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Pantheon of Heroes

Bradley Manning
GI Wikileaker
Massimo Tartaglia
Berlusconi pugilist
Muntadhar al-Zaidi
shoe thrower
Tim DeChristopher
Bidder 70
Glenn Spagnuolo
R68 rabblerouser
Andrew Meyer
Don't taser me Bro
Rachel Corrie
Palestinian rights
Ken O'Keefe
Human shield


Adrian Lamo
James O'Keefe, fraud
Hannah Giles, fraud
Brandon Darby, FBI informant
Neda Agha-Soltan, *
Yoani Sanchez, fiction
John Yettaw, spoiler
Rebecca Joseph, UCSB Tova Hausman, UCSB Greg Mortenson, tool Prince Harry
wannabe killer
Scott Robinson
RNC Kicker

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Book reviews:
Three Cups of Tea -- 1000 White Women - Harry Potter dead zone
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Dolores Umbrage Bush Twilight - Happy Feet -
The Queen - King Kong

Homer for gen. Simpson
The authoritarian M.O.
Plastic flower of youth

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Reference Library

NMT Calendar

APRIL 2010
19-25 - Week of Solidarity with Latin America
22- CC lecture: Paul Watson

MAY 2010
1- International Workers Day
4- Day of Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua
15- Day of Solidarity with Palestine
22-29 Week of Solidarity with Africa

JUNE 2010
6- Anniversary of Israeli seizure of Gaza
20- International Day of Disarmament
25-26 G-20 summit, Huntsville, Ontario

JULY 2010
26- Day of World Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

AUG 2010
3- Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands
6- Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the Japanese People
18- Day of Solidarity with the Afro-American People

SEPT 2010
12- Day of Solidarity with the People of Zimbabwe
21- UN International Day of Peace, sponsors PTP, UF & CPI
23- Day of Solidarity with the People of Puerto Rico
25- Day of Solidarity with the People of Mozambique
30-10/6 - Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia

OCT 2010
8- Day of the Heroic Guerrilla
10- Indigenous Peoples Day
12- Day of Solidarity with Laos
19- International Media Democracy Day



More books online

We got this reading list of free online books and guides from Monkeywrench Books, “because information wants to be free.”

Anarchism and Fellow Travelers
An Anarchist FAQ
Anarchism: From Theory To Practice
Anarchist Archives
Days of War, Nights of Love- Crimethinc
The Situationist International Text Library
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
The Subversion of Politics
The Nestor Makhno Archive
Spunk Library

Plans for 500 renewable energy and conservation projects
The Citizen’s Handbook: A Guide to Building Community wiki

Economics, Cooperatives, Labor
How To Start a Worker Cooperative, resources
The Blue Eagle at Work: Reclaiming Democratic Rights in the American Workplace
ParEcon: Life After Capitalism
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Cooperative Success
Cooperative Housing Development Toolbox: A Guide for Successful Community Development
Starting a Community Land Trust: Organizational and Operational Choices
Cooperative Commonwealth
Essential Principles of Economics
Capitalism 3.0: A Guide To Reclaiming the Commons
Publications from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Ecology, Permaculture, Science and Green Living
The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy
15 Permaculture Pamphlets
Writings by David Holmgren
Self-Organizing Systems FAQ
The Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive
Working Papers of the Santa Fe Institute
Online Biology Book

History, Geography, and Struggles Around the World
The Hungarian Tragedy
Noam Chomsky Online
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
Homage to Catalonia
A People’s History of the World

Philosophy and Theory
Empire, by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
The Marxists Internet Archive (enormous)
Brian Massumi’s homepage
Matter and Memory, Henri Bergson
Creative Evolution, Henri Bergson
Lectures by Gilles Deleuze
On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects, Gilbert Simondon
The Individual and Its Physico-Biological Genesis, Gilbert Simondon