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This from the range war Clive Bundy incited

Meow Wolf’s new Denver development is urban predation in sheep’s clothing.

Terra CottaDENVER, COLO- Alternatively, Santa Fe alt-art venue Meow Wolf is URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN CAT’S CLOTHING. Here’s the scam: Laud an arts collective of “creative types”. Let them pitch an arts space project to city planners for which you’ll supply the ownership investment. Let their non-profit creative-class cred prompt city leaders to provide otherwise unavailable land and the tax incentives and exclusions which come to cultural projects. Let them lead community fundraising to support art etc etc. You buy the land, you own the building, and you give them a 20-year lease. Their rent is subsidized by more community and city support. Cha-ching.

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Neuroscientist Alexandra Elbakyan designed SCI-HUB to free science from parasitic capitalism, by outsmarting it.

Alexandra ElbakyanA US judge ordered that scientific document aggregator SCI-HUB be shut down. The site’s creator, Alexandra Elbakyan, was fined $15 million. Except the long arm of US copyright greed can’t reach her in Russia, and the 29-yr-old neuroscientist from Kazakhstan doubts capitalism’s goons can outsmart the science community which favors open science. In fact Elbakyan’s is a fait accomplit.

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Ambushed PIG had contact with the dude who shot him.

(Updated Three Times. Fascists are Stupid.) But of course. People don’t hate the PIG scum without having the hate beaten into them while handcuffed and helpless. The “good citizens’ who never had a bad experience with the Police are those who lick the Police Boots. They accept being slaves and demand that all others bow down and worship THEIR Masters. The Pigs themselves were trained to suck up to their “superiors” and so on.  A retrograde to the old poem Great fleas have smaller fleas upon their backs to bite ’em And little fleas still lesser fleas and so ad infinitum.  But those of us who have been arrested for Talking Back or even beaten for  Talking Back, for the heinous crime of Not Worshiping them as gods, and especially who have seen their fellow resistance to tyranny, fascism and state-sanctioned MURDERS , well, Murdered. Like John Walter who was arrested and held in Fremont County without a hearing or a charge, and they beat him to death because he went into withdrawals from his prescribed BY REAL DOCTORS unlike the Jailhouse Quacks, and Marvin Booker who was arrested in Denver for preaching on a street corner, was subsequently called from his cell at 3 A.M. and exited the cell without putting on shower shoes, so the deputies beat him to death. Not one single PIG, a cop or judge or prosecutor in Colorado charged the murderers of John Walter or Booker with any crime. NONE. Let one of their PIG Comrades get what was due him, and  they rally not only their fellow cops but civilians to to help themselves to a Rage and Hate Demonstration. Soldiers, Bikers, Boy Scouts, chanting their message of Universal Assimilation and Obedience. Like Mussolini or Hitler or Stalin or any Non-American dictators with their rallies. American Dictators, especially the low level dictators like the Sheriff of any county and his minions, well, they’re exempt from criticism. The REAL Man who blew the cop to HELL where he belongs, they’re described as vicious cowards. By the La Gente Buena “good citizens” who praised the PIG as a hero. Well, your ‘hero’ most likely beat the MAN who got his revenge.  While he was handcuffed and with the cop’s comrades holding him down. That’s what they do and how they do it. And all the PUKES who always support the pigs and chant the American version of “if you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the KGB, Comrade?” So lie to your selves, your friends, your children, it won’t make any difference. Your Hero got what he deserved.

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Covertly spawned, color revolutionary, Arab Springy pro-democracy protests can do for Iran what we did to Syria.

When Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu express their support, you can be certain it’s not for the good. Foreign military intervention in Iran aims to repeat the western demolition of Syria. While authentic public protest in Iran should be tolerated, western intelligence operatives should get no quarter. Terminate all covert actions in Iran, especially US-funded “democracy” agents. And NO WAR WITH IRAN.

What’s behind the Churchill adoration?

What’s behind the current wave of Churchill-mania? I’m inclined to think it’s about rebooting pan-nationalism. Churchill was a hero of WWII, propping up the supposition that WWII was a just war where Churchill led the defense against Fascism. The victors have been embellishing that history since before that capitalist scam began.

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Nas Daily is Borat for dumb millennials. Israeli Hasbara with pseudo goy knave.

