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How to get a felony charge in Colorado

Just have some squirrelly ass “citizen” tell the pigs “I’m afraid”. Call him names or raise your voice. It’s how the Fremont County PIGS got John Patrick Walter into an isolation cell where the chickenshit PIG shitwads lynched him. The Fremont County courts and coroner are still doing exactly what they always do in cases where their pet Klansmen do shit like that. Back The Badge. nobody really has to back a badge. Every badge in the world already has a coward ass bitch pinned to the back of it. So far they’ve stalled any real investigation more than two years.

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Hillary, Reagan, Shirley Temple and the Sudan Child Soldiers

I met a guy in jail from Sudan. Seems Halliburton is swarming over the country building a pipeline, to hook into the existing pipes in Libya. There’s apparently no other viable route to the sea, in this case the Med, except through Libya. The opinion was passed back and forth that the entire takeover and new puppet dictatorship in Libya was for that purpose. That conversation was about three years ago. By the way, Hillary is (although heavily invested in the fight) a figurehead appointed by her masters. So was Ronald Reagan and every other puppet president Amerikkka every had. The visible Government make exactly no decisions of their own.

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Brexit and the Impending Apocalypse

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not going to ridicule people for saying the end is near. It might be, or not. This is more of a treatise on Jingoist Pulpits. I know that politics is a major part of a preachers life just as it is for any other. You get 50-100 people together in a church, every one of them has some sort of political opinion. I personally have several… hundred… or so…     But when I was a kid there were dire warnings that the proposed at the time United States of Europe was the Antichrist. Kind of jingoist in that nobody ever (in America at least) trots out The Revelation to question America and the notion of United States. States being sovereign entities. Like Shakespeare in  Hamlet “there is an odor of decay in the STATE of Denmark”, and the character Mike Stivik tells the character Archie Bunker exactly that and gets the reply: “shows how much you know, Denmark is not a state… (dramatic pause) …it’s a city in Colorado”.                       Provincialism strikes yet again. But get the notion of a United States of Europe and people get flat out irrational. So all this begs one question, if the EU breaks up, does that mean the Apocalypse is canceled?

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Well, it DOES have the word “correct” in it

Just a synonym for “right”.  One of the candidates for a high office said putting Ms Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill was “pure political correctness” Woo hoo! Hallelujah! It’s finally been decided that politics should be done Right! and doing right is good politics!  As for Jackson, apart from being a slaveholder, he was a real estate tycoon who sold land before the residents of the land were even informed they were being evicted, because of their skin color. A racist thief in other words. And a murderer, let’s not forget that part. He couldn’t do the evictions without a credible threat of killing people if they didn’t give it up. And he had a whole shitload of people killed. American people, in case that makes a lot more difference to Some People than it does to me. It would be really kewl to have a picture of the old racist bastard burning in Hell, but I suspect that establishment doesn’t allow cameras.

The Word of the Day is: (drumroll, please) Omnicide.

Kill everything. It would be a literally Hell of a brand name for “our” foreign and domestic policy.

US has Duty to protect against Domestic White Sex Slavers

Beat the drums, play the pipes, fire up the drones, we have a new target. This one I get to choose. Barbara Nimri Aziz. published on Global Research has an article (see link) that starts with the propaganda about the Incubator Babies, one of the lies told in the buildup to GulfWarz One, Operation Deceptive Storm and goes to Syrian and Iraqi ISIS as being purveyors of sex slaves.  And of course only Muslim men ever practice such a thing, right? No such thing could ever happen here in AmeriKKKa, right? Not by people, surely, with names like Al or Harry or other western good ol’ boy WASP nominally Christians, right? So let’s have drone strikes against New Braunfels Texas or Reno Nevada or any other sovereign entity that shelters these dirty dogs. Come on, lads, let’s go rescue the ladies in the U.S. of A…. Here in the Homeland. Let’s wipe out the cities and suburbs harboring the “christian” sex slave owners. And not just those Funny quasi-christian cults like LDS or SDA,  living in compounds out in the bundoks, where there aren’t any impartial witnesses, just the BATF and FBI agents word against conveniently dead from Suicide By Cop, let’s get the Catholics, Methodists, Baptists…

