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Next Hot-Button for Trumpistas: Islam

They had a headline on I believe the Enquirer, one of Mr Trumps properties, that 54 Muslim “spies” were identified working at the CIA. Imagine that, the CIA has a lot of operations in the Muslim parts of the world, why wouldn’t they have Muslim employees or contractors? (with no notation of their nationalities, and it would be amazing if a country who is under the Imperial Yoke didn’t have some CIA recruitment among the population… and there’s malcontents in every group, they taught me that in the ROTC and later in the Air Farts.) Since the CIA has a security curtain on the Freedom of Information Act, something about national insecurity… we don’t have an accurate count of how many people are employed by the CIA but I would start my estimate at around a very large number, one that would swallow up the 54 Muslim “spies” working there. And “there” covers a ridiculously big area. Remember, the Empire feels they have the right to run every country in the world for their profit margin. O, I was supposed to say “for the safety of America” or some other stupid shit. That leads to another freaky little fact…
Where the Hell did they get that information and if it’s classified (want to find out? Call the CIA and ask them…) AND published in a large birdcage liner owned by the Incoming President who, by the way, has exactly NO political power yet… then somebody is involved in a little bit of treason, yes?
And all employees at the CIA could be classified as Spies. And their names and any other personal identifiers would be a different definition of classified.

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Trump relenting on a couple of red-hot burning conflagration size issues?

I don’t think he’s doing it for any humanitarian or humane or even human reasons, but he’s first sold his huge amount of stock in the DAPL parent company, on Saturday, according to Yahoo news. AND Immigration with the DACA amnesty which the racist part of his agenda needed really badly. This afternoon. Mayhaps the ESPECIALLY the Standing Rock support showed just what kind of a battle he’s going to have on each of his First 100 Days Commandments. Hey, he published that shit with a sneer about “what are you going to do to stop it, Huh?” Well, this is how it’s happening. His pet Klansmen in NC backed their collective ass down with a quickness. Klavalkade? What Klavalkade? We don’t know nothing about no Klan parade… (especially after they showed up for their shit spectacle and there were about ten times as many opponents already there.)
Mass roundups of people already vetted they’re not criminals, and trust me on this, La Migra are VERY diligent in doing harm or otherwise displaying their power trip against any especially non-white immigrants. La Migra have a great deal of hatred for immigrants and they make no excuses. Shoot first and ask questions later? Hell to the no. They burn you down and there’s no investigation.

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Pearl Harbor, US not an innocent victim.

At the time the US was unofficially bombing the crap out of Empire of Japan troops and facilities under the false flag of a “mercenary volunteer air force” called the Flying Tigers. It’s the same agreement, different empire, the Italian-Spanish-Decommissioned Luftwaffe “volunteer” air force bombing the living dogshit out of places like Guernica and Ethiopia. The Japanese were scavenging the last remnants of the Chinese Empire, so were the British Empire and the US was officially neutral.
The German Navy had recently sank the USS Reuben James right off the coast of New Jersey, and the US Merchant Marine were taking many such hits all over the globe. But “we” were “neutral”. Hawaii had been claimed by the United States Empire in a rigged “revolution” against the legitimate government of Hawaii, actually a monarchy but, hey, it was THE MONARCHY OF THE PEOPLE OF HAWAII. The sugar and pineapple plantation merchants, Wall Street operating in a land they didn’t actually own, and the corporate sucks didn’t want to pay the taxes of that Foreign State. Just like the “liberation” of Panama from Colombia and Cuba and Puerto Rico and The Filipinos from Spain. Rigged coups disguised as the U.S. Benevolent Big Brother “protecting” the people of Hawaii and Pananama etc against “tyranny”.
The U.S. has been in that business since before there was a united states. Tennessee, the bad ol’ Natives like the Cherokee were taking a stand against Illegal Aliens like Daniel Boone and David Crockett’s family. They just up and decided they would break the “rebellious” Indians and their “silly ass treaties”. Yeah, Manifest Destiny, baby! With that they baptized their Imperialism, blame it all on God. And may God help us, They’re Still Doing The Exact Same Thing.

