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Binyam Mohamed vs Barack Obama

Barack Obama is keeping available more use of rendition flights like the one used to fly Binyam Mohamed to Morocco to be tortured for the US government and US military. Barack, we thought you were going to change this sort of thing so that it could never happen again? I mean as part of your faith based initiatives and openness and what all? What happened? Torture -- What 'extraordinary renditions' is like 6397

US ‘suppressing torture evidence’ says top British government official

The Pentagon has been suppressing the press. 'Mr Davis said a High Court ruling, which pointed to complicity by the UK and US authorities in his torture, was prevented from being published after the US put pressure on the UK.' Tory MP demands torture statement be made against the British Labor government's support of US torture, and thus against the US government's use of torture, also. 6331