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You can lead a horse to water, but will it give a statement to the press?

From the horse's mouth: Nope. On advice of lawyer, don't talk about arrest. On advice from retired lawyers: civil liberties issue iffy. Advice gleaned from the overworked ACLU: case not as good as others we've got. Advice from friends: hope for a plea deal. Request from PPJPC colleagues: pretend we don't know you. Advice about the press: "Generally they don't have much interest in this kind of thing." FAIL.   I have to confess, my pretending yesterday about an intentional plan to fly under-the-radar was sarcasm. I had no idea the extent to which the sublimation of the "MEPP" Kulp/Nace arrests was premeditated. No mention of the court date in the PPJPC Active For Justice weekly email, the arrestees' spirits driven down by the defeatism prescribed above. I raise this criticism not to victimize the defendants further, but to question this apparently endemic predilection for hemlock. 21304

Coloradans4Peace condemn COS parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: COLORADANS-FOR-PEACE CONDEMNS COLORADO SPRINGS PRO-WAR PARADE.   --And why not? The rationales for the Iran and Afghanistan wars have been repudiated by the Obama administration. What place has this city to celebrate them? The wars have been declared illegal by international magistrates. How then can Americans presume to cheer their soldiers' actions? Regardless the jingoism of the Colorado Springs community, to idealize militarism, while thousands of innocent civilians suffer under its boot every day, is unconscionable. A bigoted majority of Lamborn voters want to lynch a certain black man, should we give them a permit?

Reprising the call to end Obama’s Wars

COLORADO SPRINGS- Intersection of Austin Bluffs and Academy Blvds, 4pm-6pm, all corners. Join Coloradans For Peace in their high-visibility every-other-Thursday rush-hour antiwar vigil, to END OBAMA'S WARS.

Activists have so far failed to construct a real American Antiwar Movement

Despite the grass roots sentiment against all the bloodshed that Bush and now Barack Obama are engaged in, activists in the US have ever failed to construct a real Antiwar Movement. Do you consider that to be a harsh judgment on my part? Then please consider the fact that the US is moving towards the end of what will a decade long occupation of Afghanistan, and yet there has not been one antiwar demonstration, on even a local yet alone a national level, that has focused on opposing this! 7805

National Space [Weapons] Symposium

REMINDER! The military-industrial complex converges this week on the Broadmoor Conference Center, in the guise of "Space Symposium 2009." The biggest mercenaries, profiteers, mass-murderers and top brass will gather over cocktails in the late afternoon, after weapons exhibitors have set up their displays. Local news is already hyping the event, this year's emphasis is, we kid you not, EDUCATION! Citizens for Peace In Space (CPIS) is reprising their STOP TRUTH DECAY street theater at 5pm on Monday, Coloradans 4 Peace has reserved a more pointed message, to begin at 4pm, before the death-merchant revelers retreat inside. 7149

Ireland did not like occupation either

I think there's an interesting St Patrick's Day theme in the making... Americans have always opposed occupation. Irish Americans supported the IRA's fight against the British. And wasn't our first mantra "Don't Tread on Me?"

From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!

A.N.S.W.E.R. has 7 Reasons to March on DC. We can borrow them! - The war in Afghanistan is expanding and widening. - 350,000 U.S. troops and US-paid contractors still occupy Iraq. - Israelís Siege of Gaza remains in place, with backing of Washington. - Obama's Justice Department is continuing the policy of renditions. - Air strikes on Pakistan are killing an increasingly number of civilians. - The real Pentagon war budget is over $1.3 trillion annually. - More than 20 million people are now unemployed and under-employed. 6640

Change must mean peace

COLO. SPRINGS-- Weekly noon vigil- keepers Peter and Warren braved the cold Monday at the corner of Nevada and Dale, to unveil a new banner: CHANGE MUST MEAN PEACE.