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Temporary stand down at Standing Rock

In a blinding flash of Corporate hubris, The Stated Reason For The Police Assaults against the Medicine Wheel gathering has been really two-faced, that they’re afraid for the health of the People in the cold and lack of sanitation facilities, while denying the People the water, housing and sanitation supplies THE PEOPLE PAID to have delivered, and spraying them with pepper-spray laced water cannons, blocking the roads for the people injured by the Pigs, unless they’re prisoners, and even then they’re denied adequate treatment… AND from the other side of their lying collective mouth, they say the PIGS are under attack. And, here’s the fun part… the statistics of injuries or other medical conditions are sealed. How HIPPA-critical. The PIGS accuse the Protectors of assaulting the PIGS but refuse Habeas Corpus. No evidence. Evidence is classified. The PIGS confiscate cameras and sound recording gear and Trump up charges of inciting to riot, trespassing etc, and blow a woman’s arm almost off. I still have to check the latest report on that. DAPL officials are screeching that it’s a political stunt by Obama that he Fucking Finally called off the National Guard.

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Klan Stands Down in Pelham N.C.

They were celebrating the minority vote count “victory mandate” for Trump to Whiten America. Meanwhile Trump supporters including some of his potential cabinet have called for a law criminalizing anti-trump demonstrations. A statute like that would make it a felony to say or write anything against Der Fuhrer. Some skinhead pinhead kept harassing me for criticizing Trump’s relationship to the Klan and Skinheads who represent on Stormfront. Big woop-di-diddly-doo. Just another punk wannabee-terrorist.
Actually, the Klan is the most prolific Terrorist group in America, especially as they were the Confederacy, and one of their organizers, the one who said “save your Confederate money, the (white part of the)South will rise again!”, War Criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest, especially…

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Trump, Republicans and Privatization of Public Land.

Which according to Republican Doctrine includes Treaty Lands ceded to the tribes in (mostly broken) agreements. And Trump has a history of grabbing public land, notably for a golf course in Florida.
And a history of referring to the resources on Reservation lands to being “our” meaning his billionaire buddies possessions. Which is bullshit. If anyone needs a reason to support the Standing Rock action, that’s one huge reason. The notion that national parks, Waterways should be sold to the highest bidders has crossed his lips. In other words, he’s going to give all of america to his rich-bitch 1% cronies. Or so he thinks. And the Indian lands would be a big part of the deal. Also “easement” like what is already given to the railroads and private turnpikes. All they would have to do is declare the animal trails near “their” properties would be a right-of-way, and if you want to see what that means, look up the statutes against crossing or walking along railroad tracks, canals and other “easements”. The term railroading somebody comes from those statutes. Literally, the private transportation corporations can imprison you for walking across a railroad track anywhere that’s not a designated and marked crossing. By making the sale of the public lands “to the highest bidders” the top 5% holders of wealth control more assets than the rest of us combined. What would you bet the real estate thieves, especially in Mining and Oil and Water corporations would get the land and water and even the airspace above for their signatures on a surety bond, and no cash at all changes hands? That’s the sweet deal they’ve been working toward since the first viable english colony in america in 1620.

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Breaking the DAPL Kettle

There’s a detachment of war veterans including the son of General Wesley Clark backing up the resistance at Standing Rock. Mutiny is in the air and the unlawful attack by the National Guard and Police Corporation Minions against the Lakota and their allies, is getting a lot more resistance than they thought possible.
There was a poster I saw long ago, a fold out in a magazine, Hustler or Penthouse I think. For the July issue 1976. Before unfolding the centerfold was an introduction saying “We commissioned this portrait based on the last words of Lt Col George Armstrong Custer” and when you pulled it out, there’s a wide valley with a whole bunch of Natives having sex everywhere and the caption “Look at all those F…ing Indians!”

