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Latest Articles


Silly Santorum says: Evangelists forgive Trump … but doesn’t know WHICH Evangelists

Evangelists are, by definition, independent. It’s a breakaway movement from State Churches and Church States. In particular, it was the Church of England founded by Henry 8th because the equally corrupt Catholic Church wouldn’t allow him to keep committing adultery. Brother Jonah says: forgiveness of sins is given by God, not by those who claim to speak for Him, and the price of forgiveness depends on REPENTANCE. Not, you know, keeping their sins alive. Like mass murder, which Drump, with the explicit permission and blessing of SOME Evangelicals, who are also demanding the flag, An IDOL made of cloth, be worshiped by everybody in America and since the mass-murder wars they also support, (see above) should also be praised and supported by everybody. I turn your attention to what The Holy Bible Says: Luke Chapter 4: 5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. 8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. Those of us who are actually literate in the English language, (which the Santorum /Bush/Drump Cult demands everybody achieves, even though it’s apparent they Do Not…) will notice that when Satan told Jesus he was the master of every Kingdom in the World, Jesus didn’t dispute the claim, and politely told Satan “No Deal, Lucille” . “Every” kingdom includes the Empire of the United States. My advice for those “evangelists” who troll in favor of the AntiChrist Donald John Nicolae Carpathian is that you repent, and stop taking the Name of God in vain, and since the title of Christ is one way to speak the name of God, The commandment is one of God’s Top Ten Hits List, so perhaps you could repent and just plain Stop Working For Satan’s Disciples.

Propaganda alert: Who named the Russian missile Satan?

Answer is easy, it’s not anybody in Russia…  More Like The Terror Cartel In The Arlington-Langley-K Street Axis of Evil.But of course the Usual Suspects tell a different story, one they made up in their tiny little available brain cells. Mind, Russia never nuked anybody. The Grand Club of Nations who have nuked is exactly one. Ours. Allegedly ours. We’re supposed to call it “ours” although nobody I’ve ever met has actually shown ownership. Anyway, this is a straight across copy from Space4Peace Bruce Gagnon. Enjoy. Read more »

“Angel Dad” and other Snotzi Lying Racist Scum.

DumFux Snooze Nutwerks is providing a “statistic” that 30% of U.S. homicides are committed by immigrants. That means, if it was true…(remember, we’re talking Fux News here, consider the source) 70% would be by Citizens. Minutemen, Klan, MAGA disciples, read the truth. Learn to read. I know the Trump Disciples can’t read very fast so I’m typing this really slowly. At least some of them are semi-literate,  they read the propaganda to the ones who can’t. You know who you are. In the immortal words of Joe Wilson: “YOU LIE!”

Hamilton the Musical lionizes the real Benedict Arnold of the Am. Revolution

USA currency heros and villain
OUR GUILDED AGE OF GREED AND NARCISSISM is naturally going to recast Alexander Hamilton in a heroic light. Though he adorns the ten dollar bill, Hamilton was neither a president nor a founding father. The first secretary of the treasury was rather the nation’s founding banker. Not a Mr. Drysdale safe deposit banker, its loan officer.

Read more »

Today kids are learning a valuabe civics lesson. Government won’t do anything for people, without a gun to its head.

OH THE IRONY. But Poe’s Law probably carries to high schools, for the same reason irony doesn’t compute on social media: adolescent frontal lobes.

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Yemeni people in Yemen treated like Homeless PEOPLE in America

The criminal Elitists don’t care less (or more) for Yemeni people than they do for American people. There’s a bill being pushed in the Colorado Legislature, to be voted on TODAY, “the Right to Rest”, to stop jailing and dehumanizing People who don’t have homes. There are elitist pricks who want to take the vote away from people who rent rather than own. The lie they tell is that tenants don’t pay property taxes. But,,,, where do the landlords get the money to pay property taxes? Real Estate rentals are a big moneymaker, otherwise there wouldn’t be any investment in doing so. The land barons didn’t create the land, they didn’t take a single square foot of land from the “savage” but they sure did hire, at other people’s expense, soldiers to kill the natives and imprison any who weren’t murdered. They got it “dirt cheap”, they’re still doing it here and abroad, and they can blacklist people, many of them soldiers who were instrumental in expanding the Empire in Iraq and Yemen and Saudia and Israel and all the other Puppet “democracies” where all human rights are leased on a day-to-day basis. Don’t support the Puppet Masters? Say so aloud? You won’t be allowed to even rent a home.You won’t have a place to lay your head and if you insist on surviving they’ll throw you in jail, and they’ll force you to work essentially for no wages to “pay your debt to society”. They’ll say “love it or leave it, but to another jurisdiction which is owned by the same cowardly lazy so-called “Elite” thieves.