STOP ISRAEL Sunday, January 18, 1PM

WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO JOLT THE CONSCIENCE OF ISRAEL?! IDF killings continue. Soldiers are being given "free-fire-zone" license!   Meet this weekend, SUN, Jan 18 at 1PM, Acacia Park, at the torii gate, a traditional site for antiwar protest.   The Shinto arch at Nevada Ave and Bijou Street commemorates our sister city of Fuji-yoshida, Japan. The plaque reads: "the purpose of the sister city relationship is to promote understanding between the people of our two countries and cities"

JUST SAY NO to the WS Bailout Bandits

MEET -AFTER WORK- TUESDAY at the corner of SMITH BARNEY and MORGAN STANLEY, where DAIN RAUSCHER meets BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON at the Plaza of the Rockies Building. That's where Colorado Springs needs to voice its objections to a bailout for the Wall Street extortionists. Don't hand over America's wealth to the money traders! Scribble your sentiments on the back of whatever poster-board is lying around your office and meet at TEJON & COLORADO from 4:30-5:30PM. Bring determination to tell them NO! (You can RSVP with TrueMajority.) 4932

Trespassing into the booster zone

Peter and I are now described as having been confused about where to express Free Speech at the May 17 state convention. We are being arraigned today at 1:30 at Municipal Court because the Democratic Party is sticking to the trespassing charges. Peter's and my confusion had to do with how anyone, the World Arena, the Dems, or the police, could decide SUBJECTIVELY what speech belonged to what zone. Peter and I were waved into a Free Speech Area, then told to leave the better part of it because we weren't "boosters." Not in this America they can't.

Riot police were standing by on Saturday

COLORADO SPRINGS- Channel 5/30 News reporters were called away from the World Arena last Saturday to cover a stabbing at a public music event at the flea market. A fight broke out in a crowd of 2000 people and the first responders found themselves undermanned. Fortuitously, riot police had been standing by at the Democratic State Convention. At 1:30pm, this contingent (or fraction) was redeployed to provide backup. The KOAA TV camera captured the hardware the CSPD had anticipated needing to provide convention security on this otherwise harmonious and peaceful, uncloudy and idyllic Colorado Springs Saturday at the World Arena. 3367

FRI-SAT Demo State Convention Demo

FRIDAY UPDATE: As usual our Stop Funding the War message was welcomed unanimously. Democratic delegates smiled, cheered and thanked us for "keeping at it." Their enthusiasm was no doubt bolstered by the overwhelming honks we elicited from the rush hour traffic. Michael Moore's people picked up on Mark's YouTube grab of the KRDO spot, for dry runs leading to the DNC. Join the demonstration FRIDAY 3-6pm at the DoubleTree Hotel and SATURDAY 7-10am in front of the World Arena. Details at PROTESTCOLORADO.ORG

Freedom of Speech in America IMO

Can it be said that Americans retain anything but nostalgia for their Freedom of Speech? The upcoming State Democratic Convention will be the chance to see whether Colorado Springs activists have any rights.

PROTESTCOLORADO targets the 2008 Colorado State Democratic Convention

The City of Colorado Springs has interesting plans for you if you feel inclined to raise a citizen's voice at the 2008 State Democratic Convention to be held May 16-17 at the World Arena. The city is hosting a public forum or two, scheduled to run at the same time as the convention, for the public to vent its concerns without having to disrupt the Democratic Party activities. As for protest, they are hoping to see no more than the 2005 Bush visit demo which police contained to the west side of Venetucci Boulevard. This time however, there will be no presidential secret service prerogative to commandeer public property.   You may be excited about Obama, but has he promised anything substantive on issues dear to you? Come let the Democrats know what you think of their centrism --when it leaves unresolved immigration, economy, labor, environment, health care and war. Join the fun on Friday evening, May 16, as the delegates arrive, and all day Saturday May 17. No permits are needed. Check PROTEST COLORADO for updates on logistics. Make this Representative Democracy a Participatory Democracy!