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47 El Paso Kounty Klansmen embarked to AZ as MinuteMen

In other news, CDOC learns Director killing was a gang hit

Instead of Evan Ebel being a “Lone Wolf”.  Wow, imagine that. The 211 crew and other Supremacist groups made it really damned obvious 3 years ago when they gave Ebel a list of instructions, first to kill the pizza delivery guy, who they considered a police informant, steal his very distinctive car (it would be really obvious in Texas, more on that later) a black Lincoln coupe, kill the wife of the director and him too but the wife was the main target, and then go to Texas and shoot several Judges and District Attorneys who were prosecuting Meth manufacturers, of which the various branches of the Aryan tree and a lot of the nuts and fruits hanging from those branches, were middle managers in the Recreational Psycho-Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and distribution franchises.

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A K A Pork sandwich… killer pigs on a roll…

El Paso County SD /CSPD and paramedics murdered another one, Erica Klag, age 40 and arrested for failing to appear on a traffic ticket. Gave her the Death Penalty ad hoc for having a seizure.  The Para’s said she wasn’t having a seizure. The pigs put her in a holding cell in restraints, where she went into cardiac arrest. Jail so-called “medical” staff responded and sent her to Memorial where she died. These “Medical” staff are employees of Correctional Health Care Inc, the Triple Lie, as they correct nothing and give no care and have no idea what Health is. The same group of sorry sell out rat bastards who assisted in the torture and murder of John Walter two years ago.

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North Korea national debt $10B, $3B being domestic.

Yeah, THAT N Korea. The N Korea who, 60 some odd years ago, faced down the armies not only of the United Imperial States but those of the United Nations.  And have kept their sovereign status ever since 1947. To put it poetically, they rolled the asses of every nation in the world, or at least those who swarmed the peninsula, rolled them up into one collective ass and then proceeded to kick that ass.

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Trump fever is the new Antisemitism

Mostly because he got the vote of the Angry White Males who are stymied in their goal of making America a permanently white dynastic order. Which includes their version of Christianity and excludes all other people. Think they like Minorities who are White? The only white majority they’re going to accept is the White Anglo Saxon Protestants and even then those who are “jnokd” which is a country club elitist acronym Just Not Our Kind, Dear.

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Occupy action in Manitou today

According to the young lady with the Guy Fawkes mask. Met a few of the Largest Surviving Herd of American Hippie at the bus terminal downtown.

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The cop who murdered Freddy Grey just got acquitted

Wasn’t even a charge of violence, like assault or abuse or hmmm Murder or anything like that. “Official Misconduct” or some such shit.

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Gag-zette has “comments disabled for this story”

Maybe it’s because people who are god-damned sick and tired of the Gazette taking the Right Wing stance of always giving the Pigs a blanket amnesty for any crimes they commit.  Typical wingnut behavior. Nothing to see, citizen, nothing to see. The story now is that they took him to a hospital. Probably after beating him to death. “Him” being Jeremy Thompson.     And the people who have learned, through many many many many Deaths In Custody and the typical coverup efforts would demand the Gazette and all other LameStream Media outlets actually grow a set and actually ask real questions rather than just covering up for their darling pigs.

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RIP Jeremy Thompson, 45, murdered by Fountain Pigs

Colorado Springs Pig Department are assisting in the usual coverup.    Fountain Pigs said he was uncooperative. The usual meaning of that is “didn’t bow down and kiss their collective Gestapo ass” and yes, I am biased about how the Nazi rat bastards do these murders. Oh, and they “found him dead in the cell” too. Just like their Mommas taught them. Gang up on the prisoner, in a cell where there’s no witness other than their Fellow Pigs and yes, that includes paramedics… the El Paso County Coroner is of course going to exonerate his Fellow Pigs. Nothing to see, Citizen, keep moving, nothing to see here… Literally, as they haven’t even put the victims picture up in the Tame Ass Mainstream so-called News.
It’s standard operating procedure.

Commercialism 101

“buy one, get one free..” Translation into Real Language: The regular price is more than twice as high as it should be and you’re being gouged. Rectally and with a blunt instrument. Political Science is a perfect mirror for that concept, as the same methods of persuasion are used in both disciplines.

Donald Chump pretends to be Holy Roller

One quote is that “the art of the deal” is great but he prefers the Bible.  Yeah. As I recall the “Deal” book, he did confess nay, brethren, boast about ripping people off. The Bible instructs you to be righteous by demonstrating, start to finish, that people are just not getting it right. The “holy” men of the Bible are examples of just how degenerate people can get.  Especially when money and power (is there really a separation point between the twain?) are at stake. And it does also point out that stealing isn’t nice. Makes the point clearly. And that’s only one starting point. I’ll add Mr Donald to the list of people who, if they visit a church I attend (or anywhere else for that matter) I shall sit as far away as possible.

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To the assmunches who did the DDOS attack

We sure are sorry we frightened you so much you dropped a Spam Bomb on us. Were we coming too close to your imaginary power base? Don’t worry, wordpress has the tools to fix this and you can do something else which is equally stupid somewhere else.

How to drive a Reaganite crazy…

I mean, seriously out of their freakin’ skulls…

Trick question. They don’t need a ride, they’re always in walking distance. Just keepin’ it lightheaded or lighthearted or something.

