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Latest Articles


Trump reorders recidivist “Muslim Ban” and Denver activists redouble efforts to welcome all refugees to America.

DIA, COLORADO- So banning Muslims from six countries instead of seven is supposed to ease legal concerns about religious discrimination?

Unpermitted signs at Denver Internat’l Airport. Kids get away with everything.

DIA, COLORADO- While we shuffled around the International Arrivals reception area trying to abide by the sign restrictions placed on our airport free speech permit, these children brazenly unfurled totally unvetted posters they’d prepared to welcome their daddy’s return from Mexico.

History of the Death Penalty

There is no written record of the Stone Age executions, but in our recorded history we began with; “Stoning”, “Impaling”, “Disemboweling”, “Beheading”, and “Burning at the Stake”.
In our more recent history we have used; “A Firing Squad”, “The Guillotine” “Hanging”, “The Electric Chair”, “The Gas Chamber”, and now we are told “the most humane way to kill a human being”.

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Courting the Supremes.

They seem a little bit peeved with the Trump agenda, especially the part about putting the SCOTUS under the Executive Command. Maybe Il Douche didn’t take civics or at least not seriously when he was in the “elite” academy in which he spent his boyhood wishing he was somewhere else. Something about separation of powers between legislative/executive/judicial and the powers held by the states territories and Indian Reservations. A little bit of quality education would have been just what he needed. Anyhow, they delayed judgment on Standing Rock, means they sent a note saying they’re not going to just rubber stamp his every whim. Also they’re probably afraid that some of the people they fucked over in the past might know how to find their poorly guarded castles, and would hang them in their own trees by their own intestines, watched by their families and while they’re still alive.

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So far… Prez taking a hit

My suggestion would be for him to “take a hit” by rolling or buying a Marley, ignite, place unlit end to mouth, inhale, repeat as necessary. Dude needs to chill. On the other hand, his New Executive Order is out concerning travel restrictions. Dialed it way back. Still stupid, but not as haughty and imperialist as the first. This time it’s down to No Visa applications from 6 nations. Existing visas to be honored. In other news, the Trump-Perry Spite fence aka el muro. The wall. Where it’s proposed, but not funded, to be built. Well within the state of Texas, some as much as 100 miles or 160 km from the river. Because of the topography of the Rio Bravo/Grande. It would not be feasible to put a wall, a fence, a house, in fact anything other than a boat, in a riparian system. Maybe a levee. A huge portion of the irrigation water in south texas is from Amistad Lake. A reservoir. A great big one. on the confluence of Rio Diablo, Rio Grande and where a previous lake, Lake Walk, which is engulfed by Amistad. Amistad means friendship in Spanish. They were building the lake when we left out of Del Rio/Laughlin AFB in 1968. The canyons in the
Bandolero movie, under water now. That low level of current most of the year carved out the canyons. It would be stupid to put structures in that. So, people in Del Rio, Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, etc… will be on the wrong side of the wall.

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Why the primal fear of sight and smell of human dead

This I sniped from several psychology and related disciplines articles years ago. And yes I’m going to hit it up with a bit of politics. The first time you smell a deceased human, you’ll know, instinctively know. It’s not like dead other mammals. Well, it is to a point. or if you see a corpse including skeletal remains. In the olden time, when humanity was more thinly dispersed, if you encountered a human body, your first instinct was to look around. Sharpens all your senses. Why? Because somebody or something killed this member of your own species. Something or somebody which or who might still be hanging around, and maybe it’s hungry, you don’t know, just that this is a hostile action. And humans are definitely a herd or pack animal. So much that we have a primal language all of our babies start experimentation when they’re like 9 months old. mama, papa pupu pipi wawa. The phenomenon is called onomotopaeia and it means “something that sounds exactly like what it describes”. I had a French teacher in High School who said she thought the word “murmuring” was about the most elegant word in any language. Anyway, if the deceased was not of your family band, that’s double. Strangers are rare in nomadic culture. By the time you can walk you’ve probably met everybody in a two hundred mile diameter. Probably a case of many cousins too… and who travels alone in tribal lands where he’s a stranger? Where are the rest of his band? These questions hit you all at one whiff. So how does Jonah make this political? All the times the U.S. Military have announced “final victory”.
They never had an absolute victory so maybe they can explain (if they move to another state, instead of the State of Denial) that ludicrous thought. Especially in our times. The VietNam non-war was called the Prime Time War because you would see people getting blown to heaven or hell on the TV news.
So, who else was watching? Humans are more hardwired to not surrender, especially to a carnivore. If they’ve seen their family member(s) slaughtered by a lion they’re not bloody likely to go up to that lion and sue for peace. Standing Rock, for instance.