Tillerson is out. Too Moderate. Not psychopathic enough.

Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Right to Rest Law…

Today, as I was going with Miss Johnnie to her orthopaiedic office -I saw crews taking the life-supporting humble belongings from the camps of the poorest people in Colorado.  If you can’t get into shelter you don’t have any rights to property or to Life Itself. Dare to fight back, the PIGS will shoot you IN the back. There’s a measure in the Colorado Legislature that will be voted up or down tomorrow. The effete Wealthy Elitists who don’t care about the guns they sell to impoverish people around the war, are more embarrassed by People, many War Veterans, not so much them being dispossessed and impoverished, but they’re embarrassed that the survivors of the Wars the Corporate Thieves And Murderers used to gain their money…. the veterans and others are VISIBLE. The Local Churches like Focus on The Family and New Life applaud and preach to their congregations that the homeless people deserve to be exterminated.

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Can one liberate sheeple?

Animal liberators face a dilemma. Livestock deserve to be freed, every last piglet and lamb. But animals bred for captivity won’t survive without it. Emptying a CAFO will precipitate an equally calamitous tragedy outside its door. The remedy of course is to stop breeding sentient beings for human consumption. The same probably holds for people. Social justice advocates can aim to liberate the “sheeple” but into whose hands?

Presidential Math 101

And here I was thinking Bush couldn’t count past ten without taking off his boots. Trump in Pennsylvania stated he created 300,000 jobs. The number of American People is 330,000,000. More or less. Aside from his not having any of his economic agenda accomplished,  330,000,000 ÷ 100 =3,300,000 three hundred thirty million divided by one hundred (1%) equals three million and three hundred thousand.     3,300,000 ÷ 10 =330,000 (.1%) three million three hundred thousand divided by 10 equals three hundred thirty thousand , one tenth of one percent.  330,000 is MORE than the 300,000 number cited. Aside from him pulling the original estimate out of his or perhaps his friends ass,  that’s a dismal statistic. But who was dumber, him or all the supporters who also didn’t do any math before cheering?

Read more »

President Trump wants a Bastille Day? By all means, let’s give it to him!

YES, GIVE TRUMP HIS MILITARY PARADE! Let the world see the tinpot military dictatorship which the US has become. President idiot was inspired to order his generals to parade their best hardware after attending France’s Bastille Day celebration. Obviously he doesn’t know the French republic is commemorating their liberation from the Ancien Regime of monarchy, theocracy and feudalism. That’s when Parisienne rioters overran the fabled Bastille prison, the impregnable fortress which held political prisoners. It was the act which launched the French Revolution. Historians estimate the crowd of Sans Culottes to have numbered less than 800. Remember that next time you think the turnout at your demonstration is too small to make a difference.

Army papers say planned coup of Russia/slash Putin

Army document: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3. Senior DIA, Air Force and Army officials admit that NATO expansionism and US covert interference in Russian internal politics may trigger “next global conflict”.

Read more »

USA Today Weekend Op Ed says to not take Florida Teens seriously

Because kids who were thrust into the front line by a second-amendment idiot aren’t smart enough to realize that it’s all for their own good. Or something similar. God strike me down if I’m stupid enough to pay $1.50 to find out. Sometimes, many times, it’s wise to judge a book by it’s cover.

How to play a REAL game of Monopoly.

