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Archive for March, 2007

Solidarity vs Disintegration?

Moments of crisis always expose group weaknesses. Crises always create stress, and stress causes people to blame others and most espcially others that they have been working closely with in some shape or form. Suffice it to say, that in the 2 weeks since police attacked pro-peace participants in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Colorado Springs, many of those who oppose the continued US government occupation of Iraq have been finger pointing and second guessing each other, and otherwise fighting amongst ourselves. We have not exactly distinguished ourselves by being first in the Solidarity Department.

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Stop Attack on Iran


DENVER, Colorado, Sunday 2pm-6pm, April 1, 2007
First Mennonite Church, 9th Ave and Elati St., Denver

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Same time next year!

Only I’ll be wearing a different shirt.1stamend.gif

Get outta my way!


more stories, all showing the bubble

the one that’s fixing to bust, you know…

There’s a Chinese sideways curse, “May you always live in Interesting Times”…

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Excessive force

Excessive force
If a limited number of policemen are charged with stopping an unruly crowd, you might excuse them having to scramble around to contain everyone. Perhaps they’d have to do what it takes to immobilize each arrestee and move on the the next.

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St Patricks Day duplicity

The duplicity accusation is excusable for people who have never faced trying to voice dissent with urgency. You want to play the game by the rules? Go apply for a permit to march with a message of peace in a pro-war parade. Have the organizer tell you no. Hire a lawyer to write him a letter, threatening to sue if you are not permitted to join the parade. Receive his lawyer’s response. No. It’s a private affair, you are not invited. Have your lawyer write another letter, citing the legal precedence in parades in other cities that were sued successfully for discriminating against minority views. Receive another formal reply calling your bluff.

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Lady liberty Burning the Flag…

lady liberty burning the Flag...Dang, I always suspected it, she is a French Immigrant after all…

Cultivating the clown inside him

‘Ha-Ha-Ha! With your help we fooled them all, all the while playing the clown.’

That was the message Bush delivered to the corporate press insider crowd yesterday. In effect, he was thanking them for helping build up his lovable fool image to a level that Ronald McDonald Reagan never even came close to aspiring to. It was Dubya playing his Hogan Heroes’ role of Coronel Klink. Karl Rove played himself as Sargeant Sholtz.

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Let kids play outdoors

Having moved here last year from a city that had no sidewalks in large portions of town and only one real park kept dirty and filthy and unusable when the hot weather cooled off because it was left unlit, I understand why it is quite difficult for parents to allow their children time outdoors. I understand why parents instead will often substitute McDonald’s play areas and other nasty options such as this, like walking around in shopping malls, to allowing their children to play ourdoors. But the main reason, above all else, that one can now go outside and see little or no children playing, is the mentality of many middle class, religious, and conservative parents themselves. They think that they must always microsupervise their children ‘to be safe’ these days.

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Take Caution…

We have been blessed, so to speak, with a person identifying himself as a soldier commenting on our posts concerning the St Patrick’s Day Massacre. Everybody is welcome to comment, as long as they don’t threaten, or like you know, break laws in the hope of getting everybody else busted.
That’s one version of what is called in the French language Agents Provocateurs,

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Torturers not Liable, says judge

Pleading guilty to end the torture

David Hicks, the only Guantanamo torture victim to plead guilty, did so to end 5 years of unlawful imprisonment and torture. What a mockery of any legal justice or due process this charade is. The whole world should be ashamed for us Americans for allowing this Orwellian kangeroo trial to be held by our illegal and totally rotten and corrupted government. This is about the most shameful moment in my lifetime to have witnessed such abuse being done publicly, and without any sense of mass American public indignation, too.

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The price of militarism on the militarists

What is the price of militarism on the militarists themselves? In the case of Pat Tillman it was death instead of wealth, yet others live and still pay a price. In ‘Torturers Toll‘, another Tony other than myself tells the story of how his torturing of innocent people in Iraq, has essentially destroyed his entire self respect for the duration of his life. How can he ever forgive himself for the cruelty he dealt others, all dictated by picking a ‘career’ inside the US military? He can’t, and many other Americans are also in his shoes, too.