Mondoweiss has the goods on Nas Daily, but they’re wise enough to let readers connect the dots. Let’s do it shall we? Nas Daily is a viral sensation on Youtube. It presumes to trot the globe presenting a sixty second travelogue for a new location everyday, minus the travel time, location scouting, casting, shooting, editing, seeking permissions, and marketing. Admittedly the inanity of the content must write itself.

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Rotten food

I’ve seen several dozen commercials for restaurants which advertise “decadent” food choices. AHEM!! Maybe teaching Latin was a good idea, Greek too, because  you might want to understand what your doctor tells you, especially if you have a dietary related illness. Decadent is Latin for “decayed”. Rotten. Ave Caesar.

Slumlords (like the punk who’s evicting 2 disabled elders in winter) get a tax rebate

This is from a Business section on yahoo. Slumlords get a double dip. The tenants do not. Even though the property taxes are paid by the tenants as part of our rent. Some of the Far Right Scum who infest Wall Street, the Pentagon and Congress and of course the White House are rejoicing. They have as part of their agenda Restricting Voting Rights to landowners. If you think the vote means nothing, consider the fact that the power-thieves are introducing legislation, every session of congress and every state legislature for as long as I’ve been alive, to strip tenants of their vote. These penny pinching bastards would never pay money on that scale for that long if they thought the vote wasn’t important. OK I have difficulty making the image fit, maybe it’s my own computer resolution. So I’ll type the text in the image. Title “IRS: Property Taxes deductible if assessed and paid in 2017” and the body of it is Then renters should get the same deduction, because the right wing myth that renters don’t pay (property) taxes ignores the FACT that the landowner gets the money to pay his/her property taxes from the rent. Stupid Trump and his even stupider minions are bringing that lie about renters not paying not paying taxes into electoral politics. Demanding that only property owners should be allowed to vote. Idiots, the lot of them.

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Oh beautiful for spacious skies… …Gone with the wind!

Wind energy seems practically free, but what a cost! Gone is the scenic farmland of the American plain, raked for ethanol, fracked for gas, pumped of oil, then plumbed for air, to power transportation. As if leaving the mess was the be-and-end-all of why the pioneers settled the west.

Kimya Dawson knows from where protest must burst: At the Seams.

Kimya Dawson not only nailed the essence of protests for #BlackLivesMatter. She knew in which direction the protest marches needed to push. Toward our system’s seams. If you are having trouble finding the lyrics of her song about HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT I CAN’T BREATH, it’s because it’s called At the Seams.

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Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi jailed for slapping Israeli dragoons who shot her young cousin in the face.

FREE AHED TAMIMI. Israeli occupation authorities have arrested 16-yr-old Ahed and her mother, for posting a video of Ahed slapping an IDF soldier deployed outside the Tamimi home in the Occupied Territories. That act of defiance was apparently too much.

Piddling while Rome Burns..

The past few days were a treasure trove of golden nougats spat from the mouth of the Emperor. And his supporters screech “Fake News” at every one. One is his hoof-in-mouth masterpiece that all Haitians have AIDS. And that was his excuse for a new round of anti-immigrant hate crimes. His followers want blood. My solution to that is to swap real estate on a acre per acre basis, with Haiti, the other side of their island as well, Puerto Rico, and some basically deserted islands off the coast of Cuba. That way they’ll have nobody darker skinned than themselves to look at and we won’t have to listen to them bitching about people who aren’t just like them. Of course they’d probably slaughter each other but, hey, no big loss, eh?

Activist Corey Donahue is free, despite supra-judicial ploys to halt his release.

Michael Corey Donahue
DENVER, COLORADO- Occupy Denver veteran Corey Donahue was released from county jail on Thursday, thwarting two surprise court filings to keep the activist in custody for additional months. Donahue had negotiated a global plea deal to serve concurrent sentences for his outstanding charges of inciting public protests in 2011 and 2012.

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Not all Jews are Zionists, but all the people in Guatemala are under a puppet government

Trump is trumpeting that the Puppet Dictatorship of Guatemala, THE original Banana Republic as there was a lawsuit in U.S. “fair and impartial” courts as to which of two large fruit companies (american) owned Guatemala. So he told his servile subordinate to back his play in Israel. I don’t know the name of the president of the ‘sovereign’ nation of Guatemala. He might as well be named “Americas Lapdog”.

