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One neat thing about fuzzy vision

Sometimes, like earlier this evening I mistook one word for another in a TV ad. Happens to me a lot. Then I thought, like always. I said to myself, Self, there’s a lesson here, but how to impart it to others? Because I saw commercials for us to buy a brand new Dictator/Warmonger-in-Chief and the Establishment is really only offering two brands. Something really odd considering their collective record. They both keep saying they’re for Peace. As usual, both are lying. Trump vows to cut war spending and other subsidies for his own personal welfare, but says stupid shit like building a border wall bigger than any built before. Decreasing government oversight of Americans while and at the same time investigation of the citizenship, place of birth and religious convictions of every person in America and presumably the world. In order to expect any results of such fantasies the Global War on Everybody would expand, not decrease. Mass deportations would start a massive escalation of the existing civil war in America, oh boy, that will really get the economy kickstarted. We can deliberately do to America through direct taxpayer subsidized government actions which would guarantee poverty and economic destruction, like, for instance, The Wonderful Economic Boom shown by any country the U.S. has bombed lately. Right here at home. And that’s just one aspect.

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This might seem to be a Captain Obvious moment

But how many, if any, “imprisoned dissidents” were freed from jails in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya? I mean, that was one of the reasons for U.S. to “liberate” the “oppressed people”.

So, every bag of golf clubs has an umbrella…

But the largest group of people struck by lightning are on golf courses. You know, standing out in an open field with a metal stick in your hand…. That statistic, of course, doesn’t mean MOST of lightning  victims are on golf courses. People on boats, for instance, or working on elevated surfaces, like roofers. Farmers in fields.  But come on, Golf is played mostly in spring and summer, thunderstorm weather. And when they buy the golf club set, there’s an umbrella with it. It’s like the demigods of Golf are challenging somebody to walk out in a rainstorm with a metal rod in hand and … the circular illogic just came full circle.

Free Peltier Now!

Leonard Peltier is now in a Fed prison in Florida. He is in very poor health and part of that is an Aneurism. The people who have the contract for the Feds are to the best of my knowledge, the same rat bastards who helped the Fremont County pigs kill John Walter. Peltier is 71 years old and was wrongfully convicted (Railroaded) for the deaths of two FBI personnel, one of them a snitch-bitch. Who were both shot by an FBI rifle.

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The El Paso Police News & other scams

OK I thought at first this was a scam. (it is) Like the El Paso Police News, which was similar.
The target was us. We got, in the mail, a “sweepstakes” entry form. To Support The Police. The U.S. Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Wow, thought I, this is much like the time I worked for about 15 minutes for a ripoff. They had originally called themselves The El Paso Police Association News. Until the El Paso Police Association did a C & D order as they were impersonating the El Paso Police Association. So they dropped the Association part. They later got their stupid collective ass busted by hiring a 16 year old girl to do the phone calls and at least one of the partners partnered with her. In the classic manner. But that’s starting in the middle, which I do frequently, to the chagrin of the Slow Ones who think I must be simple. But anyway, I thought to myself, as I often do, “Self, what are these freak peckerheads doing? They should know that neither of us is in love with the pigs, yet they address a solicitation letter disguised as a sweepstakes to US without even checking their notorious Enemies List” Also, this sounds a lot like the Klan holding a fundraising bake sale. (which they do. Seriously) The Klan call themselves a police organization. (they are) But the letter is written by a David Hinners, Executive Director.
Now, if Deputy Hinners and his retarded ass pig buddies wonder why I think of them as unbearable arrogant cowardly punks… Well, your pig buddies beat that attitude into me while I was handcuffed and helpless. And always outnumbered, let’s not forget that part. I’ll get back to the El Paso bit in a short while (for me)

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The new gold standard

Dishonesty. Lots and lots of it. I get targeted (your Television provider has information about your interests and since they probably have your internet browsing catalogued the same way) advertising on TV and even spam email urging me to buy precious metals. Since one of my low-paid and no-benefits jobs is recycling, I’ve logged in to the websites of recycling centers for almost 20  years. So I can see where the problem lies. However, they’re urging me to buy gold. While that’s an amusing little screwup of the Mighty Google and their buying and selling everybody they can. Not selling to us. Selling us. Beside all that, they want me to believe they have a really backward  business model of selling Gold which they value greatly using Currency which they say is practically worthless (it is) So how do they expect to make a profit, if they’re being upfront about the equation?

