OhMyGod the dude actually used the phrase “Final Solution”

guess from context who 'the dude'is... He doesn't seem to have a sense or any curiosity about and of History. And this was said just before he invited himself to a mass funeral in Pittsburgh for another massacre committed by one of his Henchmen. Tact and good manners don't hinder his usual style, and this is just one more example.

So I looked at the Gazette… and the pigs killed another one.

And they got away it surprise surprise surprise. So I thought to myself as I often do 'self, it ain't going to get worse than this' so I let it simmer... mostly because my PTSD the pigs violently imposed upon me wouldn't allow me to be coherent and unbiased, then, well, we got it a lot worse, and y'all already heard and read and the Dead Prisoners patiently waiting for me to not let their murders untold. Billy-boy Elder, well, he's not as bad as Maketa right? Wrong. Satanic puke just like the other Left Hand of Satan Maketa. I poached most of the next part from news sources. Not plagiarizing because the worst parts of it are from police press releases. So let's all read this and see what the articles are Theirs and which are mine. What I write could be considered libel or slander, but since it's TRUE I don't worry at all. So, roulons y! This was reported sept 8. last week the pigs admitted it was homicide. The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating the death of an inmate who was in custody at the justice center on Thursday. No other information was provided by the police

A few bright spots…

The recent 'victories' the Ruling Party claim have quite a lot of booby traps. One is for the vote on Kavanaugh, let's play that word "one" a little, shall we? Kava Kaveman got approved with 50 votes. Counting the one abstention from a Republican Senator, and two sellout Dems, and the numbers count has to have been some Republicans voted no. Because there was a numerical unbalance in favor of the Goopers. Just as a start. They're running scared. The Republican elected and running for continuation County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman for instance, is purging voters who are statistically likely to vote Other Than Republican, per the orders given by Trump. He canceled me and Miss Johnnie AFTER we registered our updated ID cards to our new address... Doug Lamborn, Klansman extraordinair, isn't the Republican candidate. Doesn't have anything to do with his legendary hypocrisy about Term Limits. Funny how Term Limits only applies to his opponents, in his one-person universe. So he's going to split the Republican vote. Then there's Standing Rock version 3.1 Drumpf has opened all Public Lands to his Coal/Oil/Fracking cronies at the standard use fee of 1.50 dollars per acre per year... 53101

Trump, Kavanaugh de facto legalized rape, what social mores next?

Murder, perhaps? Oh, that's been done by the Back the Badge movement. hmm... pedophilia? Well, that's been allowed under certain conditions... like "emancipation by marriage" now, that's really scary. even touches on Slavery. Works like this... Girl as in Not Old Enough is raped. There's no better word to describe it. The Rapist gets a free pass when the child bride is pregnant. (It works for non-pregnant kids too) It's a classic Blame The Victim move. "Making her an honest woman". Very popular in the Dixiecrat Klan States who voted for a certain trump whose name won't be disclosed but he's the current president. Mike Pence, whose name also won't be published, probably performed the Sacred Ritual, as he's a minister of a perverted Gospel, many times. Can't marry another man or a person Not Of Your Race, but you can marry a little girl. The Child Bride is no longer property of her parents, but is bound to her rapist. It's done in Texas. Rape isn't rape if the rapist is rich, or overly religious, or the Rapist has first dibs on the Child Bride, symbolically bought, literally, From her father by her rapist. Trump, Kavanaugh, Pence, Jefferson Davis Sessions,

Quickly do I post, as the wifi here is shitty…

Dear Mr or Mrs Right Wing Fanatic... in regard to your claim to supremacy, you have none. In regard to having any moral or customary "right" to punish anybody for NOT obeying your orders or instructions to perform worship your flag, your /Vazi president or your silly ass demands to "assimilate" to your deeply flawed so-called 'culture', you have none. Further you have not shown any injury, damages or loss of any kind, by the refusal to join in your cultural display of so-called 'patriotism' THUS you are not entitled to any compensation. It is also advised by this Court that you should cease your crybaby screaming and threatening against those who refused to obey you. In short, grow up and learn civil conduct.