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A brief conversation at King Soopers back in November

Some kid (early twenties, maybe 30) saith unto me “What a day! We’ve got a president who isn’t a politician and legalized pot!” He seemed to be under the affluence of incohol but that doesn’t mean much. The important bit is that he had drank the koolaid. Giggled a little when I said Trump was going to sell him out on both counts. Now that Trump is ordering ummm.. Suggesting to his Cult that they assault and even kill immigrants, Muslims whether immigrant or not, Black Americans, the whole gamut.
And his Attorney General, “former” Klan booster Sessions, vows to use all the (Militarized) resources of the Police State to destroy the legalized pot. Mind, he shrieks “States Rights! STATES RIGHTS! GOD DAMN IT STATE RIGHTS!” when it comes to defiance of Voting Rights, or increases in the minimum wage, or even the existence of the minimum wage, abolishing public education (because Il Douche needs a base of people who are ignorant enough to believe his bullshit) and as Bush Jr said, “the bridge between religion-based hate crimes and State sponsored hate crimes” OK I paraphrased that last. And of course legalized marijuana. Doesn’t say boo (that’s a pun, kids, boo is an early nickname for marijuana) about moonshine. Of course that’s natural for a professional politician who tries to ride two horses at one time. In his career as a backwoods statesman, (that’s a southern expression roughly meaning “lying son of Satan”) he did a bit of herding cats. A huge portion of the Red States have some form of prohibition. Not of Slavery as in being owned by a corporate entity as in working on other peoples farms for free. But when and where and how much one could drink of Alcohol, with of course tobacco. So you get to be a slave of some really big corporations. Like Pete Coors who keeps running for office as “a common sense businessman” which is the tag-line for Trump. Coors is the biggest drug dealer in the world. And a good friend of Trump and Sessions.

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Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship in Colorado

I get a little bit hopped up on that Monty Python routine every damn time somebody in the Royal Pain Family every time the Queen farts. The whole concept of 20 generations of European monarchy inbreeding somehow producing an elite bloodline is rubbish. Prince Charles is living proof. There’s a vague rumor that the Camelot myth and the notion that the British crown derives from the unwed mother of the child of Jesus Christ, is actually believed by the British Crown. Meaning the halfwits in chief of England. Not that they don’t have a serious congenital mental illness, you know. What’s hysterically funny is the notion they would have the intellect to pull off 1,800 years worth of conspiracy. So, there’s a guy here in Colorado who claims to be the rightful king of england. The funniest part of it is, his claim IS just as valid of any of the Buckingham palace crowd. That’s because true executive authority comes by a mandate from the masses. You know, like a president getting 46% of the vote doesn’t have. That sort of thing. There were a couple of books about a fictional Duchy (ruled by a duke) named Grand Fenwick, “The Mouse that roared” which has it’s really great moments. A small raiding party in the 100 Years War, English of course, enter the castle. Led by a partly educated peasant named Roger Fenwick.
Claimed the castle in the name of the King and introducing himself as a Duke. When the people asked what proofs of his claim he had, he drew his sword.

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Olathe Copycat?

A Sikh man shot in a Seattle suburb, Kent, WA. The copycat used the same tag line as the Olathe shooter. The police say it’s unacceptable. Good for them if they mean it. Donald Trump who owns stock in the Military Hardware for Civilian Cops industry, and has pledged more federal subsidies for the cops to get all that shit, is kind of well.. not exactly as popular as a Fascist president would be to a notorious Fascist organization like the Police State, but Donald DID give a green light to wannabee Auxiliary Police, as the Klan Leader David Duke described his own organization. At a Klan “benefit” barbecue in Bossier City LA where most of the guests were Cops, not a single one of them contested his claim. They were too busy with their snouts in the trough. Donald also still maintains that people who are even accused of a crime they should be handled with “rough justice” meaning of course lynching. And somehow the Police State Hatemongers haven’t gainsaid anything il Douche has abetted in the way of lynching. By the way, a lot of people understand what the term “abet” means, especially a lot of people who have been charged by the police with anything at all. It’s usually “aiding and abetting” as the full charge. Either one is actually a crime. Abet means you encourage some other party or parties to do a crime you’re too damned chickenshit to commit. Like Il Douche. And for those who never studied history, that’s a reference to il Duce Benito Mussolini. Anyway, here’s the news report, abbreviated, from U.S.A. Today and the hardcore Deplorables won’t read it unless they’re checking to see who is badmouthing them today. (It’s ME, jackasses, I talk smack about you all day every day. Whatcha gonna do?) Quote:Deep Rai, 39, told officers he was working on his car in his suburban Kent driveway when another man approached. An argument ensued and the suspect told him to go back to his homeland before shooting him in the arm, Rai said.

