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European OECD club owns up to Israel, Middle East white sphere of influence

As perhaps a final admission that Israel belongs not in Palestine, but among its European cohorts, Israel today was accepted into the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Israeli leaders had coveted membership, and BDS advocates were protesting against it on the basis that Apartheid has no place among developed nations, but really this honor pulls the carpet of indigenous-pretense under Israel's more-falafel-than-thou duel with Lebanon. Let the OECD club invite enjoin Israelis to return among their white industrialist comrades.


Why do the same cops and their tame Social Workers who Demand, under threat of punishment, that we automatically and unconditionally "respect" THEM, Refuse to unconditionally and automatically respect US? Saying that we have to comply and conform to THEIR arbitrary orders, dress and appearance code, even the language we speak among ourselves? Or in the case of the Hotel Owner in Taos, and the cases of Muhammad Ali and Ojore Lutalo, that we take and accept the "White" names, either the ones we were given when we were born into the Slave System, or like in Taos, where the people were supposed to abandon the culture in which they were raised in order to please their White Anglo Saxon Master? 14953

Question of Nationalism v. Imperialism …again

EU officials not allowing Washington to monitor their economic transactions, Washington upset. So, does Washington allow the EU or Mexico or Cuba or Iran or who-the-hell-ever a similar privilege of monitoring United States bank transactions? 14564

Turkey’s Kurds and China’s Tibetans

The Western corporate press is non-stop reporting on China's suppression of the rebellion by its small Tibetan minority of about 6 million Tibetans, out of a nation of 1.3 billion. Many in the US support independence for a portion of Tibet, which would take away about 1/5 of Chinese territory if it were to take place. 2910

Washington’s new nasty little attack dog- the French poodle Sarkozy

Tony Blair, Washington DC's British poodle has now been replaced with a French poodle, it seems. That little rabid asshole is the new leader of French imperialism, Sarkozy. Sounds like a STD, doesn't it? Below is the funniest headline (in a sick sort of way) I have seen in a long time... 2299

After Tony Blair?

The whole English speaking world breathed a sigh of relief when Tony Blair finally was replaced by Gordon Brown. Gone was a toady for the US neocon Bush regime and in was....? 2259


Many liberals and Leftists support independence for Kosovo just as they have done previously with East Timor. In short, they have supported their own imperialist governments dividing up other countries, and this they call 'supporting national self determination'! 2250

Neo-liberal regime in France hits hard road block

France doesn't want the neo-liberal program that its government is trying to shove down its throat. Nicolas Sarkozy was elected in May as France's president, and it is clear that he was the French corporate candidate of choice. France gripped by massive strike 2141

The King of Spain is a royal asshole

The international press has been reporting for everybody the spectacle of the King of Spain putting down Hugo Chavez with his comment 'Why don't you shut up, Little Boy?' Why the King of Spain should be attending a summit meeting in Santiago, Chile is never questioned at all though? 2132

The Darfur Deception

'In trying to spur action, some humanitarian groups are framing the conflict as a too-simple contest between good and evil.' By David Rieff October 7, 2007 2014

Don’t eat French Fries

OK, OK! The dittoheads are back to eating French Fries, and we get stuck with the damn Freedom Fries. They taste so damn plastic, too. 1952

Falwell lives!

It appears that Jerry Falwell died and went to neither Hell nor Heaven. He went to Poland, where he is now once again outing Tinky Winky from the closet. More intolerance of this sort can also be found in Moscow, too. Thank God we live in Colorado Springs, where people and dogs of all types tolerate and respect each other! 1313

The Reagan Counter-Revolution finally makes it to France

Let's face it, America, the ability of George W. Bush to foul up the world was done with the complicity of the European middle class, that always thumbs its nose at our country's supposed backwardness compared to themselves. But Rightist Europeans have been to the rest of the world, and still are, every bit as much of a problem as our own homegrown nutty Christian/military-police/redneck/ businessman alliance is. 1271

The Poodle saves a head

While American homeland Security were playing the clowns in Boston, America's cross-Atlantic poodle, Tony Blair, also did his part to crank up mass hysteria. He and his troops of national security saviors moved into action to keep a 'serviceman' from being spit on by antiwar protesters, uh... I meant Islamic terrorists. The plan was to kidnap the British 'serviceman', spit on him in unison (what torture!), and then to behead him (such theater!). And I guess then, to box the head and then mail the head to Buckingham Palace? As a result, a Red alert was declared and airplanes began to fly over Birmingham to stop the people of wrong faith from getting away! 1012

Is Kosovo just an accident of war?

Remember when America was torn asunder and went to war for the Albanians? Yeah, the liberals' war. Clinton and Gore's war. We cared so much about Albanians then and whether they were getting a fair shake! Makes one laugh in retrospect, does it not? 986