Slidell Teacher made rant of African Americans daring to complain about racism

So, I wrote a comment to the New Orleans Advocate About the Slidell School teacher commenting (racist)about Kaepernick ... I read the comment over and over, almost identical on Yahoo news that Africans were entirely to blame for slavery. This impacts the Statues debate. OK, so you have admitted that the slaves WERE dragged violently from their homes, shackled, sold, taken to America and sold again, kept in perpetual imprisonment, Life Sentence not for ANY crime, and their children placed in slavery for the heinous SIN of being born, with no status as even Human, forbidden to have money, learn to read, have their own names given by their families, and were subject to be raped, beaten and even murdered for the 'crime' of refusing the orders Your ancestors gave, with no appeals, no Due Process, but it was OK with your ancestors and OBVIOUSLY YOUR OWN lack of conscience,BECAUSE THE ONES WHO TOOK THEM FROM THEIR HOMES AND SOLD THEM TO YOUR ANCESTORS WERE AFRICAN. 53093

Trump engineering another land/water giveaway to Big Oil, Bigger than Standing Rock

Not only Native treaty lands, but all of america would be forced to buy water from Halliburton. Arrogant Fucks. There's a long running lawsuit because BLM have sold water to every corporate entity in the U.S. except for the Natives who are supposed to have priority on water as per Treaty. This has been done by English Invaders since 1585 where they claimed not just the Roanoke Island or even the current boundaries of the U.S. but the Entire World. It's called Dominionism.

Trump Fascists are coming after Native Americans, this is NOT a drill…

only Hispanics, but the Trump Gestapo say they're not Racist. Bunch of low-life Coward pondscum. The Tigua tribe at San Elizario have triple citizenship, U.S., Tribal and Mexican. People on the northern border have the same way. Y'all Racist Ku Klux Konservative LYING SONS OF SATAN, what you going to do, come after every American Indian person? F.ck You and your nasty racist mommas.

t Rump anticipates defeat, calls for coup

in shorter language, he's giving a green light for his Terrorist/Stormtrooper/Klans"men" to attack Americans in America. Like his little jaunt into the world of lynching where he urges his /Veo-/Vazi Sore Losers (60 years of Civil Rights and the fall of Apartheid /slash/ Desegregation, that sort of thing), wiring up Adam Purington to kill two legal residents of the U.S., and wounded three more, James Fields using his car to murder another American and wounding many more, his urging the outright Lynching of the Central Park Five, (not achieved) for a crime they did not commit, doesn't matter because New York Riot Act violations includes threats... State Legislatures in 16 states tried, WITH THE FULL BACKING OF COWARD DONALD DICK to legalize murdering pedestrians with motor vehicles... He's a Pu..y just like the right wing KuKluxKonfederates... All to make TinyHands Trump believe he's important. If I said =here in colorado= that anybody should be harmed, it would be Menacing, a FELONY... Same in Texas and New York... Calling for the overthrow of a legitimate government is a Federal offense called Sedition and Treason, also called Terrorism...He's a right sorry bass terd and a coward, and if his Aryan Brotherhood comrades

ANTIFA beat down Liberal Activist? How about THIS:

Appearance is crucial to examination of the claim. I don't to my knowledge actually recognize anybody in the ANTIFA movement, nothing strange about that... But FOX was the source for the coverage of the event. So, FOX who don't know WHO are the leaders or followers AT ALL, and stranger still the Police State Gestapo don't either. How? Cops say they don't profile Black people wearing hoodies, bullshit. They make a big production of identifying people around the world with DNA and snitches, etc... But strangely not the White Supremacy movement OR .... ANTIFA. So whether there is a Resistance group called ANTIFA,eh.. probably. Are ALL those who are claimed to be ANTIFA actually ARE? Hell no. The scene for the real attack was real The Beat-down was real. The victim was real. So, where were all the cops? If the cops witnessed any kind of Unofficial Politics being done on THEIR watch they'd be beating people down or at the very least would have brought in reinforcements. Something of the nature and magnitude of the reported ANTIFA attack would have the scene surrounded with Militarized Storm Trooper Police in full body armor, military assault weapons of all kinds... and

Greeley White Man accused of murder, vs A Farm Worker Facing similar charges.