MONOPOLY was invented by an anarchist who wanted to demonstrate the folly of capitalism. She called it The Landlord’s Game. Virtually unchanged, Parker Brothers’ Monopoly still teaches that the land grab end game always results in a monopoly. Players don’t consider such an outcome objectionable because board games need a single winner, and since everyone starts at square one, all have a chance to drive the rest of humanity bankrupt. You don’t have to tweak Monopoly much to render a perfect forecast of a child’s prospects in the real economy. Start the game with all the properties fully populated with hotels and houses, all owned by the player who won last time. Now go.

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Sovereign Bruce Doucette found guilty of organizing a jailbreak from servitude

BREAKING: A jury of twelve Denverites just found Pro Se defendant Bruce Doucette GUILTY of multiple counts of racketeering, organized crime deeds, etc, for the actual self-confessed act of telling off his betters. By whom I mean, the local officiates of a fraudulent entity which presumes everyone’s birthright is slavery.

A silent tribute to the judicial reform martyrs

There’s a Music Awards show on Sunday, the commercial asks ‘who will win?’

anybody who doesn’t watch the show… that’s who. Compared with some of the other stuff it’s downright light-hearted or maybe light headed.

Judicial reform activist Bruce Doucette is next Denver sovereign to face joint FBI JTTF IRS & Colorado AG show trial

DENVER, COLORADO- Into the second week of the Doucette sovereignty trial you can’t help but imagine yourself attending the burning of a medieval heretic. There but for a modicum more caution than courage go I.
Sovereign Bruce Doucette and his nine co-conspirators, who prosecutors allege constituted a “criminal enterprise”, were saying what most know to be true about our nation’s corrupt justice system. Their attempts to bring reform however sparked the fear and wrath of the targeted cronies, who now lash back with all the authoritarian muscle with which they conduct their misdeeds.

Read more »

How did Edward Jones investment bank get assets of more than $1 Trillion?

That’s what they ask on their commercials. The real answer is they’re thieves who have raided the treasuries of the U.S. and other economic Corporate Governments, including being a huge beneficiary of the Obama bailout of the richest bitches in America. Remember that? The poor were scapegoats for the breakdown, people who control less than a percent of the U.S. wealth? Scapegoat doesn’t ring accurately, according to the Law of Moses the scapegoat is let free. The only Jewish sacrifice that involved the animal surviving the ceremony. Edward Jones and the rest of Capitalism are thieves. Plain and simple. The U.S. government has been creating wealth for the Already Wealthy since before the Corporate State was actually called the U.S. and bailed out the Rich, and ONLY the Rich, ever since the Mayflower Compact. And as always, the Capitalists will LIE about their sources of support. The wars started or joined into by the U.S. government were organized slaughter of the Peasant Army (and other ‘services’) slaughtering other Peasant armies around the globe to deprive the other Corporate Governments of the resources controlled by those Corporate Governments. Theft and Murder and we’re supposed to support and celebrate it. We’re commanded by the propagandists to teach our children to swear allegiance to The Corporate State. We’re told to never tell our children the TRUTH. The Corporate States of America call that treason.

Small-minded legislature and AG and Governor removed all tenant’s rights..

For the past two months we’ve been dispossessed, living in a motel. It eats up our funds and all because of greed at the hand of our former landlord. We had paid rent for 17 years, in cash, but on a month to month basis, and he put us out with no regrets on his part. Because he could get 55% more rent. Dude needs to have a Damascus Road event in his spiritual life. This kind of action is being copied all across Colorado. The legislature decided to remove all tenant’s rights. Alles Sieg Heil am der Uberfuhrer Trump! Alles sieg heil am der UnterFuhrer Suthers! All hail the greedy rat bastards like Jim Newell, Slumlord extraordinaire! We actually, over the past 17 years, paid off his mortgage and more, got years of neglect and having to fix mostly by ourselves and at our expense every repair he wouldn’t do. Didn’t give a written explanation of why he did it that way. And of course the Noble State courts or cops won’t do anything about any of it. Rich Bitches like Newell have things their own way, and fuck anybody who isn’t wealthy. The punk has a Stagecoach rental business too, if he treated his horses the same way he treats the tenants, he’d be up on charges for Animal Cruelty.

