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Community Occupier cops go on a rampage in Anaheim

The cops in the LA area continue to act as an occupier army, and they are in the news once again for attacking community families during a protest against Police Brutality. Here, a group of children tell of how they were attacked by the cops ANAHEIM KIDS vs. Anaheim Police department. For complete coverage about these events, Democracy Now is the place to go. Police Brutality in Anaheim Sparks Outrage After 2 Latinos Shot Dead and Demonstrators Attacked.

Food Jazz

The Colorado College Community Kitchen will be publishing a cookbook! Every Sunday we get a buncha random, mostly organic groceries, Thanks Whole Foods! Thanks Miller Farms!), and magick them together to feed a couple hundred people or so. April will mark the 20th anniversary of the endeavor. We never know what we'll have to work with til we have it. 28683

Can a currency system be localized?

A friend of mine is studying alternative money systems in Boulder, and has solicited input from her varied professional circles. Here are the questions she poses about localizing community transactions: 19969