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More Fallujah

I feel that it’s my duty as a Christian but even more deeply as a human being to remind people of stupid shit like this.  You remember when exactly the name Fallujah crept into the American Psyche? I do. It was when the Bu’ush regime kept banging away about the Ba’ath party under Saddam had done a heinous slaughter… against Fallujah. This works along with the story I heard straight from some of the American airmen involved where the USAF was patrolling the Northern No Fly Zone to protect… wait for it… Dramatic pause here… So you’ll remember… the irony…. The Kurds. And one of their jackoff pilots shot up a flock of sheep including whoever was tending the flock of sheep. In Kurdistan.

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The real reason for Father’s Day and it’s plenty messed up

December 6th 1907, a coal mine in Monongah West Virginia.    300 + miners killed. Explosion. Lots of widows and orphans. If you look for the origins of Father’s Day on google you get about three pages of purest crap about it being a brainfart ummm. brainstorm  by some lady in Spokane three years later. There were lots of coal mine explosions, between coal dust, methane and the need for lighting inside of each shaft. This was the worst in U.S. history. Now instead of killing dozens of miners quickly and all at once, the Coal and Petroleum and “natural gas” fracking operations and strip mining big bosses like to spread out the death over generations. You know how some people say “I’d like to say that whatever crap”  but, no. I wouldn’t like to say that I sympathize with the creators of the mythological First Father’s Day in Spokane.  I’m sure a lot of people prefer the feels-good-gee-gosh-golly crap explanation. Because the truth is really ugly.

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Jack Graham says environment toxic

Meaning the “business envirornment”. He apparently feels that too much regulation is making the Corporate Bigpigs a little bit Not As Rich as they believe they deserve, and by golly he’s going to represent the Big Pigs and screw any of us poor folks who have to endure shit like radium, uranium, lead, mercury, petroleum products, smog and so forth in our soil, our water, our air, our bodies and those of our children. Also he apparently he feels the disenfranchised former union laborers are making too much money, and the Corporate Investors DESERVE many times the reward for their backbreaking efforts to go to an air conditioned office and count money all day than those dirty stinkin’ laborers who actually make the products and services the Corporates sell. Yeah, lazy bums, thinking that just because our labor puts exactly ALL the money into the bank accounts of the idle rich, means we could or should expect at least a living wage.

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Juneteenth whiteout on Fox News

Lots of blather about it being Fathers Day but not a word about Juneteenth.          Imagine that if you will… crap about what to do if your dad is deployed. Tie into Independence Day movie sequel and Army recruiters. Nothing about Juneteenth. All the other stations at least gave it a mention but Fox, hell no. Even the notorious Gazette had a story.

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Tom Jefferson, Founding Father and Serial Rapist

Hu-wi. That’s Cherokee for “hu-wi”. The Silly Season is on us.  Every election year we get bombarded (“we” defined as anybody trying to get information to process and mold our separate opinions) by something called The Expressed Original Intent of The Founding Fathers, with both the Founding Fathers and any coherent shared-by-all-or-even-most Americans beliefs at the time of the revolution being as elusive as the majick unicorn who bears the faerie who guards the Holy Grail. And almost as easy to catch.          One opinion artist put the number of F.F. persons as 3 (THREE) being Ben Franklin, G. Washington and T. Jefferson. Out of the 4 million humans counted in the first U.S. Census. Three. Two of whom were slaveowners. Franklin didn’t have slaves, Washington didn’t write in his diary every or any instance of screwing his slaves but Jefferson did, at least on one particular victim. The “serial” part is the long term multiple times the self-made bastard abused one victim in particular, Sally Hemings, aged 14 at the time of the first assault. He would have gotten a life sentence for it today. This muddies the pool of Founding Fathers and the interpretation of just any of the Divine Precepts by which, according to some, every act of the US and state governments must be measured.       In shorter terms, bullshit.

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Mass shootings prompt calls for gun control, government massacres less so.