Because the Far White Wing are demonizing the one but not the other. There's no parity there. The Trump Worshipers aren't demanding that White Anglo Saxon Protestants be subjected to arbitrary Mass Deportation, even though White prisoners outnumber the immigrants accused or convicted. You could go to Yahoo News and see the frothing at the mouth fanatics writing all kinds of racist bullshit about the ACCUSED immigrant but there's this:

China Syndrome…The U.S. Military Is Worried About China’s Moves in Africa

The only way any "attack" against America happens in any nation other than the United States would be if the U.S. claimed sovereignty over that nation. Imperialism in short. Colonialism. Fascism. Just like the U.S. Government claims sovereignty over square inch of America, it's stolen land. The U.S. claimed every Native Tribe is a Sovereign Nation but they claim the privilege of usurping that sovereignty when they please. Welcome to the self defined Land of the so-called 'free' .

92 Million Dollar Parade, started at 12M, to honor Trump ooops I mean “vets”

If this looks like me posting on yahoo, it's because I DID. Enjoy. Jonah Elijah 0 sec ago This from a vet in a vast family of vets, the best way to "honor" us would be to bring all of the soldiers airmen sailors marines, close all 800 Occupation bases around the world not counting domestic bases. My God, we have more than ten times the entire Rest Of The World COMBINED (77) and most of those are NATO. Honor Wounded (or to make it simpler ALL) vets by not creating MORE wounded vets for the 1% Dictatorship, of which Draft Dodgin' Donald is a life member. Reply 53076

The system lied… same as always…

The orientation for Jury selection banged on and on about the so-called 'fact' that the Revolution was fought and every subsequent Imperial as well, to give us the right to trial by jury. Bullshit. Also the "patriotism" of Americans taking up arms to imprison, enslave, torture and kill people in other countries and HERE without any pretense of due process. The Jury trial was English Common Law as delineated in the Magna Carta. Washington and his accomplices fired on what was the "legitimate" English colonial government. And the reasons Washington and his accomplices delineated in the Declaration of Independence were the "rights" of slaveowners and other unsavory thieving bastards to deny other people due process. Like the Expansionist faction who were prevented by English treaties with Natives from taking the territory, and killing anybody who got in their way. Daniel Boone was never the "freedom loving patriot" his admirers think he was. Crockett, Pike, Jackson, none of them. Did any of the Sovereign Tribes get a fucking jury trial? Hells to the NO! Were the slaves given a trial, proof of guilt, an impartial and unbiased jury before being chained and dragged away from their homelands and forced to do

Jury Duty

So, the Judge asked if anybody was biased regarding the lawyers so I went honest and said "their office, their coroner and the former State Attorney who is now the Mayor helped Cañon City cover up the murder of John Walter, and I can't believe anything these guys say". I omitted the image I have of them with a 3 pound sledge hammer buried in each of their smug lying faces. Not that I would do that to them.  It's just an entertaining whimsy.  And I didn't even call them fascist pigs. I'm proud of myself.

Trumpista Imperialists think they’ll conquer China

A truly easy and effective solution would be for the Wall Street privateers including tRump and anybody who believes China or any other nation needs to be "put in their place" should finance their own ventures with their stolen money gathered during the past centuries since the British sent Capitalist/Racist/Fascist colonists in 1585 to slaughter any Natives they felt necessary to wipe us off our land, the same way their descendants did for Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, VietNam, The Filipinos, Guatemala, Haiti, a third of Mexico, El Salvador, Japan, Most of Arabia- any of the countries who have kings like Saudia, every square inch of U.S. territory, Panama, in short every inch of U.S. occupation, Every NATO country... But of course the Warmongers aren't going to attend the wars where the peasant military are going to "liberate". They're going to sit around their boardrooms in New York, Houston, Washington, Cheyenne Mountain, and or trolling Yahoo with their Imperialist BillShut. And congratulating each other for being such "patriotic" Far Right Wing thieves and murderers.

