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Time to get rid of Carlos Slim says the international Occupy Movement

Carlos Slim is the richest person in the world, and it's well past time for Mexico and the US together to get rid of these superrich rateros and take back some of the money they have stolen from the public through the many years. Why not start with Mr. Slim and slim him down some? ...New York City Leaders, Yo Soy 132, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC to Call for the End of Carlos Slim's Monopolistic Practices By Two Countries One Voice

He who is a thief should be called a thief, Carlos Slim!

Carlos Slim now sits atop the list of the world's Mr. 1% billionaires with over $69,000,000,000 wealth taken from the Mexican people. Carlos Slim tops Forbes annual rich list ...And to think that just a few years this thief prince was claiming before a judge in US court that he was being discriminated against due to the Anglo prejudice against Mexicans. The guy certainly has a lot of gall on top of his billions upon billions in dollars, stolen peso by peso from the impoverished masses of Mexico! 31185