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Uzi Landau doesn’t steal Palestinian homes because there is no such thing

DENVER- Israeli PR envoy Uzi Landau addressed CU Denver students today, the majority of whom were antagonistic to his message. Denver policemen lined the walls, altar and choir loft, as Landau went on about the mortal threat which "extremist" Islam poses to Judeo-Christian civilization. Landau likened Iran to Nazi Germany and Ahmadinejad to Hitler, but had no comparison for the nefarious and subversive terror plots which Iran has been foisting on the free world. I'm thinking perhaps, like the CIA or Mossad? Landau entered the room strangely like a Mafia don, flanked by an entourage of black coats and security. A well dressed man and a woman who an hour earlier had been loitering behind me as I protested outside, and whom I took to be Russian when I heard them speak to each other, now appeared as part of Landau's party. Due to the sudden snowfall, the campus closed for the afternoon. As a result, the turnout for Landau's speech was sparse. The security detail of Denver and campus police officers which subjected attendees to metal detectors and bag searches, and kept vigil from the sidelines, would have been disproportionate even if all the seats had been filled. One got the impression that law enforcement were there to assure the audience stayed awake and respectful. Policemen could be seen conspicuously conferring about the seating area occupied by activist Glenn Spagnuolo and his colleagues. When Glenn rose and walked forward to queue for the microphone, a handful of the officers adjusted their positions accordingly. Glenn was responsible for pulling together voices to oppose Uzi Landau's appearance. Glenn had a personal connection to Landau, having worked in the occupied territories like Rachel Corrie, and knew the activist who was ultimately killed by a bulldozer working under orders of Uzi Landau. Subsequent to that event, Glenn was deported to Jordan. When Glenn announced the protest against Landau's visit, the CU organizers were faced with additional security costs, for which they had no budget. Attempts were made to negotiate calling off the protest. Ultimately the Israeli embassy fronted the funds for the added police. You might ask, against whom were the officers protecting Uzi Landau? Considering audience members had already been search for weapons, were the police trying to prevent a citizen's arrest? The good news, Israeli PR envoy Uzi Landau is not a very good speaker. His heavy accent and habit of letting his voice trail off confident the audience is hanging on his words, makes Landau a fortuitous emissary for those cheering against a military attack upon Iran. The bad news is that landau is as far right as they come, and if he's reaching sympathetic ears, there are too many racist Americans without any understanding of international law. I was surprised to discover that this Israeli minister's talking points were no more nuanced than the flack we receive at this website from IDF Internet Megaphone trolls. Landau reflected the same disrespect for the people from whom lands were taken, and are still being taken.

