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Romney and friends were ‘a pack of dogs’ and still are

"I saw it with my own eyes," said Maxwell, of the anecdote first reported by the Washington Post . Maxwell said Romney held the scissors helping to cut the hair of a student, John Lauber, who was presumed to be gay and who had long hair. "It was a hack job… clumps of hair taken off." Maxwell said he held the boy's arm and leg, describing he and his friends as a "pack of dogs." (Full article at Former Romney Classmate Describes 'Bullying Supreme' - A 'Pack of Dogs' Who Targeted 'Different' Boy.

Put your dog-lover on a leash

How about a dog collar for dog lovers? If you find companionship in dogs, and read in their faces such "human" qualities as insight and empathy, why not show some empathy yourself and submit to their leash. I don't mean a collar and rope which your dog can restrict or yank at whim, but a collar tethered to his collar. Why not? 20095

President Obama can’t even buy a dog

NATO CONFERENCE, STRASBOURG- The subject came up again --how cute-- when President Obama took questions from European students in Strasbourg, about whether the White House has gotten its dog. Obama's answer was still "not yet," sidestepping more substantive topics. Let's play into Obama's sleight of hand for a moment because there is something telling about this dog-less pony show. Everyone thought it was our sky-high expectations which made Obama appear stuck at the gate. We count the days for his administration to do this, and undo that, meanwhile Barack Obama can't even buy a dog. 7228

The Business of Medicine

Does 'your' doctor care? Of course he doesn't! It's simply a business relationship and his 'care' is quantified by money. Don't look to a doctor for understanding 4862

Colorado Springs declared Dog Town USA

COLORADO SPRINGS- Are you hearing it here first?! We witnessed the ceremony at today's city council meeting, and it was news to them. DOG FANCY MAGAZINE awarded Colorado Springs this year's title DOG TOWN USA. The decision was based on 27 criteria which measure a dog friendly environment: proportion of hotels which allow dogs, number of restaurants that permit dog dinning, disregard for enforcing leash laws on nature trails, preponderance of female joggers who don't feel safe outside their homes without a big dog companion, regional shortcoming of beauty and/or character? Compared to the rest, Top Dog Springs knows how to heel!