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Bibles in camouflage

This is a military issue NIV Bible for American soldiers, I think circa Desert Storm, more probably Bosnia. Each campaign had its own camo motif. But what is the point here with the camouflage? 885

The life of O’Reilly, The Lunatic

I think America has reached a milestone, when it appears that Bill O'Reilly has actually been able to pass both Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson as America's most obnoxious lunatic, nut case. Sure, Robertson is a bigger nut, but O'Reilly steps forward to take first place in the obnoxiousness category. As a blend of obnoxiousness and nuttiness, he edges them all out. 878

Conservative Jews and Catholics- fraternal hypocrites

For centuries the Catholics persecuted the Jews, but today they have an unholy alliance which allows the majority tendency in today's Jewish faith, the Zionist Jews, to blame Muslims for being anti-Jewish pogromists. What's involved? Silence and pretense, in short. The Catholic hierarchy gets to continually pretend that it never had anything to do with the fascist and Nazi crimes of genocide, while the Jewish Zionists get to pretend that they are threatened by a supposed Muslim tendency towards committing just exactly that same crime. All the while keeping their traps closed about the Catholic mainstream.. 869

The Semite’s anti-Semite

Would it be anti-Semitism to make note that the US entertainment industry is predominated by Jews? Studio heads, producers, financiers are disproportionately Jewish, fair to say? Television, newspapers, publishing houses, quite a number headed by Jews. We could throw in the fashion industry, department stores, talent agencies, advertising agencies, financial institutions, it seems so stereotypical, but it is oddly true. The head start which Jews got during Christianity's Dark Ages when no one but a Jew could a lender be, has set people of Jewish lineage well ahead in the world of commerce. Businesses can have an air of waspness, as the Bourgeoisie always did, but behind them, financing them, were Jews. It is not defamatory to make this observation, is it? No disrespect intended toward Jews. 818

Is hell for real?

OK, first, this is not another post about Iraq or Palestine. What it is is a post about yet another crazy religious doctor like James Dobson. 814

The Number of the Beast

Now that Ted Haggard is losing his following, people need theological direction more than ever. This is classical ABB religion that can give you the Number of the Beast. Go for the liturgurgical music if nothing else. Plus, many liberals surf the internet while playing the music here. You can too, if you only believe!

Dr. Dobson flip flops

The week started out with a 'weepy' Doctor Dobson pledging to be part of the national evangelical team to rehab the now much gayer, Teddy Haggard. But within one day, Pastor-Doctor Dobson found his work schedule to be 'too busy' to stay with the spiritual counselling team assembled. A shame, too, since he was the big CS local authority on deviant sex, besides Haggard himself, of course. Ted will now have to depend much more on telephone spiritual counselling by a more long distance prayer team. So why did Dobson bail out on this medical case? lol........ Can't gays be reformed into good heterosexual family men by the power of modern day medicine welded to such strong spirituality that Dobson surely has in hand? 604

Let Ted wed Mike- looking at gay marriage

Everybody has been following the hypocrisy of Ted Haggard and his wretched followers, but few have actually been putting this scandal in any sort of real perspective. Let us ask ourselves, would Ted Haggard have married a woman and had children if he had been allowed the prospect of being a respected part of the community as a person in a same sex marriage? Would Mike have turned Ted in as being a married homosexual then? There is a huge community of closeted gay men in marriages to straight women out there now, and religous hypocrisy is a great part of the reason for that. The fundamentalists say they oppose homosexuality, but actually, they just drive it underground. Who really suffers most? It is the children of these often, sordid, deceitful, and superficial matches. 583

Get Your Meth and Male Massage Here

I shall be selling meth and male massages outside the New Life Church at 11025 Voyager Parkway Colorado Springs starting at 8:30 Am this Sunday. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! Come join us and offer your own goods up for sale, too. Join us in an orgy of passion for our Lord, this Sunday. It will be a gay time, and maybe we can make some money to do more of the Lord's work. Also, we will be selling this same merchandise starting at 6 PM, November 11, at our church's Thou Shalt Laugh Comedy Night. For more information about this comedy event, go to New Life Church. Be there, or be straight and square!

Halloween and What Would Doctor Dobson Do?

I have just been visiting over at the Focus on Family website and am relieved to find that Dr. Dobson approves on allowing children to go Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. As long as they don't go as black cats, witches, devils, or Satan himself. Nothing occult, he says. And certainly don't allow your little ones to go in drag.   This is a relief to me, since too many of our kids have been finding themselves shuffled off to shopping malls and churches, on what used to be the best kid Holiday of them all. Just finding a neighborhood with Trick or Treating kids on the prowl has become increasingly more difficult for parents with kids. So thank you, Dr. Dobson, for taking this particularly controversial stand. Next we know, you'll be encouraging parents to play penny ante poker with their kids, and teaching them to dance with the other sex without a Bible in hand. Praise the Lord!

