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Six Days in Fallujah if you missed the fun

As virtual-gaming distributer Konami reconsiders its release of SIX DAYS IN FALLUJAH, gaming pundits ask "Is it too early to role-play the Second Battle of Fallujah?" To non-US-vets it's known simply as "Fallujah," as one would denote Lidice or Srebrenica, by name alone. I don't know, when will it be appropriate to satiate the nostalgic veteran gamer's appetite to reenact war crime? 7583

Support the Troops executing civilians

Early in WWII, a German Army film staff recorded this deed in color: enraged by the loss of two officers on April 21, 1941, the invading German soldiers gathered 36 random males from the town of Pancevo, Vojvodina and hung or shot them. How different was this from what US soldiers did on November 19, 2005, in Haditha, Iraq? In Haditha American Marines killed the women and children too. The Pancevo events in 1941 were kept from the German public lest their support for their troops waiver.

Battle of Haditha in the eyes of artists

While US Marines were acquitted for the 2005 murder of the 24 Iraqi civilians, THE BATTLE OF HADITHA has hit the theatres in England. The Times Online and Time Out London review UK documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield's dramatization of the rampage. It opens in NYC on May 7.

Offending the troops

Offending the soldiers: I get into this trouble every time. IF YOU ARE A SOLDIER AND YOU ARE NOT UNEDUCATED OR NOT A MURDERER, and you know it, then neither criticism would apply to you. If you are caught up in our government's very nasty actions and you are doing all you can not to participate, you know war critics are not addressing you. Does that make sense? 2556

Condemning our soldiers

We've sentenced our soldiers to death, why not condemn them too? At the supermarket this evening I ran across an unusual number of Fort Carson soldiers doing their shopping in their OIF camo and buzzed heads. I deliberated with making eye contact, but they seemed like condemned men in what we know now to be death-row uniforms, being led by their girlfriends or mothers through the aisles to buy their last meals. 1318

These colors do run

Well looky here...These colors do run... straight to their mommies when they unload their weapons into civilians and for once get caught.   The website is called save the soldiers, sign their petition if you're inclined. They want people who "support our troops no matter where they are or what their mission is..." 887

El Paso Co. to respect the Sanctity of Life

We got a heads-up from our friends at Newspeak about an impending anti-abortion proclamation by the El Paso County Board of Commissioners. I accidentally read the 2nd page first. If you strike out half the WHEREASes, the resolution is about all human life. And their concluding paragraph dots the i. Those crazy pro-war Republicans are finally speaking out against Bush's atrocities. It's about time. We can be proud that El Paso County proclaims an end to war. 882

Time Magazine banality of puff

Time magazine supports our troops. Even when they’re accused of wholesale slaughter, particularly the door to door execution of men women and children in Hadytha Iraq.

The ran a profile on one of the accused, a doe-eyed innocent, Sargeant X, who was speaking out “for the very first time.”


What are you if you do not know the bad you are doing, or justify it because the best you can do right now is follow orders? Are you guilty of bank robbery if you only drove the getaway car?   Did you murder the children in Haditha if you merely delivered the mail to the person who serves the food to the person who shuffled the paperwork for the person who maintained the landing gear of the plane which flew the Bradley Armored Vehicle which carried the soldiers to Haditha to execute the women, children and fathers in the head at point blank range? 227

No Gun Ri

A letter has come to light, written by the American ambassador to Korea in 1950, which details the American intention to shoot Korean refugees should they approach American troops. This letter not only led to the next day's massacre of hundreds of civilian at No Gun Ri, but documents what can now be understood as a systemic policy of shooting civilians. The US Army shrugged off such accusations at the time. This letter was declassified thirty years later, and was overlooked in the department review fifty years later. 223