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Admiral Fallon walks off the job

I don’t want to fail giving Admiral Fallon his due, as commander of Centcom, he probably has kept America from nuking Iran. Since before the Esquire article, speculation has been that Fallon would have to be removed before Bush and his weapons suppliers could expend their ordnance on Iran.

They’re lining up the UN Security Council proverbial three strikes and you’re out against Iran, Admiral Fallon may have been the last hurdle. Without begrudging the admiral, I question what the “military experts” are saying was the wisdom of Fallon’s stepping down. If you disagree with the Commander in Chief, you relinquish your post -or some such protocol.

Even a human rights activist might agree. Sooner than participate in an act which in good conscience you cannot condone, your responsibility would be not to do it. I have a concern that perhaps requires more than a criminal lawyer’s expertise: If you are being ordered to carry out a crime, in this case a WAR CRIME, is it enough to step aside in objection, leaving your subordinates to carry it through? Is it enough to voice your objection, however loud you are able to do it?

Might it not be your ethical duty, especially as when it had fallen under your authority, to prevent the crime being committed at all? And that would not mean simply impeding the action, or obstructing the personnel under your command, but also engaging the legal mechanisms of oversight at your disposal. To my mind it would mean initiating a review and the legal proceedings against whoever in the chain of command was trying to break the law.

Imagine at the firing lines in the Katyn Forest, or overlooking the ravine at Babi Yar, walking away because you refused to issue the orders. Is that anymore than saying you hadn’t the stomach for it?