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Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) "you won't have Dick Nixon around anymore" Of course he lied. Later he said "I am not a crook!" Again, he perjured. 53251

Setting an example of anti-Semitism

I ran across this plea for Americans to support orphan girls in Israel. Not adopt, but sponsor. Not orphans, but orphaned GIRLS. I Googled in vain for an orphanage concerned about Israeli orphaned boys. What's the story? 2111

Jewish fascists

Masada2000 is a web site run by Jewish fascists living mainly here in the US. They hate Arab Muslims and they want you to hate them, too. More even more so, they hate Jews. 1896

Ira Rennert and Elie Wiesel, an Ugly American pair

Ira Rennert is the owner of Doe Run Corporation which is contaminator of one of the world's most poisoned communities, La Oroya, Peru. His company is American and he is an American. La Oroya was listed once again as one of the 10 most toxic areas of the world. 1890

Almost $1 billion payout in Southern California alone!

Remember back when the Catholic Church was trying to stonewall and lead the public into believing that the pedophiles in The Church were a minor and isolated aberration?   That certainly has changed hasn't it? In the last 2 months the Catholic Church has had to fork over almost $1,000,000,000 in Southern California alone to their former victims of their pedophile priests! And how many victims more are there than just the ones now getting compensation?   See the BBC report- US Church agrees sex abuse payout

Why not theaten Mecca with bombing runs?

Tommy Tancredo is at it again! He has a sure way to winning the hearts and minds of Muslims.... why not threaten to bomb their Holy sites? What a genius the guy is, and he sure does Colorado proud. I wonder, too, if he has a plan for what to do when the Vatican City is attacked shortly afterwards? Probably it will be to jackhammer the Ka'bah into pieces and fragments in order to ensure a lasting peace? Free Bibles for everyone!

I had to say something

James Harris has a great interview on Alternet with Mike Jones, friend and counselor of Ted Haggard. It is about his book, the one rejected by local lizard small shop keeper Poor Richard, and is titled, 'I had to say something'. Thank good he did say something, too. 1509

The Good Samaritan in few of us

I sat in the church pew absolutely shocked to be reminded how many times the word peace is mentioned at mass. I was struck mainly to think that American church-goers pay lip service to this word every weekend, year by year at war, and yet our military aggression persists without congregations raising their voices to protest. What kind of peace are they praying for? You know it of course, for peace at the barrel of a gun. 1503

Sisters Witness Against War August 10

  FRIDAY, Aug 10 12noon - 4pm   NOON St Mary's Cathedral meal downstairs   1:00 Prayer upstairs   2:00 Parking lot gather to car pool.   3:00 Peterson AFB vigil, banners   4:00 Return to St Mary's

US helicopter gunships threaten Pakistan mosque in siege

The embattled US military puppet regime of Musharraf is using US made helicopter gunships to threaten continued attack on an Islamabad mosque where young students are holed up inside. What an image for the entire Muslim world to see. 1428

Jesus take the wheel

I was late coming to this country anthem. The chorus hit me today as I heard a succession of barefooted kids sing Jesus Take the Wheel solos at an elementary school talent show. Believe me the nuance was courtesy of cute soft voices timidly waivering off key. Last year it was Proud to be an American. 1253

John Paul 2 a saint? Don’t make us laugh…

Pope Benedict 16 says that John Paul 2 is a saint. No doubt he is to Pope RATzinger. They have found miracle #1 out of the two needed to make John Paul 2 a saint. He is said to have cured a nun of her Parkinsin's Disease, O' Halleluyah! Might we say that miracle #2 should be in how he made Pope RATzinger pope. It took a miracle to take a former Nazi youth group leader and make him into an 'acceptable' leader of the Catholic Church, we think. John Paul 2 a saint? What a pathetic joke.

Matt Sanchez, new star of the pornball Right

Liberalism is not the great refuge of the American homosexual, but rather it is the Far Right that is! All one has to do is get too old to sustain a Gay porn career, anounce that you regret your 'liberal' hedonistic past, and then it's welcome open arms a head into a new life style with the nutster Christian Right, as a newly reformed 'faggot'. God be praised! 1100

America government offers up capitalist corruption to replace Islam

As most all of America sits passively waiting for the 'surge' to be officially declared as a new war, this time against Iran and Syria, it is a nice time to reflect on what DC is offering all these countries it 'surges' into? Why not look at other countries that the US has 'surged' against already? How about Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Somalia for example? All 'threatened' by Islamic extremists as US imperialist propaganda has continually sung? All needing 'liberation' by Christian capitalists coming from abroad, solely to rescue Muslims from Islamic thugs? Isn't that the diet of nonsense that our idiotic media feeds us night and day? 1081

Questions to St Peter

Sometime in October search engines found Ask Saint Peter .com. This was an experimental A. I. project scheduled to address what people were doing with their lives. It's online but yet inoperable. The splash page features the picture of a young Iraqi child recovering in a US field hospital emergency room. He looks hauntingly at the camera. Text hidden below the picture quotes the Gospel about a camel having an easier time squeezing through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven. Clicking anywhere on the page addresses an email to St. Peter and an increasing number of people have begun to write. 1022

I need a joint

I need a joint, but religious people won't let me have one. I need a joint at times because I suffer from the itch (pruritus, caused by mild pedal edema and skin allergies). No seriously, I do, really and it can be quite uncomfortable. 1052

The pastor who moved from California to Denver

OK, everybody is tired of picking on Ted Haggard now. Even the ludicrous announcement that he has been cured of his habit of sucking on male penises after three weeks of counseling hasn't lit up the slightest interest. 1041

Was Jesus really all that into nonviolence?

Once again, I attended a 'peace' meeting dominated by liberal Christians extolling the virtues of nonviolence. The meeting started off with a film about how supposedly Gandhi and MLK, using only methods of nonviolence, had supposedly accomplished great miracles for people. Pretty sad stuff when one considers the situation of Indians and American Blacks today. 1038

National Prayer Breakfast- gag me

Pastor Dubya was the big star at this year's Eggs with Jesus festivities that took place this week. He spoke of 9/11, Our Troops, American prays, We Are Great, and God Bless America. Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and dignitaries from such nice places as Pakistan and Israel all bowed down their heads in unison with our Christian Emperor and prayed. For what, we can only imagine? 1014

El Paso Co. to respect the Sanctity of Life

We got a heads-up from our friends at Newspeak about an impending anti-abortion proclamation by the El Paso County Board of Commissioners. I accidentally read the 2nd page first. If you strike out half the WHEREASes, the resolution is about all human life. And their concluding paragraph dots the i. Those crazy pro-war Republicans are finally speaking out against Bush's atrocities. It's about time. We can be proud that El Paso County proclaims an end to war. 882