I’m calling bullshit in the so-called ‘failed christmas day attack’

It has all the hallmarks of more Pig propaganda. Like the Millennium Plot, remember that? The supposed “terrorist” supposedly was making Mercury Fulminate in Canada and bringing it back to the U.S. to use as primers for bombs. You can BUY mercury fulminate in America, ready to use caps of it, designed and manufactured and marketed as primers.Any gun shop that sells Reloading Supplies. The Government lied to us THEN, and I  believe they’re doing it NOW. Cops at every level are exactly like that. There’s not a cop in the world who wouldn’t file false charges if it fits their agenda.

Programmed obsolescence for iPhone? Apple has an app for that! iOS update.

Forget planned obsolescence, the digital age means manufacturers can trigger killer apps like a remote switch for the hangman’s trap door. Just poke a hole in your customer’s canteen if you want to bring them back to your watering hole.

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Open Letter To Mayor Suthers and other pond scum elitists

I emailed this to him as well.

You’re a lying Nazi Bitch just like every rich-bitch claimant who decides (s)he is a “civic leader”. You and your arrogant elitist associates (none of you have actual friends, just as you have no conscience)don’t do anything to relieve the burdens your wealthy country club put on the “lower” class and you sic your cowardly slave-police on us whenever we disagree with your high and mighty decisions.

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Right wing Shitwads rejoicing over lynching of ISIS Prisoners of War

The Puppet Dictatorship in Iraq are “giving them fair trials” lasting an average of 20 minutes each and then hanging them immediately. The Alt-Lite Keyboard Warriors are giving each other hand jobs in celebration, just like they do whenever a Cop puts a bullet in a Black back and then says the murdered person was threatening him. In fact, I bet the Cops are rejoicing that the Army is testing out wholesale lynching and since it already happens here, maybe they want to expand it. I bet every cop or Back The Badge aka Blast The Black enthusiasts are getting out their ropes. Every Cop and every Judge in Colorado Springs is a proud accomplice in that.

So ‘they’ think there is proof that King Arthur ruled in Scotland…

Like, whip-di-diddly doo… I mean, fake news on the hoof. What difference does one long-dead despotic asshole being from one end of the Island of Great Britain or another or if he’s simply a fictional character who is somehow a Celtic Messiah? He’s still dead, his kingdom collapsed while he was (supposedly) still alive and the most charitable bio of him held that he was a a bastard in the classic meaning, banged his sister Morgana and got all pissy because his best friend banged his old lady. And the earliest mention of him in history was by a monk named Geoffery of Monmouth who wrote it down 600 years after the story took place. Then there’s that Messianic twist. Born to be king, seriously? Come the hell on. That type of thinking has plagued mankind at least as long as there were people who could write about what happened. There might have been ‘good’ kings somewhere in history but there are a lot of The Other Kind and that is the actual norm. It’s living (alleged) proof that the whole nasty business should have been scrapped in the time of Nimrod. Uther Pendragon is alleged to be a refugee from a civil war in what’s now Syria and Turkey. He was like mint jelly and a sprig of parsley (On The Lamb) and no, I’m not taking it seriously. The best the narrative has done is to demonstrate that English Civilization is an oxymoron. The people who believe it, take it seriously and otherwise make a huge collective pest of themselves. They put in the bit about Mary Magdalene and the son of Jesus winding up in Glastonbury or Southern France or whatever local Hereditary Dictatorship. Sounds like the Founding Fathers bullshit we get oh so much of it thrown our way if we disagree with certain rat bastards right here at home. They know who they are…

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Al Franken’s tramping with the U.S.O. comes back to bite him in the libido.