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Baton Rouge police “militarization”

Even the Military have rules of engagement. Not that any US military are ever going on trial for war crimes, Reagan and Both BushWankers promised they would never allow that to happen. And since they’re fighting non-government resistance groups in the nations they have violently and without a cause invaded umm.. are nobly protecting and giving freedom to those oppressed yeah, that’s the ticket… the murders they commit is not counted as a War Crime and the propped up post-coup “legitimate governments” are complicit with American troops murdering their people… But here’s a thing, with an explanation threaded throughout, there is a code involving pointing weapons or having them loaded at all is only something you do in a Free Fire Zone, one in which you would expect just anybody other than your comrades is an enemy. They made this clear to ME first in High School ROTC, then in Basic Training. Soldiers on base or in civilian populations are not allowed to put ammunition into their rifles, pistols, revolvers or shotguns. Shotguns are forbidden as a weapon of war by the Geneva Conventions. Because of the hideous wounds they inflict. You NEVER DELIBERATELY AIM WEAPONS OR EVEN POINT THEM CARELESSLY IN ANY NON-COMBAT SITUATION. But the Baton Rouge police and Parish Sheriffs department did.

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The Twelfth is over.

See, in Northern Ireland which is no longer separate from the rest of the Irish Republic, they have the tradition celebrating the English victory over Ireland and bringing Ireland into the best recorded and bloodiest era of their long history. If you consider the troubles we had 9 years ago at a St Paddy’s parade here, imagine that being worse. Rowdy just starts the scene. Organized Rowdy crowds of very opinionated Irish who go into Catholic neighborhoods to inform the residents that they intend to Kill the pope. Loudly. That’s not the official parade, just a little fun in the process of the official parade. Lately, as mentioned the Ulster government has been disbanded. The British dissolved their Union, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. A quick history lesson in the British flag.
There are 4 crosses on the banner, the “Union Jack” 2 shaped as “+” and the others as “x” Standing for Wales and England, red inside of white, and the X is for Ireland and Scotland. Medieval bullshit.

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a little bit of trumpster diving…

A lot of his bullshit is alarming but the only difference between Trump and Hillarious is that she’s smart enough to usually not say it out loud and on camera. But, as there is a theoretical possibility that either of them will win the presidency. Which is more a puppet dictatorship every day. But the policies of more racism, more summary street executions, less civil and individual rights, war, more war, and so forth have mostly been put in place and enforced when Ms Clinton had lower rank but more power. True story. The real problem is his followers. They probably by now understand they aren’t going to win any election. And they’re crazy with Fear masked by overt hatred. If the shooting really heats up, we’re screwed. end of sentence period. The first problem is there won’t be enough living to bury the new and starting-to-stink dead. Feral animals looking for humans to feed them… literally.
Feral humans bunkered and armed and still afraid.

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England could have kept their white trash off our shores.

Being only slightly funny of course. But with Brexit being held up as the cause of the recent rise in anti-immigrant hate crimes, well, what went around came back around. Brexit is only a somewhat related parcel, but a separate deal. Her Majesty Liz the Second didn’t start it either. The emigrant problem has been in existence since the days of her royal namesake Liz the First, aka the Virgin Queen. Before her time, the notion of England being a colonialist power, on their way to being a Failed Empire, was speculation. But in due course and a lot of time and investment, they tossed a whole bunch of emigrants out of England, and later Scotland Wales and Ireland. To mostly North America and Australia and then as administrators of the Empire. To the native peoples of these lands point of view they were Immigrants. No time for a Latin lesson here, emigrant = going , Immigrant = coming.
A lot of them being religious fanatics, some being more earthy criminals, exporting their Episcopalian Jihad around the world. Especially in the United States. QE2 has been on the throne since before I was born. Just last month I was referenced as “the elderly gentleman who needs some help” at a store. So, yeah, she’s been on the throne a while. Not that the monarch has even veto powers officially. They did make big money off the colonial scam and the later full on Empire. But it came as a price. Not one the Royals have to pay of course. Except for the fall of their empire. In order to have a Constitutional Empire the people in the conquered lands become subjects. Then at the fracturing of the Empire they’re citizens. Or in the case of England, they can immigrate into Great Britain, the large island that holds Scotland, Wales and England. Freely. You did it to THEIR countries, now you have a problem. You can’t simply banish your Troublemakers like you used to, feh. Too damn bad.