Religious Bigotry, Nationalism, and Racism

Religious Bigotry, Nationalism, and Racism are the core ingredients of patriotism worldwide. Oh, I know, some will say that Peace is Patriotic, and other such liberal claptrap. But we all know what Patriotism really means; it means my religion before all others, my country before all others, my race before all others. 487

Donald Rumsfeld, Messenger of God

The surprising news one learns these days! It turns out that God has inspired new messengers since the Book of Mormon was writ. We learn that Donald Rumsfeld now is a Messenger of God, so says the US high command from high on the Mount. Praise Allah that we have such a leader in our Crusade against the followers of the evil pedophilic Messenger of Satan, called Mohammad. There is certainly no way now our country can lose this war against the world! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill those dirty Hadjis. Go Team America! Or better make that Church America....   Here it is, the brief from faraway of South Africa. Just how in the world did our local Gazette miss it?

Paramilitary chaplains

What is a military chaplain? Or a police chaplain for that matter? This government is so hung up about outsourcing its work to the faith-based sector, wouldn't chaplains be a great place to start?   Need a priest at the scene of a fatal accident? Call a priest. Need a minister to administer last rites? Call a minister. Need a man of the cloth to give soldiers the pep talk about how God is on their side? Call Anthony Robbins but don't assert you've got a liason officer with God's office and you have him on your payroll!

Limbo to be sunk into limbo as it orbits alongside Pluto

I was just getting used to Pluto's demotion when along comes the news that Pope Rat is thinking about demoting Limbo. Well just how the Hell can he do such a thing, we might ask? It appears that a commission of high Roman Catholic theologians have been considering the concept of Limbo's existence for some time, and just like all the astronomers got together and said that Pluto is not a planet but just a lowly Kuiper belt object, the specialists on God have decided that The Almighty doesn't put unbaptized babies into Limbo after all. 420

The evolution debate ist tot

We're going to see the dinosaur tracks in Pinon Canyon this weekend. We'll hike along the Pergatoire River which runs through southeastern Colorado and retrace a quarter mile long trail left by a brontosaurus.   At issue for my companions is what to make of theologians who would like us to believe that the Earth is only as old as The Bible says, something like 6,000 years. I'd like to contemplate that idea from the perspective of standing in a footprint made 150 million years ago. Supposedly.   Is carbon-dating flawed? Are scientists misleading mankind? It only matters if you want to believe that the christian bible is literally true. If the bible represents truth in the context of man's understanding of the natural world at the time, then our new scientific understandings are not really suspect at all. 363

Homosexuals that go moo

Dogs that go moo.   Are there such things, or is this an analogy? Let's see, if animals vocalize in order to interact with like animals, isn't a mooing dog likely to attract only other dogs that moo? And maybe dairy farmers. In any case, they are unlikely to procreate. Instead the dogs will run together in mooing herds.   Now where's the harm in that? 344

Old Testament cheerleaders

They think the end is coming. They're even smiling about it. Are these the people we want to have in charge when we discuss matters of global stewardship or keeping the peace in the Middle East? 326

A security buffer for Israel

The Bush administration is content to postpone urging a ceasefire in Lebanon until Israel has completed clearing the brush. Israel will be requiring a security buffer between itself and Lebanon, and apparently it has the right to use Lebanese land to make it. 282

Tree rings for skeptics of science

Whenever there is talk about the age of mankind, or the solar system, or the universe, a friend of mine delights in adding, "IN THEORY." If the calculations denote an earthly past beyond the scale of a Creationist's 7,000 year model, my friend considers it theoretical. 260

The Irreligious Christian Right

I wanted to call them Christians with a capital H, but they're not hypocritical per se. American evangelicals do not profess to do good, merely they pledge to do good by Jesus Christ. Meaning, what their preacher tells them, that the scripture tells them, that Jesus tells them to do. Go spread my faith, in a nutshell. 244

The Pope thinks who should step in?

On Sunday Pope Benedict paid a visit to Auschwitz and asked "WHERE WAS GOD AT AUSCHWITZ?"   Why didn't he ask where was the POPE at Auschwitz?!   We're certainly asking where is the Pope now? Why is he touring sites of past atrocities when there are current crimes which the Pope could be trying to impede? 221