Terry Maketa gets free pass on his crimes, just like every other pig EXCEPT…

…except for the piggies who had their cases tried in the Street Court. And got their ticket to Hell expedited. Soon or prolonged, they all go to Hell. I don’t have to do anything to them, they gather their arrogance, murders and other crimes to their nasty little hearts, each day becoming more of a harsh burden, the weight of it makes their existence more onerous and as they’re taking their last gasps of air, they know they are bound for their date with Satan. There will be their Satanic Chaplains Ed Maxwell, Donna Mills, Bill Winter, Gino Geraci, Jerome Nixon, Larry and Jan Loser, Robert Ofee, Manny Hays, Bob Paige, Bill Payton, Tim Shaffer, Carl Nelson II, all of them. any of  them, comforting the Pig’s family with lies about how noble daddy or grandpa was and they’re certainly in heaven and  they, the chaplains, are going to Hell with all the other piggies. Maketa and the paid-off “prosecutors” and judges will join their comrades in Hell, soon or many years from now.

Read more »

Snapchats Austin Forget and Lauren Combs rescued a pet pig, then ate her.

MOLLY was a 3-year-old pot-bellied pig rescued from an abusive home. After nursing her back to health, a “no-kill” shelter in British Columbia adopted Molly to a creepy young couple in Duncan, Vancouver Island, who signed papers agreeing they wouldn’t eat her. Then Snapchat pics turned up celebrating Molly being seasoned, cooked and served. The shelter sent constables to investigate but learned no laws had been broken because Austin Forget and Lauren Combs assured them that Molly had been killed humanely. Forget was more descriptive on Facebook where he declared “hahahahahah I killed the fucking pig” with a gun apparently. The public outcry has prompted both to delete their social media accounts and Forget is apologizing for his insensitivity which he blames on his youth. Trolls are weighing in that it’s just bacon. And while we can condemn Austin and Lauren for being souless gourmands, they’re no more inhuman than anyone who eats the intelligent and sentient pig, whether family pet or terrorized industrial farm internee.

City planning ‘homeless roundup’ to make themselves pretty for Olympics parade?

There’s hoovervilles all over town but most prominently on the likely route for such a parade. Got to hide that dead and rotting pachyderm in the antechamber. Don’t want the Capitalist “leaders” who make money from killing people overseas and especially in America to have to see the results, in human form, of their greed economy, now, do they? Make the pampered athletes trained and clothed and fed and housed by tax money, taxes funded by War Profiteering look as bad as the policies already are?

Billy Graham died, t-Rump lost his mind, stupidity abounds

In other words, the only news in that opening is Graham joined with eternity. t-lump lost his mind a long time ago. He just piled stupid on top of ignorance and his disciples are calling for more. Armed teachers, MORE guns in schools? Here’s an alternative scenario… The Republican Party could pull their long-time support for the NRA, Heritage Foundation, Ku Klux Klan, and other race-wing lunatic fringe uber-violent domestic TERRORISTS. That’s not bloody likely, mate.

When you can’t actually drive a car and know the rules but do it anyway..

When you can’t actually drive a car and know the rules but do it anyway.. They first take a lot of your money and if you don’t bother to learn to pay your tickets and/or not learn to drive right, they start arresting you. Zero tolerance really. But you can buy a gun and walk into a school and just light the place up. No requirements at all. The NRA makes their members buy those stupid bumper stickers that say “I’m NRA and I Vote” and other crap written by oversized infants like Cheney or t Rump or Teddy Potty Panties Nugent and their ilk.. and you pay dues. And they make the members swear to learn the safety rules, formulated by billions of man-hours worth of experience, BUT the only part the NRA actually enforces is Paying Your Dues. They use that money to buy senator, representatives and presidents and governor and cop and judges and prosecutors… to make certain that anybody who wants a gun and buys it can have it. Rules? Oh, once you shoot somebody they’ll prosecute, if you’re not rich, like Cheney, for instance.. You can act all kinds of crazy about how you want to kill people, prance around your yard waving guns and still keep the god-damn guns. Completely. And when you blow 17 kids into the next life the NRA and their paid-off officials put more money into propaganda that justifies (to them) giving really stupid people guns.