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Outside Agitators, anybody care to bet?

There’s more to the story than a southern Sheriff saying (I was going to write it in redneck patois, but it didn’t work) “our nigras were perfectly happy with segregation until all these Outside Agitators come down stirring things up.” It’s older than that. In the 20s and 30s the Pullman workers, actually not under the direct corporate structure of the railroads, had a really strong union. And George Pullman had hiring preferences for Black workers. For the young dudes and dudettes, a Pullman car was like a portable suite of bedrooms. It cost extra to ride that, as Pullman was a separate business. When train travel was the only way to really get anywhere in America in a reasonable time. So these guys had full access to any part of the country. Nobody stopping them and asking to see their travel papers, No “please step out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them”, no arrests for DWB or NWA (the second one is “Black person With Attitude.”) They were corporate employees. Nobody would hassle or detain them. cool, huh? I mean for this purpose.

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Hey, Sheriff Elder

Put your dogs on a leash. I was just this past year repeatedly assaulted by guards in your CJC for the heinous “crime” of not bowing down and licking their God Damn Nazi Jackboots. One of them is named Reid. I don’t know the other names. They would always do it five on one. That’s the level of so called “Courage” you punks have. You want people to respect you. Groovy. Your officers demand respect unconditionally. But they don’t give unconditional respect. They say we have to earn Your Royal Majesty’s respect. We have to grovel to the pig rat bastards. I’m not about to grovel to you. Not now, not ever. The person who is credited with the Dallas shooting, was a vet. He was considered expendable while in the service, expendable while a civilian.
The cops, they’re considered expendable too. By the same corporate leaders who literally employ, at low wages, street thug tactics, violence against any dissent, any disobedience, any “disrespect”.

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40 new pigs sworn in, and two civilians killed

Colorado Springs swore in 40 new officers. Looked like a klan meeting. Meanwhile, there were two more Americans blown away by killer kops. Killer Kop Kommittee strikes again. And the Colorado Springs Gestapo inducted 40 more officers, sworn to back up the murders and subsequent lies of their comrades. Yep, they’re lookin’ to kill more Americans, citizens in name alone. The one mass killing called a Terror Attack in Orlando, it seems the SWAT started the gunfire and that makes more sense than saying a Lone Wolf Gunman killed 50 people. That investigation is of course going nowhere. Cops have a lock on the Courts, Judges and prosecutors don’t ever do a real trial for their fellow pigs. Not in Florida, not in Texas, not in Louisiana (one of the murder victims was in Baton Rouge,) and not in Colorado.

Miracle on Hardwood 1972

Yeah. It’s happening again. The Miracle On Ice, revisited. God how I hate the Olympics years. Not only do they have the constant rehash of bombastic imperialistic wack-job bullshit about how the U.S. hockey team winning a game, a game which children play for fun, is equivalent to Moral and Any Other Kind Of Superiority of the American Race whatever the fuck that is… Get over yourselves… But there’s a second one from 1972, where the Soviet Team won a Basketball game, allegedly on a bad call at the very end.
Again, get over yourselves. If a game can be won or lost in the last minute of play, that means the score was very close at that time. Happens in the NBA all the fucking time, in college play All The well you know Time. But the USA team, acting as Professional Crybabies of the worst possible kind, refuse to this day to claim their Silver Medals. Get Over Your Bad Selves. Damn.

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Ap Than Fallujah

I don’t speak nor read Annamese, the language people and culture we in America identify most closely as Vietnamese. There was an iniative the CIA and Greenie Beanies collaborated on, Ap Than. I really don’t know if I’m using the right characters, don’t know how to pronounce and all I know is that it was a fantastic failure of American policy. It means “secure village”. Although it’s sometimes called hamlets. There’s a Beanie (Green Beret, and I’m sometimes told they don’t like the epithet) story about a second lieutenant with a map, a radio and an amazing lack of clue.

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Ah! the glorious 4th!