Denver Columbus Day Parade wants to kick indigenous ass

DENVER- Does it look like the COLUMBUS DAY PARADE organizers are practically begging for a comeuppance? Here comes the US cavalry of the American Indian Wars to finish the job Columbus began. On Columbus Day, the anniversary which has now become a teaching moment about revisiting the Columbus myth, about the holocaust unleashed by the European discovery, conquest and enslavement of North America, isn't it rather odd to CALL IN THE CALVARY? I MEAN, a celebration of Italian Americans is one thing. Is Christopher Columbus the only hero they can muster? Why not the Pope? I'm all for diverting Americans from the stereotype of the Sicilian American Sopranos legacy. But make it about pizza, not the frigging conquest of the American West. Columbus' own diaries confess his exploitive inhumane designs in Hispaniola. White man western expansion was no less genocidal. Who should be celebrating that? This squad looks like they're reenacting Colonel Chivington and his raiders freshly back from the Sand Creek Massacre. Perhaps they are retracing the victory lap the soldiers rode in Denver, festooned with the body parts of their victims, women and children, they exhibited as trophies of their victorious raid on the Indian encampment at Sand Creek. How fitting that for the modern day route, the western revelers drive Hummers. The glorification of the military is not coincidental, nor perhaps is the celebration of the uneducated. Do YOU, for example, count Winston Churchill's WWII England among your ancestors? Here is the invitation to the 2008 parade: "On Saturday October 11, 2008, at 10:00AM, we will celebrate the American National Holiday which commemorates Columbus' contribution to the formation of this great nation. It will also remind each one of us of the blood, sweat and tears our ancestors shed so that we might live and enjoy our lives in the land of the free." These are the Denver organizers' own photos of the 2007 parade. In the next you can catch an unedited glimpse of a protester. And what other can that be but a reactionary scowl? Here's what those opposed to the Columbus commemoration are putting together. 1. RACE, RESISTANCE AND THE COLUMBIAN LEGACY Join nationally-known activist Glenn Spagnuolo, co-founder of Re-create 68, for a night of education and dialogue about race in America and resistance to the Columbian Legacy! When: 5pm Thursday, October 9, 2008 Where: CU Boulder Campus, Hale Hall Room 240 2. Columbus Day Resistance March and Rally The annual protest of the Columbus Day Holiday and the racism that it embodies will begin with a march from Four Winds that ends at the Capitol Building followed by a rally for a better future. When: March starts at 8 am, Rally at 9am, Saturday, October 11 Where: Start of March is at Four Winds at 5th and Bannock in Denver 3. People's Council Following the Columbus Day resistance, people will be gathering to organize a new alliance locally that can act as a national vehicle for radicals. Bring your thoughts and cooperative energy. Please come and represent

We get up early to BEAT the crowds

The Denver Police Union is selling this t-shirt to raise funds and gloat about their brutish behavior at the DNC. The front of the shirt bears the R-68 logo encased in a circle/slash. The police claim that the t-shirt was made after the convention as a funny joke, but at a recent R-68 meeting founder Glenn Spagnuolo claimed that he saw the shirts prior to the start of the convention and that every police officer wore one under his uniform during the DNC. The dishonesty and arrogance of the Denver PD isn't surprising in the least, but their abject stupidity is a little shocking. Do they forget that they're defendants in several legal cases arising from their inappropriate behavior during the convention? Do they think that these t-shirts won't betray their thuggish attitude toward protestors? I can only imagine that their legal counsel isn't happy about this little fundraiser.

Cindy Sheehan & Public Enemy at DNC

DENVER- DNC demonstration organizers Recreate 68 announced today that Cindy Sheehan will be speaking at its END THE OCCUPATION rally on Sunday. Sheehan will join Cynthia McKinney and other luminaries at the kick-off of R68's antiwar activities surrounding the DNC. The bigger news today was that Public Enemy will be coming together for the cause with a free concert on Tuesday afternoon, August 26, at Denver's Civic Center Park. 1. Public Enemy Free Concert The Re-create 68 Alliance has announced that in addition to free shows by Dead Prez, Rebel Diaz and Blue Scholars, and 22 other influential bands, the historic and legendary political hip-hop band Public Enemy (The original line-up) will be playing a free concert at Civic Center Park on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 2pm which is expected to draw thousands (no tickets necessary). 2. Cindy Sheehan Joins Us in Denver The Re-create 68 Alliance also announced that anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente will be joining their historic line-up of speakers who include Ida Audeh, Kathleen Cleaver, Ward Churchill, Mark Cohen, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., Larry Hales, Larry Holmes, Ron Kovic, Glenn Spagnuolo, Pamela Africa, King Downing, Jenny Esquiveo, Mumia Abu Jamal - Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row for the DNC), Gloria Estela La Riva, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, Ann Erika White Bird, and others. 3. March and Street Theater in the Freedom Cage Monday August 25 at 9am, Re-create will be staging a street theater demo at the Freedom Cages. We need your assistants and can explain the details when you arrive. We will be starting at Skyline Park on the 16th Street Mall and head to the Freedom Cages at the Pepsi Center. If you cherish your civil liberties, than you should be apart of this event! For more information on other speakers and bands, go to