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California screamin’ on such a winters day

At a Trump rally in Berkeley California, somebody “talked back in an uppity manner” to the Fascist mob so the heavily armed and armored Militarized Pigs jumped in. As seen here in their body armor and jackbo err.. I must correct it “horrorshow stomping boots”

This will of course remind anybody that free speech is a privilege reserved for Trump and his brainwashed minions. One such supporter, a Mr Billy Hill, retired council member from Boondock County, said “Them thar hippie freaks gotta shut their damn mouths when their betters is speakin’… and to make it worse, some of them were Nigras an’ Mixcans… we done larned them not badmouth our Leader. Alle sieg heil am der Leader!!” Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, speaking from under the White House desk, congratulated the angry and very frightened mob and the Blackshirt publicly subsidized Private Militia police for their noble service to il Douche.

Awww… isn’t he cute? He’s playing navy guy…

Just like George W

Korea and Standing Rock

They were in a tough spot before. The Koreans, first. Because they’re the ones Trump and his accomplices say they’re going to demolish and whatever macho bullshit they want everybody to believe. But in 1949 they were in the business of rolling the entire rest of the world into one gigantic ass and proceeded to kick it. Yeah, China helped, and so did Russia. And the world was in deep doo-doo about recovering from a particularly nasty war. So what, Korea and China and the Soviets were in the same boat. So our really stupid warmonger in chief is threatening them. Sure the dynamics aren’t the same as 1949. For one, we’re in debt further and deeper than all of human history combined. The American people are weary and wary about bullshit spewed from the white house, not as easy. Measurably not as gullible. Visibly  more skeptical. That’s encouraging. After the humiliating slap-down we took, collectively, you know, even those who weren’t even born. Which is ‘most of us’. AND the U.N. is actually making a point of bringing Standing Rock to the attention of the entire freakin’ world.and in still other news, Trump has had his Tax Returns and the sources of his wealth, classified. That would include the Standing Rock DAPL mess which is putting money in his pockets. Pouring it in.  He’s ordering the US Taxpayers to give money to his own corporate holdings. The term ‘dick’ comes to mind unbidden. also liar, fascist, corporate welfare queen… We had a scandal way back, ancient history, president Harding was giving government contracts, funds and raw materials to his cronies, of which he got kickbacks…

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Lou Dobbs, Fox Extremist, says criticizing Sessions is “attacks”

Speaking of hyperbole. Of course you get a lot of that crap from the Far Right Lunatic Fringe. An actual attack involves an attempt to harm another person. In other news, Klan Lawyer Sessions has vowed to overturn state laws legalizing or decriminalizing (not quite the same thing) Oh, did I even mention that Sessions ran on the platform of States Rights every damned election in which he participated? What an ass. Speaking of asses and Extremists, The Drama Queen In Chief has vowed to “DESTROY” ISIS. The punk ain’t going to lift a finger, just like his entire overprivileged silver spoon / trust fund life. He’ll send his minions to get their asses shot off while he takes any credit.

Klan Lawyer Jeff Sessions revokes Civil Rights across the board

The punk is going to ignore any lawsuits for police brutality, like when the PIG fascist rat-bastards beat somebody down, they can also under the New Regime beat down anybody who records their crimes or publishes them. Anybody really believe the Cops aren’t in league with the Ku Klux Klan, after that?  The message is, Massa Jeff tells us that if confronted by police, we just better bow down and lick their god-damned Nazi gestapo fascist racist jackboots. Because Pig Lives are more important than anybody else. Especially non-whites. The Invisible Empire just got visible.

Republican Assassin Adam Purinton just a pawn of Trump

They knew, Trump and his advisors, that their concentrated Hate Speech in the election, and for decades worth of Hate Speech in other elections, telling really stupid people that “the white race is being victimized by immigration, Islam, anybody who has dark skin, anybody who speaks with a foreign language or accent!” Which is crap.  would get people killed.. But remember who their audience is. So I would propose this as a Noble Law, any refugees fleeing Kansas should be strongly vetted before allowing them into the rest of America. I’ll do as Trump and his henchmen and minions do, and exempt myself from such scrutiny. Meanwhile, I’m not insinuating that the Entire Republican Party is partly to blame for the Olathe shooting. Oh, hell to the no! I’m saying straight out that the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS GUILTY OF THIS SHOOTING, AND PRIOR SIMILAR HATE ATTACKS, AND WHAT ARE YOU STUPID REDNECK CLOWNS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? and your president especially. Mr Trump and his pet Supremacists deliberately set up a situation where drunken-ass white punks would talk themselves into shooting other people in America.

