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Posse Comitatus violated in your face

COLO. SPRINGS- Find out how your government circumvented the Posse Comitatus Act which forbade America's soldiers being mobilized against its own citizens. The Advisory Panel on Dept. of Defense Capabilities for Support of Civil Authorities after Certain Incidents will meet on Nov. 24. This session will discuss the mission and activities of the U.S. Marine Corps Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force, the National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Conventional High-Explosives Enhanced Force Package, and National Guard Civil Support Team. 11892

Obama to continue torturing US held POWs at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

Bagram Air Force Base is US military, so why this 'No US rights' for Bagram inmates? ...The simple answer is that Obama and his Administration will continue to torture Afghan POWs held by the US military. Colorado Springs is kind of a sister city to this torture prison, are we not? BTW, the Air Force Academy Buzzards suck this year with their sad sack 9-16 record.

Psychedelic Air Force Academy Show and KRCC, Pentagon Kool Aid Stand

I told myself I just wasn't going to comment anymore about the local Colorado Springs private radio station, KRCC. Yeah, I know they bill themselves as being 'public radio', but have you ever heard so many commercials in your life? I haven't and this station could give PBS, the Petroleum Broadcasting System, a run for its money in the competition for 'public' that just isn't. 5659

MySpace censors Bush AFA protest story

MYSPACE.COM- Radley created an adjunct MySpace page on which he recounted his experience protesting President Bush's recent AFA visit. Now the page is gone, Radley is being denied access, and MySpace will not explain their actions. Here's what he wrote: 3499

On your TV, Mr President, Spongebob!

Radley joked that the Secret Service's responsibility might extend to shielding the president from assaults on his psyche as well, such as a simple impertinent protestation cast in his general direction. While we might have hoped our banner would catch Bush's eye, no doubt his handlers were able to preempt our interruption with a perfectly timed "look Mr. President, Spongebob!" 3466

Protesters forget thinking cap stamina

COLORADO SPRINGS- Such an unfortunate characterization of the J&P. In the Gazette coverage of the Air Force Academy graduation, the paper featured this teaser on the front page: "War protesters bail early." The article on page 8 began: "Air Force Academy cadets apparently are made of sterner stuff." We can't deny "while the cadets and their families sat through the early morning fog and drizzle, war protesters left rather than wait for the late-arriving President Bush," but Springs activists rarely show anything but tenacity in making their point. Why would they leave early and give the media such a predictable pot shot? Do we chalk it up exclusively to our antagonistic local daily newspaper? 3431

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin Mr. Bush

COLORADO SPRINGS- While a motorcade delivered President Bush to the Broadmoor Hotel, we were at the AFA airing our fresh age-old message. It's the proverbial proverbial Writing on the Wall. If you think Aramaic will be indecipherable to freeway drivers, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" was Greek to the original king for whom the fortune foretold his reign would be "numbered, weighed and divided." 3403

AFA South Gate versus North Gate

Every year, those disposed to holding peaceful protests at the Air Force Academy will deliberate about the relative merits of using either the South Gate or the North Gate entrances. Whether one sees more traffic than the other is difficult to measure because the AFA routes the incoming cars via whichever entrance is not being protested. Accordingly, the AFA only offer permission for demonstrations at a single entrance at a time. When we've tried to cover both, the Air Force forces us out based on the "agreed" restrictions. Since both entrances are located on Air Force land, this may be regarded as their prerogative. But let's not confuse the AFA "entrances" for the approaches to those points which are on public land. The I-25 overpass, as an example. 3406

What is there left to say to Bush?

Bush 43 is coming to the Air Force Academy commencement next week and I can't think of anything to say. It's not that Dubya's becoming irrelevant, or that he's an irredeemable reprobate or conversant as a doornail. IT IS probably that there is nothing even funny about the calamity he's wrought. IT IS that I cannot wish him even pangs of conscience. Can you? 3380

Toxic chimp coming to AFA graduation

I almost can't be bothered that President Bush will be in the Springs on May 28. He'll be choppered in from Peterson AFB while activists negotiate with the AFA about where protesters can stand. What's left to say that could please/surprise/offend anyone? Let the creep come. Let him be applauded by what will have to be the most retarded graduating class of cadets in the history of Christo- fascist military schools. So what?

Mercury Fulminate in Fountain Creek

I noticed something about the Rampart Range cleanup controversy but don’t know if I posted it here. A few months ago (before the Range became, as always, a sheet of impenetrable ice) there was a story in the Indy about it. Only, the focus was on Lead. Lead, it was pointed out by the Anti-environmental people, is hard to dissolve in water. Therefore it wasn’t in any way responsible for the sudden spike in toxins in the Manitou spirit-water. 2724

Colorado Springs military community

I was working on a poster to protest the Ft Carson expansion meeting, to challenge the notion that more military investment will benefit the city. Will it? FIVE MAJOR MILITARY INSTALLATIONS ALREADY AND THE CITY AND COUNTY ARE BROKE. But I picked up a brochure at the meeting which boasts that our city is beneficiary to more than the five. 2463

Where are you from?

In college, when asked where I was from, I would proclaim, “I’m from Colorado Springs!” Eyes would light up in recognition. “Isn’t that…?” “Yes,” I would nod. Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak. The inspiration for America the Beautiful. Home to Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, NORAD, the Olympic Training Center. I could proudly claim them all. 2255

USAFA, I’m glad I knew ya!

Ahhh, it's September favorite time of the year. Lazy Saturday mornings spent in oversized sweatshirts and fluffy slippers, drinking coffee, aspen trees on Cheyenne Mountain clad in autumnal glory, jets practicing for afternoon Air Force football games. 384