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Jeep declares war on intellect.

They're sponsoring Call of Duty:whateverthehellnumber : BlackOps. In the Jeep commercial they show screenshots of a Black Jeep SUV in some tropical location that exists only in the imaginations of the designers of the game, who never got closer to actual war than speeding up as they passed the Army Recruiter's office on their way to a College Republicans meeting. Call of "Duty"? BlackOps is not very discrete code for Murder, Kidnap and Torture, in other words, REAL terrorism funded and backed by a massive military industrial complex. Of which the manufacturers of Jeep are a proud member-group. BlackOps is not anybody's "Duty" it's a pleasure romp for people who enjoy killing and enjoy torture and enjoy the feeling of helpless victims fearing them. The sick bastards who play the game on their computers in their Moms' basements and fantasize killing are only slightly less sick than the ones who go out and commit the actual Murders, kidnaps and tortures. Or the political bastards who order the Terroristic BlackOps strikes. Games like that destroy your own capacity to think rationally, it's a downward spiral into being the formerly human equivalent of a mechanical drone. THEY push your launch buttons and aim you toward

Coward Racist Republicans

Now calling for Senate Majority Leader Reid to resign. Where was their outrage two weeks ago when their Racist Tea Party, at their urging, did a mock hanging of Barack Obama? Where was their outrage when their Loudmouth Talking Rectum, Rush "Lardass' Limbaugh was selling recordings of a song "Barack the Magic Negro"? Answer, the same place their Outrage was when Rush and Cheney and Bush and Romney and Reagan and John Wayne and the ChickenHawk College Republicans decided that they were "Too Good" to fight in the wars they supported. Along with their "outrage" about the United States Military causing Spontaneous Aborti "miscarriages" in Iraq and Afghanistan and VietNam and every other place the Air Force targeted Civilians... Not to mention their "outrage" about the Children who were already born, Murdered by their military actions. 13626

Why a centipede is called a centipede.

Or a millipede a millipede. It's because most people are too lazy to count beyond 38. I stopped counting how many times the Right Wing Retards have called us "Retards" for pointing out basic facts, like: George Bush, the source of their information on the War On Terror, and his Retarded Henchmen, have been consistently wrong, so often that they're either a) lying to you or b)God-damned retarded. Yet the Retards who willingly believe every Retarded Lie that the Right Wing has fed them, especially on the subject of the War, get all upset and huffy and pout and whimper and wet their pants if they're called Retards. Or ChickenHawks. Or whatever. GROW THE HELL UP. 13607

Ward Churchill speaks on which settler invasion wrote the book on Apartheid

Ward Churchill spoke in Tucson on Friday and Brenda Norrell has posted the footage. Watching the ex-CU professor speak, I can't help but think about the university students' loss. They're missing the lamentably rarefied perspectives he offers of course, but more important, the inspiration gained from such an engaging luminary. 11669

UCSB Hillel students Rebecca Joseph, Tova Hausman highlight poor education

Today's university campuses have to deal with College Republicans, ACTA and NeoMcCarthyists. The latest uneducable creeps shopped their leftist-professor- horror-story to the Anti-Defamation League, to brand their teacher's criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic." UCSB senior Rebecca Joseph and junior Tova Hausman both took exception to Professor William Robinson's Sociology Listserv email comparing Israel's mop up operation in Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. Below are the words they cut and pasted together to accuse Robinson. 7593

College Republicans not brightest bulbs

BOULDER- A favorite photo from Thursday night's event. This is the president of the CU College Republicans, who got up to object to student funds being spent on terrorists and frauds. Even after Ayers and Churchill spoke about how neither education nor students should be treated like commodities, sweaty dope Andrew Crown asked why a university could not do like any well-run corporation, and fire whomever it wished. 6844