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Republocrat duopoly eats itself in Calif. Lege, Congresswoman Nguyen

So the Congresswoman, whose family came as refugees from VietNam, while she was still a very small child, and her father was some kind of government official in the Puppet Saigon Regime, went on a revenge rant against Tom Hayden, of SDS fame, being honored as a statesman, because he was against the US Putting Another Puppet Dictatorship in VietNam and  supporting their brutal torture-murder-other acts of terrorism governance with the blood of American and Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. But the real reason was there was a similar mini-filibuster in the U.S. Congress over the confirmation of a Klansman, who had the blood of Americans AND VIETNAMESE REFUGEES, from a miniature war in the late 70s – early 80s over shrimping in the Gulf of Mexico. Jeff Sessions, Punk Extraordinaire, was one of the Klan attacks against VietNamese refugees. Janet Nguyen was probably sheltered, like Siddhartha before becoming enlightened, from the evil her Daddy and his accomplices, including Nixon, Reagan, Ford, The Bush family, John Wayne and the rest of the pack of diseased jackals who feasted on the deaths of VietNamese, Cambodian, Lao, Americans, Australians, people, children being the most tragic casualties. Kids who were Janet Nguyen’s generation. So the Republicans are putting the too-young-to-remember this kind of shit up as being a Right Wing Saint. Janet, if you have somebody reading this, hopefully he or she will remind you of the Great Shrimp War, led in part by her beloved Republican Saint Jeff Sessions and David Duke and a host of other really stupid racist bitches who are basking in the glory of her god Donald Trump.

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Last cruise of pirate chasers Juergen Kantner and Sabine Merz, a geography

Lapu-Lapu beats Magellan
There’s something fishy about the story of German sailor Juergen Gustav Kantner, whose beheading video was just released by Abu Sayyaf rebels (ASG). Apparently Kantner, 70, had been kidnapped by Somali pirates before this. What are the chances, considering all the gin joints and circumnavigators these days? In a further coincidence, the umpteen sensational articles are all short on details, including the dead woman found on Kantner’s boat, her identity discarded by even the media. Why? Her name was Sabine Isne Merz, 59, sometimes cited as Sabina Wetch. She and husband Kantner were ransomed in Somalia in August 2008 after 52 days in captivity. This time Merz’s body was found aboard the Bermuda-rigged “Rockall”, but a whole Sulu Sea away from where the couple was allegedly captured.

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Widow and son of Muhammad Ali detained by La Migra, who promptly lied about it (and Olathe)

Ali Jr., 44, who confirmed his Muslim faith, was detained about two hours, despite telling officials that he’s Ali’s son and a native-born U.S. citizen, Mancini said. It was the first time Ali Jr. and his mother have ever been asked if they’re Muslim when re-entering the United States, he said.

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NRA says Terrorism, media threaten civilization

They should know, they’ve aligned themselves, along with the President of the United States, with white supremacists especially the Klan and Aryan Brotherhood. Also, if you’re in the military and appear white, they WILL try to recruit you. The Klan is the largest and most active non-governmental organization terrorist group in American  history, founded in part by Confederate war criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest who had Union prisoners murdered on his specific orders.   And was photographed alongside General George Wingate, founder of the NRA. Smiling.  Who was a Union soldier and formed his organization At The Same Time The Klan was formed. Yeah. So why would these birds, allegedly not of a feather, conjoin their organizations? It’s baffling to be sure. They both infest the Police Establishment. When the Klan held a fundraising benefit in Bossier City Louisiana after the local pigs murdered 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth , at that barbecue was David Duke. You know the one, the closet-case cheerleader for Donald Trump, and Mr. Duke said that the Klan was a Police organization. All of the off duty Kops were at the barbecue and none of them said anything to contradict him. Just like the Kops in Colorado Springs,. The prison guards, local Kops and the entire county governments of Logan and Fremont Counties. And those who infiltrated the military. And the Hell’s Angels, Texas Bandidos, etc Motorcycle clubs. Who also have a hiring preference for military veterans. The Pigs in Bossier City/Shreveport were never indicted. I remember the Dallas stations showed the Pigs eating, laughing, the shit-eating grins, it’s a scene that’s burned into my mind the way 8 pig bullets burned their way into Marquise Hudspeth’s BACK early in the morning of March 15th 2003.. The Pigs said he was brandishing a cell phone at them.

