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MinuteKlan hopping mad

Mad as in crazy. And, yes, angry too. I post in other forums like Craigslist. Rants & Raves brings out the lunatic fringe sometimes. They’re getting ugly. Too bad. Derek Black, son of the founder of Stormfront, the white supremacist clearinghouse and parent corporation of the Minutemen and Tea Party losers, left their movement. They’ve been consistently threatening him since then. He had a Saul to Paul conversion after being invited to an interfaith Shabat meal led by a young man who had been threatened and slandered by Derek, his father etc… Where he discovered that all these groups he’s been screaming against since he was a child… are people. Just like him, or me, or you. They weren’t the monsters his family (his mom was married to David Duke prior to marrying his dad) had told him since before he learned to walk. Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, Muslims, anybody his mentors could designate as “they” and somehow inferior. The guy is a hero, and there aren’t that many. The Hate Mongers are a collective Zero and God knows there’s plenty of them around.

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To be clear, Hill and Billy didn’t sell out billionaires either

Yeah, I recall the joke from so very long ago “not only are they from Arkansas but their names are Hill and Billy.” I can handle that.  But I like to keep it clear that I don’t endorse them any more than I would Trump or Hitler or Satan. Vote Green if you’re going to vote.

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Trump didn’t sell out the Billionaire class

per se. But he did rip off everybody with whom he did business. And a lot of them were billionaires. And his investors, of course. Every time one of his businesses went bankrupt the other investors got wiped out. Perhaps that’s why his former (literally, by their contributions to his stash) supporters aren’t supporting him anymore. Maybe he should in the future adopt a different posture which doesn’t employ smug delusions of superiority.

I swear the dude is trying to lose.

Damn. Oh, sure he said the erection is ligged. Sorry. Couldn’t run from the pun. But he forgets conveniently that he’s one part of the rig. Make it look believable to the 99% that it was an honest vote. Today the headline was that his plan to fund building a border wall would be to make Mexico pay for it. Now, here’s a really fun idea: What if Mexico just refuses? What would he do? They wouldn’t be able to lay a brick or pour a yard of concrete without having some funding. They being the MinuteNuts and their parent corporation Stormfront.

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Stormfront endorses Trump

Several articles in the news about for instance, there’s fear of racial violence no matter which of the Major Party 2 and Only 2 actually gets the largest minority of the ballots. The son of the founder of Stormfront has quite quit the movement. Which means he now has a hit out on him. And a bit of fluffy we-already-know-that story about how White Supremacists orchestrated the “grass roots” Tea Party and the Trumpistas. OK maybe some would be surprised but anybody who is a) from the south or midwest and b) is not a supremacist has already figured out the nature of the rhetoric. Because we’ve lived among the Klansmen. They ain’t nice people. And they have to chant the same lies over and over to get themselves to believe their crap. And no, I still ain’t endorsing Hillary.

Ray Charles died the same day as Reagan

Damn, I sure do miss Ray Charles. Some people say that Black folk protecting their families and communities is equivalent to the Klan. Which is bullshit. Let me quantify that. 93.7 cubic kilometers of bullshit. One group that fought against Civil Rights and to this day claim that Equal Rights means Special Rights… is a group associated closely with the Klan called the John Birch Society.  The Birchers. Named for a racist Baptist preacher/missionary who used his pulpit as a cover for being an anti-Chinese spy in China. And got his stupid ass shot off. Ronald Reagan was Treasurer for this bunch of Right Wing Terrorists. Want me to tie them to religious terrorism? Easy. I worship sometimes with Southern Baptist congregations. I’m not really that damn picky.  I know, socially it’s a downgrade from my usual friends, whores, drunkards, sinners, you know.  Jesus said something about that in relation to John the BAPTIST. Who was a Nazarite, like Samson. A lot more to it than not cutting one’s hair or beard. It’s an order of priesthood, and yeah, they did some stuff that would be called Terrorism if any group of Middle Eastern religious or ethnic groups, like Samaritans who were Israelites but not Jews did it. Like Irgun and Likud they would beat up on any imperial troops.

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Obama calls for allegedly “proportional” retaliations for ALLEGED hacking of Election.

