a doggy treat, fail to slobber when the O Say can You See bell is rang and you get punished. Classic. Mass Demonstrations with coordinated ritual actions teach GroupThink and total domination of their intellect by an Elitist Few. Football is a Corporate enterprise and you pay to go in to be trained like little puppy dogs. The owners of the teams have become the owners and Masters of the fan(atics) combined.

Michelle Malkin is back and still irrelevant.

She wants to be a Klan member but they won’t let her. But Michelle, babe, you just keep on going with your dreams. The Klan is as insignificant as you and soon they’ll want to let in just anybody, not just WHITE trash. By the way, sweetie, the English “Founders” came over with no papers, no permission from any of the Established nations and no intention of actually paying for the land they forbade us to ever use again. And proceeded to make all kinds of treaties which were broken by the English Immigrants as quickly as they were written and signed, … and proceeded to kill as many Americans as possible. We kind of resent that and your proclamation that everybody ask THEIR God-Damn permission to even exist in America, is bullshit.