Does it downplay the tragedy in Orlando to point out that America’s worst mass shooting, as many have called it, falls well short of the headcounts of shooting massacres which the US perpetrated upon Native Americans? Is it critical to differentiate lone gunmen from state sanctioned crimes against humanity? The first describes renegade racist lunacy, the second systemic. I find the conflation entirely useful. The atrocities of solo shooters spark petition drives to promote gun control. The tyrannical acts of our government against its subjects are reminders why the people fought for and won the right to bear arms.

Why Juneteenth is more important than July 4th

Well, first for me is that it’s my Dad’s birthday, which was really cool. All of the folks in Polytechnic Heights (Fort Worth) would have a big old party on his birthday, along with his twin brother. This year it’s also on fathers day which happens as often as my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. And the facts that Juneteenth, celebrating the last surrender of the Slavers in Texas, did not have a Juneteenth state holiday until 1979. Am I supposed to say Confederate States? Too bad because I’m not. Slavers will fit quite nicely. For the descendants of slaves to cherish the freedom of their ancestors above the “freedom” of slaveowners, part of which was freedom to own other people, yeah, how dare those descendants of slaves not be content to rejoice for the good fortune of the “masters” and the bad fortune of their own family?

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Modern Day Marinus van der Lubbe

The original was a Dutch Anarchist charged with burning the Reichstag thus setting up Hitler to declare absolute dictatorship over Germany. Alledgedly mentally retarded. A bricklayer by trade. Killed by beheading. Then there’s this fellow in Deutschland who was 48, last year, allegedly killed himself in jail, not named in the article linked above, supposedly confessed to several firebombings in Germany, last day as breathing living person 14JUL2015. Alledged to be a member of a far-right group. There’s so much bullshit laid into the account that one would think he was in Denver or Cañon City or El Paso County Jail.   People, I’m being deadly serious here, QUESTION EVERY ASSERTION BY THE FUCKING COPS THAT SOMEBODY COMMITTED SUICIDE OR DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES IN CUSTODY! THIS IS MUY IMPORTANTE!

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I could have done the agent-provocateur thing on Orlando

Probably would have talked myself into believing it was right, too. I could have become a poseur, which is French and derogatory, means a cheap actor, and it’s easy to pronounce, just say “poser” and there you have it. I could go to a mixed forum and say that, sure, the guy thought to be the gunner in Orlando might have “confessed” or boasted over a cell phone to 9-1-1 that he was doing it for Isis. (maybe he did it as a jilted suitor of one or more of the fellows on the dance floor, or one of the ladies, but the Isis thing is the official story and they’re sticking to it)  and say “but hey, the homo crowd deserved it.” I could pick any of a long list of homophobic organizations, usually religio-affiliated. The Klan for instance. Rouse a few rebels. Draw out a little extra heat to pour onto Mediterranean Ethnic types.   And the sad truth is, nobody really has offered proof that the shooter was Isis affiliated.  So far. Leads to a whole herd of waddiffs…

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Orlando ‘largest mass shooting in US History?’ …not really

Hyperbole. Just what people need. By far the largest mass shooting in US history (Americans killing Americans) would be the battle of Gettysburg where about 50,000 Americans were placed in their graves by other Americans. Most of whom considered themselves Christians. Now there will be more stupid people telling us, loudly, that we must kill more Americans because of their religion. Or deport, or place into a concentration camp, all the bullshit designed to ramp up the violence. Let’s try that again… Shall We? 168 in Oklahoma City,
more than 150 Natives at Wounded Knee (maybe as many as 300) and 20 soldiers, after massacring American civilians, were awarded Congressional Medals of Honor. McVeigh was a Seventh Day Adventist, SDA like to remind me that they don’t call themselves Christian because they consider it a Catholic word. The shooters at Wounded Knee considered themselves Christian, for the most part, but we won’t be seeing much in the way of people demanding all Christians be deported, killed or locked onto concentration “internment” camps for either of the linked incidents.  I sometimes get a little bit of teasing or maybe hostility from other Natives because I, like most Cherokee, am Christian. By that I don’t compare myself to Jesus as an equal. To make it really easy to remember I’ll use humor… God knows I’m not anywhere near perfection. Guess what, Christians and anybody else for that matter… neither are you.