Shades of Chivington and Ludlow massacres re:homeless PEOPLE

I know what it's like having to camp due to lack of funds  or, as is, increasingly, difficulty to even be considered as a tenant unless you're filthy stinking rich, the Fascist definition of it is "gentrification" but is really a probable precursor to Genocide. OK that would entail racism, and everybody in Colorado Springs KNOWS there's no such thing as racial hatred here and never was. Shoot, Chivington, Palmer, Rockefeller, Stanton, Custer, Carson, they just loved Natives to death. Literally. What if the struggling homeless PEOPLE resist being further dispossessed? Are the Colorado Springs Gestapo (pigs, fuzz, heat, dicks, | a real job description given to themselves FROM themselves! and if you don't like it you can line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas-size All-you-can-eat Buffet of KISS MY LIBERAL ASS! | ahem... Are the police and National Guard and unofficially official militia like the racist fascist lunatic fringe Minutemen, Nazis, Aryan Nation and Ku Klux Klan going to lynch the people whose only "crime" is surviving without your literally God Damned permission? Like your ancestral "heroes" who consistently MURDERED Americans who lived in tents and didn't have a formalized title to the lands we occupied

Trumpistas dish it out but can’t take it…

Apparently "sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander". After a year and a half wherein the Trump Pigs deployed operatives to disrupt any kind of dissent, many of those operatives being soldiers, cops and other professional murderers, but they get all pissy about backlash of non-fascist citizens confronting Trump disciples with non-racist non-hate speech. The poor Trump Tittiebabies can't understand that free speech supposedly isn't a one-way street. Sarah Sanders and her Daddy and her Sugar Daddy Trump are playing the Victim Card. Too bad, Sarah.

Auschwitz was a Deportation Center…

Mr Trump is demanding Mass Incarceration, Indefinitely, for Immigrants, using the separation of families as an excuse for Concentration Camps. Roosevelt gave the excuse that the Japanese Americans were so very hated by the (admittedly racist) White Population that they would "need to be removed for their own safety". Which was bullsnot then and still is. Germans had done quite a lot of "sneak attacks" on American Merchant Marine vessels, sank quite a lot more ships and sailors than the single-day attack on Pearl Harbor, but German Americans weren't put into Concentration Camps. Same with Chinese, Thai, Korean and other Asiatic peoples, which the Yankee Government "protected" by putting out stupid azz propaganda posters to educate American White Racists on "how to tell the difference between Japanese (BAD) and Chinese (GOOD)" also known as "Know Your G--ks" posters. Did they do the same for How To Spot a German as opposed to an Englishman? How about telling the difference between Greek or Italian? Greece was occupied but the majority were Communists and U.S. Allies,.. did they teach YOU that in high school history books? They sure didn't teach it in Texas. Italy was "our" enemy. But no "internment" for Italian

Pig blow away a 17 year old, in the back as usual, Yahoo fascist trolls rejoice.

Never fails, somebody who is not found guilty or even charged gets shot, beaten, or killed by jail "Health Care" and all the Fascist Pukes become automatic prosecutors who know for a fact the person deserved to be murdered. Back the Badge asswipes who wish they could shoot people in the back or some other form of lynching. Alles Sieg Heil am der Amerikanisch 4th Reich Gestapo! Heil! Heil! Heil! 53048


There's a few issues cropping up. For one, the Police have staged fights at Klan rallies (Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, Minutemen, Nazis, other Supremacists...) and there's the notion that all the Pigs have to do is get black "Toms" to put on masks, and say they're ANTIFA.... uhhhh.... since ANTIFA is an ANONYMOUS group, according to the PIGS who say they Don't Know Who They Are... See how easy that is? Another is a Black rapper named Kanye West who said that slavery was voluntary. Because everybody wants to work on other people's farms for free, and of course the Fugitive Slave Act, and Black Americans born to slaves (even those were the sons and daughters of their mothers' fathers) themselves, weren't allowed to own ANYTHING especially money, could not be taught to read and write and that whole business of being chained up in the Slave Ships (because anybody who volunteers to be a slave must be stupid enough to need restraints, they would probably go swimming in the open ocean, so the chains and shackles were a kind of Safety Belt) I DON'T know for certain Young Mr West really believes that shit or if he's pulling the