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I almost feel useless today.

It’s been 24 years since I busted up my feet and legs working for Halliburton. My dad had told me never to work for them. Varmints, the lot of them. In an advanced and enlightened society it would be legal to hunt them. I wanted to go to Sand Creek. To commemorate the massacre. I’ve lived in Colorado more than 12 years now and never went. I managed to walk 3 1/2 blocks and then back, and it felt like my feet were breaking off. It’s a victory and I should feel good about it. My soul still goes to my family and friends of AIM. Next year, maybe. I might not be here, you might not be here, but Earth will. And Sky. Give us peace to last until the next struggle. Peace strengthens us for the struggle, and the struggle makes the peace that much sweeter.

Seems the Klan are angry with Mr Trump

He’s formally divorced them. And for somebody who’s as supposedly AWARE of things he somehow didn’t know anything about the Largest and Most Prolific Terrorist Hate Group in America actually endorsing him. Of course he’s lying.

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Requiem In Pax Fidel

He survived so many assassination attempts by the U.S., who after all the evidence to the contrary keep insisting they don’t do assassinations. The fascist war-pigs couldn’t stop him from living a very full life. When the US Navy goes to Central America with their “ship named Hope” for propaganda purposes, they have to coordinate with the Cuban trained and Venezuelan and Mexican financed Medical Teams who are on the ground Every Day of Every Year. When los yanquis pretended to give a damn in Haiti, there were already Cuban Medical and Relief organizations On The Ground.
Aunque yo muero, ya vivira La Resistancia!
Viva La Resistancia! Viva La Revolucion!
Viva al Anarquisma!

OK by now everybody knows about Jill Stein

or not. but she’s doing what is the right of every candidate, demanding a recount. In three states where tampering is strongly suspected.. and it might overthrow the Trump empire in favor of the Hillary empire. Either way america is already screwed, IF We the Peasants rely entirely on Top Down dictatorship. Everybody knows and perhaps most have acknowledged that the whole Presidential Election has been a massive fraud. It’s as though the Democratic and Republican Parties are NOT separate entities. That the Democratic and Republican conventions rigged it to be a no-choice election, either could have come out with a “victory” but… it wouldn’t make any difference. The choice of Running Mates is mighty suspect (“suspicious” better describes the person who suspects) as BOTH Hill and Trump could easily be impeached. In an impeachment, maybe you heard this before when Sarah Palin fans said “they” would impeach Obama, which is bullshit from the beginning, Congress impeaches… and that would make Simple Sarah president. Not so.

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North Dakota Police and National Guard are now Mercenaries.

Just like the Militia, Cops and National Guard are right here in Colorado. The Pipeline companies at Standing Rock ND and Austin and Houston Texas (you just knew this would involve a Texas based corporation, didn’t you?) are paying the cops and National Guard to brutalize people on their own land.
The pigs there are spraying people with water cannons in below freezing temperatures. Which is deadly force. They might as well be using machine guns like the Colorado National Guard did. And using explosives to “disperse” the people. Who are On Their Own Land. And the North Dakota Ku Klux Kourts are doing exactly what the Colorado Ku Klux Kourts do routinely. Take sides against the people in favor of their Rich Bitch Owners. That’s every judge and prosecutor and Public so-called “Defender”.
They’ll allow their Fellow Pigs get away with Murder. The use of water cannons for instance, Colorado Springs police have them, and their equally racist Sheriff Department. But if you accidentally drool on a Pig and they’ll file charges of Assault on Peace Officer and Attempted murder, Dan May will prosecute you and ask for a life sentence, the public defender will plea bargain it down from 180 years to 100 years, the judge will say guilty in a make-believe trial, slap the sheriff on the back with a smile and say “supper’s waitin’ at home and i gotta get to it” But how many pigs got prosecuted here when they attacked our entry at the St Paddy’s parade? None. Same in North Dakota. The Pigs there Sunday also blew off a womans arm with a concussion grenade. The paramedics on the Indian side got her to a hospital, but now the Pigs have the highways blocked so there won’t be any available medical help for their victims the next time.