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Seriously, ‘Pocohantas’?

Both major parties are throwing the election. Look for somebody to come riding in on a white horse declaring himself a messiah. In other news, 15 minutes of nationwide airtime about Las Vegas and football, in combination. Beer and circuses. 15 minutes of coast-to-coast is a big deal for what is a really trivial story, another town wishing to spend stolen money to subsidize a group of pampered millionaires who are paid to run around on a field chasing a ball. And their psycho fans. To distract people from thinking about the impending fall of their empire, and keep them from thinking long enough to question the wars.

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How do you know it’s summer in Louisiana?

Two ways, one is that you walk out and the heat and humidity knock you down and kick all the will to live right out of you… or there’s a combo of hurricane and poorly maintained infrastructure which  makes people float face down in the French Quarter. Sorry for a) using somebody else’s commercial and b) coming out with such a dark intro into Climate Change. Not really. I’m not sorry. But you notice the people who tell us it’s not climate change but instead a “slight weather adjustment” also use the term “Market Correction” when they really mean a crash so bad it has the feel of a Biblical famine? But of course, anthropogenic climate change is just a myth. Just look at Pike’s Peak. Notice something there? No ice cap. Nope, none.  And it’s not even summer yet.

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Talking back is not a Crime…

Something the Cops should remember because they actually have to learn some of the law and take written and oral tests to ensure they don’t do something like pepper-spray or taser or use a club in a classic beat-down at a street demonstration. Like the Colorado Springs Goon Squad member putting a choke hold on an elderly marcher in a St Paddie’s parade. It was an act of pure hate and cowardice. And well documented, unlike the allegations that during the VietNam war protests veterans were subjected to spitting incidents. I know VVAW protestors came under unfriendly fire …    “water” (ahem) from counterdemonstrators. Maybe the lack of evidence of those incidents lies err… “is rooted” in the solid fact that citizens protesting unlawful government actions NEVER get protection from the pigs. Another reason would be that a home-movie camera during the entire war would cost a weeks wages and not very many people had them. Unlike today when every person with a cell phone probably has a really hot camera built in. Mind you, the local press who are usually on the scene would have lots of recording devices trained on the activists.. even in the Dark Age before widespread access to full motion electronic video recording. Spitting would be a crime, and so would other assaults like somebody striking the expectorator. A “hitter for the spitter” with combat experience and feeling himself to be under attack… there would surely have been at least ONE arrest for such incidents, if such an attack every occurred against any government employee… such as a cop or a soldier.

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David Duke has PhD in Racism

david_dukeMaybe I should become a Doctor.  Or Dorktster. Or whatever snarkish crap. They told me in the Air Force anybody could get into the Officer Candidate Program and become a commissioned officer (rank of 2nd Lieutenant or above) with any Bachelors Degree. The example they gave was a degree in basketweaving. Now, I wonder if there is such a degree. But this dude has a Doctorate in History. THE single most arbitrary field of study.  And he’s found a way to use that PhD to basically get money without doing any real work. One part of it is plugging his Not-Best seller books by endorsing a notorious racist candidate for president. Hint: It’s not the one who is smart enough to keep her mouth shut about whatever prejudices motivate her to kill dark skinned people (primarily) around the world. Actions don’t necessarily speak louder than words, seriously.

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So, the Prisons in America use clergy to radicalize inmates.

Hardly surprising, but the US government usually labels other nations with that honor. There was a report years ago that the guards at Abu Ghraib had gotten prisoners to attack “radical Islam” meaning their fellow prisoners who weren’t being cooperative with the Team USA program. And some of the names who are contributing to the same doctrine being taught in Colorado prisons have a peculiar smell to them. Like at least one of Ronald Reagans’ dope dealing sons, and John Poindexter and Ollie North, writing as guest contributors to Decision! Magazine. Wanting to suppress the slightly less than 1% of Americans who are Muslim. They import some other other Arabian and Sinai Peninsula religious leaders.. Rabbis. Who should be a little bit leery about what’s going down. That War On Christmas bit about Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas is a gun pointed straight at American Jewish businesses. People with that much history should know better but apparently there’s a cadre of lager-kapo wannabees within the Rabbinate. And being as my family history is split down the middle between Europeans (Irish) who got kicked out of their home because of Being The Wrong Kind Of Christian, and the Cherokee side of the table with pretty much the same type of deal, except we were already in North America for 11,000 years and had been a separate political entity for 3000 of those years. So we, like the Jews and now the Muslims, have our share of religious persecution and some of that within living memory. You grow up in such a population and you should know better.

