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Emma Goldman on Direct Action

Yes it was Emma Goldman who said "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." It was no mere quip. The turn of the last century activist was a fierce advocate of every social reform and was ultimately exiled to Europe for challenging forced conscription. Do you wonder what else Goldman had to say, about political violence, prisons, patriotism, puritanism, the traffic of women, suffrage, poverty, birth control, and the struggle of minorities? Far from being a cynic, Goldman offered an alternative to the false hope of the ballot box. 20006

Backing Obama when you know better

Overheard from a celebrated activist who normally advocates direct-action over electoral wait-and-see, having joked that voting only encourages false expectations:   "I voted for Obama, but after he renewed the Patriot Act, I vowed never to vote again." (Applause.) "But if Sarah Palin runs again, I'll vote." (Applause.)   And that's the role Sarah Palin plays: bad cop to the lesser evil.

Earth First! Destroy What Destroys You!

It's your last chance to see the EARTH FIRST! ROADSHOW as it passes through Denver, on its way to the Round River Rendezvous. Tonight, 7PM at Capitol Hill's Gypsy House Cafe, at 13th and Marion. 7931

Animal experimentation is messed up

The homes of two UC Santa Cruz researchers were attacked by animal rights extremists with fire bombs, purportedly for using lab animals in UCSC scientific experimentation. "I donít know what they did to deserve that," a 19-year-old student bystander told the NYT "I think thatís kind of messed up to do that to someoneís home.Ē   Sure it's messed up. Too bad not even the news articles about this case could spare a sentence about how lab animals are mistreated. What is it that has the animal liberation extremists so upset?

Direct Action versus Indirect Inaction

One hundred years on, we're still told we can elect representatives to look out for us in Congress. But do they represent us? Do they end the war, reject FISA, impeach the president? The register-to-vote work-through-official-channels folk take us for HOW stupid?

Eugene V. Debs “When I shall fight”

I am not opposed to all war, nor am I opposed to fighting under all circumstances, and any declaration to the contrary would disqualify me as a revolutionist. When I say I am opposed to war I mean ruling class war, for the ruling class is the only class that makes war. It matters not to me whether this war be offensive or defensive, or what other lying excuse may be invented for it, I am opposed to it, and I would be shot for treason before I would enter such a war. 3569

Tim Robbins is an activist god

Maybe it's the start of baseball season -- I'm watching the 22nd inning of the Rockies-Padres game! -- that has me remembering the first time I saw the movie Bull Durham. It was a movie that had everything I love -- sport (baseball), romance (Costner and Sarandon) and humor (in the form of an idiotic-yet-talented young pitcher). The imprint of Bull Durham remained on me for a long time. I pictured Crash Davis and Annie Savoy living in Happily Ever After, and hoped that someday I might be as lucky. 3123