Let’s get this clear. Pots and Kettles. The US has meddled in or outright overturned elections so many times even people who are paid to sit at desks monitoring and counting them can’t keep up. Bolivia: a coup by Luis Garcia Meza Tejada which was a direct precursor to the Contras and the Medellin Cartel financing (not always successful) coups and assassinations around the globe. Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Grenada, Nicaragua, El Salvador, (where They murdered the Archbishop Oscar Romero during Mass. Church/Mosque/Temple/Synagogue mass shootings are the favorites of these Terrorists who are heavily embedded with the US Republican and Democratic parties and the Military and Police). A coup in Panama when the top Banana in the Republic stopped cooperating with the U.S. Terrorist Police State. Killing Pablo Escobar because his unofficial government became an embarrassing liability to the Reagan-Bush regime, did anybody else notice how much of a happy coincidence the last two coups listed there just happened to be at a time when the Iran-Contra “scandal” was hot in the news? What with the North-Poindexter-Secord axis of evil using Escobar, Hussein, Noriega, Eden Pastora, and a whole mess of Iranian military and Cuban mafiosi who were “cracking” the living dogshit out of America to launder money for mass murder? I would say war but wars ARE Mass Murder.

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The real indoctrination into terrorism.

There’s a post on about some top cops FBI who answered “where does terrorist “radicalization” originate?” The rest of this is stuff I wrote almost 5 months ago. The way the cops treat citizens, in custody or taking them into custody, well, our heavily armed “ambassadors” aka Military treat other people in other countries exactly the same way. The beatings, the murders, the imprisonment without any fair trial, same there as it is here. The contempt for civilians and democracy, same and same. The cowardice, like the cops attacking civilians here WHEN AND IF those civilians are outnumbered and outgunned, equivalent to the Air Force dropping bombs from 10 miles up in the sky, so high the people on the ground can’t even see the airplanes. And before the bombs start hitting the ground the airplanes are out of sight beyond the horizon. The pilots will congratulate each other at the O club over mixed drinks. Pigs are pigs, and the way they treat non-pigs infuriates people. Especially people who have been the objects and targets and victims of the pigs, or their siblings, children or parents were.  Kill or imprison one and expect the cousins or friends of the victims to love you for it. Or at least bow down and lick your gestapo jackboots.

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How do you stay in touch with a loved one halfway across the world

This is raw bullshit of the highest order. It incorporates the theme that the U.S. Global Police State is actually “fighting for our freedom” or for that matter, just drop the possessive and say it’s fighting for freedom. Then it adds in a cute kid, throwing paper airplanes over the hedge to his Heroic Police State Warrior by way of a neighbor gathering them up, putting them in a cardboard box, where the delighted Minion of Evil receives these messages from his incredibly gullible son (if the kid is literate enough to actually write a letter, he has to be really stupid and his family deliberately, so it seems, never taught him about how “letters” and “mail” work.) and keeps the cycle of bullshit going by writing replies to those letters, folding them into paper planes, sends it back to his propagandist neighbor throws them one by one over the hedge for the young dumbass to have an aw, shucks! moment. Any of you who was touched and brought to tears with this display of fake patriotism, shame on you.

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The good news: Trump’s racist ass is losing.

The bad news is that Hillary will secure enough of a minority of the popular vote to gain the presidency. The worse news is we’re all going to lose. That is, if we allow and demand the government to lead us and make our decisions on our behalf. Those who didn’t just read and recite the Official History Book, but didn’t follow up by reading the bibliography, (you know, the pages in the back citing the books and authors who were the source of the current book) and skated through with an A+ on the test, you didn’t have to read the bibliograp— ah what the hell…  If you did the same thing in Civics class you managed to pass that as well, but the stuff you’re not obligated to know or be tested about it… is mighty important.  For instance, in World Wars Both were being fought, the British Empire was repeatedly called one of “The Democracies” when in fact the Empire and the Royalty are a constant failure of a Hereditary Dictatorship. The Queen, may she rot in hell, became the Queen because her dad was King. Nothing of merit in all that. But it’s a Representative Democracy, at least officially. Just like the United States.  With hereditary dictatorial dynasties such as the Bush family and their crime syndicate. You know, the ones who just endorsed Hillary Clinton to be the anointe.. errr… appointe.. ummm… Duly Elected Dictator.

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Joe Arpaio might get convicted

Says all the charges are political oppression from Obama. Instead of, you know, the unchallenged arrogant racist bullshit he’s pulled over the years. Like targeting Hispanic and other darker skinned people for traffic stops and investigations. Most pigs simply lie about it and their Kangaroo Kourts back them up the vast majority of times. But no, not Joe. He has to jump right up and proudly proclaim his White Supremacist background. Having his dipshit Minutemen round up dark skinned people without due process and detaining them without any pretense, one case had a south AZ rancher tying up alleged immigrants with rope in a barn in the summer heat. That runs really close to concentration camp action.