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Thanksgiving over, let’s go murder us some injuns.

Yeah, this is about Sand Creek Massacre and the violence being done today at Standing Rock. For those new to the site, I’m of mixed heritage, Native and White. A lot of that heritage are white women who married Indian men. I say that to piss off the local Klan. Who really need to be pissed on. And the one thing they hate most is mixed marriage. But on my dad’s side of the family I’m an indeterminate level of Cherokee and Celtic, probably around half blood but by Cherokee law, all Cherokee. And on mom’s side, I’m descended from Irish and Lakota. I just found that out. Which doesn’t give me any more license to write about Native affairs than anyone else. Same as the arrogant bastards who put up statues downtown and make all citizens of Colorado and even (through matching Federal Highway Funds, the worst examples are in the middle of the damm streets) everybody in the united state pay for them. Like General Palmer who ordered the Sand Creek Massacre right after the second National Thanksgiving observance.

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Happy Turkey Day

So now I take keyboard in hand and remind us of the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Heark back with me four centuries, where the first American corporation almost starved to death and were rescued by a local socialist economy. The reason the Capitalists almost died was simply because they were merchants, not farmers. And they used a lot of their seed which they should have planted for a decent grain crop for making Beer. Mind ye, these were not Puritans (who didn’t drink and condemned those who did) and only had a few semblances to Puritans. They didn’t bathe, they were incredibly conceited and they hated Catholic traditions like celebrating Christmas, Easter etc. They pissed off the King of England, moved to Holland, didn’t do well with their king and got their asses invited to leave. People were in the middle of a centuries long Christian versus Christian murder spree.

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Trump isn’t a Klansman

Even though he’s nominated a certified racist prick Klan member, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to be the Top Cop aka Attorney General. And the Klan in North Carolina are scheduling a parade in honor of Trump’s Not Getting Shut Out “victory” with 47% of the vote to 48% (or more, the votes are still being counted), as predicted neither actually won. Either one, doesn’t matter which, will have a one-term legacy and with about a 70% not just disapproval but downright fiery hatred. BUT, despite the delusions of the Klan, Trump isn’t a Klansman. Sympathizer, perhaps, but that won’t stop him from ripping them off the way he does everybody else. Of course, they’re the most prodigious and violent Terrorist organization in America. Trump and his fooled followers are shouting that they have a mandate. Not so. And Trump is worried, too, by the way. If you play poker, which I don’t, or you have an enhanced empathic reaction to human fear, you would be able to tell right off when he’s bluffing. Because he gets louder and more apparently aggressive. It’s called a “tell”.

Trump and Standing Rock

It’s a classic maneuver to make We The Peasants pay for the luxury of the Rich. All money is a reflection of available resources, whether in “our” jurisdiction or foreign. To take the resources in other jurisdictions usually requires war either threatened or actual.
The Indian Nations in the US have within their territorial boundaries what has been described as The Most Resources (water, timber, minerals— fuels, metals, alkaloids needed for making concrete, brick, glass, –precious stones, etc. and grazing land to supply “our” addiction to way too much animal protein and fats. Thank you McDonalds and the rest of the Fat Food Economic Sector. How important is that? Whenever you have a protest demonstration or march the hecklers say “Get a job! McDonalds is hiring! (or MallWart)

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Trump says less worker protections

Typical of a fat-cat rich-bitch silver-spoon chicken-hawk PUNK who got his entire fortune off other people’s labor, and never had to work in his life, never had to get is delicately manicured hands dirty or take any risk of his own safety. Any working person who voted for him must be a hard core idiot. But we, the workers, were supposedly his base.

Border Wall- Trump needs to put his OWN money where his lying mouth is.

