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Stealing daddy’s spotlight…and mommy’s pills

This morning, catching up on the goings-on after a week in blazing hot and muggy Mexico, I read on that Al Gore III was arrested recently on charges of possessing -- in addition to marijuana -- Vicodin, Xanax, Valium and Adderall. Oh my! The article pointed out that prescription drug use is becoming more prevalent among the young than even good ol' pot. 1445

Comfortably Numb

Sitting in a puffy leather Barca-lounger, jacked full of Valium and Demerol, God Doctor enters the room. He squats down so that we are at eye level, introduces himself (as if I don't know who he is..I've driven to Denver three times so far to see him), stares into my nearly blind eyes and says, "Did you take something or are your pupils always this huge?" Even in my half-drugged state I had the presence of mind to say, "I took a handful of 'ludes before the surgery; I hope that was okay." He stands up without a word and walks out of the room. 1391

The planted pot

The worst thing that the supposed 'War Against Drugs' has done to Americans is that we can all become guilty (in a split second) until proven innocent by sum of having large amounts of money that most of us never have actually had that would have to be paid to lawyers (if we actually did have the dough). In other words, the police can you screw you over in a heartbeat by merely planting illegal substances on you. And that's what they did with this 92 year old woman they murdered.

I need a joint

I need a joint, but religious people won't let me have one. I need a joint at times because I suffer from the itch (pruritus, caused by mild pedal edema and skin allergies). No seriously, I do, really and it can be quite uncomfortable. 1052

Is hell for real?

OK, first, this is not another post about Iraq or Palestine. What it is is a post about yet another crazy religious doctor like James Dobson. 814

I have a weed problem

I don't watch the Sopranos so I don't know whether this kind of thing happens everyday on television. Authority figure / love interest / recurring character / moral compass on the TV show Weeds gets driven summarily into a garage and killed.   Sitting in his car outside a drug deal gone awry, he is asked by a girl to roll down his window. She releases the locks and two goons slip in beside him from both sides and turn the car into an awaiting garage. The garage door lowers to the soundtrack "time to die." Did I mention he was a cop? 551

NotMyTribe drinking policy

(-------------THE NOTMYTRIBE PUBLICATION MANUAL, part 7-------------) We'll spell it out just for the formality: this blog has a strictly enforced drinking policy.   Drink what you want -- more on this in a moment -- but if you're going to drink and type, be nice. To what degree this means showing respect and decorum is really up to you. Remember to write as if your mother is going to read it, because in fact she is. There is also the possibility of impressionable children seeing it too. 688

Pot smokers rejoice!

Colorado Amendment 44 would legalize possession of an ounce of marijuana by individuals 21 or older. If it passes, it could be a first step in a long journey toward a rational and effective federal drug policy. It could generate a national debate about drugs, about civil liberties, about lots of important things. 556

Parents and the teenage drug dealer

I sympathize with parents who have a child on drugs. I'm thinking not so much about the child who's doing fine in school, or has ambition and is moving forward. I'm thinking more about the kid who isn't, who's discovered a rut of drugs and complacency and nothing but drugs and instant gratification. I'm thinking the two are mutually exclusive, but that may be my prejudice. 361

James Frey wrong guy

I'm crossing my fingers that this James Frey guy gets what's coming to him. James Frey has written a best-selling memoir called A MILLION LITTLE PIECES and thanks entirely to Oprah's shrewd endorsement, has become an inspiration for a suburban nation in the grip of a drug addiction epidemic. The trouble is that Mr. Frey's memoir has been largely invented. THE SMOKING GUN went looking for Frey's police records, as is their thing, and found Vanilla Ice basically. 105