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As of now the protest is still peaceful, on the Lakota side at least

And more than the Lakota. It’s well known that the Oil and other fascist industries (they’re supported by the military, unlawfully, and the Commander In Chief and at least three of the past 5 CiCs {Reagan can’t participate on account of He Dead and ain’t coming back} and it might be that Obama could have stock in the pipeline. Don’t know, don’t care.) and the current CiC is blatantly getting profits from this and other Military/Police actions, instigated by the White House and Congress, are testing the waters for a take-back of all the land They “gave” us so very graciously. “We” and “Us” meaning the tribal sovereign nations. Standing Rock was not a military operation (from our side) or terrorist attack (The National Guard and Police State Fascists are the Terrorists) but the brutal and vicious nature of the Military Assault will certainly be taken into account during all Native Sovereignty interaction with the U.S. Government lackeys and their Corporate Masters. And we are everywhere, not just on the Rez. To paraphrase an Air Force propaganda poster “Sleep well, America, Your Coward-ass National Guard are Awake!”

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DIA issues protest permit under court order, but limits crowd size to, wait for it, FOUR! Then court stays injunction.

DENVER, COLORADO- Abiding by the injunction in McDonnell v Denver, DIA administrators granted us a free speech permit within 24-hours on Thursday, but they insisted that the terminal location desired could only accommodate FOUR PEOPLE. You heard right. Four. There’s irony here too because there were FIVE people named on the permit application! Thus the permit was actually 20% denied, and in reality 92% denied given that we sought a permit for 50 people, a number easily lower than the DIA International Arrivals area can handle.
MEANWHILE, in the 10th Circuit Court, the city of Denver appealed the DIA injunction and asked for a stay. This is not usually granted in First Amendment cases, but on Thursday it was. The 10th Circuit stayed the injunction and wants to hear arguments on March 17. So at DIA for now we’re back to the impermissive permit process that precludes accomodating public expression at the Denver airport. And the signing of President Trump’s new improved Muslim Ban looms…

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DAPL used helicopters to down drones, cut live feeds as Rosebud camp swept

Forty seven water protectors were arrested yesterday as militarized police cleared both Oceti and Rosebud camps along the Cannonball River in Standing Rock. Helicopters flew low, not to support the ground troops conducting tent to tent raids, but to interfere with resistance drones recording the spectacle. Drone operators report their links being jammed and their drones being forced into collisions if they were unable to avoid the Homeland Security choppers. There were many live feeds being broadcast from drones, long distance cameras and on the front lines. Once Oceti camp was cleared, one by one the feeds were interrupted and dropped. When connections resumed, viewers learned that Rosebud camp too was swept and cleared. Rosebud was on reservation land, not disputed treaty land, but BIA officers helped by militarized police evicted everyone.

More R. congresscritters are using the McConnell method for quiet town halls

Simple, really. Just have the pigs put anybody who might be a dissenter behind a “free speech zone” compound. They do profile, too. They look for somebody who has alert eyes, probably educated and having an independent mindset. If you look like you have any sense or intellectual capacity, bam… you’re herded into the free speech fence. They want a show, they want to have the world perceive the Heartland to be all out cheering their Fuhrer. And not just the world. Mitch McConnell and Trump and all, they can rewind the recording of the Doctrinally Cleansing subjects performing like their little pet puppy dogs, eager to hear every insane shit that flows from the Town Hall podium, and convince themselves that all the people were in agreement. Even though they know that they themselves set up the show.
They’re varmints. In an enlightened and advanced society it would be legal to hunt them.

Here’s something off twitter, somewhat superfluous

A group of Wiccans around the world are to cast a binding spell on Trump.  Ummm…. a curse? Or is it a right wing Trump hoax, Fake News? How would anybody know? I mean, this is the cyberverse. Where 40 year old men pretend to be 9 year old girls, and some of them are cops. The R’s know their audience, what would cause them to go all foamin’ at the mouth insane. Start a rumor like that and you’d have the entire membership out in the streets with rifles and bombs saying “Fresh Brains! Fresh Brains!”  I mean, they’re one cult-like organization. But there’s not enough evidence that this is a Bartbreit put-on for me to even hint that might be the case.

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The Lords Prayer and Trump

Fox News was whining about “Liberals attack Mrs. Trump for saying the Lords Prayer!” and I wonder which ones did say anything about it. Just about anybody who speaks to me happens to be a liberal, and none of them said anything against it. But the Lord’s Prayer is kind of a two edge sword, so really any of That Crowd saying it is .. well… if I’m at church and the Trumps (Bush did this a lot) did a surprise visit, I’d want to sit very far away from them, to avoid meteorites, lightning bolts and falling bits of ceiling.

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