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Killing Reagan– the myth continues.

I’m not going to watch it. That’s the short story. It’s written by Bill O, Really? who daily kisses  the ass of every Bush family member within kissing distance, so fat chance anybody involved with the propaganda piece is going to mention that John Wayne Hinckley was and still is a) a scion of Wealth and b) Bush family dinner guest. On several occasions. Some who like conspiracy theory even more than I do have noticed that GHW Bush would have inherited the White House eight years earlier. On the plus side he might have cut Reagan’s dope-dealing son (protected by Daddy first from California’s dope laws because Daddy was Governor, meaning Junior only had to tell Daddy and Mummy (only Big Ronnie could call her Mommy) and his major competition went to jail for long time.)) out of the deal with the Iran/Contra “scandal”. Damn, couldn’t they find a better word? Scandal is when the mayor’s daughter is dating a (hated ethnicity of choice) and city funds were used to cover it up. Without the family connection to Pablo Escobar (for as long as Escobar was convenient) being unofficially sheltered, we might not have the Crack epidemic. But since coke is just speeds baby sister, we probably would have had the smokable meth plague a little earlier. General Al Hague, who tried to seize the CiC spot, would have been an Other Suspect in who wired up Hinckley to believe he was going to get a shot of a certain actress. But the punk Reagan survived, Haig got fired and Bush had to wait. Exactly none of that is going to be in the movie. Too many people are stupid enough to believe Reagan was some kind of hero.

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They should have killed his crew and sank his boats.

Columbus Day.  I have a slight mental/emotional block about it every year. I could blame some of it on the Monday Holiday tradition. Yesterday I actually went out to check the mail several times. But, yeah, there is a kind of mental anguish involved, mostly to do with the parts they don’t teach in school. Tomorrow is the actual Day.  You know how the story gets glossed over? It’s simple, really.  They just tell us the barest of fact, and a little bit of fiction, and they don’t mention that the real REAL conquistador was a collection of diseases the Spanish, French and Portuguese squalid unsanitary rat-infested ships hosted. The people were on the boats were of no consequence in comparison. A lot of them were slaves. With no real racial basis, mostly. The Renaissance was in full swing and that means rebirth. The Rebirth of Roman capitalism, of course. With no official poop from the pope on the practice. It’s called usury and The Church had a long tradition of opposing it. Except when the Church needed a loan to go and baptize a bunch of people at swordpoint.

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Not sabre rattling, not a surprise and didn’t start in October.

The war mongers, the ones who make money from the death of others, aren’t rattling sabres. They’re already bombing Syria, Libya, Iraq, every damn day. And it’s been going on for a while. The sham “election” in which we’re told to pick from only two candidates has been a cover for the murders the Pentagon has ordered and ordinary soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are carrying out.  The generals and the Other Political puppetmasters don’t care about freedom in any way, other than the manifestations of it which slow down their imperial plans. They don’t care about our freedoms as Americans any more than they care about the lives of Iraqi or Libyan or Iranian or Russian civilians and especially children. That’s right, I’m trotting out the Baby Killer phrase. If you run that “just following orders” or any fake concern about the rights of the people, any of the people especially right here in America, then you’re lying. To your selves and the shrinking number of people who believe your bullshit.

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So here’s why I spend time trashing Corporate ads

Because it’s the same set of demon-spawn making commercials for products AND political propaganda. The same tags, the same keywords, the same bullshit. Several convenience stores (oil company owned, please don’t forget) are selling soda and chips, nothing new there, but with The Vote as a kicker. And as a real kick in the cojones they only have two choices. JILL NOT HILL!  You know how some people train puppies not to crap on the floor by “rubbing their noses in it”? Well, the corporate fascists are doing exactly that. They’re shitting on our collective floor and rubbing our collective nose in Their Shit. The commercials which aren’t blatantly political are still political in a way they hope more people don’t think about the consequences thereof. Deliberately dumbing down the peasants. And literally. Notice the huge increase in alcohol ads? Combined with truly stupid activities like Football Baseball kick in the balls. I could call it Ballshit. It’s designed perhaps by social evolution to lower your intelligence. Because stupid peasants are easier to manipulate.