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Now that it is officially Operation Enduring Occupation…

What sort of deal will we make with the Iraqi, Afghan, Brazilian, Libyan, however you would put the same descriptions on Sudan and Chad (Chadian? doesn’t even sound right) and other occupied territories. Israeli colonialists can have dual citizenship with the US just as long as they are not “arab”. Hawaii was obtained in a similar way and became a state. The entirety of the States have that, and there is now some measure of citizenship  for Native inhabitants , Guam and Puerto Rico have limited citizenship in their occupied nations, The Philippines are regarded by the Pentagon to be a permanent naval base for planned strikes against countries which are on the list to be “liberated”, South Korea and Taiwan the same way. So are we going to give these newly conquered oopsie I mean “liberated” people full rights as American citizens, like protections in the courts, voting in federal elections, Social Security, anything on those lines? Of the millions upon millions of Natives in Occupied America including Alaska, Hawaii, and the territories like Guam and Puerto Rico, it took us until 1911 to be recognized as citizens. It took our women a bit longer. That “no taxation without representation” the TeaBaggers like to scream doesn’t get applied to other Occupied Territories. Iraq is being forced to pay reparations for somehow having forced the United States to occupy their nation, that’s a vile and wicked form of Taxation. The de facto rulers of America predicted in the well documented Project for the New American Century that we the people would simply allow them to take over the entire world.

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But Little Johnnie can’t read? Why?

I’m starting this with the documented statistic that half of the adults in Tarrant County Texas are functionally illiterate.  Yes, one of the three most heavily populated counties in the state, and 50% would not be able to clearly read and comprehend these two sentences. Meanwhile, back at the ranch and Allen and McKinney school districts are paying more than 60 MILLION dollars apiece to build high (schools? nay, verily) school football stadiums. Got to have Temples to worship the oblong ball. Never mind the concurrent and consequent price paid by people being ignorant as the day is long. But, hey, they’s jus po’ folk and everybody knows po’ folk ain’t got no need for book learnin’ and such. It’s the epitome of the “Texas Miracle” ex-Governors Bush and Perry boast so loudly as their major contribution to society. Here’s a little bit of information from CBS News about it, with more links.

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Does God say to obey the king?

Which is a favorite of tyrants everywhere (true executive authority comes from a mandate by the masses, not some farcical aquatic you know the rest…) but as it turns out it wasn’t a commandment of God, at least in the bible. It was KING Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. This was the same KING who offered to cut a Hebrew baby in half and the childs mother actually believed him. He somehow had a reputation as a Middle Eastern despot, and some of the things of which he or his scribes boasted would make the Ghost of Saddam Hussein blush. His family put the funk in dysfunctional.  I could not in thousands of words adequately describe the horrors that were done by the House of David. All of the patriarchs actually. David and his sons and grandsons were very well documented.

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Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob?

I took the title directly from an article on Global Research about the American Mafia (the immigrant and sons thereof Mafia, with their ties to Sicily intact) and Mr Chump. Which he hinted in his “art of the steal” book. Specifically about the casino license which he got really quickly, his relationship with Roy Cohn who amongst other jobs had one writing for Ronald Reagan… Damn, the rogues gallery grows quick, don’t it? Bet Ollie North and his fellow traitors including Reagan surfaces in this too. The Iran/Contra punks had a lot of underworld connections from Miami Cubanos and Salvadoran Death Squads to well, everybody. Reagans sons were brokering coke from Colombia through Panama… and then there’s Giuliani.

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