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Scientists find abundance in scarcity

I heard today about an Abundance Study of sharks off of Catalina Island. Knowing that such studies are finding sharks no longer in abundance, the title seems contrived to suggest otherwise. Yes, frequency and abundance are scientific measures, but they mean count, don't they? These days we've come to expect government scientists to politicize what could otherwise have been called a population survey. Here "abundance" is a scale that also implies a measure on the scale, in this case positive. As with "number" or "charge," we infer there is one. Perhaps the shark researchers opted not to call it a scarcity study for fear of jinxing their sharks. 2501

Say’s Law and undemocratic monetarism

Richard C. Cook has written an excellent synthesis of C. H. Douglas, Keynes and Galbraith in Global Research repudiating the orthodox economics used to legitimate the Federal Reserve under which the world's capitalist economies are enslaved.   Cook writes: "Overall, banks have served four main purposes—one legitimate, one dubious, one puzzling, and one deeply flawed. 2486

Parasitical capitalism exposed

Got Real Player?   Two hours of excellent deconstruction of the big financial parasites and how 2008 will see a depression and a transfer of tax burden (bail out) onto the working and what's left of the middle class. Banks are calling in loans on hedge funds and hedge funds don't have the money (lost it gambling) so they are selling their assets (any assets) which include stocks. That's why we see the big drops in the stock market. And the writing off of billions by the banks ...large and small. And their stock price declining. 2676

The end of America here come the thugs

Naomi Wolf is touring the country to promote her bestselling horror book THE END OF AMERICA. In it she directs our attention to ten steps which have foreshadowed every open society's descent to totalitarian rule. Rather than signs of nascent machinations, these form more of an inviolate blueprint. Recognize ALL of them?       1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy       2. Create a gulag       3. Develop a thug caste       4. Set up an internal surveillance system       5. Harass citizens' groups       6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release       7. Target key individuals       8. Control the press       9. Dissent equals treason      10. Suspend the rule of law 2210

Flooded Bangladesh, unconcerned US

Excessive amounts of energy used in the US brings floods to Bangladesh and drought to Sudan. What it doesn't bring, is much concern from the US public about the destructiveness of its economy on other peoples. See Thousands stranded without aid in Bangladesh after cyclone hits.

Greens and the energy companies

Everybody says they're for helping out the environment these days, and yet nobody seems to be for protecting the environment that much. After all, who is going to say they are for dumping a pile of personal refuse into the middle of the city park, so to speak? 2108

Bio-fuels destroy land

We are living the end of cheap oil, and bio-fuels are being proposed by multinational corporations and the Pentagon as an ecologically sound alternative to fossil fuels. But are they really? 2105

Millions of Americans now face foreclosure evictions

A wave of foreclosures and evictions is about to sweep the United States in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis. Several million Americans face eviction in the next couple of years from houses they thought were theirs. 2104

Oil and Oppression

To those that don't read the abominable local paper, The Gazette, 'Oil and Oppression' was the title of their lead editorial opinion today so that's what this commentary is responding to. 2083

Gas Up, Dollar Down

The papered dollar continues to slide, and gas prices continue to go up to $93 a barrel and may soon be flying off into the upper stratosphere? The neocons have produced no national security after 7 years in power, but are your neighbors smart enough to figure that out yet? 2065


Crash This is a running thread to record the meltdown.

Killing poorer immigrants the US way

Here's how it works. The US pays the Mexican government to wall off Mexico's southern borders to keep immigrants out. It helps militarize Mexico, too, and it can be called the 'War on Drugs'. 2042

Corporate America and the biofuel scam

Biofuels - Great Green Hope or Swindle is a great article just published on Common Dreams. It comes as a good read at a timely moment, right after neocon and con James Woolsey just passed through CS and CC trying to scam himself off as the great Green Warrior to our town's innocent, naive, and evidently totally ignorant liberal class. 2040

Choose your poison, America

Easy credit crunch or paper money trash? What is the answer to what corporate military spending corruption has sown? Dollar plunges to fresh Euro low We are going to pay a heavy price for our sins of complicity with Bush's war games. Soup, any one?

The CDC report on MRSA severely understates the problem

'The antibiotic-resistant infections, commonly called MRSA, were once confined to a few hospitals, but a new study by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 2005 they made an estimated 94,000 Americans seriously ill and killed almost 19,000, compared with 17,000 who died of AIDS.' 2034

Health Care for all

Hundreds of thousands of people a year in the US are injured in some way due to our crumbling and insane health care system's defects. Thousands upon thousands die. 2032

The Problem? Americans hate their neighbors and themselves

The biggest political problem in the US is that Americans hate their neighbors, and our neighbors hate us as well. We have all been taught that the common folk have no good qualities, and that only the corporate world of top dogs is competent at least, unlike ourselves and our neighbors who supposedly know nothing and can do nothing right. 2027

Burma, Chevron, the US, and China

Burma lies politically and geographically sandwiched between the 3 major encroaching powers of India, China, and the US. See India cuts to the chase in Myanmar 2001

Slavery kills the children the most

New York opens slave burial site A 17th Century slave cemetery hidden away for over 2 centuries was opened up in New York City and guess what? What was found was that 50% of the bodies of slaves buried were under 12 years old. Is that really surprising though? 2000

James Woolsey is CIA, not a Green

James Woolsey, ex CIA director under Clinton, is the managing director of Paladin Capital Group, which has multi Pentagon contracts supplying surveillance and military equipment. They push themselves off as being eco friendly via company investment in the production of ethanol. See Go Ethanol. You can get an idea of the type of pap that Woolsey will be spouting this week at Colorado College from this article, An interview with geo-green James Woolsey, former head of CIA. Woolsey and Paladin Capital Group is just the latest of the corporate fad where really odious corporations try to pass themselves off as being eco-friendly when they are the complete opposite. 1973

Immigrants are our friends, not our enemies

Immigrant workers are our allies, not our enemies is a talk given by Garrett Brown of the Maquiladora Health and Safety Network that packs a lot of facts in it. One fact he mentions is that more than 1/2 of Mexicans are living on $3 or less a day income. 1940