R68 announces speakers to counter DNC

DENVER- The Recreate 68 Alliance has announced its lineup of speakers for the DNC rallies. Among them: Pamela Africa (MOVE), Kathleen Cleaver, Rosa Clemente, Ward Churchill, Jenny Esquiveo (spokesperson for Eric McDavid), Fred Hampton Jr., a recording from Mumia Abu Jamal, Cha Cha Jimenez, Ron Kovic, Cynthia McKinney, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, and a spokesperson for the Cuban Five. Sunday, August 24: End the Occupations/End the War March & Rally 9am - 2pm West Steps of the State Capitol Building to the Pepsi Center This will be Denver's largest anti-war, anti-illegal occupations march and rally. Speakers (Alphabetical): Ida Audeh - Palestinian Refugee Kathleen Cleaver - Black Panthers Ward Churchill - Long-time Author, Activist, and Scholar Mark Cohen - Re-create 68 Alliance Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. - Prisoners of Conscience Committee Larry Hales - World Worker's Party and Re-create 68 Alliance Larry Holmes - Troops Out Now Coalition Ron Kovic - anti-war activist, veteran and author of Born On The Fourth of July Cynthia Mckinney - Green Party United States Presidential Candidate Glenn Spagnuolo - Re-create 68 Alliance Bands: David Rovic - State Capitol Steps, kicking of the rally M1 and Stic Man from Dead Prez - State Capitol Steps, prior to the march Blue Scholars - Concert at State Capitol, after the march Jim Page - State Capitol Steps, during the rally Monday, August 25: Freedom March and Rally for Human Rights and Political Prisoners, 10am - 2pm Civic Center Park to the Federal Court House Speakers (Alphabetical): Pamela Africa - MOVE Organization American Indian Movement Spokes Person- Leonard Peltier Defense Rosa Clemente - United States Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party Kathleen Cleaver - The Panther Nine from San Francisco King Downing - National Coordinator of the ACLU's Campaign Against Racial Profiling Jenny Esquiveo- Spokesperson for Eric McDavid (Political Prisoner) Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. - Prisoners of Conscience Committee Mumia Abu Jamal - Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row) Cha Cha Jimenez- Founder of the Young Lords (Puerto Rican Resistance Prisoners) Ricardo Romero - National Coordinator for the Mexican Liberation Organization Natsu Saito - Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar (Guantanamo Inmates) Spokesperson for the Cuban Five Bands: ** Special Guest Band To Be Announced ** Monday, August 25: Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time - 3pm Civic Center Park (free concerts) Bands: Savage Family - From Illegally Occupied U.S. Dinigunim - San Diego DJ Cavem - Five Points, CO Moetavation - Five Points, CO DJ Asar Heru - Brooklyn Karma - Barbados Whiskey Blanket - Boulder Midstate Music - Chicago Dario Rosa - Boulder Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts Tuesday, August 26: Festival of Democracy, entertainment start time - 3pm Civic Center Park (free concerts) Bands: Debajo Del Agua - Denver DKO-Electric Horns - Denver Melanie Susuras Band - Denver Rebel Diaz - Bronx The Night Kitchen - Boulder From The Depths - North Carolina Black Sheep Brigade - Boulder Special Guest Speakers and Poets Between Acts Poets for Monday and Tuesday: Isis, Ladyspeech, Bianca, Lucifury, Allende, Bobby LeFebre (members from Nationally Ranked Slam Nuba Team 2008) Additional Speakers Throughout the Week: Deb Sweet - World Can't Wait Mason Tyert - SAFER Timothy Tipton - Rocky Mountain Caregiver's Cooperative Ben Manski - Bring the Guard Home CHOIR - 'Acapella Choir with a conscience' from Oakland/San Francisco Ramona Africa - MOVE Organization Tuesday, August 26: Liberation Soirée at Dazzle, 930 Lincoln St. - 8pm

Recreate-68 versus the City of Denver

The Denver Post only covered half the story of the RECREATE-68 event today, the half calculated to best represent the city in anticipation of hosting the Olympics of the political realm. Councilman Charlie Brown spoke of needing to emulate the Athens 2004 security model.