Gag photo from Al Franken USO tour
Did Senator Al Franken try to kiss subordinates he shouldn’t have? Suggesting a kiss was “my right as a celebrity” sounds like a gag, just like the photo taken during his USO tour, fondling the air around his fellow clown’s breast implants. The trouble is, beside the partisan accusations from right wing bimbo Leeann Tweeden and other dubiously provable complaints from selfie partners, the other transgressions are reported anonymously. It’s not accurate to say women “keep coming forward” to accuse Franken, when their identities are being shielded by media agencies hostile to Franken. The senator’s resignation shows great respect to the #MeToo movement, but dishonors representational politics. Of course Franken’s resignation is true to his party’s character. In DC, Democrats play the ringer who capitulates. Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s philandering is far more toxic, but God Bless Him, he’s sticking to his guns, because he dances with them that brought him. Moore doesn’t represent 13 year old girls nor victimized women. Roy Moore represents the patriarchal kleptocracy and he’s got a job to do. I applaud Franken for setting a moral example, but if I was a constituent I’d be screwed. Couldn’t Franken have scored higher politically by saying I’m a sexist wretch, like many men in power, but I’m not going to step down until our creepy president does.

CSPD Intelligence doesn’t have much

Lt. Mark ComteCOLORADO SPRINGS, COLO- Like the term Military Intelligence, “police intelligence” is an oxymoron. At least that’s the old joke. Wednesday’s hearing about the CSPD’s undercover operation against the Colo. Springs Socialists reinforced the adage. The good news is that Metro VNI, that is, Vice Narcotics & Intelligence, doesn’t have much intelligence, as in smarts, haha, OR constructive data. The impetus of CSPD’s efforts to infiltrate local activists has been to track ANTIFA, a nefarious worldwide anti-fascist organization apparently. Lieutenant Mark Comte, who heads Metro-VNI, testified to what they know so far. ANTIFA members wear black and cover their faces. When protesters do that, they’re Antifa.

Interesting little tidbit the MSM ain’t going to ‘trump’et… war on christmas

Don’t give your rugrats a bunch of toys. Simple answer on my part would be “you’re teaching them to be greedy and when they grow up you’ll never be able to supply their demands for more crap.” Greed is a nasty little attack on the soul. Makes a really suitable platform for hatred. But the article to which the link belongs, is an actual psychiatric study about toddlers and the notion is that kids who have fewer toys use their minds more efficiently because they learn original thought rather than the “independent” thoughts they get from the toy manufactures. In a related deal, I got an email from somebody who, for a fee, will send your kids personalized letters FROM Satan Claws reassuring them their ‘letters to Santa’ were received and the elves are working on it… And again, for those who might have forgotten or never read my viewpoints about the christmas scam, I read the Book, m’kay? And in the book there is no mention of a morbidly obese Elf-changeling nor flying reindeer, mistletoe, talking snowman, you know the spiel. One of the things the Dominionists spew from what out of charity I shall call their “faces” is a really stupid quote from a racist puke named Cotten Mather, with his analogy of America being the New Jerusalem, the “shining city on the hill”. And all the while whining about what they say is the War On Christmas. They can take that back to the pasture where they picked it up.

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Give Trump some credit. Of course Jerusalem should be the capitol of a one state solution. Palestine.

OH BOY. It’s Trump’s most politically insensitive move yet, recognizing Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel, as no other nation in the world will do because it means colluding with an illegal territorial claim. Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv means giving official sanction to what the United Nations has declared to be against international law. Criminal insanity. But Trump wants to move the “Peace Process” forward and let’s be fair, that sham has been a cover to keep shrinking the prospects for Palestinians, to the point that few dispute the eroded viability of a two state solution. So let’s move this invasive “process” along. The sooner Israel crowns its land grab with a undivided Jerusalem, the sooner Israelis can be made to confront, and renounce racist Apartheid. When Israel’s democracy is forced to grant equal rights to non-Jews, the theocracy of Israel will become PALESTINE. And America won’t have to move its embassy.

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Sovereign constitutional oath activist Stephen Nalty sentenced to 36 years!

DENVER, COLORADO- Judge Michael Spear came down hard on judicial reform activists Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield, who prosecutor Robert Shapiro insisted “can’t be rehabilitated.” The quiet Byfield received 22 YEARS, and this afternoon, so-called ringleader Nalty was given a sentence of 36 YEARS. For insisting that holders of public office file oaths secured by bonds as required by the US and Colorado constitutions. Their victims, judges and officials who were exposed for having sworn no oaths, testified about now having nightmares about the public coming to get them with torches and pitchforks. Which is of course what ought to happen, now that the bastards have retaliated against critics who were only trying to bring them into compliance.

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