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Anti-Castro blogger Yoani Sanchez hears from Obama ahead of Fidel

Havana pseudo-blogger Yoani Sánchez has the ear of President Obama, what a surprise. In the wake of not being able to travel to the US to receive an astroturf accolade from Columbia University, then a much ballyhooed --but uncorroborated-- story of Cuban police making her late for a counter-revolutionary "pro-democracy" rally, the ordinary Cuban who wires her posts to her Miami-based anti-Castro blog posed "my seven questions" for President Obama, and lo, received his answers. She showed up Fidel Castro himself, who posed seven questions to candidate Obama in May 2008, because he's still waiting. 11862

Shari McHugh is a lobbyist to the California State Legislature

NMT has been given a deadline of 5PM MST to inform our readers that California lobbyist Shari McHugh, previously implicated by the savage blogosphere to have shared improper congress with disgraced Calif. Assemblyman Michael Duvall, was wrongly identified as Duvall's second mistress. In fact, there is no such evidence. 9010

Common Dreams Quid Pro Toe

How delighted I was to receive an email from Common Dreams, showing signs of skepticism finally at President Obama's growing betrayal of American progressives. After censoring CD participants who criticize the Democratic Party for its capitulation to corporate centrism, even banning the persistent voices from its online discussions, the blogosphere giant now purports to have examined it stats and rediscovered its radical base. I'm thrilled that CD has met its enemy, and it is not us, but I wish their epiphany wasn't about who's left to tap for money. 8296

Churchill and his curiously vile detractors

DENVER- There's an interesting sideshow at the Churchill v CU case having to do with a cadre of unsavory Ward Churchill online critics. What they are writing is hardly interesting but their unceasing doggedness, repeating only ad hominem attacks, leads one to wonder who they are and what horse do they have, in not only this race, but in Churchill's ongoing activism. These are the same voices which heckled the DNC organizers, AIM, and the contra-Columbus actions. 7125

Truth Wanted: IDF military intelligence propagandists need not apply

Well, engaging the Israeli Internet Megaphone was an interesting experiment, although the popular consensus interjected the qualifier "hardly." Now smeared across the NMT comment record is the indelible impression of what an industrial strength, defense department white-wash program can do to an open blog forum. It's particularly distinct at NMT because we don't have the red-neck yahoos which usually camouflage the disinformation agents. Well, we've documented the propaganda mechanism, it's provided the scat samples, now it's time to close the study. 6655

Daily KOS and the radical status que?

Does the DAILY KOS strike you as a little too big for their britches? But that's not a new observation. Maybe it's voiced out of envy, maybe the criticism is just frustration with Markos Moulitsas' eagerness to play gatekeeper. I'll only assert it's the iPeter Principle. So, aren't you just too curious about what's inside KOS: Taking On the System. The subtitle?! Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era. 6329

Customizing a WordPress installation

Want to make some adjustments to your Wordpress blog? I always have trouble unearthing the variable names to plug into the code. To the Wordpress developers' credit, WP variables are usually self-explanatory, but that still requires an explanation. Here are some tweaks we've added to our Tallgrass theme: 6562

Website statistics to sneeze at

TECHNORATI rank 150,765, authority 39 COMPETE rank 102,915, people 14,910 QUANTCAST rank 44,142, monthly traffic 29.8K URLFAN rank 170,901 WEBSITE OUTLOOK rank 449,835, net worth $6818.20?

DNC bloggers mostly kapos and lapdogs

Not My Tribe had no interest in applying for press credentials at the DNC. Likewise, our ranks are rife with intentions to protest, disrupt and agitate by whatever means OUTSIDE. But that will not stop us from criticizing the lopsided selection of bloggers which the Democratic Party has credentialed to cover the convention. While the DNC blogger pool might have represented --and broadcast to-- the blogosphere, instead it will represent only an internet PR wing, comprised of fans, lapdogs, kapos and gatekeepers. Where are the objective voices, already lacking in the corporate print and television media? 3481

The You Make My Day Award chain letter

So begins each post: "My friend so-and-so surprised me with a You Make My Day Award. Thank you! (You should really check out their wonderful blog!) I'm to post this with the following proviso," etc, etc. 2528


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