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Why opinion polls don’t actually matter

Picture a vitamin commercial. It starts out with a very sketchy statistic. “80 percent of American men try to eat more sensibly” I changed the wording a bit. The 80% part stays. Then it states that 90% don’t eat and exercise the way they should. Is that 90% of the 80%? Which would be 72% of the total. Are the people who don’t say they try to eat better and exercise regular really obnoxious slobs who just want to survive until their first heart attack and just … oh, I’ll shorten that, lazy bastards with a gluttonous streak. But the real answer is it’s a push poll. It’s like every company in the world who uses Customer Satisfaction statistics get those numbers from a survey that is pointed directly toward people who take the time to finish the poll. Probably with a chance at winning something. Store credit, a sweepstake, reward points, whatever. The questions ask are you satisfied, highly satisfied, not so satisfied, are you really going to say Hell no I ain’t going to shop in your nasty little store or other company ever again now give my reward points… Of course not. The ones who fill out the forms for the poll are People Who Actually Like The Company.  The same with Other Products and Services. Like politicians. They’re bought and sold just like any other commodity.

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Nostril Dumb-ass joins anti-Russian chorus

No, really. There’s a large body of Pro-Exeptionalism propaganda on the Smithsonian and Nat Geo and Discovery and Science Channels… all of whom had a respectable reputation until they were bought out by Rupert Murdoch. One show yesterday (never watch TV simply because you’re bored… true story) about the “prophet” and his prediction that Russia would one day pose a threat to the rest of the world. And his modern day interpreter said with a straight face that Russia was “the greatest threat to world peace.”  I know, right? It’s almost funny in it’s absurdity.  The U.S. is currently engaged in current War Crimes on a massive scale, and planned future adventures, and blatantly threatening any nation or other group that doesn’t bow down and worship the U.S.  To the extend that we have not only the greatest investment in continual warfare  IN THE WORLD but it has roughly 1/3 of the war budget of the top 15 countries. But hey, Nostradamus said it’s Russia. With it’s 66 billion dollars versus almost 600 billion of the U.S. And, according to his disciples, he’s never been wrong. BUT that doesn’t count the prophecies which haven’t panned out. There’s a sweet little loophole in the prophecy game. All the things you predicted get counted as credit. Any prophecies that have not been fulfilled, are just “Not Yet” so they don’t count. Man, what a racket! And the more famous you are for having accurate prophecies, the more people will strain the boundaries in order to give you a higher accuracy score. So if he (and he did) predicted  wars between France, Germany, Spain and England he not only gets the credit which is somewhat more like 85 over 15 percent just because… in any given century… but his disciples will give him high honors for just guessing. Sweet. But now the propaganda teams drumming up support for war with Russia are using his awkward crap as a way to convince the really dumb ones.

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This one from Space4Peace

Bruce Gagnon has scored a good treatise from Diana Johnstone of Counter Punch.    about the cover-up of U.S. Air Farts bombing the legitimate government of Syria, how it’s being neatly rolled into the American Memory Hole and turned against Syria, Russia and anybody else who gets in the way of The Mighty Empire. Alle Sieg Heil am der Amerikanisch Reich! and other over the top ways I describe the fascination with the Fascist Nation.

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Here’s a neat idea, and legal too

Go out in your backyard … no, wait, first go to a thrift store, because we all like to conserve resources, right? and buy a bunch of used christmas light strings.  Because buying new ones would be wasteful on one end, and polluting on the other, right? Arrange them to where they spell out “Fuck The Pigs!” where the only way somebody would see them would be if he is flying really low over your yard. Like, you know, the way cops do with their noisy intrusive damn helicopters. Then light it up. By plugging in the power cord of your improvised nobody-but-the-police-can-see-it yard sign. What could they legally do about it? It’s in your own back yard, right? Where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Nudists do it all the time. Sort of, they just get nekkid in their backyard where somebody would have to climb the fence and the hedge and be deliberately spying on whatever the hell you do for private fun in the privacy of your own yard.

