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NMT Calendar

APRIL 2010
19-25 - Week of Solidarity with Latin America
22- CC lecture: Paul Watson

MAY 2010
1- International Workers Day
4- Day of Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua
15- Day of Solidarity with Palestine
22-29 Week of Solidarity with Africa

JUNE 2010
6- Anniversary of Israeli seizure of Gaza
20- International Day of Disarmament
25-26 G-20 summit, Huntsville, Ontario

JULY 2010
26- Day of World Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

AUG 2010
3- Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands
6- Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the Japanese People
18- Day of Solidarity with the Afro-American People

SEPT 2010
12- Day of Solidarity with the People of Zimbabwe
21- UN International Day of Peace, sponsors PTP, UF & CPI
23- Day of Solidarity with the People of Puerto Rico
25- Day of Solidarity with the People of Mozambique
30-10/6 - Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia

OCT 2010
8- Day of the Heroic Guerrilla
10- Indigenous Peoples Day
12- Day of Solidarity with Laos
19- International Media Democracy Day




Grounding, Protecting and Blockading

When you are centered, you are calm, stable, present in the moment, and hard to push off balance physically or emotionally. You can also have a calming effect on those around you. In order to center yourself, focus on your center of gravity. It’s just below your navel, deep inside your body. Focus here when you feel upset or under pressure in order to ground yourself and reconnect with your power within.

Focus on attack:
You can make a violent attack very visible by getting everyone in the vicinity to sit down so the attacker is suddenly visible to all and to the media.

Puppy pile:
To protect someone being attacked on the ground. One person kneels and forms a bridge with their body over the victim; others then pile onto the bridge. Don’t squash the person attacked!

Step in between perpetrator and demonstrator. Keep your palms open and visible, try not to touch the attacker, or at very least, do not hold onto him or her. Just inter-positioning yourself can often be enough to stop an attack. Talk reassuringly to the attacker.

Form a U:
Surround and move perpetrator away: With several people, step between the attacker and the demonstrator, form a U shape around the perpetrator, and move him or her away. Don’t completely surround the attacker; make sure to leave him or her an ‘out’. Talk with the attacker reassuringly as you do this.

Form an O:
Surround and absorb demonstrator: Totally surround a demonstrator who’s being attacked and absorb him or her back into the crowd.

Form a line between opposing factions. Knees relaxed and not locked, stand shoulder-width apart. Be aware of how strong a line you need to make and the different impacts of different stances, eg.: standing separately > holding hands > linking elbows > linking wrists.

Staying put:
For holding your ground in a blockade. Center yourself, send your roots down deep into the earth, feel yourself relaxed and heavy.

Sitting in a row:
Place larger people to the ends.

Sitting in a circle:
Cross your hands between your legs and hold each others’ wrists with a strong grip. In this formation, you can see each other and give emotional support. Make sure to warn each other about what’s happening behind, where the other side of the cannot see.

Sitting in a column:
Wrap your legs round the person in front, lean forward, put your hands around the chest of the person in front of you, and keep your head down.

Self-defense posture:
First lace your hands together at the base of your skull, with your elbows together protecting your temples. Curl up in a foetal position on the ground, lying on your right side to protect your liver. Most main organs and head are thus protected, although your kidneys are still vulnerable.