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The world’s top ten most polluted places

The Blacksmith Institute’s top ten most polluted places tells an interesting story. One can’t help but note that five of the top ten worst spots are in regions of the former Soviet Union. The business community of the US and their conservative ideological supporters will certainly point the finger at ‘communism’ for this. But let’s take a closer look, too. Worldwide, what are the activities that most pollute our planet, no matter what kind of economy is involved? The answers would be; mining and war making.

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John O’Donnell, the city’s organizer of St Patrick’s Day parade, now caught in his own lies and hypocrisy

John O’Donnell says that his ‘rules’ prohibit social statements from being made by participants, so he had to have city police assault pro peace parade participants and then have us expelled from the parade. John and the City of Colorado Springs government and police are totally in bed together on this one, and it pays to see just what O’Donnell and the city government have been doing and saying in the past. Check it out below.

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Statement regarding The City of Colorado Springs responsibility for its police attack on the St Patrick’s Day peace marchers

Statement regarding The City of Colorado Springs’ responsibility for its police attack on the Saint Patrick’s Day peace marchers
As has now been widely reported, the citizens that decided to march in the peace section of the city’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade were violently dispersed by city police officers. Many of us received no notice at all to disperse, let alone a reason for why the already paid permit for was being declared invalid. What process or procedure was there in place for revoking this permit, other than the police telling us to get off the city street in an abrupt manner?
Our only ‘notice’ for most of us, was actually to turn and see some of our friends and companions being manhandled by police officers, wrestled brutally to the ground, and threatened with tasers and choke and pressure holds. Most of the officers involved gave no verbal identification of themselves, and it was hard to see any name tags in this abrupt melee instigated by city police officers.

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Clarifying a few terms…

Because some have expressed disdain at the mere thought of being considered right wing apologists… aka people who wish to accommodate and justify right wing philosophy, here are a few things to remember: Catchwords and phrases, talking points, something you might see on a bumper sticker; using these will probably get you tagged as a right wing loon. And in at least some cases the tag would fit perfectly.

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The Colorado Springs government is hiding behind its subcontractor

The city of Colorado Spring subcontracts its organizing of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and then claims that its police assaulted us for crashing a private event! Wrong. The St. Patricks’s Day parade normally pushes an only partially hidden militaristic agenda claiming that it is just a big green party made possible by a private individual.
Article detailing O'Donnell organizing of the 2004 welcome home parade
Fort Carson veteran is St. Pat’s grand marshal

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Get the US and its hired goons out of Somalia

It has been weeks since the US and its ally Ethiopia invaded Somalia. Invasions of other countries, lest we forget, are violations of international law. Unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council acts as Bush’s puppet and is once again rubber stamping US imperialist aggression. Now, Mogadishu threatens to spin into total anarchy ala Baghdad.

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Congo spinning back into war

Most people in the US do not realize that the warfare in the Congo is the world’s most deadly war of the last decade, with well over 4,000,000 casualties. Unfortunately, European and US intervention continues throughout the continent of Africa, and fighting once again is erupting in the Congo. The only solution to the bloodshed is to get the imperialists permanently out of all of Africa. Instead, we have the European Union and the US controlled United Nations running Congo’s affairs, all the while claiming that they are defending democracy. Sound familiar?

Fire in a Crowded Theater

This of course is a response to what I have heard NeoCons say many times in response to any claim to free speech.
They whine about “it’s not legal to shout Fire! in a crowded theater”.

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Miscalculating non-violent for non-litigious

Not wanting to tell us his name
(Clarification: Esther has just been thrown to the ground. Eric is not on the ground by choice, and Elizabeth is about to be pulled away.)

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The Gazette and slander (libel)

Regrettable miniature body languageWhat a completely slanderous editorial the Gazette has published, suggesting that we peace marchers planned the police beating we received!
A couple of innocent circumstances find themselves at odds with such a conclusion. Number one, a good number of us can guarantee we would not have brought our children if we had known what the police had in store for us; number two, we parked our cars at the end of the parade route, which turned out to be quite inconvenient when we were turned back; and number three and without doubt a trump card, none of us brought video cameras! Have you ever seen a protest where every third participant did not have a video camera to document and/or deter police brutality? We had none! We’re now having to solicit video footage from eyewitnesses in the crowd to counter the official assurances that their conduct was above board.

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