It’s based on Racist fear to begin with, that (to quote ‘The Turner Diaries – a manual for hate’) ‘darkening face of America’. Anybody who says otherwise is either ignorant or deliberately lying.
Espousing the fears that America will revert to a more Indian majority. Maybe it’s their not so secret dread that all the time, other people’s efforts and other people’s money spent in the attempt to eradicate (Murder) all Native Americans, will be just wasted time. There’s a Fascist oriented show on the Science Channel, many in fact but this one is “Secrets of the Museum” which preaches the Great White Father bullshit that goes along with the Trump doctrine of “original intent of the Founding Fathers” bullshit.
Said that Thomas Jefferson, who spawned generations after generations of descendants of the slaves he raped, went to France to confront a French naturalist who said there were no large animals or plants in the “swamp” of America. Not as a matter of national pride, as if the citizens of the US were the creators of the flora and fauna… no… it was to encourage European immigration.

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Trump and Bolton

I published this also on, a Libertarian site that’s, well, anti war. To an extent. Trump and Pence and their projected cabinet have explicitly promised to have, in addition to or instead of, the foreign wars a war against Americans who don’t bow down and worship Trump and White Supremacists.
it’s hard to sort when they lie and when they’re being serious, Heinous Demagogues are like that.
But I caught a little flack for mentioning that even though Trump “rejected” an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan doing business as Stormfront, after people called him on being endorsed by the Nazis, he still follows their stated agenda almost to the word.
Since Mr Trump won with actually fewer popular votes, and the difference was a half percent, that means neither Trump nor Hillary got an even half of the votes. That simply means that a majority of the people Voted Against Him, just as surely as a majority Voted Against Hillary. The FACT that a lot of his votes were votes AGAINST Hillary rather than FOR him, and vice versa, and that White People are supposedly the majority in the US means he didn’t even get the majority of the White vote. The FACT that he’s associated with the Skinheads, you want to argue about it, why not argue with the Dumb-ass Klan, Minutemen, Tea Party, Skinheads and other “Whites Only” TERRORIST groups about it, because they sure as Hell are claiming that. And THEY believe that Mr Trump owes them for it.

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Maybe a perceptional error

But it seems the police in all the civil unrest about a not-very-subtle racist being elected to the presidency, the police are taking sides with the Skinheads. If so, it would validate everything I’ve ever said, wrote or screamed at them while they were beating me down while handcuffed and helpless. And there’s no shortage of the cops who are openly and blatantly Klansmen or at least an allied political group. If I wanted to have more right-wing spam in my mailbox I could check on Stormfront and see how many of them identify themselves as police or prison guards.              Stormfront is the Klan website who endorsed Mr Trump. And their loser supporters are acting like SA Brownshirts.  Mayhaps they should read the history of their own movement, and recall who were the very first group the Nazis rounded up and mass imprisoned.  They want to America White Again but, hey, it never was. They want to use violence, oh well. There’s plenty of resistance to their regime and their own special issues. Donald allegedly declined the endorsement from Stormfront.  A week before the election and as people were noticing it. But if so, there’s another question… If Donald Chump really isn’t in their ranks, why do they perceive him to be one of their own?

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Giuliani for attorney general?

Trump anoints Giuliani for AG… Because Rudy, in his capacity as prosecutor, helped Donald get away with the crimes he committed. Rudy is also famous for one real thing. He got skunked TWICE by the same group in the same place. Now he runs a security corporation that collects all your data if you’re stupid enough to buy into it. Trump and Giuliani are also draft dodgers, even though both of them made a lot of money from the Never Ending War. And they didn’t RESIST or REFUSE the selective service. They or their daddies bought them out. Trump’s trust fund, the silver spoon he had in his mouth at birth, was from war contracts.    ChickenHawks of a feather. Neither is a “self made man” although both say they were.  So if Trump says he’ll work for ending foreign wars like with Syria or Russia, he’s bullshitting. Again. He also is appointing ChickenHawk Supreme (sounds like a dish at a fancy restaurant) Newt Gingrich. Does this look sound or feel like anything other than Corporate Warmongering?