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Independence Day

Not quite the July 4th holiday. More like the commercial hit movie of that name about an Alien Invasion being repulsed, from 1996.

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Speaking of consumer protests…

Like the Buy Nothing Day.. On December 12th 2014 NPR aired its Wall Street Journal Report (and WSN is published by Fox which constantly bad-mouths and trash-talks NPR and would never run a full NPR news item) that American 99%ers owe it to the 1% to go back into debt.
The item said that most Americans had cleared their credit card debts.
This is not to say that Most American Debt had been cleared. It actually states that The Vast Majority Of Debt In America is owned by a very tiny minority. Perhaps the much maligned (by WSN and FOX) notion of The 1%, hmmm? And these uber-rich actually declared on a news medium they despise (NPR) the 99% somehow owe the Wall Street Fat Cats a return to debt slavery. I’ll finish this real soon. For the nonce, please enjoy the little teaser. The WSJ on NPR was explaining a bit about the Federal Reserve interest rates. Seems a margin of debt that’s hard to define or delineate is necessary to the cash flow which those of us from whom the cash flows already realize that the flow is constant and upstream. We’re paying their debt so they don’t have to do so.

I’m having a little issue with consumerism/marketing

As is everybody. I don’t watch TV very attentively. But it’s still there and a loving God in His infinite wisdom and mercy somehow neglected to give me earlids, so I can’t insulate myself from it and still remain in modern society. Who in the world now has not seen that lizard representation of an insurance company? Just for instance. They’re branding us. and that’s their exact word for it. When I was a kid branding was usually an exclusive term about livestock. Branding a calf is your way of declaring ownership.

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Harriet Tubman to be on the $20

YESSSSSSSSS!!! Although some loudmouth right wing hate freaks disagree. Maybe Trump’s stupid mouth is going to spout something about his fellow land-thief Jackson will be kicked off the currency. Me likey very muchly!
And not just because he was selling Cherokee land while the Cherokee nation were actually fighting alongside him in the Creek Wars/slash/Shawnee Prophet Tesquatana’s war. Washington Post editorial was that Tubman never fought for Capitalism or Free Trade. Bullshit. She put her ass on the line for Real Freedom for human beings who were traded as property. And Jackson was a slaveholder. Hey, some people like the author of that editorial have a great void in their lives that they can only fill with racist crap and hatred. These are the ones who oppose all non-white immigration but say they’re not racist. The ones who like Trump believe that they have a legal and moral privilege and duty to deport all Muslims. Including those whose families have been in America as long as Jackson’s family.

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women and the draft

Up until a week ago women were excluded from the draft (as in Selective Service, just to avoid confusion. Sometimes I’m accused of being too much detailed but if I went to glib short statements people would bitch about that too so I’ll go with with being condemned for doing a good job rather than a poor one.) But there was a lawsuit, several in fact but the one in question was brought by women because it is discrimination. It’s all discrimination anyway because obviously personal wealth does count.

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International StarWarz Day

May the 4th be with you…

That started as an intellectual or at least nerd pun. The underlying fear slowly builds up.

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Did you know that priests and doctors are combatants?

I hadn’t thought of it until a MAS briefing in Tech School (School of Health Care Sciences Sheppard AFB Texas) for which I have the lame ass excuse of being only 18 at the time. But, yeah, under the Hague and Geneva Conventions, medics and chaplains are indeed considered combatants. In one way, it’s a protective barrier, civilians could face charges within their countries, probably not very enlightened but with the aura of Civil Authority.  (like: Texas, the US in general, etc…) Even in a Declared State of War, they could be jailed as criminals and given whatever civil sentences exist, including mutilation, death, beatings… but in War there are rules that sometimes apply. Unless the U.S. or Britannia over-ride it by calling it an Insurgency or (like Grenada) a Rescue Mission. Then there’s the Fremont County Paramedics… who served their pigmasters faithfully in the beating death of John Walter. And the privateers who run the jail as a for-profit business. I know the Medics got away with it (minus the eventual settlement of the civil suit) Yep. Smooth clean getaway on their part. I used to watch “Emergency” in the 70s, thought Paramedics were cool. These assholes ruined that impression forever.

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Requiem In Pax, Father Daniel Berrigan

About says it all. Here I am glad to believe in Heaven.

Happy (International) Labor Day

Because the official one will be (a) months away and (b) it’s going to be a party for office workers more than laborers. All the bars and restaurants and stores will be open. THEIR employees ain’t going to have the day off.

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Once more the Hippie Bard takes keyboard in hand..

Some might be asking themselves (as I often do) “Self, just what in Hell is Brother Jonah thinking, ragging on obscure moments in American and British history and raggin’ on the Queen?” Hmmm…

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Blankenship gets 1 year for 29 Murders, Bruce 2 years for his thefts…

And John Walter got beat to death by the Fremont Co Sheriffs deputies for talking back.

The Queen can’t name her own successor, get it right.

One of the few good things coming from the Cromwell Regime civil war in England was the Union Constitution. That’s the “British Empire” as represented by the Union Jack flag. Their constitution was much more liberal than that of the US and a hundred years earlier. My apologies, IS more liberal still.

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