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Five former leaders of the free world say YOU should pay for disaster relief

THAT'S RIGHT. Five US ex-presidents, so-called most powerful men in the world, who each did their most to expropriate the public wealth for the super rich, who denied you healthcare, job security, infrastructure, a clean environment, even peace, every last POTUS son of a bitch, now think the rescue of America's refinery capitol should be at your expense. Never mind that your taxes will already pay to rebuild Houston. These still-shilling salesmen-in-chief want whatever extra they can squeeze out of the American little person in the name of Christian Charity.

Jimmy Carter attacks his own party’s president in NY Times opinion piece

Good for Jimmy! He actually told some truth while everybody else is mainly speaking lies and fluff and nothingness. Jimmy Carter Accuses U.S. of ‘Widespread Abuse of Human Rights’. This abuse of human rights is occurring under the direction of Democratic Party President, Barack Obama. Good for Jimmy Carter for not covering up for it like so many other liberal Democrats are doing.

Mexico asks once again, ‘Where is Jimmy Carter and his ‘Carter Center’ when we need him?

Here is the Carter Center bragging about some of its works monitoring elections. They say they have even monitored elections in China! Yeah, I bet they have ...LMAO... Elections Monitored by The Carter Center: 91 Elections in 36 Countries (May 2012 figures) ___But, Jimmy, who widely is thought of as speaking some limited, very limited form of Spanish, since it is said to be worse than even Dubya's abilities in that lengua, can't seem to find his way down to Mexico to monitor elections there! What's his damn problem? If you are going to brag about doing that kind of work, yet act as if you think that Mexico doesn't have a problem with holding fraudulent elections, then you are SURELY a phony and a fraud, Jimmy. Do you not know how to get to the Tex-Mex Border at least and do some work? 35218

Barack Obama sneaking in real close

LOOK AT THAT CHEEKY RASCAL! He's wearing Bush's tie, and Bush's lapel pin, and he's standing right in there between the blue-bloods; like he wants to be Bush 44 and not somebody who even knows those red-tied crackers! I've still got my fingers crossed that this is a ruse. The minute the inauguration's over, Obama will put his arms over the shoulders of both the Bushes and lead them straight up a scaffold.

A quick look at the Pretend for Peace Donkeys- Barack, Jimmy, Al, and Dennis

The Republicans love war and that is all there is to it. But what about the Democratic Party crowd and their Pretend for Peace Donkeys? They got the US population snookered most of the time so what are they really doing to end the US government wars? Let's go visit the Carter Center and other sites of these donkeys and see what they have to say about the War Against the Iraqi people, which has been going on now for YES, some 17 years or so! Kind of a relevant issue one might think? 5677

Ehud Olmert does the Jimmy Carter shuffle!

Jimmy Carter is the American adept at doing the religious thing. He began his campaign for president with the political announcement that he had been supposedly 'born again' through Jesus, and he has continued to fool the naive with the same schtick. Many religious pacifist liberals types adore his book about Israeli Apartheid, and see it as almost the Second Coming of Jimmy! Now, we have the ex-Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, copy-catting the great Peanut Farmer and shuffling along with this own form of 'rebirth'. It's all a big song and dance! 5023