When once more we gather to burn up dead animals in our backyard, use explosives heedlessly and Most Important of All, listen to a bunch of Jingo speeches reminding us how the United States won every war ever fought, by our resourcefulness (using hijacked resources from every conquered nation), persistence, ingenuity, (like the european refugee scientists who kick started our Nuclear and Missile programs) and gosh darn it just plain old being better than everybody else in the whole gosh-darned world. It brings tears to my eyes and I get all choked up. Which is the body’s natural defensive reaction to the stench of decaying bullshit. And this bullshit has been decaying more than two centuries.
Happy Birthday, o marvelous Warmongering Corporate state! Remember to kill a commie for mommy, remember to win their hearts and minds or just burn down their god damn huts, and most importantly, remember the alamo. And the Shores of Tripoli. You know what the difference is? We only lost once at the alamo.

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Open an older controversy

Sometimes I check the news stories to see if Eric is all right. Of course, the local newspropaganda outlets are pretty much all wrong all the time. Like this one issue from a few years back, a Council Critter name of Daniel Chacon took issue over Tribe not bowing down to his Royal City Council. The “free” press proved themselves to be the watchlapdogs of the local establishment. With no further ado, the first thing that comes when we’re searched on Google is this ridiculous video that calls Eric “cowardly” for supposedly “attacking” our beloved Civic Leader D. Chacon. In His Absence. Come on, now. That’s, to use a W.W.One trench slang, over the top. Seriously, how do you “attack” somebody without him being there? You would think that the minions of the local propaganda outlets like KOAA and the Gazette would at least TRY to learn how to use the English or any other language before, you know, using the language. I know, the incident took place years ago. But that’s what the search engine comes up saying every time. Calling some squirrel-like humanoid or human shaped squirreloid or maybe a person sized hemorrhoid a name, like crybaby fascist lackey (I think that’s what I wrote when this was actually new) is not an attack. An attack is when you strike somebody with a body part or other object. Somebody call whine-one-one because we need the hyberbole police and a waa-mbulance The cops behind whom Mr Chacon and his fellow lackeys hide attack people all the time. Usually when such a person is handcuffed. That’s my English lesson for the day, I hope the Chacon crowd can understand. I as always am “larnin’ all them yankees to talk english good like me” To the best of my knowledge the Shitty Hall folks only speak English, and that poorly.
You’re welcome.

Capitalism and the Workers Pair of Dice.

I had to do that. So, in 1994 NAFTA went into effect. In Mexico there were already the Maquilas. Processing and packaging plants for just about all of the Fortune 500 companies. Those that actually have products, only partly similar to Banksters who don’t produce anything, except debt. Banks spend other people’s money. Invest it for a fee. If your investment pays off, they get a fee. If the investment doesn’t pan out, they still get a fee. But the maquiladores like Ford and General Electric, Coca cola, just any company you could name got tax incentives to move their facilities there, also exemptions to environmental protection laws. They could literally dump their shit into the drinking water of Juarez and all points downstream. And since one side of the stream is the US, Texas to be specific, well, they couldn’t let the stuff into Texas’ drinking water from the Texas side of the Rio. So they dump it from the Mexican side. With NAFTA in place and PAN as the Puppet Regime, capitalism comes to the socialist economy of Mexico. Hooray! But wait, there’s a darkside. So dark many Americans can pretend they don’t see it.

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This is my only-one-cup-of-coffee morning rant.

Thought it fair to give a little warning. This involves the national orgy coming up Monday. Yeah, the 4th. If you want to see a really cool spectacle of what that’s like, wait until the 12th and check what happens in Belfast. Yeah. The Orange version of St Paddy’s. To celebrate the Union victory at the Battle of the Boyne. Only in recent years, the Orangemen are feeling like the Union disowned them and threw them to the Green Irish wolves. They find it to be, how should I put it, distasteful. Because, you know, they’ve experienced approximately 300 years of being able to beat the living dogshit out of Greens, legally. And now they can’t. It’s a whole pallet of boxes of Hertz Donuts. So, in my perspective which doesn’t end at the limits of American Territorial Imperative. which is a real phrase coined to legitimize Imperialism. A long time before I was born. Especially now, when Washing Tundy Sea has decided the Territorial Imperative is global. Maybe we WILL be invaded by an outer-space contingent who are somewhat troubled by the attitude, expressed by Goering damned near 80 years ago that the Third Reich “owned the world AND SPACE”. What if certain ET political entities decide that the US is getting uppity and would want to try conquering all of space? If they’ve been watching Star Trek re-runs and the Independence Day movie, along with the NEW one, seems somewhat like Pentagon propaganda? At the time the movie was declared ready to roll, the Army WAS (and still is) using it a recruiting tool.