The Big (deal) Day At Last!

Media pundits (unlike me, because I really AM an expert) predict turmoil. DUH. The trouble will come from people who really and Truly Believe there’s some agenda differences between Dem and Rep. There will be wars and rumors of wars. There might be a slight difference in priorities as to who gets bombed first. The US government has already authorized the use of drones for “surveillance only” unless the Police Military Cartel decides a situation to be an emergency, then they can use the drone or drones to kill Americans. And how much review will there be before during and after? My guess is None.

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In an election where one candidate is a White Supremacist

For some reason the White Supremacists keep deleting any craigslist rants & raves posts which point out the influence of Stormfront on the Trump campaign.  I mean, he could renounce Don Black and Stormfront and their endorsement of him. And tell his demon-possessed disciples to do so as well.  Craigslist allows the members to re-post anything that gets flagged. One cure for flagging is to have somebody else hit this neat little link right next to the flagging link which makes it Best of Craigslist. Of course, Donald’s Disciples are indoctrinated to respond with violence whenever their Mighty Fuhrer is questioned. The other night his Demented Demonic Disciples attacked a fellow republican for holding a sign saying No To Trump. (basically) and Trump insists that it was an Assassination Attempt. Complete bullshit but his Disciples believe it. So here’s a neat little thing the Donald Disciples need to learn. If Donald wins the election, YOU still won’t run anything.  Period. You’ll be just as powerless and emasculated as the White Wing always has been. You won’t have any license to assault your neighbors, no matter what their skin color, their religion or the countries from which they immigrated. Period. And if you do you can count on immediate consequences. Lots and lots of immediate consequences. The only real advantage, morally, that Hillary has is she hasn’t unleashed a racist lynch mob.

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Petition for the Move 9 political prisoners

This has huge connotations and similarities with the Standing Rock and Wounded Knee occupations. Where the People who occupied /occupy property to which they actually have clear title. At Wounded Knee and a subsequent action, the FBI did a setup, THEY shot somebody who was identified BY THE FBI as an informant FOR THE FBI and the pigs assigned the death to Leonard Peltier, who is in hospice care at a federal penitentiary in Florida. He’s been in Maximum Custody since the 70s.  They did it to AIM, they did it to MOVE, if not stopped they’ll do it again and again. So I sniped this off the Black Agenda Report. Which is on the right hand panel of our homepage.

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Tebow again?

Now, I’m fully aware that Tim can play better baseball and football and other games that involve taxpayer subsidized games with pampered millionaires prancing around on grass chasing balls, and slapping each other on the butt, hugging and throwing their bodies at other guys while wearing very tight pants than I would. And I really don’t mind at all that he wasn’t aborted while still a fetus. But telling everybody that God instructed him to waste his time chasing balls around on taxpayer subsidized grass, and that God somehow plays his game for him, therefore leaving no chance of athletes who worked just as hard as he did, paid their dues INSTEAD OF THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE doing all the work…  these other athletes wouldn’t be able to win no matter how much they worked to EARN victories. Would God really do something like that? If half of his claims were true he’s just a lazy bum who can’t be bothered to do the work necessary. And why should he, eh? It wouldn’t matter how much effort or lack thereof he applied, because he would be guaranteed a win. Talk about your basic lack of actual skill, determination and sportsmanship. Then there’s the continued balderdash that he’s a miracle because he’s an athlete Who Was Not Aborted.. And that’s the absurdity that supersedes all others. Because, EVERY quarterback or half back or fullback or cheerleader or fan Can Claim The Exact Same Thing. What would be a really amazing and miraculous event is If An Athlete HAD been aborted. I mean, really, a partially formed fetus tossing a football around. Now you have that image in your head forever. You’re welcome.

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