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on the other hand of the other person in the ditch…

Because in order to keep somebody in a ditch there has to be another person in the ditch holding him down. So right now, at the start of the White Blanket, the National Guard, and ND Police and other expendable low level Armed Slaves are going to be camping out. In North Dakota. In the Fall, Winter and Spring. It’s not like cops have very much physical courage in the first place. And now they’re beyond the First place and now they are in what to an overprivileged scion of the petit bourgeoisie must seem like the Worst Place. And remember the Army and other Cop organizations are peopled top to bottom with lazy bums who joined the Military so they wouldn’t have to get a REAL Job.    And their Pig Masters in Washington and New York and Houston will be snug in their (stolen) homes all comfy and warm. It’s like the Russian concept of Field Marshall Winter. The people who live there, constantly, and have done so for thousands of years, they’re suddenly the ones with the upper hand.  And that’s not all.

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She thinks she’s above the law… pots and kettles?

So says Donald Trump regarding one of the two women running against him. The first part. Everything past the ellipsis is my take.      Flash, Donald… you, sir, are not in a position to criticize. There’s the little incident of “fucking” Moammar Gadafi on a real estate deal, in New York City, because he’s a Muslim. That’s illegal. Landlords and Slumlords and taxi drivers and innkeepers in New York are often prosecuted for doing that. But Not Trump. Why? Because Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a trust fund believed to be over 100 million. And fraudulent real estate deals like the one with Mr Gadafi. By the way, Gadafi was never convicted or even tried on any of the accusations against him. So much for due process.

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More piss-you-off marketing foolishness

Other than Halloween stuff being put up since the first of August, which was 3 months before Halloween.. Way to go, and I’m sure I should send Halloween greeting cards to all my family and friends. Just peachy. But there’s the commercial for a pet supplies store who are marketing NFL licensed gear for DOGS. One commercial (God, couldn’t they just stop at one, and then take that out and bury it?) has two dogs preparing for game day festivities wearing jerseys from the teams which I suppose every dog is an ardent follower Fanatic for a football team. And has rivalries based entirely on which other pooch likes which other team. Which they don’t. Dogs are smarter than humans in this respect. Let me iterate and possibly re-iterate something really basic. Professional (and that includes Grade School, High School and College players) Football is a GAME. Children play it for fun. Millionaires prance around on grass fields at the expense of every other taxpayer in the city unfortunate enough to host it. Whether the taxpayer actually wants to see a bunch of overly privileged dudes slapping each other with their entire body. We all get to pay for NFL. And all other sports. Because each and every professional and even grade school game, for a start, get traffic control at no expense to the team. That’s just a start. Schools, even “private” schools, get subsidies from the Taxpayers.

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Because phreak Google, that’s why

I’m going to redo my operating system on my mobiles. Change it to Kali Linux  They’ll still work as far as the phone company is concerned. Google has become megalomaniac on us. They act like they god-damn invented the internet, and have first dibs on every bit of data — every datum would be more accurate. They’re the ultimate snoops. Any measure of privacy flew out the Windows (had to pun that, sorry) years ago. In order to use the Android OS on my devices I would have to pay Google. Maybe not directly, but in bandwidth which is paid in my internet provider and the phone provider. Every time I take my phone out of airplane mode, Google has more than one “essential app” to update. Fuck that. Essential to whom, exactly?  I don’t use Google + or youtube ultra-fantastic-consume-don’t ask,  just consume, we’ll tell you what to consume and at what price consume consume resistance is futile you must be assimilated. It’s the “soft” Capitalist Dictatorship of Brave New World. I don’t use their products, but they get root access to all my communications devices and according to the phone manufacturers, rooting my own phone would void my non-existent warranty.

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Still here

Just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of really repetitive crap-fest. The election is as negative as always. One friend told me he would vote for Trump because Trump is “a businessman” and would put N. Korea in their place. Last I heard, North Korea is in the same place for as however long it’s been since the Korean Peninsula started breaking off. And the “businessman” was so funny I almost had spasms from holding my tongue.  Fear not or fear all, for Hillary hasn’t got anything in her favor either. Far be it from me to tell other people who they must nominate or not. But the Duopoly has put up a pair of real winners, tell you what… Neither can find a way to look good, so each makes the other to be a super villain. Aside from the fact they are in fact super villains

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So called “patriots day” 911

Why not, eh? If you say you love your police state government and you love your flag, pick the motherf- (ahem) cloth idol up when you drop it.If I had the foolish habit of saluting the flag each time I pass it, I would have to glue my right hand over my left chest, just from the ones you idiots let fly off your vehicles and leave in the gutter. Hey, that’s real patriotism, ain’t it? There’s a lot of evidence, not real proof of course, that your rich-bitch masters who you also wish me to revere as “leaders” set up 9-11.

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