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How to get a felony charge in Colorado

Just have some squirrelly ass “citizen” tell the pigs “I’m afraid”. Call him names or raise your voice. It’s how the Fremont County PIGS got John Patrick Walter into an isolation cell where the chickenshit PIG shitwads lynched him. The Fremont County courts and coroner are still doing exactly what they always do in cases where their pet Klansmen do shit like that. Back The Badge. nobody really has to back a badge. Every badge in the world already has a coward ass bitch pinned to the back of it. So far they’ve stalled any real investigation more than two years.

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Hillary, Reagan, Shirley Temple and the Sudan Child Soldiers

I met a guy in jail from Sudan. Seems Halliburton is swarming over the country building a pipeline, to hook into the existing pipes in Libya. There’s apparently no other viable route to the sea, in this case the Med, except through Libya. The opinion was passed back and forth that the entire takeover and new puppet dictatorship in Libya was for that purpose. That conversation was about three years ago. By the way, Hillary is (although heavily invested in the fight) a figurehead appointed by her masters. So was Ronald Reagan and every other puppet president Amerikkka every had. The visible Government make exactly no decisions of their own.

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Brexit and the Impending Apocalypse

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not going to ridicule people for saying the end is near. It might be, or not. This is more of a treatise on Jingoist Pulpits. I know that politics is a major part of a preachers life just as it is for any other. You get 50-100 people together in a church, every one of them has some sort of political opinion. I personally have several… hundred… or so…     But when I was a kid there were dire warnings that the proposed at the time United States of Europe was the Antichrist. Kind of jingoist in that nobody ever (in America at least) trots out The Revelation to question America and the notion of United States. States being sovereign entities. Like Shakespeare in  Hamlet “there is an odor of decay in the STATE of Denmark”, and the character Mike Stivik tells the character Archie Bunker exactly that and gets the reply: “shows how much you know, Denmark is not a state… (dramatic pause) …it’s a city in Colorado”.                       Provincialism strikes yet again. But get the notion of a United States of Europe and people get flat out irrational. So all this begs one question, if the EU breaks up, does that mean the Apocalypse is canceled?

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Well, it DOES have the word “correct” in it

Just a synonym for “right”.  One of the candidates for a high office said putting Ms Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill was “pure political correctness” Woo hoo! Hallelujah! It’s finally been decided that politics should be done Right! and doing right is good politics!  As for Jackson, apart from being a slaveholder, he was a real estate tycoon who sold land before the residents of the land were even informed they were being evicted, because of their skin color. A racist thief in other words. And a murderer, let’s not forget that part. He couldn’t do the evictions without a credible threat of killing people if they didn’t give it up. And he had a whole shitload of people killed. American people, in case that makes a lot more difference to Some People than it does to me. It would be really kewl to have a picture of the old racist bastard burning in Hell, but I suspect that establishment doesn’t allow cameras.

The Word of the Day is: (drumroll, please) Omnicide.

Kill everything. It would be a literally Hell of a brand name for “our” foreign and domestic policy.

US has Duty to protect against Domestic White Sex Slavers

Beat the drums, play the pipes, fire up the drones, we have a new target. This one I get to choose. Barbara Nimri Aziz. published on Global Research has an article (see link) that starts with the propaganda about the Incubator Babies, one of the lies told in the buildup to GulfWarz One, Operation Deceptive Storm and goes to Syrian and Iraqi ISIS as being purveyors of sex slaves.  And of course only Muslim men ever practice such a thing, right? No such thing could ever happen here in AmeriKKKa, right? Not by people, surely, with names like Al or Harry or other western good ol’ boy WASP nominally Christians, right? So let’s have drone strikes against New Braunfels Texas or Reno Nevada or any other sovereign entity that shelters these dirty dogs. Come on, lads, let’s go rescue the ladies in the U.S. of A…. Here in the Homeland. Let’s wipe out the cities and suburbs harboring the “christian” sex slave owners. And not just those Funny quasi-christian cults like LDS or SDA,  living in compounds out in the bundoks, where there aren’t any impartial witnesses, just the BATF and FBI agents word against conveniently dead from Suicide By Cop, let’s get the Catholics, Methodists, Baptists…

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